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Gosh, it's hot!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Had to take DD#2 to her High School open house yesterday. After about an hour of walking around the hot HS, I was kind of wiped out when we got back home. I still had to get in my 30+ mins. of exercise and was either going to ride my bike or play a little softball.

My sister came by (I was napping on the couch) about 7:45 and we had to go to my office for me to notarize something for her (about 5 mins. away). She brought her bulldog with her, so that kind of limited what we could do for a little exercise. We went to the park with DD#2 &3 and 2 dogs about 8:30 to walk. DD#3, sister and dogs only walked about 15 mins. and the bulldog was huffing & puffing - they headed back to a shady area for water. Even after 8:30 and the sun going down, it was hot! It was very humid and the air was like a wet blanket - there was no air circulating. DD#2 and I finished the loop and got in about a 30 min. walk. We were both sweating!

I had to stay up late (11:15 and that's late for me!) to wait up for DD#1 to get back from a concert. It was an all day deal and she was hot and sunburned (and her legs were filthy). She said despite how she looked and felt, it was "the best day ever"! She said she was feeling a little nauseous and dehydrated (even though she said she drank a lot of water). Sent her to shower with some gatorade and I went to bed.

Had to get up this morning at 6:00 to get DD#2 ready for basketball and then take her. I got back home with just enough time to finish getting dressed, eat breakfast, make my lunch and get to work. It's only a little after 11:00 and I'm already tired & hungry!

It's another hot day. I'll probably take DD#1 to work and go run at the indoor track. I also have to take DD#2 to the store to get some stuff ready for her weekend church retreat. I then have to carpool her to the retreat (about 45 mins. away) tomorrow morning. Fortunately they don't have to be there until 10, so I don't have to get up too early!

The house really needs a good cleaning, but I feel a lazy day tomorrow! I just found out my house got volunteered to host my niece's college graduation party on Sunday, 8/5 (my birthday!). My niece is 27 and took a couple of years off to help her husband finish up college and now she finally graduates on Tuesday (way to go!). She is also 5 months pregnant! My house is a good place for a party because it's open and we're very "casual". We also have a lot of land around the house. My sister was looking at some places at the lake, pool, etc., but no one wanted to spend a lot of money. It will probably be another hot day next week, so we really can't do much outside. I'm planning to do some extra yard work this weekend because lately all we've been doing is cutting the grass (which takes a long time).

So it will be a busy weekend. Looks like I'll get plenty of exercise - just need (as usual) to watch the weekend snack attacks!


Lost a little :)

Thursday, July 26, 2012

I lost a little more this week .4, so I'm down almost 3 lbs. in 4 weeks of "tracking". I've got about 4 lbs. to get back to my WW goal.

We took DD#2 to the batting cages on Tuesday. DH ran on the trail at the park, but it was so hot! After the cages, we went to one of the fields and worked on her fielding. I got a pretty good work out. I threw with her, hit her some balls and chased balls while DH was hitting to her. We were out there for 45 mins. and she was not happy! We really did work her pretty hard. They have 2 hrs. practices, but she's not the only one there, so it's not as hard. (We are a little hard on her and she gets mad because she said we're harder on he than the other 2, but it just feels that way to her because she's the only one doing competitive sports).

Last night DH & I took DD#3 to Hip Hop and he ran some outside. It was 97+ again and humid - don't know how he does it. He's doing about 1.5 miles outside and then comes in and does another mile and walks. He said he likes the hills and the heat! I ran on the indoor track. While I was running there was an older guy (I don't like to say old, because I'm 51!) walking at a pretty brisk pace. After I ran my 2.5 miles, I started to walk. I was passing the "old" guy and he asked me how far I had ran. He said he was walking 10 miles! He had already been there 2 hours and I don't know how long he still had to go. He was still plugging along when we left. If I had to guess, I'd say he was in his 70's+, so that's awesome!

Not sure what I'll do tonight. DD#2 has "open house" at the high school, so I'm thinking I might ride my bike later in the evening.

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JUNA89 7/26/2012 3:16PM

    emoticon emoticon

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PHEFEY 7/26/2012 2:58PM

    sounds like a great routine!
and the older gentlemen is a real inspiration!

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Focus on the positive

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I seem to always focus on the negative when it comes to my weight loss & maintenance journey. Instead on focusing on my weight gain and when I miss an exercise day, I need to give myself a little credit.

I lost 46 lbs. and have mostly managed to maintain for over a year. I'm about 4 lbs. above my goal, but that's ok - I'm working on it. - so good job!

I set a goal to exercise for 30+ mins. every day since the first of June. I think I've missed 3 days out of 44 - again good job!

Yes, I'm still not tracking my food on a consistent basis, but I've gotten better and I always (and I mean always) get in 5+ servings of vegetables/fruit a day and drink 8+ glasses of water - way to go me!

My "official" weigh-in is tomorrow and hopefully I won't have a gain. The weekend was a little rough (as usual), but no Klondike bars this past weekend (see previous blog cursing the weekend).

