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A Poem for Labor Day

Saturday, September 04, 2010

My father always said God gave us work to keep us out of trouble. I think he was right.

All of us on Spark People work.
Some of us herd cows.
Some of us raise horses.
Some of us are librarians, some teachers.
Some of us are medical providers.
Some of us are website designers.
Some of us are tax collectors.
Some of us work taking care of small children, or elderly parents.
Some of us mow lawns or plant flowers.
Most of us clean house, do laundry and cook meals.

Itís all work, and something to celebrate. So letís all celebrate work this Labor Day, and hope it keeps us out of trouble.

The Expulsion

By Katha Pollitt

Adam was happy -- now he had someone to blame
for everything: shipwrecks, Troy,
the gray face in the mirror.

Eve was happy -- now he would always need her.
She walked on boldly, swaying her beautiful hips.

The serpent admired his emerald coat,
the Angel burst into flames
(he'd never approved of them, and he was right).

Even God was secretly pleased: Let
History begin!

The dog had no regrets, trotting by Adam's side
self-importantly, glad to be rid

of the lion, the toad, the basilisk, the white-footed mouse,
who were also happy and forgot their names immediately.

Only the Tree of Knowledge stood forlorn,
its small hard bitter crab apples

glinting high up, in a twilight of black leaves.
How pleasant it had been, how unexpected

to have been, however briefly,
the center of attention.

Katha Pollitt (born October 14, 1949) is an American feminist poet, essayist and critic.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

ASPENHUGGER 9/9/2010 11:30AM

    As always, we have the same taste in poetry. Thanks for sharing this one.

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ALEXTHEHUNN 9/9/2010 7:53AM

    What a charming, thought-provoking, inciteful poem that is. Thank you for posting that.


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CANDOK1260 9/6/2010 10:01PM

    great labor day poem hopy you had a great labor day

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COLEENCOLE 9/6/2010 4:38AM

    I raised my kids in such a way. I kept them so busy and they did stay out of trouble. Now I need to stay busy as the youngest is 17. My next project is to tackle the basement.

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JMCADE 9/5/2010 11:16PM

    Here's to the fruits of our labors! Thanks

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JCORYCMA 9/5/2010 8:56PM

    Let us all enjoy the fruits of our labor tomorrow - whatever they may be! emoticon

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LAVENDERLILY 9/5/2010 11:48AM

    emoticonThanks for sharing.

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INGMARIE 9/5/2010 9:11AM

    great , thanks for the poem.

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EGRAMMY 9/5/2010 4:21AM

    emoticon Appreciated the poems.

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PENNYAN45 9/4/2010 8:56PM

    Thanks for sharing the poems with us.

Have a great Labor Day weekend!!

emoticon emoticon

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MOM2ACAT 9/4/2010 7:23PM

    Wishing you a Happy Labor Day!

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If the locomotive of the Lord runs us down...

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Today I am sharing an amazing poem I discovered a couple of years ago. It was written by a twentieth century American poet, Jack Gilbert. I was first attracted to this poem by the scene at the end of standing in a boat in a dark harbor, listening to the sound of oars. Being on the water at night is so beautiful and peaceful.

The poet seems to be saying that in spite of all the sorrow and suffering in the world, there is also beauty and laughter, and we should enjoy them.

See what you think.

A Brief for the Defense
Jack Gilbert

Sorrow everywhere. Slaughter everywhere. If babies
are not starving someplace, they are starving
somewhere else. With flies in their nostrils.
But we enjoy our lives because thatís what God wants.
Otherwise the mornings before summer dawn would not
be made so fine. The Bengal tiger would not
be fashioned so miraculously well. The poor women
at the fountain are laughing together between
the suffering they have known and the awfulness
in their future, smiling and laughing while somebody
in the village is very sick. There is laughter
every day in the terrible streets of Calcutta,
and the women laugh in the cages of Bombay.
If we deny our happiness, resist our satisfaction,
we lessen the importance of their deprivation.
We must risk delight. We can do without pleasure,
but not delight. Not enjoyment. We must have
the stubbornness to accept our gladness in the ruthless
furnace of this world. To make injustice the only
measure of our attention is to praise the Devil.
If the locomotive of the Lord runs us down,
we should give thanks that the end had magnitude.
We must admit there will be music, despite everything.
We stand at the prow again of a small ship
anchored late at night in the tiny port
looking over to the sleeping island: the waterfront
is three shuttered cafťs and one naked light burning.
To hear the faint sound of oars in the silence as a rowboat
comes slowly out and then goes back is truly worth
all the years of sorrow that are to come.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

CITYZOZO 9/3/2010 4:40AM


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    What a wonderful poem! Love the imagery, and yes, the surprise of "We must risk delight" is just grand. Thanks for sharing!

