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As Bad as I Thought . . .

Friday, June 15, 2012

I decided to reset my summer goals and "put them down on paper" yesterday. My first goal is to exercise at least 30 mins. a day. I started on Tuesday. I did a strength/weight DVD Tuesday (lower body), Thursday (upper) & this morning (upper). I need to get up a little earlier to allow enough time. Tuesday was fine because I was off work and had plenty of time before we were going to the lake. Thursday morning while I was exercising the dog was scratching at the door to come back in and the cat was standing right next to me meowing to be fed. I had to stop the DVD to let the dog in and feed the cat! This morning I had to hurry and finish to get DD#2 up and ready to meet the bus taking them to basketball camp. I got in the full upper body workout, but didn't get to stretch enough and felt rushed. I'll get up about 10 mins. earlier next week for this.

In addition to my 20+ min. workout yesterday, I mowed the lawn using the push mower for about 30 mins. (then I did something to it and it started smoking, so DH yelled at me and I had to use the riding mower!) and then we played about 40 mins. of badminton.

This morning as I was going out the door to work, DH wanted to know if we were going to run tonight. I said I wasn't going to "run", but I would go with him and get in my 30 mins.+ of exercise. He was confused, but that's o.k. - it's my goal!

I also decided to "bite the bullet" and weigh myself this morning. I've been dreading it, so I haven't weighed in over 3 weeks. It's hard to ignore the scale, it sits right there in my laundry/walk in closet that I go into several times a day. But ignore it I have. Even though Friday is not my "official" weigh in day (Wednesday), I just jumped on before taking my shower. It's as bad as I thought! I now have to loose 8 lbs. to get back to where I was this time last year when I made Lifetimer @ WW. I think what's disappointing me the most is now I'm back into an "overweight" category. O.K., only by 2 lbs., but still! I never wanted to see "overweight" again. Those 2 lbs. will be gone ASAP! and the remaining 6 will follow by by birthday (8/5).

I can come up with all kinds of reasons/excuses, but it's pretty basic. You have to eat less and exercise more! My mantra that I've ignored for about 6 months now. I'm good with my exercise plan, but I know I have to stop the snacking and watch the portions. I think I was able to get away more when I was running more.

Back to work and back to goal!

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JACKIE542 6/15/2012 10:45AM

    Good luck to you. You already know what to do. I have trouble with this too. emoticon

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New Summer Time Goals

Thursday, June 14, 2012

I got kind of sick of myself complaining about my running and my lack of motivation. So before I completely sabotage all of my goals, I decided to update for the summer. It's starting to heat up here in North Georgia. We had a really hot, early spring, but May and early June have been somewhat pleasant. We haven't even hit 90 yet! Last year by this time, we had about 4 straight weeks of 90+. But yesterday was 87ish. So to "beat the heat", my new summer time goal is to do some kind of exercise at least 30 mins. a day. I set up on Spark for cardio 4 x a week and ST 3 x.

I had the day off Tuesday, so I did a lower body DVD in the morning. Later that morning DD#1 and I went up to the lake with my Mom & Dad, sister & niece to celebrate DH's birthday (DH & DD#2 & 3 + friends were camping). I picked up side salads and cupcakes and we make hot dogs & hamburgers (turkey burgers), also had lots of fruit. We spent the day swimming & kayaking. Before I left to go home that evening I also walked around the campground. So check off ST & cardio for the day and definitely 30+ mins. of exercise!

Yesterday during DD#3's dance class, I walked/ran for 35 mins. I decided to run up the big hill (twice) and then walked and ran again. All in all I probably got about 15 mins. running & 20 mins. walking for about 2+ miles. I tried not to be disappointed in my struggle to run, because I was achieving my goal of 30+ mins. of cardio. It was hot and I was sweating. Next Wednesday I'm going to try the indoor track at the rec center - 10 laps for a mile, but at least it's cool!

I woke up this morning and did a 20 min. upper body work-out. I think I'll walk/run again before I pick up DD#2 from basketball practice @ 8:00 p.m. Also, DD#1 still wants to look into a kickboxing class.

Now for the dreaded weight goal. I haven't been on the scale for 3 weeks. I really feel like I've gained some more weight, so I haven't stepped on the scale. Once I work up the nerve to weigh myself, my summer time weight goal is to get back to my WW Lifetimer weight (so I probably need to loose about 7-8 lbs. now - ugh).

