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Motivating Teenagers!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

I have 3 daughters - 16, 13 & 11. Each girl has their own personality and it makes for a very lively household! We're very blessed that they're healthy, happy and actually pretty darned smart!

The oldest is very artistic and is looking to go to art school. She was never interested in sports (we tried them all because she was the first and I was always involved in sports) and she doesn't have a lot of self-motivation. However, if it's something she wants to do, she's all over it! She's also not much of a "joiner".

The middle is laid back, probably the best student because she's a little more self-motivated and somewhat anal about grades. She's also involved in sports and clubs. Hopefully she'll carry this motivation into high school next year.

The youngest is a pretty typical youngest sister. She likes to annoy her older sisters and has it down to an art form! She didn't like sports either, but like to be involved in groups and is more of a "joiner" than the oldest. She has some self motivation, but kinda likes to do her own thing and has a "listening" problem!

I go into all of this background, because one of my challenges and concerns is setting a good example of fitness & health for my daughters. My husband and I both work full time, but we try to make healthy meals, we always have fruit on hand for snacks and we try to instill an interest in exercise!

DD #1 & #2 said that they were going to run with me last night. DD#1 is going to be doing the running class with me at the end of the month and she has to be able to run 1-2 miles. She hasn't ran in about 5 months, so she wanted to "get back into it". DD#2 just finished up basketball and starts softball at the end of the month. She hates to run, but wants to stay in shape.

DD#1 and I get home about the same time and DD#2 gets home about 45 min. later (MS is the last to get out and she gets home about 5:00 p.m.). DD#1 was already complaining and DD#2 walked in the door complaining. I usually don't force them, but last night I felt they needed the "motivation". They both had expressed the interest in going and truthfully, who really wants to go after a full day of work/school.

My "motivation" was to say/yell - you can't get into a size 9 and keep up with the class (DD#1's goal) or be in shape for softball and be a better athlete (DD#2's goal) by just talking about it - you have to put in the work. After a little more complaining/yelling, etc. we got in the car and headed to the park. I actually stopped the car on our road (we live on a long gravel road) to tell DD#2 to get out! She grumbled some more, but stayed in the car.

We ran the hilly trail and they did 1.5 and I did 3+. It was a nice evening and the park was crowded with people. They stayed together a little ahead of me (probably talking about me!) I think they're glad they ran. I hated to motivate them that way, but sometimes it's "whatever works" with teenagers!


Age is a Number!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I am the co-leader for DD#3's Girl Scout troop (she is 11) and last night we had a Valentine Party. As I've mentioned in the past, I am 51 and had my 3 daughters in my mid-late 30's. My main reason for finally loosing my "baby" weight and getting back in shape is so I can be active with my girls and their children (which they'll probably have when I'm in my late 60's, early 70' - much like my parents who are in their 80's and still active & healthy and have grandchildren that range in age from 30 - 11).

Anyway, while at the party last night, I was talking with one of the dad's about reading glasses - apparently he's in his mid-40's and is just starting to need them. I made some comment and he said he was surprised because he thought I was younger than him! I said no, I'm 51 and he couldn't believe it - and I don't think he was just being kind because I'm probably the most active parent in the troop - I run, still play softball, coach softball and am always hiking with the girls.

Age is just a number and shouldn't define you or your fitness level (although some days I feel all of my 51 years!). At the race my sister and I did on Saturday, she said she was determined to keep pace with an "old" lady and to make sure she beat her. My sister is 53, so I asked how old the lady was. She said she thought she was in her 70's! As we were leaving, she pointed her out (from a distance) and I said she looks like she's in her 60's. Anyway, I was looking at the race results and the "old" lady was actually 76! She finished the race in 36:01 - 30 seconds slower than my sister and 2 min.+ faster than me!

So now my new goal is to be faster than a 76 year old!


First Race of the Year

Monday, February 13, 2012

I had the flu last week and was not able to run at all until a short run on Friday before my race on Saturday. I decided to do the hill that was part of the course on Saturday. I felt o.k., just a little out of breath early.

N. Ga. has been experiencing early spring most of the winter, but decided to return to winter on Saturday morning. At race time it was 38 degrees and that was as high as it was going to get. They also predicted that it would be cloudy and a chance of light rain/sleet/snow. I told my sister who was running with me, that if it was raining, I wasn't going to run. So we got to the race about 8:00 a.m. (starting time 8:30), went to the bathroom (very warm!), warmed up and walked briskly for about 10 min. We got in line for the start (about 400 people). At that time the sun was coming out and it was pretty nice. As soon as they blew the horn for the start, a big gust of wind blew in the clouds and it started to snow/sleet! It did this for about 10 min. so it didn't take long to be cold & wet!

