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December has not been kind

Saturday, December 15, 2012

For that matter neither was November. It shows how easy I can jump down the rosey path of self indulgence and lack of exercise!

It started with the weather change and the fact I am now babysitting my grand kids several days a week. found lots of excuses not to get out and walk, been getting better about that or finding alternate indoor exercise (cardio dancing, stair stepper etc) but no where close to the shape I was in this summer. I feel it not only physically but the emotional stability I get from exercising regularly.

Then November came and my daughter was seriously ill and in the hospital for seven days, two of which in ICU and I have full time charge of both her medical situation (doctors here have never treated our rare disease) and her then 2 month old daughter (baby's father no where to be found) Stress lead to stress eatting, lack of sleeping or worse failing to eat at all. I ended the month of November better than expected but still not where I wanted to be.

Then came December. Trying to squeeze out holiday money, juggling child care responsiblitys and my own health. Developed an abscess along the way in the tooth that already had to have a root canal and crown, ended up getting it pulled. Was thrilled when I lost a lb that week (lol) However I have watched my weight creep all week and I know that tomorrow when I weigh I won't like what I see.

This week had added stress for me as you see I work in an elementary school. Its a volunteer job two days a week but I am the volunteer coordinator for a reading program and coordinate 35 volunteers who come in every week and read with students. We read in an open area right inside the main entrance of the school. I have ran over in my mind all sorts of what if's in the last day and am upset to no end about what I have seen as I spent way too many hours looking at the horror that happened in Connecticut. I think about the classrooms I am in every day and I am brought to tears every time. I think about where will I take my volunteers and students. We have a plan, we have even practiced it. But the truth is we would be sitting ducks. as we are the first thing people coming in the school see.

Tuesday I will go in and I will come armed with the paper on dealing with kids questions our local school district put out. I will make copies and calm my volunteer's fears as best I can. I suppose it would be easier to say it would never happen here, cept you see we live in Oregon where just two days before it did happen only in a Mall. And we live in Southern Oregon where there are enough people with guns to well scare the crap outta me.

So I will calm them and come home and have a good cry and tell my kids its okay to send my grandkids to school, but it will never feel as safe as it once did.

So yeah I am gonna gain weight this month. However, that will not define me. Over the last year since I began in earnest to get my Chit together I have lost near 30 lbs. God willing I will lose another 30 next year. I will not give up the fight, even if I take a break this month and enjoy some chocolate!

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ILLINITEACHER52 12/16/2012 10:05AM

  Hugs! and thank you for the volunteer work that you do. I think that it is good that we all concentrate on the safety of our students but keep in mind that they need us to be calm and supportive. I know that I will be wearing my classroom key from now on, not leaving it on my desk or in my coat pocket, so that I could lock my classroom door in a hurry.

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TATTER3 12/15/2012 10:07PM

    So overwhelming! You're not alone!

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D7TOHIM 12/15/2012 8:24PM


That is a very big stress with your volunteer situation, I will agree with that. Is there any other area in the school where you can meet that is not so exposed? I know you'd probably hate to give up the reading program. But , you have a lot going on in your life, as it is. May be you will have to think about what has got to give. I don't think I'm being very supportive to say that, only sometime circumstances force us to look at things differently. emoticon - Diane -

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Feeling like I will never catch up

Thursday, November 15, 2012

I feel so far behind! My daughter was in the hospital for 7 days and during that time I was at the hospital 12 to 16 hours a day and at night was caring for her 2 month old daughter. Needless to say I got nothing done, except a lot of baby cuddling and a lot of worrying about my twenty year old!

Good news is she is doing much better and the crisis has passed due to some very expensive medicine (Panhematin) which is used to treat the disease we have in our family (porphyria). This was her worst attack yet and she even had to spend 24 hours in ICU. Needless to say my blood pressure is spiked and I am totally stressed out.l

I told my husband that for my 50th birthday (sunday) I want a trip to our cabin to relax. Between now and then I have to get caught up with my house, laundry, shopping, and exercise.

The good news is that I didn't gain any weight!!!

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TATTER3 11/15/2012 6:06AM

    Bless your heart. Prayers.

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MELLIE1030 11/15/2012 5:25AM

    I hope you get to the cabin.

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SWEETP84 11/15/2012 1:31AM

    When things happen like that it's okay to take a breather and not worry about exercising, etc. I'm glad to hear that your daughter is doing better. And Kudos to you on not gaining any weight. my son was in the hospital once for two weeks and I think I ate fast food non stop and gained like 15 pounds. Hope you get a trip to your cabin emoticon

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Yeah got to enjoy a wonderful walk today!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

My daughter and I loaded up the baby and her stroller and went down to the bike path since the rain went away today and enjoyed a 3 mile walk along the river! It felt so good to get to go out walking after two weeks of back pain followed by hip pain!