DD#1 wants to loose about 15 lbs. this summer (she's lost about 5 lbs.) I want to make sure she's doing it healthy - right now she's just watching what she eats (plus she's only getting in 2 meals because she doesn't get up until noon on most days!) and DD#2 wants to build up endurance for her 2 sports and loose about 5 lbs. I'm trying to think of some kind of "incentive contest" to make sure they're eating right and exercising (DD#1 the exercise and DD#2 the eating right). That will also help with my goals!

So there it is - my summer time plan. I've written it down for all to see, so now I just need to "Just Do It"!

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JICKERT11 6/14/2012 2:10PM

    This is awesome!! I hope to set up an exercise plan soon.

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I feel like a fraud!

Monday, June 11, 2012

So I'm talking to my oldest sister on the phone yesterday and she's updating me on what's been going on. She was on vacation and returned Thursday night (the back story - she got motivated by my success and joined Weight Watchers and then started a running program. She lost over 30 lbs. in less than 4 months and became a Lifetime member in mid-May). She went to her WW meeting on Saturday and lost another 1.5 lbs. - while on vacation. She's actually below her WW goal. She also proceeded to tell me that she's up to running 2 miles with her running class. I enthusiastically praised her for her success, but I must tell you, I was feeling kind of jealous. As soon as I got off the phone with her, I started in on all my excuses (in my head!). She doesn't work (retired a couple of years ago after her husband sold his company) and she doesn't have kids, so she's got plenty of time to exercise and eat right.

Now to why I feel like a fraud - As I've blogged recently, I'm not feeling the running and I'm also over my WW goal. Here I was the motivator to my sister and now I'm a big, fat, failure (again my internal conversation). Running last week was a disaster. I walked/ran on Monday & Tuesday. I was 0nly able to run a mile without stopping and it was a struggle. I finished off about 2.5 miles running/walking and the same on Tuesday. Wednesday I walked for about 35 mins. while DD#3 was at Hip Hop class. Thursday & Saturday (all day in the heat) DD#2 had softball games and yesterday it rained. I didn't even want to get on the scale last week.

I could really relate to the "slump" blogs by SandiegoJohn. I've been in a slump for about 3 weeks. Because of the insane schedule that was May, I resorted back to some bad habits - not making time for healthy meals and workouts. Things have slowed down a bit now that schools out, so now I need to break the cycle. Right now my biggest concern is how to regain my motivation to run. I'm thinking about a new cardio for a while. DD#1 has been loosing weight and wants to start exercising. She doesn't want to start running again, but really wants to start Kickboxing. So we're looking into a class that we can do together. I still want to run a couple of nights a week so I don't totally loose what I've accomplished.

So I'm going to "tweak" my goals for the summer and get back in control to end this slump. I'll go ahead and weigh on Wednesday and figure out my exercise goals.

Am I a fraud?! NO, I lost 46 lbs. and maintained for a year. I may not be the "runner" I was 6 months ago, but I still plug along and exercise 3+ days a week. Instead - I'm an awesome 51 year old mother of 3 that can keep up with the best of them!


Oh crap, it's June!

Monday, June 04, 2012

I'm back at work after being on vacation last week and had to tear off the May page of the calendar. I can't believe it's June! May was a blur of "kid activities" and this past week was no different. My running was non-existent this past week and not much to speak of the week before.

Monday was DD#1's confirmation - it was a great celebration! After Mass, we had lunch at Bahama Breeze (DD#1's choice) and back to the house for cake. DD#1 had some friends come over, so my sisters, DD#2 & 3 and I went to the park to walk. We did the hilly trail, so it was a good 45 min. walk (but no running!). I was exhausted on Tues. and spent the day lounging on the coach watching Netflix. Wednesday I went to a waterpark with DD#3's Girl Scout troop. It was a great day - not very crowded and perfect weather. Because it wasn't crowded, we were able to ride the waterslides without much standing in line. If you've ever been to a waterpark, you know that this entails a lot of walking and climbing of steps - so I knew I got a workout on Wednesday (we were there for 7 hours!). We got up bright and early on Thursday and went to another park in the area (Stone Mountain). I took DD#2 and 3 friends and DD#3 and a friend - so I was there with 4-14 year old girls and 2-11 year old girls. Insanity - but we had a good time. The 14 year olds did their own thing and I hung with the 11 year olds. Again, a lot of walking and I packed a nice, healthy, picnic lunch (although I did have Dip n Dots!).