I've done this course before, so I knew it was pretty hard. It start off by going around the building and and turning right on the road. It's pretty flat until you turn around (you've gone almost a mile) and then it's strait up hill. By that time I was having trouble breathing with the cold and just getting over the flu. The sun was out by now and it was actually getting a little warm. I trudged up the hill the best I could and ended up walking. My sister, who hasn't been running as much as me, was already heading down the hill. My goal at this time was to just finish. I ran down the big hill, but knew we still had to circle back around the building. A lot of people didn't know this and thought they were almost done! Anyway, it's hilly around the building, so I had to walk a little of this too. I was feeling a little light headed at this time. I was able to pick up some speed at the end and finish at 38:17. Not my best, but also not my worst! This was my first race of the year, so it's only going to get better. I'm also taking the "Improve Your 5K" class starting at the end of February, so I'm excited about that!

My eating was way out of control all weekend. I really need to get back on track with this! My weekdays are good with my healthy breakfast & packed lunch. Weekends get me (and some night snacking)!

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FARRAH511 2/13/2012 9:34AM


emoticon job!

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Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Well I realized why my run was so crappy on Sunday. I couldn't figure out how I could do so well on Friday and not even be able to finish on Sunday and then be so sore. Turns out I caught some kind of flu. By Sunday night I was wrapped in a blanket, laying on the couch, barely able to watch the Super Bowl. I got up Monday and wasn't running a fever, didn't really have any symptoms, but I was chilled, achy & felt like crap. I got the kids ready for school and drug myself into work. By noon I was feeling really bad so I went home. I didn't really start running a fever until about 5:00 p.m. and it was 101.5 (after Tylenol). I shut myself in my room and told my girls they were on their own for dinner (DH was at work). I was sick all day yesterday (a little stomach flu thrown into the mix!) and ran a fever all day. It was really a weird flu because the biggest symptom (and longest lasting) was a severe headache and body aches.

Anyway, I woke up this morning with no fever and feeling a little better. I had to get up anyway to get the kids ready (DH went in this morning), so I went on in to work. I'm eating my lunch now, so hopefully everything will be o.k.

Wednesday is my official weigh in day, so I stayed the same. I though I would have lost weight since I've eaten very little the last couple of days. Oh well.

I also haven't been able to run. I'm still a little off today, so I'm not going to run after work. Tomorrow is DD#2's basketball banquet, so no go. I'll try to get in a short run on Friday before my 5K on Saturday morning. This is a hard course, and I was hoping to run the course yesterday and get in more running this week. I'll just do the best I can!

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MIRAGE727 2/8/2012 1:06PM

    It's amazing how you can tell something is wrong from your run. I experienced a slower than normal 5K but ignored it the next week I did another and it was my slowest ever. Two days later I was on the first day of a 5 day stay in the hospital because of pneumonia! I've listened to my body ever since. I'm happy you recovered from your bout with that bug! Be safe, run in the zone, finish your race, and you'll have many more to come for personal bests. Thanks for sharing!

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Weekend Update

Monday, February 06, 2012

I had a really good run on Friday, probably my best on the hilly course. It was a great evening, about 60 degrees and breezy. My sister ran with me. She did the C25K program with me, but has not kept up as much with her running. She did pretty good though. After we ran, she wanted to check out the route of the 5K I'm doing on Saturday. She's going to see if she can go in later to work on Saturday and run it with me. I think she might have changed her mind after we drove the route. It's the same route I did back in November and it was hard. I'm all signed up, so we'll see if she does it!

I spent Saturday running kids around. I did pretty good with the eating considering it was the weekend. My run on Sunday was less than stellar. I ran the same course as Friday, but I was just so tired and sore for some reason. I did the loop twice, but had to end up walking the last little bit. So I actually only ran 2.8. I felt really sore and tired the rest of Sunday. I made a pretty healthy Super Bowl "spread". We had pretty healthy sub sandwiches with lots of veggies and some low fat dips with veggies & pita chips. I made some other snacks for my girls, but it was basically pretty healthy.

I woke up this morning feeling crappy, so I think I'm catching a cold. I'm still all sore and achy. I got the kids ready and drug myself into work, but I'm not sure how long I'll stay. I think I'll take the night off and squeeze in a run tomorrow before the Girl Scout meeting. The rest of the week is going to be hard to get in a run - Wednesday is Parents Night @ the HS (I have a rising 9th grader) and Thursday night is the basketball banquet. I think I can do Tuesday before GS and Thursday before the banquet. I'll do a short run on Friday and be ready for Saturday! Hope I feel better.

On a side note, I got an e-mail from the lady that did our C25K program. She is doing an intermediate class - Improve your 5K speed starting the end of February. It's an 8 week program that ends with a 5K on 4/21. It's a different one than the one I'm doing on 4/28 - so that would be 2 in April. Anyway, it sounds pretty good, so I'm thinking of signing up.

Happy Monday!


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