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BLC Week 2 - Get to my Goal

Thursday, July 17, 2008

I had a pretty good week and lost 1.4 lbs. I was hoping for 2, but I'll take it. I enjoy the competition, so this kind of format should work for me. After the birth of my 3rd child (who is now 7). I haven't been able to loose all of my weight. 4 years ago I lost 45 lbs. and was about 15 lbs. from my goal. I managed to gain back about 15 lbs. of the 45 lbs. At the beginning of this year, I was determined to get to my goal. I did great and lost 12 lbs. in 4 months. Then I started the loose 3 lbs., gain them back and then loose them again. So, if I didn't do any of the "gaining back" I would be at my goal! There's no sense "crying over spilt milk". I can't go back and change it. The important thing is to keep going, realize I've got some pretty healthy habits that I can pass on to my girls. I'll get to that goal (which by the way is within my healthy BMI and a weight I think I can maintain) and I'll just have to learn to enjoy the ride!


Biggest Loser Challenge

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

I am starting the 12 week Biggest Loser Challenge today! I am very excited and feel this might be the motivation to get me to my goal. I set my BLC goal for 15 lbs. in 12 weeks. I wanted to reach my goal goal by the end of this challenge, but that would be almost 20 lbs., so I think I'll stick to 15. That's more realistic and achievable. GAME ON!!!!


Get it Together

Monday, June 30, 2008

I find that when I have my eating in control, I'm not exercising enough and when I'm exercising, my eating is out of control. I need to "get it together". The past couple of weeks I have been very active. I got a pedometer, so I realized how few "steps" I was taking on a daily basis since I work a desk job. So now I'm very aware and am at least walking daily around the new subdivision being built behind my house. So, now I need to get back on target with the eating. For some reason Father's Day started my downward slide. I ate more junk that day than my husband!


Get Moving

Friday, May 23, 2008

I finally lost some weight this week - 3 lbs. I lost the 1 lb. I gained last week and 2 more. I've finally admitted that I need to "GET MOVING". I'm very busy, work full-time, have 3 active kids, coach softball, play softball, am my youngest daughter's Sunday School teacher and my 2 older daughter's Girl Scout leader. However, with all that - I'm still not getting enough exercise. You want to know why? I work a desk job. I'm doing all the things to help, park further away, go into the bank instead of drive through, etc. But if I don't take a 2 1/2 - 3 miles walk every day, I'm not getting in enough "steps". Well, I find it very hard to devote 45 minutes every day for a long walk. I'm doing my best and I'm getting in more steps (I started using a pedometer almost 2 weeks ago and it was an eye opener!) so I've increased my activity and it shows - 3 lbs. I've been eating right and rarely getting over 1,500 calories. This is where I tend to give up. I'm 16 lbs. away from my goal weight and the weight is not coming off easily, so I give up. I'm determined this time!


Old Pictures

Monday, May 12, 2008

I was at my sister's house for Mother's Day and we were looking through old pictures (some not too old) and I came across a series of Christmas pictures from 2001. My youngest child was 13 months old and I had a 3 year old and a 6 year old. I was FAT. I probably weighed over 220 lbs. so I'm about 45 lbs. less now. I've come a long way with a lot of hard work. Several times I've come within 15 lbs. of my goal weight. I'm about 18 lbs. away now. These pictures motivated me and I'm going to make that goal my birthday in August!


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