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New season (hopefully of change)

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Autumn officially started yesterday and it's been really nice in North Georgia. This morning it was 55 degrees and I had to wear a jacket while walking the puppy!

I blogged a couple of weeks ago that I was "back on the grid", but I'm not really "back on track". I did start my Couch to 5K class a couple of weeks ago. This is a class that is held at a local park that I did a couple of years ago. I kept up the running until this past Winter and I just couldn't get back into it, so I was glad I was able to make the class this time.

As I mentioned before, 13 out of the 15 people are "repeat customers". A few just continue on with the class because they like the coach, but most are like me and my sister - just need that "push" to get back into it.

We did a 4 min. run 2 min. walk on Monday that I struggled with a little. I had done that one on Saturday and it was pretty easy, but I think because it was late in the day on Monday (had been up all night with "night sweats" - more about that later!) and it was kind of hot, it was a little more challenging.

Tonight will be a "mix" of increments and if I remember correctly, this is when it starts getting hard! I'm looking forward to the 5K we'll do together on November 1st!

I had mentioned in my previous blog that I was concerned I had gained back the 6 lbs. I lost with Weight Watchers earlier in the year (based on my tight clothes and not the scale).

I was correct, I am now back to 14 lbs. over goal emoticon

I was really disappointed, but I'm trying not to dwell on it too much. I really need to concentrate on positive right now!

I also mentioned before how upset I've been about DD#2 and volleyball. It's not really getting better. She still has limited playing time and she's lost all the confidence she gained over the summer. Last week she was the only player that didn't get in a set! I had to end up leaving the gym and walking around the school (at least it was an away game). On the way home I just "lost it" and started sobbing.

I felt really bad for DD#2 and her friend. They won both matches and they were region matches and that made it even more important and there I was sobbing in the car!

I apologized to DD#2 . She knows the struggles I'm going through, but it doesn't help with her feelings to have a "crazy lady" Mom!

Anyway, between the extreme mood swings and awful night sweats, I decided to go to the doctor's last Friday. They did give me some "stuff" to help. (not helping yet, I was up all night again, which doesn't help with the mood!).

What is helping is the exercise and now if I could just get the eating in control, I know I would feel better. How many more years until this is over!

Like the doctor said, this is all normal for peri-menopause/menopause, but it's not normal for me! So I guess I just have to find a new normal and a better way to control things. Hopefully the "happy pills" will kick in soon!

Only 2-3 weeks more of volleyball depending how they do in the region tournament. They should do pretty well and go to State. Once they start playing the "powerhouse" teams, I'm not sure how they will do. I hope all the "stuff " starts kicking in because I'm sure her playing time will still be limited (coach likes to keep the same 8 girls in when it's a "big" game). One thing about DD#2 is she's a hard worker, never quits and has a good attitude (except for at home!). I should take a page out of her book!

Anyway, basketball starts as soon as volleyball ends and it's a long season. DD#2 hopes to make Varsity, but it will be the same thing with the 5-6 starters that play most of the time. Oh well! She's gets to be part of a team, gets plenty of exercise and it looks good on a college resume!

It also appears that DH's schedule is not letting up and he will continue working 6-7 days a week and some days 2 jobs (he does a lot of side remodeling jobs). He wants to do it while the work is available - 3 teenagers and one in college!

We have been doing better with eating and now I just have to control the snacking. I'm often sitting around by myself at 9 pm finally relaxing - DH is at work and the 2 girls at home are in their rooms. This is when I find myself doing most of the "mindless snacking".

So hopefully the new season will bring some change and I loose some of this weight. I really don't want to face the holidays already over goal!


Back on the Grid

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

I've been off the "weight loss" and "healthy living" grid for a couple of months now and I know I've had some weight gain. I know if I don't hold myself accountable, I'm only going to "allow" myself to continue on this path of unhealthy snacking, periods of overeating and limited exercise.

So as I sit here in my uncomfortably tight pants, I figured now was a good time to get back on track and start getting accountable again.

I had pretty good momentum going into May and June and had lost 6 of the 14 lbs. I needed to loose to get "Back to Goal!" I went on vacation the week of June 30th and pretty much dropped "off the grid" after that.

No excuses (but a lot of reasons).

I spent a really nice week in Florida at my oldest sister's condo. We did a lot of activities - walking on the beach, tennis and bike riding. But also a lot of eating!

When I got back home things got really busy - DD#1 had her wisdom teeth pulled (she is a very bad patient!), DD#2 had to "cram" to finish her driving online course and get in her driving hours (with a parent) to take her test for her driver's license. She also had 2 volleyball tournaments and volleyball camp. DD#3 also had a couple of day camps in July.

