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Goal Recap

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Here we are with less than 2 weeks left in March, so I started thinking about my 2012 goals this morning while getting dressed. DH was already sleeping (2 more days of the overnight shift!), so I couldn't have the TV on in the bedroom and it was very quiet. Since mid-January I have managed to loose & gain the same 2 lbs. and still need to loose 6 lbs. to get back to my goal (2 lbs. below WW goal).

Back to maintenance goal - emoticon

I wanted to improve my 5K time to under 36 mins. so I signed up for an "improve" 5K training. So far my 2 races in 2012 have been 38+

PR under 36 mins - emoticon

I wanted to run 10 races in 2012 and have done 2 so far - I'll make this one, so

Run in 10 5K's - emoticon

I don't want to sound all negative (too late!) because there are a lot of positives. I am getting at least 30 mins. + of exercise 5 days a week and with kid's activities, etc. I'm probably active 7 days a week. Tuesday I did cross training and my GS troop was working on a badge and we timed them running 1/4 mile (I came in 4th out of 10-10&11 year olds and 2 other adults!). Last night was an off night and I helped with DD#2's softball.

Exercise/Activity - emoticon

I have also lost a few more inches and all my spring clothes I bought last year (after loosing 46 lbs.) all still fit even with a little extra lbs.! - emoticon

All in all, I'm pretty pleased. In all honesty though, I know why I'm still hanging on to the extra lbs. Even with all the additional exercise, I haven't consistently decreased my calories enough to loose, so basically I'm maintaining.

I have a plan, I know what to do, I just need to "work it"! Tonight is a "tempo" run - "start with a 10 minute jog, then a 10 minute run at about 80%, a 3 minute easy run, a 10 minute run at 80%, followed by a 10 minute jog" for a total of 43 mins. Easy right?!

It's drizzling now, but not supposed to rain. Hopefully the drizzle will wash away the major pollen and it will be a little cooler tonight for this run.




Tuesday, March 20, 2012

So I started an "Improve your 5K" intermediate program 2 weeks ago. I believe the key word in this training is "improve"?! That doesn't seem to be happening with me. I've mentioned before, I'm not sure what I expect, but getting slower isn't it! I'm able to keep up with the training at this point. Yesterday's workout was "speed" work. I had to jog for 10 mins. and then do some funky stretch routine and then run 4 laps on the track - "striding" the straight and jogging the curve, followed up by a 10 min. "cool down" jog. That work-out was about 33 mins. and it about killed me. For one thing, it's very, very hot. N. Ga. has been experiencing 80+ plus for 6 straight days (we broke a record) and the track is right out in the sun. I also walked an additional 10 mins. looking for DD#2, the dog, and my sister, who were on the greenway. That was the best part of the workout!! The rest of this week's training is not too hard. Today is a cross-train day, tomorrow off and there's a "tempo" run on Thursday that I'm not sure how to do. Saturday is a 45 min. run. So, I'm o.k. with the training so far, but not sure if I can move to the next level yet (where's the confidence?)

So, how do I know I'm getting slower?!! Well, I decided to go ahead and sign up for the 5K last Saturday. I got up @ 7:00 a.m. and guess what? It was raining! It wasn't supposed to rain, but there it was. My husband was still up (came in @ 6:15 a.m.) and said it had been raining for a while. Of course I was making up excuses not to go, but he said he actually wanted to run it (after working all night), so how could I refuse?! We got to the race @ 8:00 a.m. so he could register and I could pick up my packet. It was coming down pretty steady, so we went inside the church to use the bathroom and I stretched in the big lobby area in front of the gym (it's a huge church). We went to the starting line and it had stopped raining at the point and didn't rain the rest of the race! I saw my boss and his family at the beginning. I've mentioned before that I ran this route back in October and it was my PB @ 36:26. Not so much on Saturday! I only had to walk part of the second big huge hill (there were 2), but I still finished @ 38:58. This was my slowest time yet of any of my previous 7 races, even slower than the "after flu" race. My husband did almost 2 mins. better than me. I did beat my boss & his wife, but they were with their 2 kids. So yeah, I'm getting slower. I'm not going to do another 5K until 4/28 which will be about 8 weeks into my training (10 weeks). My goal is to run a 5K under 36 mins. by June 9th (1 year after I finished my C25K), but that ain't looking too good!

I really am proud of what I'm doing (doesn't sound like it) and signing up for this training has me doing 5-6 days of exercise a week. But hey, I'm competitive and I would really like to get better and beat my time and reach my goal!