Last Wednesday, DD#1 & 2 and my sister and I hiked one of the hilly trails in the area. They changed around the trail heads, so we got a good 45 min. hike. It was nice because it was shady and not so hot. Thursday I played softball with DD#2 (she learned some new throwing drills) and I ran on Friday. It rained heavy all day Saturday, so I was a slug (one of my 3 missed days)! On Sunday the grass was high again, so I spent most of the day cutting grass. Later that evening, DD#2 and I went to the batting cages and then we practiced softball for about 45 mins. (DD#3 & friend played at the playground). We did go to Dairy Queen after that, but at least I only had a small cone.

Last night I ran at the indoor track and tonight it's back to softball (although DH wants to run, so I might do both). DD#2 has 2 more "open fields" and then try-outs are next Wednesday-Saturday, so she wants to get in as much practice as she can. Her "ticket" for making the team will be her offense (she's a very good hitter, just not used to the speed of the high school pitchers, hence the batting cages) and her strong arm. She's a little concerned because she's trying out for the outfield and usually plays shortstop or catcher, but those are heavily competitive positions. She's worked really hard and if she doesn't make it this year, she can try again next year - although that won't be much consolation (she's a rising 9th grader and softball at her school only has JV & Varsity as opposed to basketball which has a 9th grade team).

So good luck to me at my weigh in tomorrow and good job to me for all the healthy things I do!

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BONDMANUS2002 7/24/2012 3:25PM

  good luck

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A little loss is better than a gain!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I weighed myself this morning (official) and was down .4 from last week. So in 3 weeks of "back to tracking" (except for Sunday), I've lost 2.4 lbs. Not great, but not terrible. I feel more in control of my eating and my exercise is going pretty well, so I'll take it!

Last night DD#2 and I went running at the indoor track. She was so00 not into it and DH made her go. She was moody about it and I told her to stay home (she was ruining my mojo!), but she didn't want to make her dad mad (o.k. to make mom mad though!). Anyway, she had her fastest time last night. She starts right into her run (after stretching) and runs for 2 miles. She'll usually walk a little after that, stretch and then walk out to the car to get her water and then start bothering me to go. I stretch, walk/run 2 miles/walk & then run 1/2 mile/walk & stretch for about 40 mins. She was so ready to go last night after her run. I told her to either run another mile or do some sprints since I wasn't done. Needless to say, we left shortly after that. I did get in a 2 mile run and a little walking for 30 mins. (nothing worse than a moody teenager!). The fields were really muddy, so we didn't get in any softball.

Tonight is DD#3's hip hop class, so I'll either run at the track or outside depending on the weather. We've been having crazy thunderstorms in the afternoon, so it will probably be at the track. We still haven't tried out the kickboxing gym. Because of vacations, DD#1's work schedule is crazy this week and next week, so we'll see how that goes with school starting in 3 weeks.

I got up early this morning to get DD#2 ready for basketball/softball but instead of doing my ST DVD, I sat on the couch and drank my coffee. ST is really the only thing lacking at this point. I'm only getting it in once a week (at best). I know the importance of it, just have to find something I'll stick with!

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JAOTTO 7/18/2012 10:07AM

  Good job. Keep it up.

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Curse the weekends!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I started out the weekend running on the indoor track on Friday. I took DD#1 to work and went straight to the rec. center to run. It was a pretty good run, but my knee was bothering me, so I only ran for 2 miles and then walked for about 10 mins. I was the only one on the track! Fridays seem to be everyone's rest day!

We've been having heavy afternoon rain on & off for over a week, so our grass was a nightmare. Since DD#1 has a job, helping with the grass has been passed down to DD#2 (just turned 14). We started Saturday afternoon and I cut part of the lawn with the push mower (the part she's not comfortable with yet) and then I used the riding mower and she continued with the push. It took us over 2 hours (we have about 2+ acres of grass not counting the pasture) and DH still needs to do some weedeating. I got my 30 mins. of exercise in pushing that mower and pulling the string and cleaning out the blades - it kept stalling out because the grass was so long!

My eating was good Friday & Saturday, but Sunday was a "disaster" all around. DH was getting stuff ready to take the girls camping for a couple of days. I helped with that and they left about mid-afternoon (except DD#1 who wasn't going because she had to work Monday - she went to a friend's house). I lazed around the rest of the afternoon watching movies! Not only did I not exercise Sunday, I didn't track my food. I really couldn't even go back to "re-create" what I ate. I know I had (and I really hate putting this down!), 2 Klondike bars that day(490 calories a piece and about 9 WW points. I didn't really eat a meal and did some more snacking, but I'm sure I way exceeded my points.

Yesterday I took a day off work and went up to the campsite at the lake. I got there about 10:30 am and spent the day swimming & kayaking. We took a long kayak trip around the shoreline for about 30-40 mins. About 4:30 it started thundering and we got out of the water and went to the campsite just in time. It stormed for about an hour (at which time I ate some cookies!). After the rain stopped, we took a walk around the entire campground (about 40 mins.) DH made steak, chicken & squash on the fire, so at least I ended out the day with some healthy food!

I'm back at work today. I had my healthy breakfast, packed my healthy lunch and am back on track. Tonight DD#2 and I are going to run and play a little softball.

Yeah, I messed up on Sunday. I enjoyed those Klondike bars (although that was a lot of sugar and I felt kind of sick later!), and I'm trying not to beat myself up about it. I really enjoyed a couple of hours alone and quiet time watching movies!

I went off track, but I'm back on. I'll track my food, do my exercise and weigh in tomorrow!


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