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Health Risk Assessment

Thursday, March 01, 2012

My husband's work has a program for their health coverage that if you (and spouse) take a health assessment, you get $25 off your monthly health care cost (per person). Last year you just had to go online and take the assessment, this year you had to also go in and get bloodwork, blood pressure and get your waist measured. The results don't affect the cost of your coverage. I think it's really a great program. Short of charging unhealthy people extra for health coverage, this is a great attempt at preventive medicine and lowering cost. We all know that a lot of people will simply ignore the findings, but I'm sure there's also a lot of people that will take some action on their health. They provide you a great website with all kinds of links & tools and will even assign you a "health coach". I went in for mine yesterday and my blood pressure was great and my "waist" was below the "healthy" measurement for females. I won't get the results of the bloodwork for a couple of weeks, but hopefully that all comes back good. My cholesterol/sugar etc. were all good last year.

I also decided yesterday since my running class was canceled, I would purchase an online "Improve your 5K". I'll start on Monday since I just need to run today and a little tomorrow before my race on Saturday. The training incorporates 5 days - 3 of running and 2 of cross training. The site was a little confusing, so I'll have to really go over it this weekend. I was actually hoping for a little more on the strength training, but maybe I missed something. Anyway, it's a 10 week program and it gets a little aggressive. I forget how long the runs were by the end of the program, but by the first couple of weeks, they were up to 45 min.

I've also decided to stay off the scale for a while and just work on my training and keep tracking. I always just used it for a gauge, but lately it's become somewhat of an "obsession". I'm going to actually put it out of sight!

On a side note, I took DD#2 to her first softball practice last night and kind of ended up helping with the practice (instead of running). It's the first time the Dad has coached (these are 13-14 yr. old girls) and he seemed a little lost. The other Dad that is helping came late (I've coached with him for years). He kind of took over the practice, so I felt a little bad for the other guy, but he didn't have a clue. I don't think he minded and I think he appreciated the help. The other Dad is going to ask him and make sure he knows we're just there to help. I really had no intentions of helping, but I don't mind. I kind of wish DD#2 played travel ball because it's more competitive than rec. ball, but we couldn't afford the time or money. She also didn't want to spend all weekend at tournaments. She's pretty good and really wants to make the 9th grade team next year at the high school. Oh well, I could go on for ever with this topic!

Have a great healthy day!


Weekends are my downfall!

Monday, February 27, 2012

I did great last week with my food tracking in my quest to get back to maintenance. And then along came the weekend! Weekends are my downfall. I think it's because I'm not doing my normal routine and I just "let myself go"!

Friday's eating was good, but I didn't get a run in before the cookie booth. The cookie booth was miserable because a cold front came in and the winds were gusting to about 40 mph and the temp was 45 but felt like 30! The other leader finally decided to close up (after we didn't get a customer in over 30 min - it was too miserable to even go to WalMart!). Since it was so cold, I didn't eat any cookies!

Saturday was still cold and windy. I had another Girl Scout thing in the morning and was going to run after that, but DD#3 actually wanted to go clothes shopping. She's 11 and the youngest and she made the comment that all her clothes were "hand me downs" and out of style. She's not getting that many hand me downs anymore since the 2 oldest are now teenagers and not really outgrowing stuff, but she could be right about the "out of style" comment because I usually just buy her clothes. So off we went shopping and was gone most of the afternoon. Saturday night killed me as I was tired and ate everything in sight! I didn't even track on Saturday, but I'm sure I went way over!

Sunday was a little better and I did manage to get in a run. I hadn't run since last Friday, so my time was slow. I have a 5K on Saturday, so I want to get in a couple of runs this week. The calendar is already filling up and I don't even have DD#2's softball practice on it yet!

With DH's work schedule the next couple of weeks (he's working overnights and is tired and cranky!) and our schedule, I'm getting a little overwhelmed.

I need to stop beating myself up so much and be satisfied with my efforts! I also need to stop getting on the scale so much. After my run yesterday and before I ate any lunch, it looked like I had lost a couple of pounds. When I got on this morning, I had gained about 4, so was actually up 2 lbs.! Official WI is Wednesday, so I'm going to ignore this morning!

