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Ready for the Weekend!

Friday, April 20, 2012

This has been a really long week. I've been so busy, you'd think time would fly, but not so much. My boss is out of the office today through next Thursday. He'll be at meetings, so he'll still be accessible, but when he's in the office, it's crazy. So it will be nice in the office and I can catch up (and do a little blogging!).

Yesterday was a 40 min. run so DH went with me. He's trying to get back into running since he's done with his overnight schedule. I think he pushed it last night because his ankle was swollen (he has bad feet). We had to go as soon as I got home because DD#2 had a softball game. It was an o.k. run. I managed to keep a pretty good pace and I think I did 3.3 miles in the 40 mins., which is about a 37:57 5K. Still way above 36 mins., but better than my last race @ 38+. We got home just in time to shower, eat and go to the game. DD#1 went out to eat with friends after school (she's 16 and a sophomore, but isn't driving yet. She has friends that can now have people ride in their car, so that worrying begins!). She got back just as we were leaving, so she was able to stay with DD#3 (it was a late game). They lost (again). I've mentioned before, the coach doesn't have a clue and he seems to be getting more clueless! I know this is rec. ball, but you can still do some things to at least try to win. These are 13-15 year old girls and you have a wide range of skill/experience. He puts people in positions they've never played & can't play (especially his daughter!) and the errors ensue. Then he gets all mad and I'm like, "dude, what do you expect, we don't practice, so they have to learn by trial & error (mostly error), put the girls where they can play and we might win a game". I could go on and on about this!

Anyway, tonight I will be going rock climbing with DD#3's Girl Scout troop, so I hope to give that a try. I can already feel my arms burning! This weekend is the last weekend until school ends that isn't jammed packed. DD#2 has a game tomorrow, but that 's about it. I have Cross Training on Saturday and Sunday's run is jogging & doing more strides. I actually like this one (since I've done it twice before!) and I'll make DD#2 go with me. We told her last night that she's getting faster on the bases and that will only improve with running!

Hopefully I can keep the eating in control this weekend! Happy Friday!!


The Piper was paid,

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

and it wasn't too bad. I blogged on Monday that after a busy weekend and unreported (or even remembered!) eating and a couple of weeks of staying away from the scale, I was concerned about weighing in and felt I might need to "pay the piper". I officially weighed today and I was only up about 1/2 lb. All my measurements were the same. That just puts me back to the 4 lb. over goal and 6 lb. over where I really want to be. Right back to where I was 3 months ago!

So although things are not out of control, I'm not making any grounds. I know that the only thing keeping me from a major gain but keeping me within my maintenane range, is my exercise. I have increased from 2-3 days a week to 5-6 days and most of it is running. I'm not satisfied with the extra lbs. and I know that tracking is the only way to take them off. This is not the weight I want to be at (even though I am within my healthy range - just at the tippy top!).

I'm keeping up with my running in spite of my busy schedule. Last night was a 30 min. run and when DH and I got to the park, dark clouds were rolling in. Since DH likes the hilly trail, I did that with him last night. Within about 15 mins. in, the thunder started rumbling. I decided to change up my route a little so I'd be closer to the car. Good thing, because about 10 mins. later, the clouds opened up and it started pouring. By the time I got back to the car, I was soaked, but I got in the 30 mins. I was able to stretch out under a pavilion, but was not able to do a cool down walk. Getting back to the hilly trail about killed me.

I just can't seem to get past the fact that I feel I should be improving and I should be getting faster and this should be getting easier. I don't want to give up on the running because I can feel the benefits, especially with maintaining my weight. I also don't want to loose what I've accomplished and I'm proud that I can run without stopping for 40+ mins. & 3+ miles. So, hard or not, I'll keep up with it and finish out this training. I'll also keep signing up for 5K's to keep me motivated. This training is also encouraging me to do other forms of exercise, even though I'm still avoiding the ST (going to do that tonight!).

So take that Piper, I'll see you on the trail!


It's Probably Time to "Pay the Piper" . . .

Monday, April 16, 2012

but I'm not quite ready yet! I noticed it's been almost 2 weeks since I've "officially" weighed. The last recorded weight wasn't too bad - 3 lbs. over goal and 5 lbs away from where I want to be. However, I'm really nervous about the results. I've jumped on the scale a few times in the past couple of weeks and it's been up and down (pretty normal), but the "up" was pretty bad.

I blogged before how insane April & May are and this weekend was no exception. DD#1 went to a concert with a friend and spent the night, so she had to be picked up @ 9:00 a.m. on Saturday. DD#2 had 2 girls spend the night on Friday and they went with us to DD#2's softball game @ 10:30 a.m. After the softball game, they wanted to play badmiton & softball in the yard and wanted me to be the 4th. It's pretty flattering when you can play as well (or better) than 3 13/14 year old (although I'm sure I'm the only one sore!). Anyway, we had played badmiton for over an hour Friday night, probably 2 hours on Saturday and about 45 mins. of softball. I was exhausted Saturday night and DD#3 had someone spend the night. We had a great dinner Friday night (DH cooked out), but I can't even remember what I ate on Saturday, I just know it wasn't good!