We pushed the stroller along the bike path down to the old dam, enjoying the scenery along the way.

If we get more days like this we will be going again for sure!!!

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TATTER3 10/26/2012 6:35AM

    Keep Sparkin'!!

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DIET_FRIEND 10/25/2012 11:02PM

    That looks like a beautiful place to get your fitness on! Keep on sparking!

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KARIDIAN1 10/25/2012 10:49PM

Awesome photo. We has some snow flakes in MN today.

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My struggles this week

Saturday, October 06, 2012

My son in law went back to work (thank you God!) this week but this impacts my schedule severely and I had a tough week finding a balance. I usually walk as soon as its light enough to be safe and if I miss that window I have to wait till 9am as the road is way too busy to be safe. Well I have had a 4 year old and a soon to be 2 year old all week starting at about 6 am which means walking has been gotten in (if at all after then go home, praying for light and one day in the dark which was kinda scary.

Needless to say my exercise minutes plummeted this week and with them my mood went too. Funny I didn't realize how much I counted on those 40 minutes a day to get my brain in order and some much needed "me time". With rains coming ( I hope lol) to southern Oregon soon this is a problem I was going to need to solve sooner or later, it just came sooner than I expected. So since my daughter's elliptical trainer was in storage as there was no place for it where they are currently living, I did what any good mother would...I borrowed it!

Now I thought I was in pretty good shape, walking close to 3 miles 5 days a week I figured this would be cake WRONG!! This thing is kicking my butt. I am going at it 5 minutes at a time, taking a break, and going back for another 5 feeling like a total wimp! But I definately got my heart rate up and sweat wanna talk about sweat. Its working areas I didn't know I had!

Hopefully I can work myself up to do more than a seriously whimpy 5 minutes a time lol

But I can exercise any time now, nap time for kids, 2 am when I usually awake after helping my daughter rock the newborn back to sleep (so that she can get a couple more minutes sleep). The newborn in our house, well she is a month now, doesnt feel that night time is sleep time lol.

So I am "hopefully" on my way to get back on track.

On the upside I got on the scale today and have lost 2 lbs so I am thrilled!

Happy Saturday all!

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TEDYBEAR2838 10/7/2012 7:27PM

    I know emoticon Just don't give up!

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CNELSON5411 10/6/2012 11:03PM

    Thanks all for the comments. I would not find it possible to walk with the grandkids. I walk down my road which is full of pot holes and rocks, and then along one of the main roads here which does not have sidewalks or even a shoulder. When a car comes I end up basically in a ditch to get out of the way and the sides are pretty inclined and a stroller would be a heart attack every time not to dump the kids over lol. I walk a bit over 2.5 miles in 40 minutes and my grandson would never make it. he wants to be carried after the trip down our road (.40 of a mile) and back and just that amount with him usually takes close to 30 minutes so it just would not be the same.

I live in the sticks, no close park or good place to take them. for me to load them in the car and drive 20 miles would be counter productive. One of the pains of living in the country but I wouldn't live anywhere else

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TOWHEE 10/6/2012 10:29PM

    I'm glad you found the elliptical and are using it. Have you thought of taking the grandkids for a walk? Put the little one in a stroller and grab the older one by the hand and just walk down the street. If there is a park nearby that's even better. You may only get 10 minutes at a time, but you'll be in the fresh air.

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TATTER3 10/6/2012 10:10PM

    Alternatives can be interesting!

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VINTAGEPAGE 10/6/2012 10:05PM

  You will find that happy medium,sometimes it just takes a bit! You will persevere and in the end it will all work out :) Keep sparking!

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AVONWITHJENN 10/6/2012 9:38PM

    I hope you find your workout balance this week to come. Congrats on the weight loss. emoticon

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UMBILICAL 10/6/2012 9:27PM

  Balance is sometimes difficult

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Home by Philip Philips

Sunday, September 09, 2012

Home by Philip Philips has become one of my favorite walking songs. It has a good beat to walk with and helps keep me on pace, but that is not the main reason. When I walk to this song I think about the US women gymnastic team. Their ups and their downs, how they stuck together and pulled each other along. They had individual highs and lows. The low for Jordan for not qualifying for the All Around, the success for her to be the one who brought home the team Gold for them with her final floor exercise. The way Allie talked to Gabby and calmed her before she went on the balance beam. The falls, and the tears and the friendship and the success.

Kind of reminds me of Spark People, how about you?


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