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Shoes Do Make A Difference!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I drug myself to the park yesterday to run after work. Actually my DH was dressed & ready to go when I got home, so I had to go. He's making me look really bad with all of his motivation! We were just getting ready to leave - in fact we were in the car and got a call from a Girl Scout mother from DD#3's troop where I'm a co-leader (drama!). DD#1 caught us before we left. Anyway, after I finished my call with her, it had started to rain again. DH still wanted to go (did I mention that he had already run 2 miles that morning in the rain/snow mix - darn his motivation!) We got to the park and it was still raining/drizzling. It was a very cold rain and it was windy. Still not feeling it, but we stretched and started out. It wasn't too bad behind the soccer/la crosse fields, but at soon as we got back around to the road where there is no tree coverage, it was really windy (and did I mention the rain/drizzle). The wind kept blowing off the hood of my jacket. Also (TMI here) - my nose was really running! All in all I was miserable, but hey, my DH was plugging along and I'm the one that had the race on Saturday. I also noticed that we were the only crazy people on the trail. There were a few kids getting to the soccer fields, but their more intelligent (or lazy) parents were staying in the car!

I digress from my title. I've noticed the last week or so that my feet were hurting after a run. I had an achilles heel injury a year and a half ago playing softball, but I really didn't have any trouble running. I would feel a lot of pain when I did other things like softball (I had to retire), tennis, badminton and running sprints, but was usually o.k. with running/jogging/walking.

Anyway, my heels and the bottom of my feet have been hurting. To top off this miserable run yesterday, my feet were hurting during the run and then my shins started hurting. I actually ended up walking the end of the run (after I stopped in one of the bathrooms to blow my nose!).

I've known it was past time to get new shoes, but I didn't think it would make that big of a difference and I've been putting it off. I've been really busy and believe it or not, I'm a woman that doesn't like shoe shopping (of any kind!) So, shoes really do make a difference. Now I can't decide if I should put my insoles in my old shoes (I'm going to try that tonight) or get new shoes and wear at the race on Saturday? Any experts have any suggestions?

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ONECATSHORT97 12/1/2011 10:06AM

    I'm no expert, but if you get new shoes, I would suggest that you wear them a couple of times before you race. Good luck at the race. May I say you are a better person than I am....wouldn't even go walking in the cold windy rain...... emoticon

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Thanksgiving Week of Running & Another 5K

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thank goodness DD#2 had to run during Thanksgiving week for basketball. Since they didn't have practice, they had to keep a running log. Since we don't have a treadmill, someone had to take her to the park to run. It gets dark now by 5:30, so we had to run a couple of nights on the football track (lights). She liked doing that because she also had to run 50 yd. sprints. It was pretty boring for me because you had to run 12 laps for 3 miles. To break it up a little I would also run through the lit parking lots. Anyway, between her mandatory running and my husband's increased desire to run, I managed to run everyday last week except for Thanksgiving and we took a nice long walk after we ate.

I also signed up for another 5K on Saturday. I didn't run yesterday because it was cold, windy & rainy. I'm going to force myself to run tonight (still cold & windy, but the rain stopped) because tonight & tomorrow are the only days this week I can run. Thursday & Friday are DD#2 basketball games.

I'm doing this race alone again because DH has to work and sister and daughters don't want to do it! Oh well, I'm actually looking forward to this one because I think it might be a pretty flat course (hope I'm not wrong!). It actually kicks off the Christmas celebration and there will be a Christmas Parade later in the day which I'm also walking in with DD #3's Girl Scout troop. I think the parade route is only a little over a mile, but there's a lot of standing around and getting ready to walk, so I'll be a tired "puppy" when I get home. Just in time to watch the SEC Championship game - GO DAWGS!

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CHOCOHOLIC2276 12/3/2011 9:17AM

    emoticon I hope the course is flat also:) You can do this either way!! Keep those 5k's coming emoticon

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Weight Loss Mode

Friday, November 18, 2011

I've been struggling the past couple of week to stay within my goal. I reached my goal back in March and have either been 2 lbs. below or right at goal. I am now 2 lbs. over goal. I decided I want to go back to 2 lbs. below (I liked that weight), so now I need to loose 4 lbs. I'm putting myself back in weight loss mode. I'm going to dust off the WW point tracker and start recording again. I know that's been my problem, I'm not writing it down and my portions are out of control. The late night snacking (that's 8:00 p.m. for me!) has reared it's ugly head again. Basically, I'm falling back into old habits.

