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my week in exercise

Monday, May 07, 2012

My plan for the week:

gazelle in the morning while watching the morning weather (~20 mins)
walk 3 flights of stairs every evening

I had to look up exactly what a flight of stairs was and believe me you do not want to know what had to say. It has nothing to do with treads or risers or walking and definitely not work appropriate. Sheesh.

Anyway, 30 steps was the general consensus. The total steps between 2 floors in a commercial building not just to the landing in between where the steps bend back on itself. There are 14 steps between our first and second floor at home so, if I walk up and down stairs 9 times then that will be equivalent to walking up three flights of stairs.

And I have already done that today. :)

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PARKERCM 5/8/2012 1:32PM

  Good for you!!

And thanks bunches emoticon for my smiley face!!

Enjoy the challenges this week!

Stay strong! emoticon

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Doing it Now!!!

Sunday, May 06, 2012

eating healthy and losing weight is important but as someone in her 40's, it is becoming more urgent on a daily basis. From what i understand from some friends, once menopause sets in losing weight will become almost impossible.

besides menopause, more reasons to keep on track:

more weight makes bad knees worse
generally feel more lethargic
all the cute fashions are size 12 or below
get winded easily
look in the mirror and smile instead of scowl

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LILYPAD12311 5/6/2012 3:02PM

    Yup,,,, I totally agree with you CMW! I too love the last line in your blog!

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XRSIZE18 5/6/2012 1:06PM

    Love, love, love the last reason you listed. Smiling is so important! Great blog.

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chores, chores and more chores

Saturday, May 05, 2012

I was kinda wishing for a rainy day because I have so many things to do: cleaning hardwood floors, editing video, festival art, and making a gift for a friend plus of course all the normal cleaning and laundry.

Since it appears to be a sunny day with only a chance of rain, I need to get outside and weed the community garden (damn scottish thistle!), mulch the entrance garden to the community and of course, our backyard. The pea gravel needs a refresh and new weedblock applied.

I have a couple of errands to run too! the grocery store for dinner ingredients, the book store, and of course the stone store for the gravel and mulch.

I better get a move on! time's a wasting!

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FLORIDAJOE1 5/5/2012 9:01AM

    And I thought I had a lot to do. May you have a very productive day and find time to eat healthy and exercise.

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Doing good with suits

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I only wear jeans when I am doing work around the house and in the garden. I really don't find them very comfortable. So, I don't have skinny jeans waiting for me to one day love them again.

Instead, I have several suits that are size 12 and 14 that have been in my closet for at least 10 years. My two favorite ones are wool and I paid really good money for them way back when. I have decided that **sigh** me pining away at never being able to wear them isn't doing anyone any good hence I made the decision that I should donate them to a worthy cause.

Dress for success is a great organization that helps women who were abused, addicted or otherwise not able to get employment to obtain job skills, find employment and start life anew. However, they were not accepting donations at this time.

I have nothing against Good Will or Salvation Army, I just did not want my beloved $200 suit to end up a shredded halloween costume.

Anyway, after much searching, I was able to find The Center For Urban Families in baltimore City. The organization is doing a lot of work not only with women but men as well. They accept gently used professional clothing for women and men. I believe that this is where my suit (and other professional attire) is destined to be helping women to support their family and become self sufficient.

Now if only good deeds would shed some pounds; I would be ready for the Cat Walk!

I'm too sexy .....


Storm is Coming

Monday, April 23, 2012

On saturday, everyone that I spoke with was talking about the storm. I was starting to feel as if I were a cast member of HBO Game Of Thrones.

[Note: for those that have not seen the show, every episode the phrase "Winter is Coming" is repeated multiple times.]

Anyway, I woke up early and was in the garden by 7:30AM determined to get something done before the predestined time of doom at 4PM. I pulled weeds, mulched, fixed the stacked rock border to the flower beds, replaced the section of broken fence and donated 30 lbs of finished compost to the local Lutheran Church for their fundraising auction. Seemed like a good thing to do because I had no place to put it and they were happy to receive it.

[image from MS clipart collection]

Living in a townhouse with a yard the size of two postage stamps well .... you see what I mean. however, composting is a good thing to do so, I continue to do it.

Anyway, about 4:30PM under a dark sky, my husband inquires if I would like to go to a local (and very good, I might add) restaurant for dinner. Crawling out from under the red maple with a handful of Vinca - I make the executive decision that dinner is a good idea since it seems that being so motivated, I had nothing but sparky water all day. well that is not totally true ... I remember having a piece of peanut butter toast first thing in the morning.

Awwww ... Vinca is such a cute little plant, you say. HA! It is a demon plant! Beguiling us with its cuteness and then it attacks!

According to wikipedia "Although attractive, both Vinca major and Vinca minor may be mildly invasive in some regions where they are introduced species because of the rapid spreading resulting in choking out native plant species and altering habitats."

Mildly invasive .... again I yell ... HA! ... anything that can choke out English ivy is NOT mildly invasive.

The previous house owners either A) had not a clue what they were buying or B) decided to have a big laugh on the next homeowner (aka My Husband). I have been battling this monster for 10 years.

Oh, I digress ... back to the storm .... we went to dinner and had a most wonderful meal at Chappies Bar and Grill in Halethorpe MD - SW Baltimore County. My large Cesar salad and side of steamed broccoli with garlic sauce did not last long. No sirree! Meanwhile, the sky continued to darken and a handful of drops fell but no rain until after we went to bed that night whereas Western MD had snow.

Oh well, I worked hard and my body ached on Sunday. The gentle rain we received all day made it easy to just relax.

[EDIT: See that damn plant can even kill cancer cells .... Mildly invasive ... HA!]


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