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15 to go...

Monday, October 28, 2013

Took some time off and refocused once I hit my 250 goal. It was satisfying. Several months of only a few days of working out and just maintaining my diet without Sparkpeople. First time I have done that in years and could safely. Really did make a life change.

Lately though been feeling a bit stressed and unhappy with my current state. This isn't just due to my 6 lb increase weight recently. Its a combination of stress both normal and abnormal, loneliness, and lack of sleep. Just got off my center. Which means it is time to refocus from my refocus. So I am back!

Decided in about 6 months I can slowly get down at least 15 lbs. Right now I am about 256 and would like to see if I can hit 240 or less. This is highly ambitious since 249 was the lightest I had been since high school but then I was playing sports and more muscle. It should be an interesting.

Either I will a) hit the weight and be leaner and look slightly more muscular but not as "big". I am a big dude by nature and the size of most NFL linebackers. Or b) will happen and I won't lose the weight but my body will become more cut. This is the muscle I see when lifting weights but don't see in my everyday life. If I stay the same or gain weight without muscle tone, I will consult a professional beyond sparkpeople for my body type and eating habits.

So at least 15 to go! LETS DO THIS!

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GOODGETNBETR 10/31/2013 5:30AM

    There's some amazing research being done in areas of fasting (5:2, intermittent, etc) and it looks very promising so far. If you commit I have no doubt you'll drop those 15 pounds and more in the next 6 months. emoticon refocusing and maintaining center.

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FAIRYPARADISE 10/28/2013 5:45PM


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Monday, June 10, 2013

The drums of boredom play, "Ru-ta-tata-tata-ta-ut!" The drums of the same play,"Ru-ta-tata-tata-ta-ut!" The drums of just maintain plays, "Ru-ta-tata-tata-ta-ut!" And we dance, we dance, all the same.

Ever have things going well but still be in a rut? The times in your life where things aren't bad but aren't great just maintained? Well, welcome to my rut.

Food, maintained and still the same. Weight, maintained and still the same. Working out, maintained (built in variability so I would stick with it) and still the same. Work, maintained and still the same. City I live get the point. My life is "maintained and still the same".

First, this isn't bad. Part of that was getting my eating and health under control and it is. Took almost two weeks off of strenuous working out and didn't gain a pound and maintained body firmness. But other aspects, while not bad, I have been trying to change in my life for a while and no change. Work, City, and Love life are top on my list now that diet and healthy are well maintained. They aren't bad they just are great either.

One of my general beliefs is "Keep Moving Forward!" This is a personal mantra. Yet nothing seems to be happening no matter how hard I try or go with the flow. Sort feel like the Raptors in Jurassic Park testing the fence for weaknesses. Keep trying to find the next big goal, great adventure, or change but just getting shocked and knocked back only to try again.

So what do you do to get out of ruts? New goals? New perspective? Bribe someone to kidnap you and dump you in the middle of a place like Survivor? Would love to know.

Until then, I will play my drum, "Ru-ta-tata-tata-ta-ut" until I don't need one.

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WALLINMW 6/10/2013 11:55AM

  Eat protein with every meal to curb hunger!

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Jump for the stars...well at least the rim...

Sunday, April 07, 2013

My old goal weight was 255lbs and now it, it is beaten and behind me. My weight now fluctuates between 249 to 252 lbs depending on water retention and sleep. 249 has been consistent now for a few weeks with a few spikes so I claim 249. So waiting another month got me down about 6 more lbs. Woot, WOOT!

Now weight isn't the goal anymore. Clothes size will be a little bit of a gauge of current healthy but no long the goal either. No I am going to aim higher and simpler. I am going to aim high and dunking cleanly again!

Being in my early 30s with several big injuries in my past, this will be no easy task. I can grab the rim but can't consistently get high enough for a clean dunk.Currently, I can rim rattle a dunk. Meaning I get up, grab the rim and the ball bounces off it and in. But two hands over the rim with no issues? A clean throw down both in practice and a pickup game. It will take a lot of work but doable.

The next will be working on interval intensity. While swimming last week, I realized things were getting "easy". Even though I was pushing myself, breathing heavily, and had an increased heart wasn't right. It was time to switch things up. So I started to sprint swim. 50 yards all out with 15 to 30 second rest. Really felt it. And over time I will need to shrink that rest time down. This needs to be taken to all my exercise. It will increase my overall fitness and help with goal one.

Beyond that, will just eat with my new habits and keep up the good work. Doing something so simple is a new situation to be in. No goal weight or pants size. And I have to say, like Tony, Toni, Tone sang, emoticon"it feels good!" emoticon emoticon emoticon


Once upon a time, I hit my goal weight...

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Once upon a time, I hit my goal weight of 255 lbs. It is a weight I did not think I could get but have. Down to playing weight for basketball. Its a fairly lean 255 lbs, if there is such a thing, and the lightest I have weighed since middle school. Yup, you read that right, middle school. what?

For those out there working towards your goal, keep up the work! You will get there.

For those who hit the goals, after the excitement, confetti and celebration, the parade on the street, and the key to the city...what next? Do you go to Disney World? Do you just move the goal posts and go on to the next goal? Or is maintain to happily ever after?