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ALIBROM 8/23/2010 11:09PM

    Whoa, that is a beautiful and powerful poem. What a gifted writer Jack Gilbert is! Sometimes I am amazed at how wonderful, creative, and talented we humans can be. I, too, have always loved the sound and sights of the water at night. Thanks for sharing!!!

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A10TIVTRTL 8/22/2010 10:55AM

    I especially like the line, "We must risk delight."

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ASPENHUGGER 8/21/2010 11:24PM

    Oh wow.

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JCORYCMA 8/21/2010 11:01PM

    It's a beautiful poem! Pleasure can and should be found in all sorts of commonality -- a sunset for example. The laughter of a child. The purr of a cat on your feet. The poem reminds me not to take these pleasures for granted.

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RORYLYONS 8/21/2010 4:44AM

    It speaks to the spirit emoticonpoem...Makes one appreciate what we have in life. emoticon emoticon

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PENNYAN45 8/20/2010 9:59AM

    I really enjoyed reading this poem. We can often feel guilty about feeling happy in a world with so much suffering.

"We must admit there will be music, despite everything."


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ACROSONIC 8/19/2010 5:45PM


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PERSISTANT123 8/19/2010 12:32PM

    It seems that the message for me today is to have an attitude of gratitude. Once again, this has been confirmed for me today. Thanks!

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FRANCESCANAZ 8/19/2010 7:40AM

    Sometimes it is difficult to enjoy the many blessings we have when we think about the lives of others less fortunate. This poem reminds me that it is okay to be happy...Gracias

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LP2278 8/19/2010 6:14AM

    That is an interesting poem. Makes you think. Thanks for sharing.

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COLEENCOLE 8/19/2010 3:31AM

    I agree. The beauty is always there if we look for it and sometimes we may have to look harder.

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Sex, Drugs and Rock 'N Roll

Thursday, July 22, 2010

I joined a Spark Team recently called "Old Hippies Losin' It." I love the name, and having survived the 60's and 70's, I felt qualified.

I wore bell-bottomed pants and love beads.

Jane Fonda spoke at my University in protest of the Viet Nam War.

I attended a Janis Joplin concert.

So, in honor of my new team I am sharing the following poem by Denise Duhamel. She writes a lot of cool poetry.

Hippie Barbie

Barbie couldn't grasp the concept
of free love. After all, she was born
into the world of capitalism
where nothing is free. And all she had
to choose from was a blond or dark-haired Ken
who looked exactly like Midge's boyfriend Alan.
Ken wouldn't even get bell-bottoms
or his first psychedelic pantsuit
until it was way too late, sometime in the mid-seventies.
And then, whenever Barbie tried to kiss him
his peel-off lamb-chop sideburns loosened
and stuck to her cheeks. There were no black male dolls yet
so she guessed a mixed-race love-child
was out of the question. Barbie walked her poodle
past the groovy chicks who showed their bellybuttons
and demonstrated against the war. She couldn't
make a peace sign with her stuck-together fingers.
She felt a little like Sandra Dee at a Janis Joplin concert.

Denise Duhamel

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

ANNSPHOENIX1 7/31/2010 10:29PM

    Thanks for your most welcome comments on my blog :) I do love those farmers markets. emoticon

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CANDOK1260 7/28/2010 2:03PM

    love the poem and thanks for stoping by my page and giving support

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SUSANS111 7/27/2010 6:05PM

    Great blog! emoticon
Brings back some memories

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RORYLYONS 7/26/2010 1:15AM

    Those were the days indeed..I wore bell bottoms, short skirts & loved it. The music was groovy & the best..Poem is great... Thanks for the memory it was peace & love.. emoticon emoticon emoticon

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CMRAND54 7/25/2010 6:51PM

    The funny thing about the Janis Joplin concert is that I was there kind of by accident. My younger sister had tickets and my Mom wouldn't let her go by herself, so I went. I was wearing my nurse's aid uniform because I had to be at work at 11 pm. (I worked night shift at the hospital to pay college expenses.) Talk about Sandra Dee at a Janis Joplin concert! I enjoyed it, but had to pass on the alcohol and pot that seemed to be circulating, for obvious reasons.

