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5th 5K

Monday, November 07, 2011

I signed up for another 5K at the last minute. My C25K coach was doing this one with her new group and the location was very close to my house, plus it was for a good cause - Special Olympics. Anyway, my sister had to work and again my DD's didn't want to do it, so my husband said he would do it with me!! I was very excited, he's been running a couple of times a week, but never for more than 2 miles (he'll walk the rest). I think I mentioned before, he has a bad foot and has to be careful with running. He's also on his feet all day @ work.

So Saturday morning's race started @ 8:00 a.m. We got there at 7:40 (I had already picked up our race packet) and it was still dark. It was also pretty cold, so we warmed up, walked a little and got to the starting line. The DJ announced the race route and said you would have to loop back around the building and then go through the "finish" line. (I'm glad they told us before, because at another race I thought I was done, but we had to loop around!). The DJ also mentioned the "hill" that was part of the race, but he said, don't worry, you get to come down the hill too. I drive this road everyday, so I knew it was a pretty steep hill!

There was about 300+ people and of course I started off too fast. My husband stayed ahead of me, but I passed him at about 1 mile. They yelled out 12:03 at the mile mark, so I was disappointed because that was slow for me and I wasn't even at the hill yet. I started up the hill and but I went ahead and briskly walked. I ran down the hill and into the parking lot (still having to loop) at the clock said 31:00. I wasn't sure how long the loop was, but I tried to pick up the speed. Sure enough around the back of the building there was another hill that I had forgotten about at the beginning of the race. I walked that one and then started running again. I saw the clock and it was 36:00. I really wanted to beat my PB of 36:26 so I picked up the speed I was running pretty fast down the the "stretch". Even one of the High School cheerleaders on the side said, "she's really picking up the speed". It was a great effort, but I couldn't quite break by PR. My time was 36:36 (my third best). Anyway, I grabbed my water and went back to the side of the finish line to cheer on my husband. He finished in 39:05. He was pretty excited because his goal (besides just finishing) was under 40 min. He also had to go to work later that afternoon, so he was a rock star!

On a side note, I saw the cute blond guy that runs at my track. He usually runs without a shirt, but I guess it was too cold!

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MIRAGE727 11/7/2011 10:32AM

    Outstanding! My wife and I have come to love 5Ks! Stay strong and congrats on your time. You will reach that PB and better!
emoticon emoticon

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My First Gain!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Today is the last day of the month and in order to maintain my "lifetime" membership @ Weight Watchers, I need to weigh in today. If I weigh in and am 2+/- my goal weight, I'll have to pay. If I don't weigh in, the next time I go, I'll have to pay. Anyway, I think I'm going to record my first gain. I've been either 2 lbs. below or right at my goal the past 7 months. The past couple of weeks, I've been weighing in at home about 2 lbs. above goal (that's about a 2-4 lb gain!). Since I weigh daily, this would be o.k., except that it's consistent and not going down.

That would still be o.k., since I would be 2 lbs + my goal, but that's my home scale and sometimes it's not exactly the same as the WW scale. I'll probably just bite the bullet and go ahead and weigh tonight.

I know why I've gained. I'm going back to some bad habits. I do great for breakfast and lunch (I take my lunch everyday). It's the evenings and weekends that are killing me (and the Halloween candy!). I'm using the excuse that we're just so busy, so I'll just eat crap. In my defense, I don't resort to fast food, but sometimes make something quick at home that's not the most healthy. My portions are out of control also. I know what to do, so maybe this gain is the "kick" I need. I can't go into the holiday with a gain!

On a side note, since my purse was stolen Wednesday, I didn't really feel like running. We spent Wednesday & Thursday night online & on the phone with credit card companies, police, banks, etc. and on Friday I was exhausted. Saturday was spent taxing kids around and there was a college football game I wanted to watch.