Honestly, I think the only thing that's kept this from getting completely out of control is my running. I have my husband to thank for that. He's really motivated and is keeping me going. I usually don't like to run on Fridays (this has been my "veg" night), but it's been one of the only days he's been able to go lately, so I'll head on out with him after work today. With the rain & busy schedule, we've haven't run since Monday.

So back to basics - eat less & exercise more!

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REDSHOES2011 11/18/2011 12:19PM


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My Husband is Doing Better Than Me!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My husband started running with me a couple of months ago. He started in August in the middle of a heat wave. We would try to go at night to avoid the excessive heat. He would do his own run/walk thing. I've mentioned before that he's got a real bad foot and when he's tired, has a noticeable limp. He also works all day on his feet either at Home Depot or doing remodeling (often 7 days a week). I tell you all this because in no way has this running thing been easy for him! Yet he's already running the whole 5K.

I'm very proud of him, but a little jealous too! I started running with a C25K program back in April. Every time I go out to run, I struggle to finish my 3.1 +. I do finish and my time is getting better.

We ran a 5K together a couple of weeks ago and I did beat him. On Friday we went running and I used the excuse that I didn't want DD to be at the dog park by herself to stop running and walk with her and the dog, but really I just wasn't in to it. DH kept on plugging away at his run. We went last night and I was determined to beat him (competitive much?!). He was ahead of me most of the time until the end and I finished in 35:05 and he finished in 36:49. Much better than our times at the 5K, but we run this trail all the time, so I think that makes a difference.

BTW - he has lost about 30 lbs. in the last couple of months. Most of this is attributed to the running. He's a big guy (6'5" and now about 280). It took me 6 months to loose 46 lbs., but hey whose counting!

I really am proud of him, and I must say I enjoy some competition because I was getting a little lazy with the running and the maintenance. I can't stop running now because he might beat me!

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ONECATSHORT97 11/15/2011 1:06PM

    How great to have someone to run with and a little competition doesn't hurt either! Keep it up, both of you.

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5th 5K

Monday, November 07, 2011

I signed up for another 5K at the last minute. My C25K coach was doing this one with her new group and the location was very close to my house, plus it was for a good cause - Special Olympics. Anyway, my sister had to work and again my DD's didn't want to do it, so my husband said he would do it with me!! I was very excited, he's been running a couple of times a week, but never for more than 2 miles (he'll walk the rest). I think I mentioned before, he has a bad foot and has to be careful with running. He's also on his feet all day @ work.

So Saturday morning's race started @ 8:00 a.m. We got there at 7:40 (I had already picked up our race packet) and it was still dark. It was also pretty cold, so we warmed up, walked a little and got to the starting line. The DJ announced the race route and said you would have to loop back around the building and then go through the "finish" line. (I'm glad they told us before, because at another race I thought I was done, but we had to loop around!). The DJ also mentioned the "hill" that was part of the race, but he said, don't worry, you get to come down the hill too. I drive this road everyday, so I knew it was a pretty steep hill!

There was about 300+ people and of course I started off too fast. My husband stayed ahead of me, but I passed him at about 1 mile. They yelled out 12:03 at the mile mark, so I was disappointed because that was slow for me and I wasn't even at the hill yet. I started up the hill and but I went ahead and briskly walked. I ran down the hill and into the parking lot (still having to loop) at the clock said 31:00. I wasn't sure how long the loop was, but I tried to pick up the speed. Sure enough around the back of the building there was another hill that I had forgotten about at the beginning of the race. I walked that one and then started running again. I saw the clock and it was 36:00. I really wanted to beat my PB of 36:26 so I picked up the speed I was running pretty fast down the the "stretch". Even one of the High School cheerleaders on the side said, "she's really picking up the speed". It was a great effort, but I couldn't quite break by PR. My time was 36:36 (my third best). Anyway, I grabbed my water and went back to the side of the finish line to cheer on my husband. He finished in 39:05. He was pretty excited because his goal (besides just finishing) was under 40 min. He also had to go to work later that afternoon, so he was a rock star!

On a side note, I saw the cute blond guy that runs at my track. He usually runs without a shirt, but I guess it was too cold!

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MIRAGE727 11/7/2011 10:32AM

    Outstanding! My wife and I have come to love 5Ks! Stay strong and congrats on your time. You will reach that PB and better!
emoticon emoticon

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