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SHOSHANADP 7/24/2010 11:15PM

    For me, bell bottoms was an embarrassing item to have to wear. I actually hid in the car once (I was in the single digits age-wise) so that no one would see me wearing bell bottoms. Unfortunately, there is picture proof of all the plaid clothing I was forced to wear.

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JCORYCMA 7/24/2010 10:48PM

    Great poem, great blog! I was trying to explain to my great nieces that peace symbols have been around a long time as have bell bottems AND the new skinny jeans. They looked at me so weird like I was making it up. My memory contribution: Remember drinking Boones Farm? emoticon

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COLEENCOLE 7/24/2010 3:53PM

    Great poem. Barbie was never able to keep up.

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IILAAD65 7/24/2010 3:25PM

    OMG that's funny!

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TURQUOISELOTUS 7/24/2010 10:39AM

    I loved this blog... and I love that poem!!
Ohhhh, I was a little too young to really enjoy the 60s completely... but I had a pair of white go-go boots when I was 8, LOL! I was so so ready for the swinging London scene. I really should have been born in 1948.

So pleased you got to see Janis!! What a thrill!I did get to see lots of Grateful Dead shows in the 70s (and beyond....). And I did get to meet Timothy Leary.

What a cool team! Thanks for bringing so many smiles this morning!

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ANA_BLOGGER 7/23/2010 11:58PM

    Lol! I love this blog :)

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KALISWALKER 7/23/2010 11:25AM

    Thanks for the chuckle!

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GRAMMAELLEN 7/23/2010 7:40AM

    Thanks for the smile. And Yaa, I am jealous you got to see Janis. Would have been awesome. And while I am just a few years behind you, I did see many many amazing concerts and musicians. Funny, the amount of stamina I had back then. I might have to check out your new team. It sounds fun. Have a groovy weekend my friend. Remember "You can't always get what you want, but if you try, sometimes, your might just find, that you get what you need." Mick Jagger (Now that was a concert that I did get to see. :-) Peace on baby!

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JUNEAU2010 7/23/2010 12:15AM

    I was too young for the hippie scene at the time. What I understood about it was the colorful tie die shirts. I looked forward to being a hippie when I got to be a teen because of the colors and the attitude that my parents didn't like. But my life changed completely. I went to live with Dad, John Denver, KC & the Sunshine Band - everything changed!

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SHERWOODCYCLER 7/22/2010 10:24PM

    OK, I wish I'd gone to see Janis Jopin sing. She was my heroine (pardon the pun)...but I really liked her. Got to see John Denver at the University of Oregon.

He wasn't so much of a hippie I guess but he sang rocky mt high.........and funny, now my daughter lives in Boulder CO.


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Do You Mind?

Saturday, July 10, 2010

I had yoga class again on Tuesday. Yogi Clare couldn't be there, but we had a lovely Asian lady named JK to lead us. I am beginning to get just a glimmer of insight into what yoga may be about. Those of you who do yoga regularly can let me know if I'm on the right track.

Yoga is not just about twisting your body into weird shapes. It is more about being mindful of your body and movement, even the movement of your breath. We spent several minutes lying on the floor focusing on our breathing, not trying to breath in any particular way at first, but just being mindful of how we were breathing. We got up slowly. In fact, all our movements were slow and deliberate. It seemed like the movement from one pose to another was as important as the pose itself. The journey was as important as the destination. I found it all very appealing.

On Thursday I went to my weight lifting class and again the coach was talking about being mindful of our bodies and how we were moving. We are not just to toss weights around, we are to lift slowly and return slowly with a focus on form. We had fun, too, bouncing around on Stability Balls, being mindful of our balance.

It's odd that I heard the word "mindful" in both classes. Or maybe not so odd. Spark People teaches us to practice mindful eating. Now I am learning mindful movement.

