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Curse the weekends!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I started out the weekend running on the indoor track on Friday. I took DD#1 to work and went straight to the rec. center to run. It was a pretty good run, but my knee was bothering me, so I only ran for 2 miles and then walked for about 10 mins. I was the only one on the track! Fridays seem to be everyone's rest day!

We've been having heavy afternoon rain on & off for over a week, so our grass was a nightmare. Since DD#1 has a job, helping with the grass has been passed down to DD#2 (just turned 14). We started Saturday afternoon and I cut part of the lawn with the push mower (the part she's not comfortable with yet) and then I used the riding mower and she continued with the push. It took us over 2 hours (we have about 2+ acres of grass not counting the pasture) and DH still needs to do some weedeating. I got my 30 mins. of exercise in pushing that mower and pulling the string and cleaning out the blades - it kept stalling out because the grass was so long!

My eating was good Friday & Saturday, but Sunday was a "disaster" all around. DH was getting stuff ready to take the girls camping for a couple of days. I helped with that and they left about mid-afternoon (except DD#1 who wasn't going because she had to work Monday - she went to a friend's house). I lazed around the rest of the afternoon watching movies! Not only did I not exercise Sunday, I didn't track my food. I really couldn't even go back to "re-create" what I ate. I know I had (and I really hate putting this down!), 2 Klondike bars that day(490 calories a piece and about 9 WW points. I didn't really eat a meal and did some more snacking, but I'm sure I way exceeded my points.

Yesterday I took a day off work and went up to the campsite at the lake. I got there about 10:30 am and spent the day swimming & kayaking. We took a long kayak trip around the shoreline for about 30-40 mins. About 4:30 it started thundering and we got out of the water and went to the campsite just in time. It stormed for about an hour (at which time I ate some cookies!). After the rain stopped, we took a walk around the entire campground (about 40 mins.) DH made steak, chicken & squash on the fire, so at least I ended out the day with some healthy food!

I'm back at work today. I had my healthy breakfast, packed my healthy lunch and am back on track. Tonight DD#2 and I are going to run and play a little softball.

Yeah, I messed up on Sunday. I enjoyed those Klondike bars (although that was a lot of sugar and I felt kind of sick later!), and I'm trying not to beat myself up about it. I really enjoyed a couple of hours alone and quiet time watching movies!

I went off track, but I'm back on. I'll track my food, do my exercise and weigh in tomorrow!


Drat, I broke the streak again!

Friday, July 13, 2012

My new summer goal was to get 30+ mins. of exercise every day. I went strong for 25 days and then missed a day. I started right back up the next day, but hate to report that 5 days later, I broke the streak again!

I took DD#3 to her Hip Hop class on Wednesday and decided to run outside instead on the indoor track. It was probably 85 degrees & humid. It was cloudy and there was a nice breeze, so it wasn't too bad. My plan was to just run up the big hill and then walk the loop and then run up the big hill again and walk the loop. In the 40 mins., I probably ended up running about 20 mins., so that was good. I forgot how hard it is to run on hills!

Yesterday I took DD#2 to the batting cages. The HS softball coaches have been impressed with her batting, but she's not faced any of the really fast pitchers. She wanted to try batting at the highest speed and also work on her bunting - she really wants to make this team. Weather in North Georgia this past week has been weird. We broke our 100+ temperatures on 7/2, but we've been having a lot of rain & storms since then. It's great because we really need the rain, but could do without the storms (see previous blog about fallen tree!). Anyway, she batted about 3 rounds and my sister and I both batted a round. We were then going to go to one of the fields and work on her outfield skills (both my sister and I play outfield on our "old lady" slow pitch team!). As soon as we got in the car to drive over to the fields, the sky opened up and it rained (hard) the rest of the evening. By the time we got back home, it was too late to go to the track. So, instead of 30 mins., I got about 10! I know I could have done something when I got home, but I was ready to settle down and relax a little!

It's been raining all morning and partly cloudy right now. DD#2 wants to try softball again today, but I think the fields will be pretty muddy. She's not going to be happy, but I'm going to make her run at the indoor track with me! Fridays are usually pretty empty, so maybe we'll play a little basketball too!

Streak broken, but I'll start again today!


Gained a Little :(

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I blogged on Monday that I went over my points Saturday & Sunday. Even with my activity points, I was still over on Sunday (even though I didn't use all of my "weekly points"). Anyway, I weighed this morning (official day) and I was up .2. I know it's not much, but I was disappointed. My measurements stayed the same.

This is not going to deter me from tracking. If anything, it's proved how important it is to track. I basically maintained, but I still consumed too many calories to loose last week. In 2 weeks of tracking, I've lost 2 lbs.!

I'm keeping the exercise streak going. Monday I did a 20 min. upper body workout and then played about 40 mins. of softball that evening with DD#2. Throwing the ball with her (she needs to be able to throw 90 ft. for the High School freshman team since she wants to try out as an outfielder - she was throwing accurately at 115 ft.!) and hitting her pop flies. I'm a little sore!

Yesterday, after a little drama with DD#1, we went running at the indoor track. DD#1 wants to do kickboxing and go to a particular gym that a friend recommended. Because of her work schedule and mine, we're having a hard time finding a day to start. We were going to go check it out last night, but the class was an advanced class and the other one had been cancelled. I wanted to check out the cardio class at the rec. center we run at, but being a stubborn 16 year old, she only wants to try the one gym - she said only "old ladies" go to the rec. center classes (turns out she was right - although I'm one of those "old ladies"!). After about 30 mins. of her being ridiculous, she did agree to go running with us and DH is going to take her on Friday afternoon to check out the kickboxing gym and I'll check it out Saturday morning. We'll get a free week, so we'll see how it goes next week.