On a side note, I'm disappointed that the running class I signed up for is not going to happen. They didn't get enough to sign up, so the class was cancelled. The coach did say we could sign up for her C25K class starting in March and she would work in some intermediate training. This class is T/Thu, so I can't do it because of Girl Scouts.

O.K. I'm starting to depress myself again, so back to work and Happy Monday!

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COACHMOMMY 2/27/2012 10:01AM

    Thanks, I've been thinking about buying one of the training programs to improve my 5K. I need to find something that will incorporates some strenth training. Since the class didn't pan out, I'll get a refund and invest in this. I can share my "knowledge" with my sister and daughter.

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FARRAH511 2/27/2012 9:55AM

    There is a free app for you cell call C25K, I'm using it in my Android, it's free the first two weeks, and they you have to pay 1.76 I think, it works great for me (I'm a begginer) and I'm using the Coachto5K, it has different categories: Coach-to-5K, Bridge to 10K, Easy into 10K, 5K Improver, 10K Event Training, Half-marathon Event Training, and Fun Runs.

You may want to try it, since your class didn't open.

Good luck!

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All Signed Up!

Friday, February 24, 2012

I signed up for my 2nd race of the year yesterday. It was the last day to sign up before the cost went up, so that motivated me! The race is on 3/3 - that's only a week away! This is a race I really want to do because the course is the park/greenway trail that I usually run. I'm not sure of the exact race route, but if it's mostly on the greenway, it will be a flat. This is also a highly advertised race, so it may be crowded (for me that's about 500 people).

I've been doing well all week on the food tracking. The weekend will be a challenge as it usually is. Since it's Friday during Lent, our Knights of Columbus will have a fish fry. They also have a nice piece of baked fish, so I'll have that tonight. I have to work the GS cookie booth with DD#3, so hopefully I can resist. I haven't had a GS cookie since Monday! I peaked at the scale this morning and it looks like I'm down about 1/2 lb., so if I do well over the weekend, my "official" weigh in on Wednesday should be o.k.

I looked back at my WW weight log and I am the exact same weight that I was this time last year - with a little less that 5 lbs. to get to goal. Since I want to get 2 lbs. under, I have a little over 6 lbs. to get back to maintenance mode.

Exercise has been a little off this week. I haven't ran since last Friday. I did the big hike on Monday and Tuesday I walked 2 miles. Wednesday we had to go the grocery store, so I ended up just playing some softball in the yard. I was going to run last night, but I ended up falling asleep on the couch for over an hour when I got home from work. DH has been working overnights, so my sleep has been kind of messed up. Wednesday night we had big storms, so I kept getting up. I guess I needed the nap yesterday. DH & my girls said I was even snoring!

I'm going to run tonight before going to the cookie booth. We've been having some weird weather and it's been really warm. Another big storm was supposed to come in last night, but it's held off and it supposed to rain most of the morning (just kinda icky now). Hopefully it won't be raining when I get off work. I'll run again on Sunday and then Monday I start my "Improve Your 5K Speed" class. I'm not sure exactly what we'll be doing, but the class description is: speed workouts, long runs, tempo runs, hill intervals, and core training to help increase your 5k speed". So it sounds really great. Hopefully they'll be some running next week, so I can be ready for the race on Saturday.

Actually looking forward to next week's weigh in and starting March on a positive note!


Maintenance Update

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I had a lot of good suggestions yesterday from maintenance experts. A common suggestion is to go back to what works. I've been contemplating going back to WW for the weigh-ins for the accountability, but I decided the first step is to get back to the tracking. So, yesterday I tracked calories and points(+). I stayed around 1,300 calories and 25 PP. To loose weight with WW, my PP+ should be 29, so I was under. I felt good about yesterday and feel a little back in control. I'm going to take it day by day.

My calves were still real sore yesterday (from my gorge hiking on Monday), so I had decided not to run. When I got home from work, my sisters and my daughters wanted to walk at the park, so I did walk about 2 miles with the dog.

I broke down and weighed this morning and I gained back what I lost and am back to needing to loose the 6 lbs. to be 2 lbs. below WW goal. So basically I'm starting back on my 2012 Goals!