It is a weird, positive feeling to have. Actually spent two weeks waiting for the scale to go up but it didn't. Health also really has no end. Currently I have no plans to change anything. My life change was just that, a life change. I enjoy my food and my exercise. Happy with my body, a 48 in chest and about a 38 inch waist, which fits on my 6'4" frame well. I am going to continue on my current muscle maintenance and weight loss combo, mainly out curiosity, to see if I shrink more in the next month or so. After that, no clue.

So to those out there who have hit fairy tale goal, what did you do for your "happily ever after"?

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LOOKINGUP2012 3/15/2013 3:05PM

    I'm not there yet but I sure have seen some incredible stories. emoticon

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GOODGETNBETR 3/14/2013 9:44PM

Focus on staying active and eating better and that should at least help you maintain. In time, hopefully you'll figure out what's next.

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CMN_LOST 3/14/2013 9:56AM

    Thanks for that @CALGALFOX. It is cool you have not only gotten your heart rate so low but had clear endurance goal. Especially over 50.

Don't know what my next goal is yet. Other then dunking again and seeing what happens after an extra month of this diet and workout habits, I don't know.

Your change of focus from weight and body change to exercise/sports is interesting. Hadn't thought of looking at it from that angle. Was this a goal you just came up with or was it triggered by an event?

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CALGALFOX 3/14/2013 9:42AM

    Much of the same, but new goals. My first goal after hitting my goal weight was to drop my heart rate (bpm) to below 60. I'm an endurance junkie, so I upped my mileage across the board. After 4 months of swimming a mile and a half mixed with running ten miles or so and biking centuries on the weekend I dropped to 58 bpm. For an over 50 woman, I was pretty darn proud of that accomplishment. It also had the simple affect of keeping any extra pounds off because of the levels I was reaching. After that goal I just hung out and lived life. So it was a shock when I took my blood pressure with a cuff that calls out the numbers and it said my heart was beating at 47 beats per minute...wait, what?

I'm six years after reaching my goal weight and it isn't always easy to maintain it, but I've done it. Then I broke my foot on a beach run last year and was off my foot for eight months, then another four of slow recovery. I gained some extra weight during that period, but it's coming back off and this time it's easier because I prefer the thin body.

So what's your next goal? Congratulations on attaining your goal and have fun with the journey!

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Food Proofing your house...

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

The other day, I had a bad day. You know the type where life just likes to remind you why the other days were good? And at the end of this bad day, I was ready to emotionally eat. But then I realized, I food proofed my home and life.

We all know the term "Baby Proofing" your house. This is the theory that we can use various contraptions and ideas to help protect a baby from dangers and natural curiosity. Sometimes these items are also good at keeping the adults out too. We do this to protect someone we love but do we ever do it to ourselves right?

Emotional eating has always been a downfall. Some of you might know the desire of binge eating and habits in this mode. Stuff we don't count because you ate it in the car on the way home...or it was only one visit to the all you can eat buffet (just picked up 4 plates while I was up there)....or we didn't track it so it didn't count...or we were with friends...or...or...or. All in the name of (pick our emotion at the time)! I was no different but success hinged on finding a solution.

During the worst moments of my life I not only ate the worst but was in the worst shape. This is particularly hard being an ex-athlete. One of the most memorable was when a teammate, who was playing professional ball in Japan, saw me at a gym I was considering joining. He didn't recognize me. I was that out of shape at the time and that emotionally drained from my personal life. And it was a snake eating its tail because the worst shape I got in, the more crap I ate.

To properly make my life change, was to get emotional eating under control. While the root problems can be resolved with time and effort, emotional eating doesn't require the life changing events I was going through. For you it might be simply a high heating bill, work stress, or feeling really happy to see someone over dinner. Not all negative emotions are linked to emotional eating. And when those feelings arise, I would need fail safes to handle them.

The first was to make sure I exercise. Simple. Second was to preemptively address known stressors. Simple and complicated ones and finding solutions that can be consistently done like finding a organization patterns that work with my A.D.D. or making sure I get to places on time. Finally, save up cheat days so when I do break, it might be just a cheat day and elevate the stress of it that could cause a cycle. But what happens when it all fails? I found out the other day.

All my fail safes were out of my control. Cheat days gone. Not any of the normal stressors. And my body needed a day off from exercise which was scheduled. This would normal send me on a food binge of picking my poison. Usually consisting of a "hidden" stash, which can't really be hidden since I live alone, of some good to binge on. Frozen Peanut M&Ms in the freezer have been a popular one in the past so I went looking.

Nothing. Nothing unhealthy or in my normal hiding places. (It's weird to hid food from yourself no?) I had food proofed my house. If I was going to over eat, it was healthy carbs, healthy fats, and healthy proteins. This made me actually feel good. Still ate to much but I had actually cared enough about myself to food proof my home like a new parent baby proofs their house.

That is a level of success I didn't know if I could reach.

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ARMONIA 3/13/2013 3:08PM

    You are a great writer! I'm glad I stumbled onto this blog!

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GOODGETNBETR 2/13/2013 11:10PM

    emoticon on knowing thyself.

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    emoticon Best wishes!

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