Anyway, after church yesterday DH wanted to run, so we took the girls and the dog and went to the park. We parked at a different location than the aforementioned purse snatching. It was a great run, the weather was cool (about 60 degrees, it was sunny and beautiful blue skies). I felt really good and am going to make sure I get in a couple of runs this week despite my busy schedule and lurking criminal activity!

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CHOCOHOLIC2276 10/31/2011 9:19PM

    Sorry about your purse being stolen! Wow, thankfully you and your husband notified the cc companies and banks right away. How did the weigh in go for weight watchers? Fingers crossed for you!!

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I knew I should have just stayed home!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

I was busy over the weekend (well actually just lazy on Sunday -football you know!) and had kid activities Monday & Tuesday. Yesterday I really didn't feel like it, but decided to go ahead and run. I had just enough time to get in a run and then pick up DD#2 @ basketball practice. I'm usually pretty lax about locking my car, etc., but last night I put my purse in the console with the keys underneath and pinned on the "running" key my husband made for me.. I finished my run and got back to the car. I noticed the console was up and I had a sinking feeling! I opened the door and sure enough, my purse was missing. I really thought I had locked the car, but there didn't look like any forced entry. I looked all through the SUV to make sure I didn't put it anywhere else. It was missing! I had just enough time to get my daughter and guess what, my cell phone was in the purse so I couldn't call to say I'd be late. Fortunately it was a petty thief because the keys (with my house & office keys) were still laying under the purse.

It was really a bad feeling. Since I didn't have any way to get in touch with my daughter I had to leave and pick her up. There's a county facility at the entrance of the park and there's usually a cop getting gas. Not this time. Anyway, I picked up my daughter and drove home and called the police. Of course there's not much they can do, but he took the report and said he would go back by the park and look and see if they had tossed the purse.

It was quite the hassle having to cancel everything. There was already a debit card purchase (gas station) and 3 credit card purchases. Naturally this was one of the only times I actually had cash in my wallet!

We got a call later in the evening from some man that found my purse on the side of the road. There was no driver's license, but some of the store cards. His wife found my number on the internet. My husband is going to go by and get it (they live about 45 min. away).

Anyway, the moral to my story is make sure you lock your car - take those extra safety precautions (now I'm a little concerned about running alone) or better yet - just stay @ home!

Just kidding - I'm not going to let this stop me from doing something I really enjoy, I'm just going to be more careful. Stay safe out there!

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KATHIE_B 10/28/2011 9:03AM

    Wow, how scary. Thanks for the reminder. I leave my purse in the car (covered with something) when I walk in town. I take my car keys with me and lock it with the "beep". I will make double sure I hear that "beep"

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READERSB 10/28/2011 7:14AM

    So sorry about this--how upsetting for you!

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5K on Saturday

Monday, October 17, 2011

I ran my 4th 5K on Saturday. I mentioned before the race start time was 5:00 p.m. I'm not sure if I like doing a race in the late afternoon. Even though this is the time I normally run during the week now, it's usually right after work. I found myself kind of worrying through the day. Should I rest, what should I eat, when should I eat etc.? I had a lot to do and still had to "taxi" kids around, so I sort of stuck to my usual Saturday.

I ate a normal lunch around 1 and a banana around 3:00 p.m. I left for the race around 4:00 because I wanted to make sure I got a t-shirt (I had signed up late). Anyway, I was pretty early, so I had about 40 min. to kill. I sat in my car for about 15 min. and then walked around, stretched really good and went to the bathroom. It was at a big church, so the bathrooms were nice!

When I had picked up my race packet, the lady showed me the route. I'm pretty familiar with these roads because I used to use them as a shortcut to work. I said to the lady, "these are pretty hilly" and she just smiled.

