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No Excuses, Just No Motivation!

Monday, August 27, 2012

DH and I went running last Thursday at one of the greeway trails. I haven't been to this trailhead in a couple of months. I've mostly been using the indoor track or the greenway trailhead at that park. I was getting ready to stretch out at the picnic table and DH said "why don't you use the stretching area"? They've added an area to stretch out with "stations" and instructional signs (with pictures). I commented to my husband that's there's no excuse to not exercise and be active in our county! I've blogged before on how many parks they're opening and all of the different options - both inside & outside. Some activities you have to buy a "fitness pass" for, like the various gyms & classes (at a very reasonable cost), but a lot of things are free. No excuse!

So, I'm one of those people that really don't have an excuse to not exercise. I've got plenty of challenges (3 busy kids and a full time job), but no excuse. I thought about this while I struggled with my run on Thursday. I really need to get back to more than just sporadic exercise (2 runs last week and that was it) and I've got to get the eating back in control!

Friday I had to take DD#1 to work and pick up DD#2 from volleyball practice. In between that I tried to cut some grass (DH was at work). I had to go back to the high school to pick up DD#2's uniform. She's a late addition to the team and her uniform came in Friday (of course the coach called an hour after I had picked her up from practice, so I had to go back!). I had to finish up the grass so I could get back inside to watch a little pre-season Falcon's football!

DD#2 had a volleyball tournament Saturday, so I had to take her and another girl to a high school about 45 mins. away (they decided to save money and not use a bus). We were there from 9 am - 4 pm. They played 4 games. The first 3 games were pretty close together, but we had to wait over an hour to play the last game. This was our first experience with volleyball. It was pretty interesting, but it was a long day. DD#2 has never played volleyball before and she was a little confused with the rotation & substitution, but she looked pretty good. I told DH that she looked like the average player (there were some that were awesome) and you couldn't really tell she didn't know what she was doing!

I'm not sure if it's just the level or the coach, but DD#2 is really surprised at the lack of intensity of practices. The coach had them run 2 laps to get warmed back up for the final game and DD#2 was "smoking" the girls running. She said they were saying she should slow down and not "strain" herself. Strain yourself running 2 laps?! Really. Some of the girls were winded! Anyway, she commented later in the evening that she's glad she's been running over the summer and really needs to run again to be ready for basketball! Score for Mom's nagging! I'm learning a lot about high school athletics, but I'll save that for another day.

Anyway, by the time we got home, I had no energy. I guess sitting around all day in a freezing gym (yes, freezing in the middle of August!) can wear you out. I was determined to get motivated yesterday to run/walk/hike/bike - something! But nada. I did a little housework, cleaned up after DH's big breakfast and basically lazed around and watched TV. Took DD#1 to work, went to church and had the perfect opportunity to do something with DD#3 before I had to go back and pick up DD#2 at youth group and DD#1 at work. I decided to do some more laying around and then after picking up DD#2, it was too late! I won't even get into the crazy eating!

I need to find my motivation! I'm determined to run tonight. I'll have about a 2 hour window to start dinner, run and then pick up DD#2 from practice.

No excuses!

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GOING4MUSCLE 8/29/2012 9:13PM

    Sometimes when I go through periods of, allowing 'life' to cut into my "motivation", I adjust my workout schedule, a bit. I'm mostly a night time person, when it comes to exercise...but when I'm finding it a 'struggle' to keep myself from 'struggling'...I will set my alarm for 1 hr earlier and make myself do my strength training at 5am, before I go to work.

It works like a charm!!

Soon, I'm able to drift back to my night workouts, if I want to. But, sometimes, I DO love the feeling of KNOWING that my workout is all done for the day! It's a very proud feeling!

emoticon emoticon emoticon

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MYSTERY-LADY1 8/27/2012 6:18PM


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Found the scale!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I swished the dirty laundry off the scale this morning for my weekly weigh in (which I have managed to forget the past 3 weeks). Fortunately I stayed the same which I'm more than happy about. The past 3 weeks have been crazy and my eating and exercise have been out of whack!