August was even crazier - DD#2 & #3 started back to school so that meant a lot of shopping, etc. DD#2 made varsity volleyball and that started right away (really never stopped from the summer!). Fortunately she got her license (and she already had a car - thank you Bubba & Papa), so that helped some.

DD#1 moved into her dorm the second week of August, so we had a lot to do working up to that. That child is a huge pack rat. She spent a couple of weeks going through her room and "organizing". She's been gone for 3 weeks now and we're still "organizing" her stuff. DD#2 wanted to move into her room because it's bigger and has a bathroom. Plus it's in the basement and there is more privacy, so we've been cleaning, organizing and painting for weeks now (still not done).

Top all of this off with the fact that DH has been working 2 jobs so I really can't count on him for any of the errands, etc. He still does a lot of the grocery shopping etc. (which I dearly hate), but most of the household tasks fall on me (oh yeah and I work full time too).

There were a lot of reasons to not eat right and exercise, but they shouldn't be an excuse (even though I justified it).

So despite the tight pants and feeling a little sore from my running class last night (that's right - I was finally able to join the local Couch to 5K class that I took 2 1/2 years ago that got me into running 5K's and what I believe was the main reason I maintained for over 3 years) I feel pretty good!

It was the first class last night and almost all of the participants have taken the class before (13 out of 15). A few just continue on because they like running with the coach, but most of us (my middle sister and I included) just wanted to get back into running in a safe and fun way!

Last night's class was 1 min. run/2 min walk - 10 times. Both my sister and I were able to do this without too much of a struggle (but I am feeling it in my feet this morning, so I may need new shoes). Don't get me wrong, it was hard (and hot). I felt like I got a good workout and DS and I probably did over 2 miles (since we lapped the class a couple of times). Wednesday's class is the same routine, but this weekend we're supposed to increase to 2 min. run/2 min. walk (8 x).

So even though I didn't reach any "goals" this summer and I'm pretty sure I've gained back all I lost (and more), I still have a pretty healthy lifestyle - eat lots of fruits & veggies, drink plenty of water, eat mostly whole grains and lean proteins. Plus I still walked a lot with the puppy (who is going to be sad that I'm taking this class).

As I've said many times - my schedule as a working Mom with 3 girls and a husband that works a lot of hours has always been crazy - I just need to take the time to plan and put my health first!

I'm really excited to be able to do this class again and I've already told the family that I'm not missing a class - so they need to have some flexibility!

DD#2 has volleyball games on Tues & Thursday (and some weekend tournaments), so this shouldn't interfere too much. Either DH or I have to go to the away games because they ride the bus to the games, but need a ride home (even though all the girls drive!).

Don't get me started on volleyball this year (too late)! DD#2 made varsity and she's really improved - working with the coach last spring and summer workouts - (she's only had 2 years of volleyball). Last year she was brought up to varsity and played all the time. This year they had a lot of girls trying out and the competition was really tough (2 new girls - also Juniors were really good). There were 3 girls that made the team that play her position (Middle Hitter). The senior has been on varsity for 4 years and is really good (she also plays club volleyball and has a potential college scholarship).

DD#2 was the only other MH last year. This year one of the new girls also plays MH. DD#2 is actually a better middle, but the other girl has an amazing serve (DD#2's serve is adequate at best). A couple of weeks ago one of the best servers got injured and the coach changed up the rotation and new girl with the killer serve is playing a lot and DD#2 is riding the bench.

DD#2 has played sports since she was 5 and I've also played softball competitively up until a couple of years ago - not to mention basketball in high school and tennis as an adult. So we know that sports ain't always fair (as is life). She even asked the coach what she can work on to improve and earn back playing time and help the team (which I thought was very mature since she hates any kind of "confrontation"). This coach is not really a motivator and really didn't offer any encouragement. He did mention working on her serve, which sort of validates the reason that the other girls is playing more.

Long story short (too late), this has really upset me. I try not to be negative around DD#2 because I know she's very disappointed. I even dread going to the games (nothing worse that having to watch your child sit on the bench). It really is stressing me out (can you say menopause!).

I'm going to continue with my running, try to work in some kind of strength training or something to relax me - menopause is causing some minor depression, but that's another story. DH and I have both been talking about doing some kind of yoga or something to help with stretching (he has continued to run and loose weight!).

I'm also going to work on cutting out the snacking and stress eating and plan some healthy dinners.

I'm not ready to set any goals yet and I haven't even gotten on the scale in over 2 months. I'm planning to weigh myself on Wednesday morning and get back to my Wednesday weigh ins,

I'm tired of making excuses and I'm back on the grid!


