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5K on Saturday?

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I just completed Day 7 of my Intermediate 5K program yesterday (30 min. cross training - I did a 35 min. upper body & ab DVD). There's a 5K on Saturday that benefits a local teenager that was injured in a car wreck last summer and he's in a wheel chair. His family is raising money for a program to help him walk again. His church is sponsoring a 5K on Saturday. The family lives in my boss's neighborhood and he and his family are running. I wasn't planning on doing any races until one on 4/28 (about 8 weeks into the 10 week training), but I'm thinking about doing this one because of the connection (and it's a motivating story). Saturday is a cross-training day, but Sunday is a 30 min. "low intensity" run incorporating some hills so I could switch up the days. My run would be longer than 30 mins. since I've been running a 37+ min. 5K, but that's o.k.

I ran a race last October sponsored by this church and it was my best time (even though is was a pretty tough course), so I'm also curious to see how I would do. I was looking forward to sleeping in on Saturday, but the race starts @ 8:30, and is close, so I guess it wouldn't kill me to get up at 7:00 ish.


Spring Forward

Monday, March 12, 2012

Daylight savings time is messing me up. We made sure we set our clocks forward before going to bed Saturday night because we have to teach religious ed @ 8:45 a.m. We were there on time, but some of the teachers were late and everyone was dragging! I felt tired most of the day and of course DH was tired because of his overnight schedule. He was going to run with me on Sunday, but took a nap instead! It was dark taking DD #1 & #3 to the bus stop. DD#2 doesn't catch the bus until 8:20. Of course this happens every year, but it seems to come as a surprise!

I finished Day 6 of my 5K training yesterday. Friday was a day off, so we made PBJ sandwiches at church for the homeless. My 2 older daughters were there for 3 hours (the teens helped organize and assemble the bags). DD#3 and I made sandwiches for about an hour and then helped clean up. It was pretty exhausting, so it wasn't much of a "day off".

I had a GS thingy Saturday morning @ 10:00 a.m. and it was cross-training day, so I woke up and did a weight DVD. Not that thrilled about it (can't stand the lady on the DVD), but it's a good workout and I know I need to incorporate weights into my training.

Sunday was run 30 min. and do 4 x 100 meter "strides". As I mentioned before, strides are not sprints, but a "fast but relaxing pace". I tried to get to the park early right after religious ed because I knew it would be crowded with baseball & soccer tournaments. I got there about 11:30 a.m. and ran on the greenway and then walked to the track to do my strides, so I got about 40 mins. of running/walking. They were setting up for soccer, so I'm glad I got there early or there would have been a bunch of people watching me try to run "fast but relaxed". I was warmed up from my run, so it wasn't too hard. I was proud that I was able to still increase my speed at the end like that. I think the walk from the trail to the track helped.

My sister called later in the afternoon and wanted to walk with the dogs. I was pretty tired, so my girls went with her. They did bring me back frozen yogurt! We ended up playing frisbee & tossing the football around at the house for about an hour and then it was time for DD#1 to go to religious ed. (high school goes at night).

All in all it was a pretty active weekend. I'm still disappointed with the scale. I managed to gain back what I lost the previous week, so I'm still loosing/gaining that same 2 lbs. I really want to get rid of that extra 5+ lbs., but apparently not enough to keep up with the tracking. I think a part of me is thinking that since I'm doing all of this exercising, I can eat more. I know I didn't eat 7,500 extra calories last week to gain 2 lbs., but I'm definitely not in a "weight loss" mode, more like maintenance. I did notice that I'm eating too much "processed" food and lot of sodium. I also know my portions are out of whack. I know what to do, I just need to work my plan! I'm doing great with my 5k training, but I really need to just buckle down and loose this 5 lbs. so I can stop talking and obsessing about it already!!

I'm ready to spring forward and get rid of this unwelcome weight!!

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BESTSUSIEYET 3/12/2012 10:08AM

    God Bless You as you Journey to Health! Sounds like you've got a lot of the right things in place, and just need to tweak the other areas. Have a great week and enjoy some extra outside time this evening!

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Improving my 5K

Friday, March 09, 2012

I started my intermediate 5K training on Sunday. I hiked on Sunday, ran 30 mins. on Monday & 30 mins. on Tuesday. Yesterday was an "easy" 40 min. run. There's really nothing easy about running for 40 mins., but it actually felt pretty good. Since it was supposed to be an "easy" run, I went to one of the other greenway trailheads that's really flat. I also didn't want to concern myself with distance, so I tried to not look at the .10 markers. Since I don't do this part of the trail that often, I haven't memorized the distance. I'm still running pretty slow. I can't seem to get my "pre flu" pace back.