Despite all of this, I need to remember that I'm not perfect. I slip up and I don't exercise some days, and I'll have a bowl of ice cream or sometimes my portions are a little large, but I live a pretty healthy lifestyle. DH and I made a lot of changes the last couple of years and these changes are incorporated into our day. This is not just a "diet" or a wagon to jump back on.

As I've blogged before, I drink plenty of water (always more that 8 glasses), I eat a healthy breakfast and lunch most (if not all) days. I always eat 6+ servings of fruits & vegetables a day. We are also a pretty active family. Yes there are evenings when we veg around the TV, but we also play a lot of outdoor games, visit the local parks, and walk/run/hike or ride bikes on the local trails.

So, with that being said, I still didn't really exercise last night. I did spend 2 hours cutting grass (it's the middle of August in Georgia, why are we getting all of this rain?!) and I had to pick up DD#2 at volleyball. We also watched a little of the marching band practice (she has a good friend in the band and I love marching bands!). DH grilled out, so we had a healthy, yummy dinner.

I guess I'm glad I found the scale and in the future, I'll try to keep the laundry in the baskets! emoticon

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JESSYVIRGINY 8/15/2012 9:43AM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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I need to go "Back to School"!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

As I blogged last week, my girls started school last Thursday. My goal was to get them back in routine and then get back at it! I did go to the indoor track to run last Wednesday. I made DD#2 go with me so she could keep up her endurance. She actually didn't complain too much. It had been about a week since my last run, so I was feeling it. I did manage to get in 20 mins. of running and 10 mins. of walking. DD#2 was ready to go home after she finished her 2 miles!

I woke up Thursday feeling really sore. I had done the little rope climbing "thingy" at the park last Tuesday, but didn't think I should be sore from that and the run on Wednesday. I felt like crap the whole day on Thursday. I commented to my boss that I couldn't believe how sore I was, everything ached - it was terrible to be so old! When I got home that afternoon, I told DH I felt like I had been "beat with a big stick". Fortunately he was home that evening to get the girls off the bus and DD#1 to work because I fell asleep on the couch and slept there most of the night (regaining consciousness a few times to hear about the first day of school). Turns out I was running a fever and ended up with a stomach flu. Bad news that I was sick, but at least I wasn't just sore from a little exercise!

I stayed home from work on Friday and pretty much didn't eat anything until Friday evening. I still felt bad on Saturday, but had to resume my "taxi service". I ate pretty bad on Saturday - turns out junky stuff like crackers & cereal didn't upset my stomach. I drug myself to WalMart & Target that evening with DD#1 to buy school supplies for the 2 high schoolers. I was miserable when I got back home and spent most of Sunday laying on the couch. I didn't feel that great yesterday and actually got sick again after dinner.

Needless to say, I didn't do a bit of exercise and my eating was out of "whack". I'm still afraid to get on the scale - tomorrow will be 3 weeks! I don't know what good avoidance is going to do! I've even managed to let some dirty laundry cover it up, like I don't know it's there just waiting to get me!

Anyway, I'm feeling better today, so we'll see what the afternoon brings. I thought I would have time since DD#2 didn't make the softball team. Now she might play on the 9th Grade Volleyball team! My cousin's son is the coach of the JV team and pulled her out of class on Friday (apparently he knew she didn't make softball, I guess the coaches talk!) and he wanted her to come to practice that afternoon and be on the 9th grade team (he's been trying to recruit her for a couple of years, but she's always been busy with softball & basketball). She reminded him that she's never played volleyball (except for fun and at PE), but apparently this is the first year they've had a 9th grade team and either they didn't have enough girls try-out for all 3 teams (or there were some really crappy ones). Anyway, she went to the games last night and is now concerned about playing because she has no experience. He still wants her to give it a try, so she's going to practice tonight. If she plays, August & September will be crazy busy.