Why are we jealous of other people's success . . .

Thursday, June 26, 2014

especially when we're not doing that great?!

That thought ran through my head last night as DH and I were going on a hike. He is doing great with his weight loss and fitness. He decided last fall (when the doctor told him he had high blood pressure and wanted him to go on medication at 47), that he would try to control with diet & exercise (he has a family history of high blood pressure too).

He's a big guy (6'5" and usually around 280 - 300 lbs.) and is very active at work and his side jobs (doesn't sit around at a desk all day). He has really "kicked it in gear" the last couple of months! He's lost about 40 lbs. since last fall! He's also back to running and doing a lot of core work. He looks and feels great! With the weight loss, low salt diet and exercise, he has his blood pressure under control!

I'm extremely proud of him and grateful that he cares enough about me and his girls to get healthy! So I'm proud, I know he's working hard at this and it didn't just "happen overnight", but since I'm struggling with getting back to goal, I'm a little jealous too.

Don't get me wrong, I'm also extremely proud of myself. I'm only a couple of pounds over my "healthy weight" and 9 lbs. above goal. I've said it before - maintenance ain't for sissies! I had a small gain last week at Weight Watchers - I keep loosing and gaining back the same pound! I didn't go to the meeting last night, but I probably would have had another gain!

Things have been very busy this summer. School has been out for 5 weeks and I'm still waiting for the "lazy days of summer" to kick in! Between getting the girls ready for trips/camps and DD#2's insane summer workout program - I'm still constantly on the "run" (and not the good way!).

DD#2 was asked to play with varsity again at a basketball tournament yesterday and today at a college in downtown Atlanta (about 30 miles away), so I decided to leave work early yesterday and catch a couple of games (thus missing my weigh in).

After battling the horrible Atlanta traffic, I got home in time to go on a hike with DH (about 7:30). A couple of weeks ago, my sister and I "turned him on" to the strenuous hike we've been doing after our Weight Watcher's meetings the last couple of months.

Last night was his 3rd time going with me. It's a 3.8 mile hike that goes around a lake through a couple of parks and there's a lot of hills (up and down). Near the end you are at the bottom of the dam and then you have to take 63 steps straight up (I counted last night) and still go up a hill until you cross the street back into the parking lot.

It usually takes my sister and I about 1 hour 15 min+ (we like to talk). Sunday night and last night I finished in under an hour! DH stayed with me Sunday night and really pushed me - I even ran part of the trail. I was really tired last night so I told him to go on ahead and I'd just meet him back at the parking lot.

It was getting really dark near the end of the hike (heavily wooded), so I found myself running quite a bit because I was getting nervous! After trudging up those steps, I didn't think I was going to make it - but I checked my phone and I still had 9 min to go before hitting an hour. I really pushed myself and finished in 59 min.!

So I have a lot to be proud of too - but I tend to focus on the negative!

I'm going to be on vacation next week and I'm going to Florida with my oldest sister and DD#2. We're staying at my sister's condo. that's on the inter-coastal and about 10 miles from some really nice beaches.

DD#2 has a "dead week" from any school activities, so she asked my sister if she would take her to Florida. Her BFF has been down there a couple of weeks already visiting her grandparents (near my sister's condo) so she's going to "hook up" with us on Tuesday and drive back home with us next Saturday. I invited myself along - DH and DD#1 both have to work and DD#3 didn't want to go, so it will just be the 3 of us driving down.

We've got a lot of activities planned - kayaking, paddleboarding, riding bikes & playing tennis & volleyball. There will also be a lot of "chilling" and I'm sure eating!
I'm going to weigh myself before I leave to get a gauge and just try to maintain while I'm away.

July is going to be just as crazy as June and then the girls go back to school on August 7th (crazy I know when a lot of school's in the north are just now getting out for summer break!). DD#2 will have already started volleyball (tryouts are 8/1 & 8/2) and the first game is actually the first day of school!

DD#1 won't start college until late August, but we'll be busy getting her ready to go! We have orientation on 7/23.

So things will continue to be hectic - I'll continue to be active, I just have to do a better job of planning dinners and keep away from the sweets & snacking!

I'm going to enjoy my vacation next week and try to get some R&R!

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MJREIMERS 6/26/2014 11:22PM

    I used to be one of those jealous people, but not anymore! I've kept 40 lbs off for over 3 years and I don't intend to ever regain it back.

Jealousy is one of those emotions we feel when we don't think we can be successful. When we make excuses and don't have the "gumption" to go for our goals, it makes us feel inferior.

Then, we discover Sparkpeople and all the wonderful people here. The support we receive gives us the motivation to "do it." Once we feel that success, there is no stopping us!!

