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Weekend Update

Monday, February 06, 2012

I had a really good run on Friday, probably my best on the hilly course. It was a great evening, about 60 degrees and breezy. My sister ran with me. She did the C25K program with me, but has not kept up as much with her running. She did pretty good though. After we ran, she wanted to check out the route of the 5K I'm doing on Saturday. She's going to see if she can go in later to work on Saturday and run it with me. I think she might have changed her mind after we drove the route. It's the same route I did back in November and it was hard. I'm all signed up, so we'll see if she does it!

I spent Saturday running kids around. I did pretty good with the eating considering it was the weekend. My run on Sunday was less than stellar. I ran the same course as Friday, but I was just so tired and sore for some reason. I did the loop twice, but had to end up walking the last little bit. So I actually only ran 2.8. I felt really sore and tired the rest of Sunday. I made a pretty healthy Super Bowl "spread". We had pretty healthy sub sandwiches with lots of veggies and some low fat dips with veggies & pita chips. I made some other snacks for my girls, but it was basically pretty healthy.

I woke up this morning feeling crappy, so I think I'm catching a cold. I'm still all sore and achy. I got the kids ready and drug myself into work, but I'm not sure how long I'll stay. I think I'll take the night off and squeeze in a run tomorrow before the Girl Scout meeting. The rest of the week is going to be hard to get in a run - Wednesday is Parents Night @ the HS (I have a rising 9th grader) and Thursday night is the basketball banquet. I think I can do Tuesday before GS and Thursday before the banquet. I'll do a short run on Friday and be ready for Saturday! Hope I feel better.

On a side note, I got an e-mail from the lady that did our C25K program. She is doing an intermediate class - Improve your 5K speed starting the end of February. It's an 8 week program that ends with a 5K on 4/21. It's a different one than the one I'm doing on 4/28 - so that would be 2 in April. Anyway, it sounds pretty good, so I'm thinking of signing up.

Happy Monday!


Fit at 51!

Friday, February 03, 2012

My day got a little messed up yesterday. My goal was to run right after work and make stir fry. Simple right?! Anyway, DD#2 had to stay after school to turn in her basketball uniform and had to be picked up @ 5:30. I figured I could start the stir fry and still get in a run after I picked her up. I started the rice steamer and then discovered I didn't have any chicken. By now I didn't have enough time to go to the store before picking up DD#2. I got to the MS and it was packed with cars. The band was just getting out of practice and DD#2 was late because they were also having a little "end of the season party" with cupcakes and playing basketball games while turning in their uniforms. So traffic was bad getting out of the school, the grocery store was crowded getting the chicken and it was getting dark! My day was ruined!!

Now to the point of my title. When we got home there was still about 20 min. of daylight and it was a beautiful evening. I told DD#2 we could go to the pasture and she could hit some softballs. DD#3 was supposed to help gather up the balls. We live on about 12 acres and have a pretty big pasture (no more animals!). There's a flat part and then it slopes down and is pretty hilly. DD#2 was smacking the ball and DD#3 was off climbing trees, so that left dear old Mom to gather the balls. We only had 8 softballs, so I had about 5-6 trips up and down the hills. I found myself running down and back up. This was great unexpected exercise (plus I was pitching!) While I was enjoying the time outside, I also got to thinking that I'm so glad that I decided over a year ago to loose weight and get in shape after I turned 50. I had my 3 daughters in my mid-late 30's, so I'm one of those "older" Moms. But I swear you can't tell by my activity level. I won't go into all the stories on that, but I can tell you this - I am glad to be fit @ 51!! and it turned into a nice evening and the stir fry rocked!


Wonky Scale!

Thursday, February 02, 2012

I've been playing a game with my scale until it reads the weight I want! I know we all have scale stories, but I got on the scale Monday and weighed and didn't like what I saw. Went to the bathroom (I had to, I promise) and weighed again. The scale actually showed almost a 2 lb. gain. So that trip to the bathroom caused me to gain 2 lbs.! I got on the scale Tuesday and the scale read 3 different weights and I didn't like any of them!

I weighed and measured this morning, although Wednesday was supposed to be my "official" day. I actually lost .4 (that's the weight I picked!). So I've technically lost a 1 lb. in 4 weeks. Now I'm not sure if there's something wrong with my scale or I need to stop getting on it a zillion times a day! I honestly only use the scale as a gauge and I know all the reasons why the "scale lies", I just really want to get back to my goal! I hate that I'm 3 lbs. over WW goal and 5 lbs. over where I want to be. I know what to do, I just have to stick with my plan. I have to stop letting the "bad" days out number the "good". O.K. I've motivated myself, I had a good breakfast, I have a great lunch packed and a good dinner planned. So I'm good!

The rain came early yesterday, so I couldn't run, but I did try the strength training routine (hated it!). I need to find something I like and stick to it! It shouldn't be that complicated. Today is sunny & 60+ degrees. DD#1 is home sick and I have to pick up DD#2 from school @ 5:30, so I'm hoping I can squeeze in a run and we still want to go to the batting cages. The cages have lights, so we can still go after dinner!

So now my only challenge today will be to get past the 8:00 p.m. munchies!