It's not like I'm not used to a busy calendar. We've had insane schedules the past 5 or 6 years. I've managed to squeeze in the exercise before and I really have no reason to not eat right! So, it's time to go "Back to School"!

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4A-HEALTHY-BMI 8/14/2012 2:19PM

    "I've even managed to let some dirty laundry cover it up, like I don't know it's there just waiting to get me! "


I feel that way lots about things. Usually household chores.

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Back to School!

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

My kids go back to school tomorrow. I will have 1 in Middle School and 2 in High School. Last year I had 1 in each level and it made the mornings pretty hectic with 3 different bus times. The elementary school bus came at 6:50 a.m.! This year the HS pick up is 7:30 and the MS pick up is 8:20.

We'll see how tomorrow & Friday go and then I'll decide if I'll get up the same time as last school year (6:00 am) will I have enough time do some type of strength training in the am.

Since DD#2 didn't make the HS softball team (still kind of sad for her, but actually relieved), I'll have some free evenings before basketball picks back up. On Monday, I was looking at the "Fall" activity guide from the county rec. department to see about going to some of the evening classes and I noticed an announcement to "check out the 4 new parks". One thing you can say about our county, despite the tremendous growth the past 15 years (we went from rural to a suburb of Atlanta), they have managed to obtain greenspace for parks, etc. A lot of people think this is a waste of tax money, but I have to admit, my family gets our "money's worth". The parks offer everything from your typical sports fields, to mountain biking, walking trails, canoeing/kayaking, adventure courses, hiking - the choices are endless!

DD#3 wanted to check out the new parks, so on Monday, DD#3, my sister and I went to one of them on the Chattahoochee River. The entrance road to the park goes through a beautiful horse farm and ends at the river. They still have a lot of work to do to finish (according to the master plan), but they had some trails cut out, a canoe launch site and a pretty neat playground with a "river" theme (wish my kids were younger for this, but DD#3 is 11 and enjoyed it). We took a 45 min. walk around the trails.

Last night DD#3 and I went to another new park. Again, it's not quite finished, but they have some trails cut, a dog park and another really cool playground. This playground was "archeology themed" and had this pyramid shaped ropes course. It looked pretty sturdy, so I gave it a try. It was actually pretty tough and I'm a little sore today! We also did another 45 min. walk.

DD#3 wants to check out another one tonight, but DH wants to run, so I'm thinking we'll go to the park with the indoor track tonight. DD#2 really needs to get back to running so she doesn't loose the endurance she gained this summer (even though she's still in a "I didn't make the softball team and school starts tomorrow" funk. We'll have time this weekend to check out another park.

I also got an e-mail from my old running coach and she's starting another C25K program in a couple of weeks and she said she could work with some of the intermediate runners too!

So, even though I'm still a little scared to get on the scale (was supposed to weigh this morning), I'm really excited about all of my options for exercise!


Yesterday was my birthday

Monday, August 06, 2012

and guess what? I didn't reach any of my goals. I didn't keep my 30+ mins. of exercise daily going (although I probably got in 5 out of 7 days each week) and I didn't loose my 4 extra lbs. In fact, I'm not sure how I stand on the "back to goal goal" because I haven't weighed in 2 weeks (Wednesday).

These last 2 weeks have been so insane and everything has been out of whack. I won't go back through all my "reasons" or "excuses" because there's nothing I can do about it now, except get back on track.

I did "nada" exercise last week. The weekend was as busy as my week. Friday night DD#2 had softball try-outs and I had to go to a basketball informational meeting. While I was at that meeting and the coach was going over all of the "fall" plans for the basketball program, I was getting a little concerned about how could we handle the cost & time if DD#2 played 2 high school sports. She's always played sports year-round, but as she gets older, they get more expensive (time & money), plus she has an insanely tough academic schedule.