Keep at it!

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WIFE49 6/26/2014 12:47PM

    emoticon Thanks for sharing.

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POSITIVEHOPE 6/26/2014 11:51AM

    I think our jealousy comes from thinking their success was achieved easily. This is especially true when we are struggling. There are easy downhill parts of the journey and there are those steep steps on the journey, too. When we are climbing those steps, everyone else's journey seems to be in fast forward and since they are doing well, their journey must be easy.
We know the truth that every journey has easy and hard parts but we are jealous that we aren't in the easy part right now.

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Pretty good week

Monday, June 16, 2014

I had a pretty good week since last Monday. I set a "challenge" of at least 30 min. of exercise each day. I didn't actually meet that challenge! I walked on Monday for about an hour with DH and puppy. DD#2 started her basketball/volleyball workouts on Monday - she was feeling fine and didn't have a headache, so she went to both workouts. She said they were both "light" (her words, not mine!) and she said she felt fine afterwards. She even went to the movies in between the workouts!

She got asked to play with the varsity girls in a basketball scrimmage on Tuesday (she played JV basketball last year and varsity volleyball). I left work a little early to take her to a high school about 40 min. away. I had gotten 15 min. of exercise that morning walking the dogs and had planned to do something in the evening.

Since it was a "scrimmage" they didn't actually play "official" games, but they played 2 different high schools. The gym's air conditioner wasn't on and it was miserable! I don't know how they did it (again they only had 6 girls) because I was sweating just sitting there! So I'm counting all of that sweating as my additional 15 min.!

We got home about 8:30 and DD#1 got home soon after that from the airport and her trip to Arizona. She brought out all of her "stuff" she got and recapped her trip. She loved Flagstaff the best and actually had a friend there she was able to meet up with!

I was excited about my "official" weigh in on Wednesday. I felt sure I would loose at least 2 lbs. (based on my scale which showed almost a 4 lb. loss that morning). Of course it's never the same as the Weight Watcher scale and I had a 1.8 lb. loss. I was ok with that (much better than a gain). My sister and I weren't able to do our "extreme" hike after the meeting because I had to leave right after the meeting and pick up DD#2 from volleyball. We did meet up and walk a little later.

DH's birthday was Thursday, so I only got my 15 min. of exercise that morning. I had to pick up DD#3 from Vacation Bible School (she was a volunteer all week) and get some stuff for grilling out (and cake!). We had a great dinner and I only ate a small piece of cake.

I had to take the puppy to the vet on Friday morning (she was getting spayed), so we got our walk in that morning. I picked DD#3 up from VBS and DD#2 and I picked the puppy up that afternoon from the vet. She was pitiful and we had to spend the evening watching her to make sure she recovered ok from surgery.

Saturday was basically a day of no exercise! Unless you count house cleaning, mowing lawn and shopping with a teenage girl! I had to take DD#3 shopping to get stuff for her away camp - she is a nightmare to shop with (and for).

DH, DD#2 and I also walked around an outdoor mall (after seeing a movie). It was a nice "date night" (even though DD#2 was with us) since DH and I don't get a lot of time together. DD#1 had to work and DD#3 didn't want to go - said she wanted to "chill" before going to camp on Sunday.

We had a huge breakfast for Father's Day (cooked by me and DH - the girls were still sleeping) - eggs, bacon, waffles & fruit. DH was off (he usually works Sundays), so we both took DD#3 and her friend to camp. It was about 1 1/2 hours away and was a really nice drive. DH wanted to hike somewhere so after we dropped off the girls at camp, we went to a place that I had been to before (over a year ago) that was halfway between camp and home.

I remember it being a pretty strenuous hike (made more so that time because I was pushing my great nephew's stroller up a mountain!), but it was pretty hard yesterday. I didn't remember it being such a steep incline (increase in elevation of over 950 ft.), and we definitely was going at a quicker pace (DH is tall and he walks fast!).

We got to a fork that connects to another trail (that we weren't going to take), but part of that trail goes to an overlook, so we decided to hike to the overlook and then hike back to our trail. Of course the overlook was straight up, but it was a beautiful view and worth the effort!

It ended up taking us about an hour and 15 min (we spent some time at the overlook enjoying the view). We checked the map when we got back to the car and we had hiked over 3 miles - mostly up!

We got home about 7:30 and had a taco salad and then I had some frozen yogurt! We didn't have lunch, so I was starving. It was a really nice day and I enjoyed spending time with just DH on our hike and ride home.