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ROSEWAND 2/2/2012 1:44PM

    Sometimes it is better to leave the scale alone
and focus on your plan. I did this for two years
while I was losing weight. Knew I was losing
because my size was changing. This was
a much gentler way to track my success.

I usually weigh once a week now, but not
always. Same day, same time, accept what
it says and get back to my program. I have
learned that no matter if my weight is up
or down, in the long wrong if I keep doing
what I know works, I am going to be fine.

We hunger for instant results and depend
on the scale to reward us. In fact, sometimes
it only confuses and discourages us.

When we trust that we are making the
right choices in eating and fitness, the
benefits will show up in the long-term. And
without the stress of roller coaster of
constant weighing.

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CCINDICANE2 2/2/2012 11:52AM

    My scale does the same thing. Weigh in only once a week as soon as you get up, naked, after peeing. Only get on the scale ONE TIME and go with that weight. If you keep getting on three or four times and going with the lowest weight, and then do the same thing a week later, you really won't know if you lost or gained weight. Both of the numbers you chose could be wrong.

All scales can show different weights. My scale at home that I weigh in on every Sunday morning shows me as being 5 lbs heavier then the scale I use at the gym. Granted I only weigh in one a month at the gym at night, but decided one night to weigh myself at home right after to see how far apart they are, and it was a 5 lb difference. That doesn't mean I stop using the number on my home scale to judge my weight loss.

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Bring on February!

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Well January is over, so I guess it's time to evaluate my goals.

Running - emoticon Check - doing pretty good with the running. I'm managing to get in 3x a week. I'm increasing my distance and hopefully increasing my time. I signed up for a race on 2/11, so that will be a good gauge. My goal is to get under 36 min. by my "running anniversary" in June.

Strength Training - emoticon Nope, not doing so well here. I've tried a couple of DVD's and downloaded a routine, but I pretty much have every excuse in the book for not doing it. The main one is I just don't want to! Pretty lame, I'll have to work on this one.

Loose 6 lbs - emoticon I'm loosing and gaining the same 2 lbs. Don't like the feel of this one because that's been my "MO" in the past. I have my WW & Spark tools, so I think I'll be o.k. Plus I have the added incentive to not gain because my oldest sister is loosing! Petty I know, but whatever works!

On a side note, DD#2 finished up basketball last night and starts softball on Sunday. I think this will be my first year not to coach since I don't really know any of the coaches, so I don't think any will ask me to assist. Most of the coaches I've assisted in the past have either stopped playing or moved on to travel ball. DD#2 doesn't want to play travel ball (thank goodness because we couldn't swing the time or money). Anyway, that will leave more time for running & other activities because while she's at practice, I can run at the park.

Hope everyone has a great start to the month. North GA. like most of the country is experiencing really warm weather. If the rain will just hold off, I'm either going to run tonight or go to the batting cages or both!


Race in February and 1 out of 3!

Monday, January 30, 2012

I decided to sign up for a 5K on 2/11 - The Great Valentine's Race (the shirt looks cute!). My goal is to improve my race time to under 36 min. by June (the anniversary of the end of my C25K and my first race). I've been increasing my runs to 3.4+ and hoping by building up my endurance and running longer, I can run 3.1 faster. I've also been running mostly on the greenway (very flat and the location of the race on 3/3).

Since the race I signed up for on 2/11 is the same course of one I did back in November, I know it's pretty hilly. So on Friday, since I had limited time to run before it got dark, I headed back to the hilly course at the park. I decided to run up the huge hill that I usually run down. It about killed me and I almost couldn't complete the loop (1.5 miles). Finished that up and since it was almost dark, walked around the small loop by the playground and then chit chatted with a friend I saw at the playground.

I knew I was going to be busy running around on Saturday, so I really wanted to do my strength training routine I downloaded from Spark. I had to get DD#1 to the church @ 7:30 a.m. for the retreat she was going on and I promised DD#3 that I would take her to the ballet that her friend was in @ 11:00 a.m. Did not want to do this, but it was actually a pretty good performance. Needless to say, I did not do the ST - big fail! Plus, I still haven't done it! Oh well, finished up Saturday taking DD#2 dress shopping for her basketball banquet next week. I'm not sure anyone can relate, but it's very hard to find dresses for teenagers that are tall. DD#1 is 5'8+ (16) and DD#2 (13) is 5'9"+. Anyway, we found her a cute dress at Ross for only $15.99 (score!), were lucky to find her a cute pair of flats at Payless (size 11) and then it was time to take her to a friends' play! So I ended Saturday night up eating crap since I was too busy to cook ( or plain didn't want to). (DH had to work).

Sunday started off and ended busy, but in between DH and I were able to run. We went to the hilly part again and I looped twice for 3 miles. I had a pretty good time and it was definitely a workout.

Now if I could just get going with the ST and stop eating too much these 5 lbs. would just melt off! Oh well, no sense beating myself up. 1 goal outa 3 ain't bad and it's still only January!

P.S. my sister that was looking for "guidance" about joining WW has lost 8 lbs. in 2 weeks. She's doing great (I feel some jealous competition kicking in!). Her "buddy" however, lost 3 lbs. the first week and gained them back the second. My sister is all over her and I told her you can't control what she does, you can just control what you do. She has to "want it". Pretty wise words from the yougest sister!


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