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Still Streaking!

Thursday, July 05, 2012

I've kept my streak of 30+ min. exercise up for over 3 weeks! I blogged last Friday that I would have a challenge exercising/pp+ tracking over the weekend and while I was on vacation. I didn't do too bad, I lost 2.2 lbs.!

Last Friday DD#2 and I jog/walked at the indoor track. Friday started the 100+ degree weather. Saturday I woke up and couldn't get the DVD player to work, so I did my own ST workout. Saturday morning my 2 sisters ran a 5K with their running class (they both live about 35 mins. away from me and the running class is too far away for me to go). My oldest sister (the one I'm jealous of!) ran her first 5K in 33 mins.! My other sister said she had a great pace and ran the whole thing! She won 1st place for her age group. My sister has only been running for about 6 months and she's 61 years old - she's awesome!

It was sooo hot on Saturday & Sunday. DD#2 and I ran on the indoor track again on Sunday. As soon as I got on the track (I start off with a brisk 3-4 min. walk), a runner blew by me and then slowed down to greet me - it was my old running coach from my C25K program last year! She was flying around that track. I'm up to running 2 miles and then walk for about 3-4 mins. and then run another 1/2 mile. My pace on this indoor track is pretty fast - under 11 min. mile which is fast for me.

Monday was DD#2's 14th birthday, so we went kayaking. The river was a little low, so we had to do quite a bit of paddling. We were on the river by 10:00 am (one of the girls that went had to be back early), which was a good thing because it was another hot day! The river we kayaked on is very shady and the water is cool, but it was getting hot about 1:30. We got to the "take out" spot at 2:30, so we missed the heat of the day. We carried a picnic on the river and had pizza & cake back at the house. I made a big salad, so I only had 1 piece of pizza and a small piece of cake.

Tuesday I lounged around the house most of the morning and then DH, DD#2 and I ran again. DH ran outside (it was 90+ degrees and very humid and looked like it was going to storm). I ran the 2 mile/walk/.5 mile again. DD#2 and I finished up before DH, so we went into the gym to shoot some baskets until he finished. He came in right after and also played some B-ball. We barely made it to the car before the ran started. It stormed for over 2 hours, so that ended our grilling out option. We ended up eating left over pizza (I just had salad and watermelon).

Yesterday, DH had to work and I had all kinds of goals to get up early and clean house and cut grass before it got too hot. I ended up sleeping until 9 am (late for me) and didn't feel like doing anything. DD#2 is supposed to be dogsitting my neiece's dog, but I've been mainly taking him out, so I did take a couple of walks with the dog. I lounged around the rest of the day watching movies and a Gidget "marathon" on one of the retro stations (pathetic, I know!). My goal also was for DD#2 and I to ride our bikes around 8:00 on the greenway and then view the fireworks in the subdivision behind us. Neither 0ne of us felt like moving, but my sister and her husband came by, so we walked to the subdivision, watched the fireworks and then came back home to shoot off our own. The whole time it felt like we were in a battlefield because fireworks were going off all around us. DD#3 and the dogs hid out in the basement because they hate the loud noise!

All in all it was a good vacation & 4th of July. I kept things under control and even when I did go over my points, I had plenty of activity points! The main thing is I wrote everything down I ate (even the cake and yesterdays snacking!).

I'll run again tonight. I'm going to do 2 miles/walk/and then 1 mile run. I'll keep my exercise streak going and my next goal is to loose 3 lbs. and then I'm going to start going back and weighing in at Weight Watchers. I'll be back to Lifetimer (2+ above my WW goal) and I won't have to pay. I want to loose about 4 lbs. after that. Weighing in at Weight Watchers held myself accountable and since I refuse to pay, I'll want to stay within my Lifetimer goal!

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TIG123GER 7/5/2012 9:58AM

    Congrats on the streak and returning to Lifetimer status! Keep up the excellent work.

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Weekend & Holiday Challenge

Friday, June 29, 2012

2 days in a row with tracking! I finished yesterday at my target points (Weight Watchers). As usual, breakfast & lunch were no problem since I eat a healthy breakfast and pack my lunch for work. I'm in a small office, so there's no vending machines, breakrooms, etc. for temptations. I'm also usually the only one in my office, so I don't have to deal with co-workers bringing in goodies. Believe me, I've had that in past jobs where people brought in bagels, donuts, baked goods and we always had some kind of party or pot luck. Plus someone always wanted to go out for lunch. So fortunately during the work week, breakfast and lunch are easy!

Dinner can sometimes be a challenge unless I've planned and keep my portions under control. My biggest challenge is snacking and mindless eating!