I spoke too soon!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Way too soon! Yesterday morning I blogged that I wasn't sore from hitting infield practice for 45 mins. at DD#2's softball practice. Boy was I wrong! Around noon I started feeling stiff and a little sore and by the time I left work @ 4:00 p.m. I felt like I couldn't move! Even my legs were hurting, which I found a little odd, but I guess I was moving different muscles. 13 year old DD#2 said she was sore too, I guess we worked them pretty hard, so I didn't feel too bad that ole 51 year old mom was sore!

However, yesterday was my 45 min. run and when I got home, afternoon thunderstorms were popping up (can you say July?). It looked like I had a window of opportunity, so I drug myself to the trail. The parking lot was pretty empty, but it was still early. I stretched (owie - it hurt!) and headed off. Dark clouds were gathering over the greenway, but I thought I would be o.k. I told myself if I saw lightening, I would head back. I went out for 23 mins. and then turned around. By about 30 mins. by legs felt like lead and it was thundering, but I didn't see lightening and no rain. It was also very humid. I made it for the 45 mins., but it was really hard. Everything hurt, I was out of breath, sweating, pretty miserable, but I made it! By the time I finished (about 53 total minutes with walking) and got back to the car, it was really lightening and thundering. The parking lot was still pretty empty (and by this time it would normally be full), so I guess a lot of people listened to the weather and didn't come out! I didn't think it would be a good idea to stretch out by the picnic table or the car with all the lightening, so I headed home. By the time I got home (5 mins. away), it was pouring, so I made it just in time! I stretched out a little in the house and sat on the front screened porch and watched the storm (house was hot!). Took my shower, ate dinner and felt a little better. I still had to go to Walmart with DD#1 & 2, so that was miserable. I guess it's better to keep moving, but I was really sore.

Oh and by the way, I signed up for the 5K tomorrow, so I have that to look forward to! Turns out my boss and his wife will be running with their children (8 & 10), so they'll be taking it slow!

Today is a rest day, so hopefully by tomorrow morning I'll be able to move. I'm hoping less than 38 mins., but not too optimistic about it at this point. At least I'll get my run in for the weekend!


Not sore!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Yesterday was DD#2's softball practice. The coach still doesn't have a clue (bless his heart!), but the girls looked pretty good. I ended up hitting to the infield for over 45 mins. It's not quite the same thing as hitting a pitch and you don't usually do a full swing, but it was constant upper body movement. I'm happy to report that the only thing sore this morning is my right hand from gripping the bat (hard to hold a mouse) for so long and the blister on my finger! I thought my arms and back would hurt, but so far so good. It was a pretty good workout for my "off" day.

Yesterday was "pi - pie" day and wouldn't you know it, DH bought 2 pies at the grocery store. I just had to have a piece of the apple after softball practice!

Tonight is my 45 min. run and it's going to be about 82+ degrees! I had to bring down some totes last night and look for some summer clothes so I have the shorts & tank top ready for the run after work. DD#1 & 2 both need to do some shopping today, so I'll try to squeeze that in after the run & dinner.

I'm still deciding on the 5K on Saturday. I think the early registration closes today, so I guess I need to decide. I really should just do it because it will get me up and going Saturday morning! I think part of my hesitation is I don't want to run in front of my boss & his wife. She started back running last fall (after my inspiration) and from what I understand is doing 5+ miles. Oh well, she's younger than me and doesn't work full time! (catty much?!)

Happy Thursday!


What Happened to Spring!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I had my 30 min. easy run yesterday. I had to go straight from work, which I don't usually like to do because I like to leave my purse @ home (purse stolen from park while running back in October). I had a Girl Scout meeting @ 6:30, so I needed to get the run in quickly. The day started out drizzly & overcast, but by 4:15, it was 75 degrees+, sunny & humid. I had on capri running pants and a light weight shirt, but I was sweating! It was a really nice run though because we've gotten plenty of rain and the wetlands are filled with male & female ducks, so I guess we'll have a bunch of ducklings soon to look at! I did feel kind of sluggish, so it was somewhat of a slow run. I'm still not checking distance, so I'm not sure of my timing, but I know I didn't go as far in 30 mins. as I did on Sunday. I'm trying not to be disappointed, but I don't seem to be getting faster. I'm not sure what I expect, but I really like this training program because it gives me something different to do, so I'll keep slogging along. To keep things in perspective, I am getting at least 30 mins. of exercise 5 days a week!

Today is an "off" day and I'll be at DD#2's softball practice, so I'll either be helping with that or I'll take a walk. I don't like to sit in the bleachers and socialize with the parents since I'm used to coaching. Either way, I'll get in some exercise and get to enjoy the outdoors.

Tomorrow is a 45 min. run (gulp)! It's supposed to be 80 degrees today and 83 tomorrow. I've been having to scrape up some shorts for me and the DD's to wear (haven't brought out the spring clothes yet). We jumped right into summer weather - what happened to spring!


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