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Thursday, 23 September 2010

Thursday, September 23, 2010

I thought I'd jot down some thoughts this evening - but I haven't really thought about what I want to write, so maybe go with word association.

Thoughts - using the brain - hahahaha!
Read a few articles and stuff this evening, both here and at Care2, about stimulation for the brain, and herbs etc to help the brain - and, of course, the ever-present "what to avoid".
The latter basically boils down to animal products!
But I was brought up by a father who preached "moderation in all things", well, depending what they are :D
So, being my father's daughter, I'll go with moderation.

For example, I have read in several places in the past that dairy is not so good for sinuses etc.
I love cheese, I enjoy milk, I like to have butter or something spread on my bread or toast, and I need yogurt in my fruit smoothies. Which sounds pretty bad for me, as I really suffer with my sinuses.
However, thinking about it rationally - I take milk in my cereal, but it's only about the 150ml or whatever that's advised. I don't take milk in tea or coffee - except on the very odd occasion I have ordinary tea, and even then I take only a splash of milk in a cup. Maybe 2 or 3 times a year, I'll have a cup of hot chocolate - made with milk. And then there's the 2 or 3 times a month I make a cheese sauce or a savoury white sauce as part of our dinner.
OK - I don't reckon I'm overdoing the milk.
Cheese - yes I take more cheese than I do milk. But it's not daily, or even every other day, any more. I don't use it in cooking, very often. Exceptions are obviously cheese sauce (I do make it well cheesy), and also very occasionally grated over a pasta dish (though I didn't do that tonight). And I try to use different kinds of cheese, so it's not always Cheddar/Red Leicester or Brie, but sometimes Philly (or store's own) or Cottage Cheese - very occasionally other yummies like Boursin or Smoked or Applewood.
OK - so now I've got my mouth watering - I don't reckon I'm particularly overdoing the cheese.
Now butter - I do love Lurpak! But we don't use it. We have an olive oil spread that DH reckoned would be best when he was diagnosed Type 2 diabetes. On the very odd occasion, I'll buy a small block of butter - then it stays in the fridge for months and months, and gets used once for the cake I needed it for (so there's once a year!) and then very occasionally gets added to fried mushrooms. Yes, one small pack of butter literally lasts for many months. The spread we use - I do like "butter" on my bread or my savoury biscuit. But I don't slather it on. Nor do I scrape it on as I used to as a child and teenager, but the only food I like a good spreading of butter on is hot toast - and I rarely have toast. OH, and by the way, I never put "butter" on my potatoes or veg.
OK - so I reckon I'm probably not too bad on butter/spread.

Yogurt - I don't buy flavoured yogurts (maybe once or twice a year at most, if something good is on a special offer). Hubby gets one particular kind of yogurt from Lidl. I maybe have a tub a year of that. Greek plain yogurt for my fruit smoothies, that's my yogurt habit! So 3 or 4 dessertspoons per Smoothie - and I do take the whole thing for one breakfast or lunch. 1 smoothie gives me some of my dairy and probably 4 lots of fruit. I have this maybe a couple of times a week, maybe up to thrice in summer, and down to once or less in winter.
OK - I don't think I'm going overboard on yogurt.

The only other thing that's counted as dairy would be eggs - but that doesn't come up on any of the articles and stuff I've read, so I'll keep that as a protein, still.

And now - I'll leave other food stuffs for another day. It's nearly bed time, and this is making me hungry.


Motivation From Other Blogs

Saturday, September 18, 2010

I've been reading through a few Blogs, this evening.
I've thanked the individuals for posting,, but some of the comments really set me thinking:
- about the food I eat: where I get it, where it comes from, how I cook it, did it start fresh/frozen/canned, etc;
- about why I cook the foods I do;
- about getting exercise - how, where, when what and why;
- about living my life, getting on with my life, coping with my husband and his circulation problems and his Type 2 Diabetes, and his refusal to look at his foods re his health;
- about my own mental and physical attitudes to some of these things.