I did walk again on Friday with my sister and Saturday night I had my aunt & cousin over for dinner ( they were in town from Pennsylvania for a large family HS graduation party) and we took a short walk after dinner.

Yesterday we went to the graduation party at a small lake where we kayaked & the kids went swimming. There was also a lot of badmitton played last week!

Although I was very active, I was disappointed that I didn't run. My eating was also off the charts! We pretty much stuck to our healthy dinners, but I found myself snacking more (a lot more!).

I've clearly not kept up with my running training and have pretty much ignored my "today's workout" e-mails. At this point, I don't even think I can go back to the beginning of the training. As I get back in my routine at work and my new summer routine at home, I'm going to have to figure out my fitness goals for the summer. Mon. - Thurs. DD#2 has softball practice for a tournament this weekend. She likes me to stay at the practices, so I'll try running then (2 hour practices). DD#3 is starting a "hip hop" dance class on Wednesday at the local park and they have an indoor track - so I can also walk/run there. I also got up this morning and did a weight DVD (hate it, but I did it).

I also think I put back on some more lbs., but we'll see on Wednesday.

So, as I turn the page to June, it's also time to re-evaluate my goals! Looking forward to Summer and my Summer goals!


Didn't Start Over!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Well I didn't start over my running training like I blogged before. That would have been a good thing. Instead, I've pretty much stopped running the past week and I only got in 2 runs the week before. I did press the little button to start over the training, but I've pretty much ignored the daily e-mails on what my "training" is for the day.

I was actually going to run on Mother's Day, but it rained all day. My family ended up coming to my house (we were planning to go to the lake), which meant a quick clean-up. My sister & niece had all the food, but the house was a mess! DH invited everyone over and then he went to work! He did manage to motivate the girls to clean the house before everyone came (about 8 extra people), so it ended up being a nice day.

Last Monday, my sister and I played DD#2's softball team in a Mother/Daughter game. I haven't played softball in almost 2 years (tendon injury and we didn't get a league together this year), but us "old folks" looked pretty good. We beat the 13/14 year olds soundly. I played 1st base and did a lot of stretching and a lot of batting/running. I was very sore for 2 days. My sister and I walked for 2 miles on Wednesday to stretch out the muscles (I don't think I could have run) and then I ran for about 2 miles on Thursday. It started storming, but I don't really think I could have run any more. I did get in a 11+ min. mile to prepare for my "Fun Run" on Saturday.

DD#2's softball team had a tournament game on Friday and if they had won, my Saturday morning would have been chaotic (3 things going on at once and DH had to work). They lost, so it made things easier. I volunteered to register at the 5K at my church and run the Fun Run. I wish I could have done the 5K because it was a pretty flat course and most of the times were pretty quick. I ran the Fun Run with DD#3 who wanted to walk while eating a snocone. I bribed her to throw out the snocone (by buying her another one after the race) so we started out kinda walking and then running. I did the mile in 11:22, so that was pretty good for me.

Yesterday DD#2 had Allstar practice @ 6:30 and I was going to run then. We had another big storm come in at 5:30 and it rained out practice. It stormed until 7:30, so that ended my run.

I have one more week of chaos. DD#2 won Saturday, so they play tonight (I thought for sure they would be done in 2!) and DD#1 has to work. Tomorrow is another potential game and if they win that, they'll play Wednesday. I honestly don't think this team can win anymore, but I was wrong on Saturday (we have very weak pitching and the coach is clueless - he almost blew the game on Saturday by 2 really dumb base running decisions - even one of the umpires commented on it).

The girls are out of school after this week and I'm on vacation next week! DD#1 has her Confirmation on Memorial Day and then we have some "staycation" plans next week. I'll be getting in plenty of exercise. DH played touch football with some "youngsters" from work on Sunday and he said he didn't do as well because he hasn't been running and our eating hasn't been the best.

So, although the summer is looking to be pretty busy with camps, work, basketball/softball "open gym/field days, etc., we're determined to get back on a schedule with our exercise and especially the eating! We actually made out a meal plan yesterday and DH is going to the grocery store this morning before he goes in to work.

So, I'll "bite the bullet" again on Wednesday when I weigh and I'll just have to reset my goals for June and the rest of the summer! I'm going to stop using the term "start over" since this is my lifestyle and a journey and if things don't go as planned, I'll just make a new plan and go from there!


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