Sunday started busy with religions ed @ 8:30 a.m. I made waffles for DD#3 & friend. I quickly ate 2 and then we went to church. I spent the rest of the morning /early afternoon cleaning/laundry & putting up Easter decorations (what happened to a day of rest!). I did manage to catch a quick nap with the cat! Then I had to take DD#2 to religious ed & then softball pictures. Drop of DD#3's friend and take DD#1 to religious ed (get the picture). Again, I don't even remember what I ate. I did pick up Subway, so at least I had a decent dinner. Between picking up Subway and picking up DD#1, I managed to get in my 30 min. run and strides which was a total of 45 mins. I finished up Day 10 of my training (for the third time!) and even though the 30 min run was really hard, the strides weren't too bad. I think since I was already warmed up and I was running/jogging, it wasn't too hard. I had to hurry up and stretch just in time to pick up DD#1. I got home, had to water plants and then finally eat my Subway @ 8:30 p.m.!

So even though it's obvious that I'm active and am exercising, I'm very concerned about my eating. I know because I was so busy over the weekend, a lot of junk was consumed. During the week I always have a healthy breakfast/lunch and dinner is usually o.k. The weekends and my snacking are still a concern. So on Wednesday, I'll do an "official" weigh in and we'll from there - it the "piper" has to be "paid" then so be it!


Full Plate!? **Biggest Loser Spoiler Alert**

Thursday, April 12, 2012

DH and I were going over the calendar yesterday morning during a brief period of time when we were actually together. He's been working a lot of nights (not overnights - thank goodness) and he's also working some side jobs, so we kind of just pass each other in and out of the door! I was adding 5 new "activities" to the calendar and just for DD#2 (she's an 8th grader and they have a lot of end of year activities). We always try to make sure we have all of the activities covered, but it looks like we might have to call in for a little help. April and May are insane! DD#2's 8th grade formal is 5/4 and I have to take DD#3 to Girl Scout camp that weekend. DH is going to request not working that night so he can get DD#2 to the dance, but she was very disappointed I wasn't going to be there to help her get ready. DD#1 can fix her hair make-up (better than me), but I was disappointed that I wasn't going to be there to see how pretty she'll look. They'll have to take lots of pictures.

Anyway, this leads me into my thoughts on "full plates" *****spoiler alert on Biggest Loser***

The contestants were in Washington DC and apparently were able to call home from the hotel. Contestant Chris (who is 42 and looked 62, but finally looks more her age!) called her husband (the Santa Claus look alike). Anyway, he starts complaining about missing her and she starts getting worried about all that is waiting for her at home and her "full plate". Long story short, she binge eats, gains 2 lbs. and gets voted off. Although I'm not much of a binge eater, I am an emotional eater and when I get stressed and tired, I eat junk! Plus, with all of the activities and DH's schedule, exercise will be a challenge. This is what has caused me to gain weight in the past, so I'm hoping with all my "tools" I'll keep up with the maintenance & exercise! I can't let my "full plate" get to me.

I forced DD#2 to run with me last night and did my 30 min. run. We've had a "cold snap" and the weather was perfect for running - 65 and breezy! It was one of my best runs of late. DD#2, of course, complained and again freaked out over nature (big flying fuzzy bug, 2 birds that flew in front of her, a snake in the swampy area and a big rabbit that ran across the trail, and she swallowed a bug and twisted her ankle at the end - what a sissy and whiner!). Tonight is a 40 min. run and I'm going to a different park to run so DD#3 can play at the awesome playground there and DD#2 can use the batting cages. DH has a night off so he's going to go too (maybe we can force DD#1 to come).

On a side note, there were police on ATV's on the running trail last night. There is a 15 year old boy in the area that is missing (possible runaway). The park is near his subdivision where he was seen last. The park is a trailhead for the greenway and it''s a pretty big wooded area. Apparently he has some medical condition. DD#1 knows people that know him, but he's home schooled so she doesn't know him personally. It got pretty cold last night (mid 30's) and they haven't found him as of this morning (2 nights now). It's pretty upsetting, so I can't even imagine how the parents are feeling! Very sad.


Spring Break Update

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Spring Break messed up my running training. I worked Monday & Tuesday last week and was off Wednesday - yesterday. Wednesday we went zip lining, which is a lot of fun. We did some walking and the zipping took a little effort. Lots of tucking of the legs (I actually felt it in my stomach!). I spent over 7 hours working in the yard of Thursday. I started at 10:00 a.m. and finished up after 7:00 p.m. (with a break for lunch and to go to the plant nursery). I cleaned out 5 plant beds and laid out mulch, helped rake for over an hour and repotted about 7 planters. I was so sore Friday, I couldn't even move! I had promised my daughters I would take them to the mall, so I walked around for a couple of hours which helped a little with the soreness, but I was hurting. I got home from the mall about 3 p.m., so I procrastinated until about 6:30 to run. I did my 30 min. run. I was sore and it was hard, but I did it. (on a side note, my 85 year old father helped rake for about 2 hours and he wasn't sore!).

Saturday was spent cleaning house and doing more yard work (DH wanted to push mow and bag the grass, so we took turns pushing!). We had about 45 people over on Easter Sunday for our annual family lunch & egg hunt. Everyone brings food, so I don't have to do much cooking, but it's a lot of set-up work. Needless to say, I didn't do my long run on Sunday - didn't even run, but we did play mega badminton!

I was off work yesterday, so I did a 30 min. run in the afternoon since DD#2 had a softball game last night. I was surprised how many people were on the trail @ 12:30 (lot of stay at home moms & retired folks).

I'm still not happy with my running. I really do want to improve my time, but DH said that if I really want to improve, I would push myself. My goal for April is to get serious about my running and losing those 5 lbs. After April, I'll examine how I want to proceed - I need to get past week 3 of the training!


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