My DH went with me. He's been working an overnight shift the past couple of weeks and hasn't been running. The schedule is really messing up his "clock" and he's tired & cranky (only has until 3/21!). He didn't want to push himself, but he actually did pretty well. He probably ran about 2 miles and walked 1. He asked me how far I ran and I wasn't really sure. I'm guessing I did about 3.2 miles which is still a 12+ mile. Again, slow! It was a great temperature, but humid. I was really sweating and the bugs are already coming out. I probably swallowed a couple!

Today is an off day and we're eating fish at the church and making PBJ sandwiches and snacks & water for the teens to take down to the homeless tomorrow. DD#1 wanted to go, but you have to have a parent accompany you and neither DH or I can go. The church teams up with a "street" ministry that helps deliver the sandwiches so it's not just a bunch of suburban people roaming the streets of Atlanta.

Tomorrow is a cross training day and I'm going to do my ST DVD before I go to the Girl Scout thingy @ 10:00 a.m. Sunday is running 30 mins. & 4-100 meter strides. Strides are described as a "fast but relaxing pace" (sounds contradictory) - No sprinting! The long run next week is 45 mins. and there's 1 day of harder 30 min. run (incorporate hills). It gets complicated after next week - but it's really keeping me motivated!

It will be a very busy weekend, so hopefully I can keep my eating under control. Still having trouble with the snacking at night. I weigh/measure on Sunday so I need to watch out Saturday night!

On a side note, I got an e-mail on the race results from Saturday (the race I blew off). It looks like 300 people ran, but they were expecting over 500, so I guess there were other lame people that didn't want to run in the rain/wet/cold!

Happy Weekend and don't forget to "Spring Forward"!

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MRSJ953 3/9/2012 9:08AM

  Looks like you are a very busy person. Keep up the good work!
I hope to have a productive weekend as well, once the rain goes away. emoticon

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Race Results (Not!)

Monday, March 05, 2012

I blew off my 5K on Saturday! We had tornado warnings all through the night on Friday (spent a couple of hours in the basement) and when my DH came in from work @ 5:30 a.m., it was still pouring. They said the race would go on rain or shine, but when I got up at 7:30, it was still drizzling, so I decided not to go. I didn't get much sleep with the storm warnings and I just didn't want to run in the rain/cold/wet. The tornado "cell" that actually came our way did a lot of damage about 30 miles west of us (1 death), so thankfully we were o.k. There was a lot of flooding and parts the greenway (where some of the race was held) was under water. I was kind of disappointed because I really wanted to do this race since it was at the park I run. Oh well, maybe next year!

I did start my Improve your 5K training on Sunday. Sunday was a cross train day (30 min.) and I was going to ride my bike. Since the greenway was flooded on Saturday and it was very windy (gusting to 25-30 mph), we decided to hike instead. We went to the "mountain" park in our county and I ended up hiking for 45 mins. It's a great workout because there are some pretty steep inclines.

I also decided that I would weigh/measure yesterday since I wanted to track these results too during this training. I actually lost 1.4 lbs.! My measurements were about the same, so this will be my starting point for the training.

Tonight & tomorrow are 30 min. runs and Thursday is a 40 min. run. I'll use my 2/11 race time as my "before" time since I missed Saturday's race. I might do a race on 3/17, but that will be 2 weeks into the training. I'm really excited about my Plan!


New Back to Maintenance Goal

Friday, March 02, 2012

I decided to change the date for my "get back to maintenance" goal (somehow this sounds better than my weight loss goal). Originally I wanted to loose my 6+ lbs. by 3/31. Well since I'm not doing so well and it's already 3/2, that might be a little unrealistic. Besides, now I have a PLAN. I mentioned before in an earlier blog (I'm taking advantage of some down time at work!), that I purchased a running training plan to improve my 5K speed. This is a 10 week program that incorporates running, cross training, etc., so I'll be doing some kind of workout 5 days a week. My PLAN is to also continue with the food tracking. So now my new goal date is 5/20. I'm going t break down and weigh and measure on Sunday (day one of the plan) so I can see those results as well as my running time.

Sounds like a PLAN to me!

Update on my 5K tomorrow morning - they sent an e-mail that the race will go on rain or shine, but they will delay the race if there's severe weather, so we'll see how it goes in the a.m.


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