I was able to curb that desire last night. DH and I went to the grocery store as soon as I got home from work and I bought some healthy snacks & more fruit. We had to pick up DD#2 from a friend's house, so by the time we got home, it was after 6:30 and we still had to finish dinner. DH grilled out and I had a turkey burger, pasta salad (healthy) and some grilled veggies and a big ole tomato from my Dad's garden. By the time we ate and I helped DD#1 get ready for her trip (left this morning for 9 days), it was after 8:00. It was still 90 degrees, but I needed to get in my 30+ mins. I jumped on my bike and puffed up our long gravel driveway (steep hill), rode through the subdivision behind us and got on the greenway. I only had about 30 mins. of daylight, so I rode home in the semi-dark. I got in a 40 min. bike ride. It was a little cooler on the greenway (but the bugs were out!) but still so hot! I played Yatzee with the girls and since it was already so late - I had grapes for a snack!

Now here's the challenge - I'm off work until next Thursday. I have vacation Monday & Tuesday and Wednesday is the 4th. Tracking will be a challenge and so will exercise. Today is going to be 105 degrees and the same with Saturday & Sunday. The "heatwave" will break and Monday will only be 90+. Tonight I'm going to run with DD#2 at the indoor track. I'm planning to do the entire DVD workout tomorrow morning (45 mins.) for lower & upper body strength training. Not sure about Sunday. Monday is DD#2's 14th birthday! We've gone kayaking the past 3 years and that's what she wants to do this year, so I'm good for Monday. I will have to deal with pizza & cake! I'll have to think of something fun to do for Tuesday & Wednesday that incorporates some exercise.

I've got all my tools and plans prepared. If I eat pizza & cake, I'll track it. I've got "activity points" stored, so as long as I don't over do it, I should be fine.

I love a good challenge!


Good Day!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Yesterday was a good day! It didn't start that way. I got a real shock when the scale showed a 2 lb. gain (overnight). Yes, I sometimes weigh every day and I know how the scale can fluctuate. Nevertheless, I was pretty devastated by the gain. It did, however, serve as a "wake up" call (as if I needed more). I also broke down and measured (I had blogged before about my clothes being snug) and I have also gained 2 inches (bust, waist, hips & thigh measurement). I set up my food tracker and was determined to start tracking again. I was also more determined to keep up my 30+ min. exercise a day.

My food tracking through the day was great (as it usually is). Around 8:00 pm, I settled down to watch TV. I had finished eating dinner around 7:30 pm (after running) and knew I wasn't hungry, I just needed to control the snacking. I did have a Weight Watcher ice cream bar and I was still about 9 points below my target points. Around 9:00 the cravings started - I wanted to snack! Since I was still under my points, I had a cheese stick and an orange (and plenty of water). I went to bed about 10:30 pm feeling a little hungry. Since I ended the day 7 pts. below target, I need to eat a little more (healthy) during the day - but not at 10:00 pm!

DH and all 3 girls and I went to the park. DD#3 had her hip hop class, so DD#1&2 ran with me on the indoor track (neither was happy to go, in fact we got into an argument, but they were glad after they ran - DD#1 wants to go again tonight!). I upped the running to 2 miles. It was about 40 mins. run/walk! DH did 3 miles outside in the heat/humidity/hills! It was about 90+ degrees - he's a rock star! It's going to be really hot the next 5 days (95+), so I'm going to have to be careful and make sure I get in the exercise. I'm not going to start the kickboxing until DD#1 gets back (she leaves tomorrow morning for 10 days), so I'll do my running on the indoor track and do some more bike riding late evening right before it gets dark.

BTW - I weighed myself again this morning and I was down 2.6 lbs. - go figure!


Sometimes the Scale Doesn't Lie

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I've been struggling lately with my weight gain. I've looked back at my previous blogs and just about every blog mentions my concerns about the weight gain as a postscript. Yes, I'm concerned, disappointed, frustrated and yes, I know what to do. However, I'm not doing it. I've even attributed the number on the scale to the "scale lying". But sometimes the scale doesn't lie! I've gained inches and my clothes are getting a little snug. It's time to put my plan in action and quit casually mentioning it as an afterthought. It will now be front & center of my plan!

I pulled out all my past Weight Watcher trackers while I was successfully and consistently loosing weight, and without fail, the main thing that stands out is the lack of snacking. I would eat my healthy breakfast, healthy lunch with a late afternoon snack of fruit and my healthy dinner. I would have one healthy snack at night. I wasn't depriving myself, I was getting enough to eat. I just wasn't mindlessly eating! I have some "trigger" times. Late night snacking and mindless weekend eating. I need to get those under control.

I recreated my Weight Watcher trackers on a spreadsheet and pulled out all of my materials. The counting points worked for me (previous 46 lbs. weight loss and maintaining for almost a year). What doesn't work is not tracking and keeping yourself accountable. As soon as I stopped, I let it get out of control. So I'm taking back control.