My poem to share today is one I've loved since I was a child. It seems particularly appropriate for summer.

by Edna Casler Joll

Every child should know a hill,
And the clean joy of running down its long slope
With the wind in his hair.
He should know a tree --
The comfort of its cool lap of shade,
And the supple strength of its arms
Balancing him between earth and sky
So he is a creature of both.
He should know bits of singing water
The strange mysteries of its depths,
And the long sweet grasses that border it.
Every child should know some scrap
Of uninterrupted sky, to shout against;
And have one star, dependable and bright.
For wishing on.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:


    Oh, I got a serious chuckle from this poem! You share the best poetry! Thanks for the laugh! emoticon Peg

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JCORYCMA 7/19/2010 12:06AM

    I love this! It's a reminder to me that exercise doesn't always have to be that fast and furious pace to keep my heart beating at that maximum rate. My hip pain has forced me to slow down and the physical therapy has shown me how much I need more flexibility and stability. I bought a flexibility ball today and some leg bands. I'm going to look for a yoga class for beginners. The poem reminds me of being a child on the swing set in our back yard. I would swing so high and I can remember the joy I felt and imagined that I could see forever. Thanks so much for sharing with us.

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ALIZA77 7/13/2010 11:16PM

    Yoga, I wish i had the ability and the patience for it.

beautiful poem. I like that line "clean joy" and "uninterrupted sky to shout against' really lovely.

have a lovely day.


Comment edited on: 7/13/2010 11:17:25 PM

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ALIBROM 7/13/2010 10:39PM

    Loved that poem. I also like the reminder for being "mindful". I haven't been very mindful lately - -with anything! I've got to get back to that. I love how you correlated mindful moving with mindful eating. You are supposed to practice mindful breathing/moving in Pilates, too. That's one of the reasons why I like it. It calms me down. BTW - THANK YOU for the Spark Goodie you gave me - the Yoga/Pilates mat! I treasure my blue mat- it keeps the dog and cat hair on the rugs from getting all over me! emoticon emoticon

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PENNYAN45 7/13/2010 9:12PM

    I just tried yoga - and I can see the benefits. Thanks for this blog.


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SUSANS111 7/13/2010 4:39PM

    Lovely poem!
Thanks for sharing it.
Great blog thoughts. I'm making 'Mindful' my word of the day. I think I'll put the word up on the refrigerator.

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    Great blog! Yes, it sounds like you have really taken the heart of yoga in. It is all about the breath and slow movement to find and maintain the pose. Sounds like you have a wonderful teacher, too. One of my favourite teachers used to say that, in classical training, you "find the breath, then find the pose, then find the breath in the pose". When we get lost or distracted, we come back to the breath. The breathing will help you s-t-r-e-t-c-h a bit more as well.

Loved the poem too! So so delighted that you have such an appreciation of yoga and poetry!

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LP2278 7/11/2010 5:00PM

    I probably am not very mindful when I run or work out on the elliptical machine. I usually listen to praise music and pray while running, and I read while on the machine. Maybe I should be a little more mindful.

Thanks for sharing the poem.

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STLRZGRRL 7/11/2010 4:10PM

    Another WONDERFUL poem...

and as for minding... the only time I have ever gotten into trouble in this world was when I wasn't paying attention.

I do so try to remember that.

Thanks for RE-minding me, Doll!

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FRANCESCANAZ 7/11/2010 2:18PM

    Very, very nice! emoticon

Report Inappropriate Comment
ASPENHUGGER 7/11/2010 12:19PM

    I've never read her before, but that poem brought tears to my eyes. It's so exactly my philosophy of life, and so exactly what I'm trying to do for my grandson. That trip to Yosemite accomplished a lot of it!

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GRAMMAELLEN 7/11/2010 10:30AM

    Fantastic blog! Very powerful. And a beautiful poem too! I still say I really want to meet your yoga teachers. They remind me of my teacher (who was about 65 then) from 20 years ago. I love the mindful attitude. It really helps you appreciate living in the moment. Something else I need to work on. I believe I would live alot longer, if I could always live "in the moment." Though by definition, I wouldn't care! emoticon

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COLEENCOLE 7/11/2010 10:12AM

    Nice poem. I think I would also add rolling down a hill which was one of my kids best memories.

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TYEASLEY 7/10/2010 9:18PM

    Great blog. I've never taken Yoga. A friend at work has been hinting that she was to get back into it. She's one of my Zumba buddies. Something else on my horizon . . . add it to my "TO DO" list. My mind wanders too. I've heard that people fart in Yoga class, is this true?? LOL!! emoticon The farting has something to do with the way the air/gases move your body as you stretch and position your body.

Comment edited on: 7/11/2010 8:45:06 PM

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KALISWALKER 7/10/2010 8:21PM

    I loved your blog. I still feel like a child when I run down a hill!

Yoga helps me push past my known limits because I am focused on my breathing.