Maintenance Woes!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I lost 46 lbs. last year and managed to keep it off for over 8 months. I lost my weight through Weight Watchers. I like their program and found the structure and the weekly weigh-in to work for me. I enjoyed my meetings and have to admit I liked getting the accolades of success - stickers, key chains and charms - even wearing the little tiara! I was proud when I reached goal and became a lifetime member last June. With WW you become a lifetimer after you stay 2 lbs. +/- your WW goal for 6 weeks. You have to weigh in once a month after that to maintain your status. If you go 2 lbs. +/-, you would have to pay for that week. I kept up with the monthly weigh ins until October and was usually 2 lbs. below my WW goal. It's not surprising that when I stopped going to the monthly weigh in and the holidays approached, I gained weight. If I went back to a meeting today, I would probably be 4+ lbs. above my WW goal and 6+ above what I've been.

I've found myself a little concerned lately. I see a lot of the old bad habits that caused me to keep all my "baby fat" and not loose any weight after my 3rd child was born 11 years ago. At one time I carried about 60+ lbs. around. I also lost/gained 40+ lbs. during that 11 year period until last year when I got back to a healthy weight and again, managed to keep it off.

I'm still very active and manage to run 3-4 times a week and do active things with my children. I know what I have to do and I think a part of me is just so disappointed that I have to, yet again, loose weight that I'm starting to loose control. The past 6 weeks, I've managed to loose & gain the same 2 lbs. I haven't even been on a scale in almost 2 weeks because I don't want to see the outcome.

I managed to have a pretty exercise filled weekend (except for Sunday). I ran Friday night, walked about 4 miles on Saturday with the dog and DD#3 (while DD#1 & DH geo-cached). Sunday was raining and I laid on the couch all day like a slug. That's not such a bad thing as we've been mega busy and a lazy Sunday (or any day) is a rare thing indeed. The bad thing is the eating! Pizza, Girl Scout cookies, pastries, etc. You get the picture. Even when I manage to eat right, the portions are out of whack.

Yesterday the kids were out of school, so I took a day off. We went to a State Park with a large "gorge". You have to hike 600+ steps to get to the bottom and then, of course you have to hike back up. We had even hiked about 2 miles before we attempted the steps, so yesterday was a good exercise day (did I mention my calves are sore today!). We had planned to go to a "family" style restaurant, so I knew I would be eating a lot, but that would have been o.k. too, except when I get back home I ate left over pizza & more GS cookies.

I have to find a way to get back on track with the eating. I shouldn't have to depend on the WW weigh in, although that was one of the "tools" of my success. I've dusted off the materials and trackers and now I just need to apply it. It's time to take control and get back on track!!!

Sorry for the rant, but I need to find a cure for my "maintenance woes"!

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ROSEWAND 2/21/2012 1:34PM

    When we gain a little weight back, our PTSD kicks in.
All the pain of past weight gain haunts the back of our
minds. We want so much for it to be different this time.

Often our first attempts at regaining control include
anger directed at ourselves as if that will whip us back
into shape. Usually, though it has the opposite effect.
We feel even more stressed which activates our old
habits of eating to sooth stressful feelings. And the
merry-go-round towards gaining continues.

Start with self-compassion. Be calm and trust you
have the skills to reverse these gains. You have
honed these skills over time. You just want to find
your way back to what works. And you will. emoticon

First as they say in the great book "Change Anything,
The New Science Of Personal Success" "Turn a bad
day in new data." Be a detective and find out why
you are tending to overeat or eat foods you know will
pack on pounds. They also emphasize that social
support is a critical aspect of change. You might
want to resume your WW weigh-ins even if costs you
a small sum. It could be well-spent money if it helps
you refocus.

I find that when I overeat or eat what I did not intend
to eat the best recovery is just to go back to what
works. I trust that so I do not have to stress or be
angry. I know that sometimes I will over-splurge.
It is part of maintenance. I also know that I can
recover. That is part of maintenance, as well.

One other note, my body does seem to want a few
more pounds at this time of year even when I am
eating well. So part of your gain and your tendency
to eat more may be due to our hibernating genetics.

Comment edited on: 2/21/2012 1:38:19 PM

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KANOE10 2/21/2012 1:10PM

    I hear youo. I hve struggled with maintenance all of my life. I would suggest you do what you did to lose the weight. Track and plan your food daily. Your exercise is great. Journal. Just build up the positive habits that allowed you to lose the weight and maintain it. Do them one step at a time..

I also find if I stay away from sugar and refied carbs, that I have much better control.

You can do it! emoticon

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