I'm ok with the exercise plan. I've kept my "streak" going for 2 weeks. Monday I did my 20 min. upper body workout and finished cutting the grass with the pushmower (DD#2 was supposed to finish it up, but she was so tired after her 7 hour kayaking nightmare and she had a 2 hour basketball practice that evening, so I did it). Last night I went bike riding for 45 mins. I was pretty proud of myself. We walked the bikes through the woods to the subdivision behind us and then rode to the greenway trail. DD#2 and I rode 6 miles on the greenway and I'm not sure how far through the subdivision (DH and DD#3 couldn't keep up with us -DD#3 needs some practice on her bike!). On the way back, there's 2 "killer" hills through the subdivision (the greenway is very flat) and I rode up both hills. DD#2 had to get off and walk her bike. Way to go Mom!

Tonight I'll run while DD#3 is at hip hop class. I'm going to increase my run increment tonight. I also contacted a place for a kickboxing class and DD#1 and I are going to go when she gets back (she leaves tomorrow for 10 days - will miss her!). The gym has a good schedule and I'm thinking Mon. (not sure), Wed/Fri. running/walking, Tues./Thurs. kickboxing and body toning class on Saturday mornings. I'm hoping it's not too expensive, but we'll see if it's something we can afford for both of us - we both do better in a group environment and not trying to do it on our own. I'm going to keep my 30+ min. a day exercise streak going through the summer!


Weekend Recap & Ramblings

Monday, June 25, 2012

Happy to report that I've kept up with my daily 30+ min. of exercise - tomorrow will be 2 weeks!

Friday morning I did the lower body workout. I'm actually pretty proud I'm getting up about 40 mins. early to do this - I could be sleeping until 7:00 ish since it's summer, but I'm getting up at 6:30 to do a workout - 3-4 times a week. I'm getting a pretty good workout, my arms & legs feel it, but I really hate the lady on the DVD. She talks the whole time!

We have a Roku box for Netflix and there's a "channel" option via the internet called Gymbox. They have every kind of exercise imaginable and you can scroll through and check them out. I was really excited at first until I found out that it's a 2 min. "trailer" You have to actually purchase the "channel" to get the entire workouts. I'm going to check into the cost of this. I did 2 mins. of a kickboxing session and that was a workout! I would really like to do a kickboxing class with DD#1 (I've found a couple of locations and 1 was recommended), but DH is adamant we don't spend money. I know there's all kind of ways to exercise without a gym or class, but I really want to get her motivated to exercise. She borders on overweight and unfortunately her interests and friends are not big into doing active things (another blog after I think about this more!).

Back to my recap - Friday after work, DH dropped DD#1 at work and then DH, DD#2 and I went to the park to run. DH ran outside and DD#2 and I ran the indoor track. She went with much protesting again, but actually ran 2 fast miles. I did the same walk/run as Wednesday. DH came back in very hot & sweaty. He was only able to do 1.5 miles of running, but that's ok. - it was hilly, hot & humid! He and DD#2 played basketball while I finished my run/walk.

Saturday morning I slept in until about 8:30 and then woke DD#1 up to get ready for work. I dropped her off at 10:15 am and stopped on the way back to my house to pick blueberries (my Dad has 3 bushes). I then made blueberry waffles. I know - not the most healthy breakfast, but they were yummy! It was a nice quiet morning since DD#1 was at work & DD#3 was spending the night away. DD#2 was taking advantage of not having to get up early and slept until 12:30. I "dabbled" in house cleaning & laundry. Later that day DS#2 came by and we were going to take the girls to the lake and swim, but it started raining. It rained hard for about an hour. I still needed to get my 30+ mins. in, so fortunately it stopped raining about 7:00 pm. I had to take DD#3's friend back home, so DS#2, DD#2, the dog and I walked for about 40 mins. The rain only made it more hot & humid, so we were sweating!

Yesterday DH made a big breakfast before he left for work. DD#2 went kayaking with DS#2/husband and niece/husband. I really wanted to go, but they didn't have any extra kayaks and they were trying out a new location and there weren't any rental options. I also needed to stay home because DD#1 was having a "half way to Christmas party" and 7 teenagers were coming over. Most of them stayed from 1 - 9 pm! I didn't feel right leaving them (although they're all very nice kids), so my 30+ mins. of exercise was mowing lawn for over an hour. 30 mins. with push mower and the rest with the riding mower. DD#2 didn't get home until 10:00 pm - they spent 7 hours on the river. She was exhausted - turns out this river was very low in a lot of places and they had to drag the kayaks. Apparently getting them in & out was a hassle too! She rode in a 2-man kayak with my niece who is pregnant, so DD#2 (being the sweety she is) did most of the "heavy lifting"!

All in all it was a nice weekend! My eating is still "crap" and I'm getting a little panicky about this weight gain. I need to get back to "what works" and that was tracking (in my case with Weight Watchers). I dug out my Lifetimer book and found some trackers. If I went back to a meeting, I would have to pay since I'm over my goal weight (see previous comment about not spending money!). I need to seriously get back on track with the tracking!


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