DH is doing really good on his weight loss and exercise. He's probably lost about 30 lbs. since mid-January. Mostly from just eating right and cutting down on the sodium. He had high blood pressure and a family history of high blood pressure so he wanted to try to control with diet and exercise and has been successful!.

He's also running and doing some strength training. He does a lot of physical activity at work and on his side jobs, so he goes easy on any kind of weight training, etc. He's younger than I am (5 years) so his goal is to make sure he's fit @ 50 (he has 2 years to go!).

I took the puppy on our walk this morning. She's supposed to "take it easy" for a week after the surgery, but she's a very active dog, so it's been hard (she felt better by Saturday afternoon). I won't be able to take her on a long walk this afternoon, but I'm going to hopefully try my hand at some running.

So even though I didn't quite reach my challenge and I didn't quite stick to Simply Filling - I had a good week and I'm hoping the scale will be kind on Wednesday!


Week of no sweets and concussion?

Monday, June 09, 2014

I blogged on Friday about how I can be a little "pushy" and a little negative when trying to "motivate" my girls (or simply to get them to do something!).

DD#2 got home from basketball camp late Thursday night. They had played 10 games in 2 days and they spent Thursday walking around Nashville and the CMA and then driving home in bad weather & traffic.

She was exhausted and wasn't going to go to volleyball work-outs on Friday morning. I didn't "push" her to go, but I kind of fretted about it!

We had a pretty easy Friday night - DD#1 is still in Arizona and DD#2 & #3 just lounged around the house (actually all day).

DD#2 woke up Saturday morning and she said she had a dull headache and has been having trouble falling asleep, but able to sleep after that. After much discussion and calling the nurse line, going online, etc., we determined she probably had a minor head injury or a concussion! Apparently she fell Wednesday afternoon and hit her head. She said she was able to play the rest of the game (said it was actually her best game) and then played 2 more games after that! She didn't say anything to the coach because she was playing varsity at that time and they were down to 5 players.

Concussion treatment, etc. is a very big deal based on all of the research. We signed an agreement when she had her physical and she was supposed to let the coaches know she had hit her head. They saw her fall, but she said they probably didn't know she also hit her head. She has always had the mentality of "suck it up" and is a pretty tough girl. We discussed with her the importance of not "playing through" a head injury and the coaches have the "when it doubt, sit them out" responsibility.

She understood, but I must admit, both DH and I had a hard time not thinking this is all "overkill". We know it's not and we understand, but we did grow up in the "shake it off" and "you just got your bell rung" and if you could stand, you could play!

Anyway, it was already 3 days after the "injury" and a Saturday and the only symptom she was experiencing by then was the dull headache (she wasn't sure if she had experienced any other symptoms because she was also exhausted by playing so many games) so we didn't have to take her in in, but I had to consult a website that is sponsored by the local children's hospital and follow the procedures. Plus they recommend having an "Impact Test" so they can have a "base" if there are any further injuries. It's something that they should have on record.

I was glad she spent Friday doing nothing and couldn't do anything Saturday or Sunday. And I mean nothing - no computer, video games, texting, movies (and no school if they were in school!). She could watch a little TV (like a cartoon), but basically could not "use" her brain.

By Sunday, she was so bored (plus she missed going to the lake with a friend). She didn't have a headache later Saturday or Sunday, so today she went to volleyball this morning. It's a light work-out today, but if the headache returns, she'll have to miss for a couple days. If this was during the basketball season, she wouldn't be able to play any games for at least a week. Apparently volleyball isn't one of the sports that has a bunch of restrictions. She'll go back to basketball practice on Thursday if she's still "symptom free".

So, other than that, my weekend was pretty nice (even though I spent most of Saturday morning on the phone and online). I did cut grass Saturday afternoon and DD#3, friend, puppy and I went to a park on the river and walked and played in the river.

I cleaned house, ran some errands and went to Kohl's on Sunday. DH ran on Sunday evening and I walked a couple of miles with the puppy (again leaving a bored DD#2 at home).

I also had 5 days of "no sweets week". DH, DD#3 and I ended up going to a frozen yogurt shop on Sunday afternoon (while running around) and getting yogurt and sitting outside. It was a nice outing, so I didn't feel any guilt about eating the yogurt (plus it was my lunch!).

I've done pretty good with the Simply Filling and I peeked on the scale this morning and I was down almost 4 lbs.! Nothing is official until Wednesday's weigh in, but I feel better eating right again.

I was thinking this morning while walking the dogs that my challenge this week is to get at least 30 mins. of exercise each day. I walk the dogs for 15 mins. in the mornings, so I have to at least get an additional 15 mins. or more of exercise in the evenings!

I'm ready to meet that summer goal of getting back to GOAL!


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