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NADJAZZ 7/10/2010 6:22PM

    Ah, yes, I remember when I was taking yoga, my mind had a tendency to wander. One of the best pieces advice I ever received was to NOT fight it. Rather, gently bring your mind back to focusing on your breathing.

Beautiful poem, and yes, so appropriate for summer!

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ALLIEINSHAPE 7/10/2010 6:18PM

    Mindful exercise is right especially remembering to follow your breath. If you let the tension go too you wil be more flexible. Same for mindful eating. If I gobble down my food as I used to do, I really did not taste it, just think "?oh, it's gone already?"

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    Oh, I loved that poem so much, thank you for sharing this.

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ACROSONIC 7/10/2010 5:31PM

    You are so right. Yoga is about being mindful of you body. Control breathing, don't push into poses, let your body tell you what it can do. I like that when you are in a pose, you inhale and on the next exhale your body often eases a little more into the pose. With my arthritis, I can't flow easily from pose to pose, but I just quietly move into them the best I can. You don't have to be flexible to do yoga. It helps you become more flexible.

Love your poem.

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EGRAMMY 7/10/2010 5:16PM

    Appreciate the blog so much and loved the poem.

Report Inappropriate Comment
DAISYGRL2 7/10/2010 4:55PM

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and the poem- I'm going to print the poem and share it with my kid. Happy Saturday.

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PERSISTANT123 7/10/2010 4:39PM

    The word for today ... MINDFUL. As I was doing my lower body strength training, I was aware of how I was moving and not just bouncing along (as I used to do). MINDFUL ... that's what I need to begin to do again with my eating as well. Thanks for your blog!

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REDCASTLE9 7/10/2010 4:32PM

    Thanks for sharing, CMRAND54. I do yoga too, badly, but it does help trying to be mindful and I see myself improving each time.

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Yoga Class

Thursday, July 01, 2010

I went to my first yoga class this week, and thought I would share it with you all.

Our instructor is Yogi Clare, who looks like a little round Buddha. She has a round knot of gray hair on top of her head, round cheeks, and a round belly. I was chastised early on for talking too loudly to my neighbor. Apparently one is supposed to whisper during yoga, or better yet be calmly silent. Asking me to be silent is like asking me to touch my toes, but with practice I hope to be able to do both. If Yogi Clare can sit on the floor with her legs out straight and lean forward to grab her own feet, there is no reason why I can't get there, too.

We did some very simple stretching and poses. I am so not limber, and my balance isn't so great, either. Moving slowly and stretching gently is just what I need. Yogi Clare is quite encouraging and takes into account your current physical abilities. The class is called "gentle yoga" and is designed for those who may have physical limitations. One class member has MS, one has artificial knees, one has arthritis, and one is almost blind. I felt right at home.

I've been trying to do some of the moves at home. I know this is going to take practice. Once a week in class won't be enough for me to gain the strength and stability I want.

If you're considering yoga, but are afraid you're too old, too stiff or too type A, I say give it a try. You are not competing against anyone but yourself in yoga and you can move at your own pace.

Just remember to whisper.

Here is a little poem by Dorothy Parker that I love:


The ladies men admire, I've heard,
Would shudder at a wicked word.
Their candle gives a single light;
They'd rather stay at home at night.
They do not keep awake till three,
Nor read erotic poetry.
They never sanction the impure,
Nor recognize an overture.
They shrink from powders and from paints...

So far, I've had no complaints.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:


    Another great blog! Love Dorothy Parker... I don't think she was capable of writing an imperfect poem.

Oh yes, forgot to tell you about the silence. That may be the part that drew me in the most. The silence is contagious and really does work to quiet your own mind.Every instructor is a bit different, but yours sounds like she really grasps the classical heart of yoga practice. So glad to see that you are enjoying it!

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MBREWTON35 7/6/2010 11:33PM

    LMBO! Oh yes, there is no talking in yoga. To the Yogi it is not fitness to alter your body, it is a spiritual practice to alter your mind. They believe that the deep concentration it requires to hold your body in those hard positions quiets the mind and reconnects the mind with your body. "NO THOUGHT" is how you find a porthole to the spiritual side for them. It's a form of meditation for them. Most true Yogi's are often offended that Americans practice it to be thinner or more fit which goes agaist everything they stand for, or so I saw on YouTube. lol!

I farted really loud during child birth class when it was really quiet and then I got the giggles about it. The instructor nagged me! I was eight months pregnant, I didn't even know it was coming! I have been avoiding yoga for the same reason!