She had try-outs again on Saturday morning. I was talking to another parent that's been at most of the try-outs (he and I used to coach our daughters when they were younger, but his daughter went to travel ball). He said there were 45 girls trying out (never could get an exact count from DD#2) and he thought they would carry about 28 girls. They have a JV/Varsity team (no 9th grade). After try-outs DD#2 said they would announce the ones who made the team on the website by 4:00 that afternoon (try-outs were done at noon). Since I was hosting a Graduation/Birthday party at my house the next day, I had a lot of house cleaning to do. Thankfully we got most of the yardwork done because it ended up raining all day Saturday (again, the drought in N. Ga. has not reached my lawn).

DD#2 tried not to keep checking the website and I tried not to fret (although I did). They posted the team at about 2:30 and she did not make it! She was so disappointed - she actually cried (which is rare for DD#2). I've mentioned before that I was concerned about her making it because there were so many girls and I wasn't sure about how many freshman they would take. Turns out they took 6 out of 16 freshman and the other 20 were older girls that were on the team from last year. DD#2 was disappointed, but she knew that the girls on the team are very good. She was kind of upset that one 9th grader made it instead of her because they were both outfielders (this girl was the only 9th grade outfielder picked) and she thought she did better (and was a much better hitter). I reminded her that coaches have to use a lot of factors when picking a team.

Also, I'm sure it's the same in most areas, but where we live high school sports is kind of "cut throat". The high schools in our area are rather large, so there's a lot of competition. I was talking to one of the basketball parents Friday night (who actually coached DD#2 in softball). He has a daughter that plays HS basketball and his younger daughter has been playing travel softball. He said you pretty much have to pick 1 sport and dedicate to that if you want to play at the higher level. DD#2 has been mostly concentrating on basketball (camps, training, etc.) and only plays rec. softball for a couple of months. She never wanted to play travel ball because that's about a 9 month commitment and they play most weekends. It's also very expensive. In fact for the high school softball team, we would have had to pay $550 for the "booster club". Basketball will be $430.

So, the reason for my rant above is even though she's very disappointed (still), and I'm also disappointed, everything happens for a reason. She'll be able to do all of the basketball fall activities (weight training, some "2 on 2" practices (not sure what this is) and the coach wants to play in a fall league on Saturdays). If she makes the team (basketball has a 9th grade team -so fingers crossed), there's also a lot of fundraising because they go to a tournament at Disney World in December. Basketball season will run through February and she'll still be able to play rec. softball in the Spring.

Our calendar will also not be as insane (almost unmanageable). I was looking at it this morning and since we don't have to add on the softball stuff emoticon
besides just getting them ready for school, & DD#1 to work, the next couple of weeks are kind of light.

So, looking for that silver lining - I'll be able to get in some exercise this week. DD#2 wants to keep running for basketball (once she gets over her funk!) and I'm also thinking about joining a couple of classes at the rec. center. Things will crank back up the end of August. Religious Ed. starts the end of the month and DD#2 starts her 2 year confirmation program (another reason for my previous panic - this is a very busy program), DD#3 religious ed will be on Wednesdays and also wants to join another Girl Scout troop (Mom is not going to be the leader this year).

Back to my birthday (very long rant blog above!). We had about 40 people over to my house for some summer family birthdays and my niece's college graduation. I didn't have to do any food, but DH & I did a lot of set up. We have a lot of land, so we set up tables, chairs, fans, tents in a shady area of the yard. My sister and niece did most of the food and my sister's husband did a cajun boil (very spicy). He also set up a sound system and had the Braves game playing (he's a Georgia Bulldog tailgater so has all the stuff). DH had the "slip and slide" going in the pasture (there will be a lot of sore people today because they were going "hard core" down the slide) and we had lawn games, etc. It was a great day. People were at the house from about 12:30 - 5:30. I'm stiff this morning and I didn't even slip or slide. I think it was from all the set up & clean up.

Needless to say, my eating was out of control yesterday. I started right back up with the healthy breakfast & lunch and tonight I'm determined to get in either a run or a bike ride!

I'll weigh on Wednesday and go from there!

Rant & confessional over!

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CAT609 8/6/2012 1:54PM

    I hope you had a great birthday! You will get back on track today!

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