The announcer told everyone to go to the start line. There looked like about 150-200 people, so I got in the middle of the pack. The race started and we went out of the parking lot. I find myself always starting too fast in races. I guess I'm just trying to keep up with everyone. I settled down to my pace and pretty soon was passing quite a few of the "rabbits". The first big hill came early in the race, but it was downhill and then flattened out. Soon after that we went downhill again through an office park. My pace was still pretty good and then we turned around and had to immediately go up the second big hill. I trudged up that one, but my legs were really hurting. After just a little bit of "flat", the other big hill came back around. This was really a long incline. I had to end up walking most of this, but we were at about mile 2 (the race was well marked). When I got to the top of the hill, the rest was flat, so I picked up my pace again. By that time, there was a lot of stopped traffic we had to pass, so people were either mad because they were stopped or they were cheering!

I knew I was almost to the end and then I saw the 3 mile mark. I tried to pick up speed, but I didn't have too much left. Our race bib had a "scan" mark on it, so I guess we were scanned when we passed under the time clock. Anyway, the guy yelled out 36:28. I was pretty excited because even though I've been running faster (and running the whole time) at my trail, I thought it was at least 37+ min. if not more. 36:28 is my PB (by 1 second!).

I filled out my card and stuck it in my age group basket. I was second in my age group (51 - 55), so one other old lady finished 6 seconds before me!

I still don't know why I can't run the entire time during the race. Although when I stop & walk, my pace is still pretty good. So all in all, I was pretty pleased with the results.

I didn't really have any intentions of running yesterday. My kids didn't have religious ed., so I didn't have to teach or "taxi". I was planning on relaxing and watching football. My husband got off work @ 5:00 and wanted to run since he works a lot of nights this week. So I said I would go with him. I've run 2 days in a row before, but I didn't have any energy last night. I ran about 2 miles and then walked the rest. I was pooped!

On a side note - a hot air balloon had to make an "emergency" landing in the field by the playground, so that was cool!

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ONECATSHORT97 10/17/2011 3:04PM

    Congratulations on a new PB!!!!!

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KRISZTA11 10/17/2011 2:57PM

    Huge emoticon to your race, this is a great time, especially with hills included!

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5K on Saturday

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I finally broke down and signed up for a 5K on Saturday. I was waiting on my daughter, sister & niece to make up their minds, but I'm the only one that's doing it. So, I'll be running all by myself ! emoticon

Oh well, I'm usually running by myself anyway since they're faster (not for long!). The race starts @ 5:00 p.m. which is a little different. Even though it's mid-October, it can be a little warm. The high right now on Saturday is 73, so that's not too bad. I'm usually pretty busy running around doing errands on Saturday, so I'll have to make sure I get some rest before the race.

I haven't participated in a race since 7/30, so I'm pretty excited. My time in that last race was kinda slow (about 38:15, but it was very hot!) and my PR is 36:29. I've been doing pretty well lately, usually around 35 - 37 min. (although unofficial since my stopwatch is broken and I've had to rely on looking at my regular watch).

I was very proud of myself last night. It was raining pretty heavy on Monday so I didn't go and last night was drizzly to light rain. If my husband wasn't dressed and ready to go when I got home, I probably would have "blown it off". I've never really ran in the rain since we haven't gotten too much lately! It was kinda hard. Even though it was cool, the air felt heavy. Of course the rain picked up when we started running, but I didn't mind getting wet.

Since I'm running in the race on Saturday, I was really glad I went. I'll probably try to run again tonight and then a light run on Friday.

I hope I do well on Saturday. I should be able to run the whole thing, although I found in the past 3 races, that I usually end up walking some. I think because I'm not used to the route, my pace is different or something. Anyway, I'll just do my best. I'll have a new t-shirt and the race is for a good cause!

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KRISZTA11 10/12/2011 2:49PM

    You are doing great! emoticon
Good luck to the race! emoticon

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ONECATSHORT97 10/12/2011 11:58AM

    Good luck on Saturday! You'll do great and even better, you didn't let someone else's decision (or non-decision) dictate what you will do. AWESOME!

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SIMPS6 10/12/2011 11:00AM

    Good for you, though I don't know you.... I was very happy to hear you signed up with or with out some one else to go with you. Watch a huge step. you go

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