Comment edited on: 7/6/2010 11:36:21 PM

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GRAMMAELLEN 7/5/2010 9:03PM

    I loved this blog! I wish I had your Yoga instructor! I tried a class at work and it was awful. Everyone was young, and competitive and my instructor made no modifications for those of us (really just me) who have bad knees on whatever. It made me sad because I used to love yoga. I went to one class and never went back. I would like to try again, but with an older or more compassionate instructor. Mine was about 26 years old, 5'10" about 100 pounds soaking wet and really kinda mean! I don't think she liked old people, or fat people. Or sweaty people. It was such a negative experience for me. I took a weight lifting class a few months after that, and had a young instructor who was awesome, and made all the modifications people needed. She was also fit and thin, but she was kind and compassionate, and very helpful. I learned alot and enjoyed it greatly. What a difference a good teacher makes!

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LP2278 7/5/2010 3:53PM

    Thanks for sharing your experience. I've never tried a yoga class. I have done some moves at home, following an article from a magazine, and they were relaxing and stretching. I find it strange that the instructor is rotund. I guess yoga is not a cardio exercise.

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ALIBROM 7/5/2010 12:25AM

    "Asking me to be silent is like asking me to touch my toes." LOL I'm glad you found a class you like and feel comfortable in! I'm more into pilates myself, but yoga and pilates do many of the same things for your body. Enjoy!

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ASPENHUGGER 7/4/2010 2:37PM

    As always, I love the poetry you share here.

And I need to find one of those Yoga For The Rest of Us classes, since I'm not any too flexible either. And that reminds me that I have a Groupon to the local Yoga & Meditation Center. Guess I better put getting started there on next week's to do list, huh!

Happy emoticon emoticon

Comment edited on: 7/4/2010 2:38:33 PM

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JCORYCMA 7/2/2010 9:44PM

    I need to find the gentler yoga. I went to a "drop in" yoga session that a small gym offered and and half an hour of trying to turn me into a pretzel, the gung ho instructor finally let us hobble home. I need balance and flexability. I also need to learn to be silent sometimes too...

Thanks for the Dorothy Parker poem. She's a favorite of mine.

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SHOSHANADP 7/2/2010 6:04PM

    Have fun during the class. I keep thinking that I should try yoga. I still haven't yet.

Report Inappropriate Comment
ALLIEINSHAPE 7/2/2010 5:17PM

    Sounds like a wonderful yoga class. You will start to see the benefits of stretching and breathing. I think it is good that when you are concentrating on something, work in silence and not talk or have music or the TV on. Even when I am not talking there is inner chatter going on inside my head and I have to tell myself to shut up and just calm my mind. That's part of yoga too and so relaxing.

Report Inappropriate Comment

    Oh, this made me laugh! What a great can-do attitude you have. A man who had practiced karate for many years said that one of his goals is too always have a "zen" attitude; you build on your successes while disregarding errors or problems so they don't detract from your learning experience. I think you have achieved zen!

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BLAMEDOROTHY 7/2/2010 11:03AM

    We have someone at work who occasionally leads half hour stretching sessions on Friday afternoon and it's so great to streeeetch.

Report Inappropriate Comment
FRANCESCANAZ 7/2/2010 8:56AM

    Oh i do love YOGA and now my husband is finding out it's benefits! How wonderful for you. Keep it up and you will see great improvement with consistency. I have a great VHS tape called Yoga for the young at heart. It is a 45 minute routine with a nice relaxation at the end. If you can get it on Amazon I would give it 5 stars! It is gentle yet very effective for you to keep up at home a couple of times each week. ENJOY! emoticon

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MORGANLAFEE 7/1/2010 10:07PM

    Thanks for sharing your yoga experience. I've thought about trying yoga but so far haven't. I'm not sure I would have trouble not talking unless I was with someone I know. I'm pretty shy around strangers.

Report Inappropriate Comment
PERSISTANT123 7/1/2010 9:29PM

    I don't know ... the whispering part would really be difficult for me. I put that on my list of things I might try someday!

Report Inappropriate Comment
TYEASLEY 7/1/2010 9:22PM

    emoticon Thanks for sharing your experience. I'll remember to whisper.

Report Inappropriate Comment
ALEXTHEHUNN 7/1/2010 9:17PM

    I enjoyed the report on the yoga class. I've considered it and yet have not taken action. Your narrative helps me think it might be possible.

I adore Dorothy Parker. Brilliant

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