DH, DD#1&2 and I went running (DD#3 was at a friend's house). We had another afternoon thunderstorm going on, so the track was pretty crowded. There was a group of 3 ladies (probably late 20's early 30's), who were walking/jogging. They would walk 3-wide on the track and you would have to maneuver by them - they wouldn't move to the right. The one lady had her I-phone and was keeping track. They were struggling! I was a little catty and told DH that if they would do less talking and more running/walking, they would do better! Anyway, they ended about the same as us and while stretching, the one girl asked us how long have we been running (I was blowing by them - last night I had my fastest mile and I ran 2.5 miles!). I kinda gave her a brief version of my running and I was very encouraging to them - it was their first night. I didn't tell them to stop talking so much! It did make me feel pretty good since I'm probably a good 20 years older!


Reflection on Previous Blog (& amendment)

Monday, July 09, 2012

I usually blog a couple of times a week. My blog is like my journal. I usually don't blog twice in a day (slow time @ work!). I mentioned in my earlier blog that I was "even" with my points & activity points. I was completing yesterdays entries and noticed I had left some things off from Saturday. I try to be diligent on weekends and enter on the tracker as soon as I eat something, but it's not as easy as during the week when I have it at my desk.

Bottom line is, I went over on Saturday & Sunday (even after using my activity points). I can come out "even" if I run/ride bike tonight & tomorrow and stay at target today & tomorrow. Of course, it's all a numbers game and the main benefit is it keeps you on track. We'll see how it all "pans out" on Wednesday (weigh in).

This brings to light my previous weight gain. I was enjoying almost a year of maintenance and then the holidays hit. I was about 4 lbs. over my goal in January, but wasn't too concerned. After all, I was "upping" my running program and working out 5 days a week and increasing my running distance/time. What I wasn't doing was tracking my food, at all. This resulted in 4 additional lbs. and 6 months later and now I need to loose 8 (well actually 6 since I lost 2 last week!).

My eating on Saturday & Sunday was probably my "normal" eating November - June. There were probably days I consumed more. It's no wonder I gained. Just because we reach goal and maintenance, we can't completely let go of what worked. This is my lifestyle, this is what I need to do to be healthy and enjoy my life and my family. I can't just mindlessly eat, that doesn't work! Keeping track and keeping accountable, that works!

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The Streak was Broken!

Monday, July 09, 2012

I went 3 1/2 weeks with my exercise streak of 30+ mins. of exercise a day. My goal was to go to the end of August. Friday was good. DH, DD#3 and I rode bikes for almost an hour. DD#3 is still a little shaky on her new bike and was riding slow. DH and I took turns circling back to her, so although I didn't get to go as fast or far as I normally do, I did a lot of peddling! I ate well Friday night and curtailed the snacking.

I woke up Saturday with the goal of doing my strength training. I woke up a little late and started right into the house cleaning/laundry instead. DD#2 had 2 girls spend the night and they woke up late, so I made them a late breakfast (at 12:30 pm). DD#1 came home a little later from her art workshop (she was gone 9 days). We looked through all her artwork and caught up with her week. By that time it was after 4:00. I didn't really feel like running, so my plan was to ride bikes again. DH took DD#1 to meet friends at the movies. About that time a big thunderstorm came in (it seemed like out of no where). It was raining really hard and very windy. A couple of minutes after DH left, we heard a big boom and the power went out. I waited a couple of minutes to see if it would come back on and then called my parents, the phone line was also not working (they live next to us on the same property). They had power & phone, so I checked outside and a big tree had fallen over the power & phone lines that come back to our house. By the time DH came back home, the rain had already stopped (it rained an inch and a half in less than 30 mins.!). He started cutting up the tree (it was a big one!), so the power company could get down our driveway. I did help him move limbs for about 20 mins. We didn't get power back on for over 2 hours and still don't have phone or internet (the kids are bummed). So since that was the extent of my exercise that day (plus all the housecleaning), I can't count that towards my streak. Even though I didn't reach my goal, it was a good streak.

I started a new streak yesterday. DH and I went to the indoor track to run. We got there about 5:20. I thought they closed @ 7 pm on Sundays, but they closed @ 6. DH ran inside with me and worked on his speed. Since we had limited time, I walked about 2-3 mins. and then started my run. I ran 2 miles in 20:46 which was my fastest time! It was about 10 mins. until the rec. center closed, so we decided to walk a little outside. It was still pretty hot (about 90) so we tried to walk a shady part of the trail. We walked an additional 15 mins. (very hilly) and then stretched, so it was a good workout!

My eating wasn't the best over the weekend. I did track everything and went over a couple of days, but I had enough activity points (used them all up though, so I need to stay on target the rest of the week and earn some more points!). We'll see how it went on weigh-in day (Wednesday).

DD#1 and I are going to start kickboxing class this week. She works tonight and is not sure of her schedule the rest of the week, so I'm not sure what days we'll go yet. She did a lot of walking last week around the college campus and the area where her friend's grandparents live, so she lost a couple of pounds. She wants to keep it up and loose about 5 more lbs. before school starts (8/9). We're going to start a challenge that who ever looses the most (%) in the next 6 weeks will get a new outfit! 5 lbs. will put be back below my WW goal, so I'm hoping for that too!

I woke up early this morning because DD#2 had to be at the gym @ 6:45 to start her "Breakfast Club" for basketball. They'll do about a 1/2 hour of weight training and then work on skill training until 9:00. She'll have to leave early to change and go to the softball field for softball "open fields". Basketball is M/W?F and softball is M/W, so she'll have a busy week. Thanks to Mom & Dad, she's built up some endurance. DH took her, so I was able to get in my 20 min. upper body workout this morning before getting ready for work!

Streak is back on!


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