I'm sure there's more - there was much more in my mind before i started this blog!
But even those things are more than enough for now.
So, my short term goals have had to change.
Yes, I still need to get started back to exercise - formal exercise daily, even if it is "just" a SP 10-minute video .
But I'm getting some of that, and fresh air, because of having to hang the washing out - yes, it is a conscious decision on my part not to make any decision about the broken-down tumble dryer just yet.
I'm getting more say about DH's food because he's off work just now and can't do the shopping on his way home. So I have much more say in the shopping, and therefore the meals.
I just need to get a wee bit more decluttering done, then he can access the walking machine in the dining room. He keeps saying that this is the exercise he'd be happy to do - but every time I get the machine clear for him, he uses it once, maybe twice and then doesn't go back to it.
This time, I can have right on my side - he either has to go out for a walk with me or use the machine. The docs have said he has to be off work and stay off his legs - but that is only part of the time, and he must also be sure of getting walking or other leg exercise as well.

I reckon that's my day for tomorrow mapped out.
I think I can probably have the "machine" free for use with just a couple of 15-minute sessions - now that I've decided I am motivated in that respect.
Just need to manage to remember this till tomorrow....

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AKELAZ 9/19/2010 5:02AM

    This sort of review of our lives is so-o good for us and it's certainly true that Sparkfriends and acquaintances can be inspiring. Of course the follow through is the most important emoticon and I know what you mean - my good intentions are by no means always carried out. I hope you get the walking machine cleared today - if your DH gets started on that he may progress to walking outside with you.

Oh - and those ten minute videos are a godsend - I started with one and progressed to two a day without any difficulty and although I couldn't say I'm good at exercising I've certainly got a lot better since joining Spark. I don't know if you have the SP generated exercises turned on on your fitness page but that's a good starting point too.

Good fortune with it all - keep me posted! emoticon

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NIGHTOCUPS 9/18/2010 6:10PM

    Good luck on everything that you're doing!

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I need exercise

Friday, September 10, 2010

Yes - I did really think that. More than several times, just in the past couple of days.

So I walked last Monday, then I walked again on Wednesday.
I could have walked with DH yesterday - just round to the post office, but that would still have been a walk - except I'd just hung out yesterday's washing when he then decided to head out. And it was threatening to rain.
I could have then gone for a walk with him today, again he had to go to the post office. But I was just home from shopping, and standing in the shop car park catching up with a couple of folk I haven't seen in nearly a year, and had just poured myself a cup of green tea and sat down.

Next time he walks somewhere, I'll have to try to go with him, or else he'll stop asking, and I do not want that to happen - especially if he's in with a chance of early retirement for finishing next summer.
I'd really like for us to start going for a walk together as a "together" activity for retirement - so that's something I should work on now while I have him off work.
Though, d'you know what - I think I may be walking faster at the moment than he is - and that hasn't happened for a long time.
Just this past week, I've been so happy that when timing my walk and counting my steps - I've been much faster than I thought I could do. Walking with a goal, there and back, I've been under 20 min/mile. Makes me very happy.
In my late teens/early twenties, I could walk a mile in about 7 minutes (did so every morning to get to lectures at Uni on time).
I am not aiming for that again - that was power walking trying to prove a point!
But a mile in under 20 minutes - and still able to speak okay - that's fine for late 50's for me, at my current stage of getting back into the swing.

So - I need to be able to go for a walk with DH - maybe even just to say to him let's go for a walk.
Especially just now with his leg problems. He has to rest his leg, ie not be standing at work all day. But he is not allowed to just rest all day - he's to get up and walk!

So let's see what the next few days brings .

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AKELAZ 9/14/2010 5:04PM

    Only just caught this - been away.
Sounds as if you're doing well - wish I could do a mile in 20 min! Working at it - but only half heartedly. emoticon

Great forward planning for retirement too - comes as such a shock to couples so often - but you'll be OK. emoticon

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Husband Officially Off Work

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Yes, the doctor yesterday agreed with the hospital. However, rather than signing DH off for the full 3 months, he's gone for 2 months to start with.
DH's boss had said, when he phoned in on Tuesday after being to the hospital, that no doctor would sign him off even for a month. He'd possibly get 2 weeks - then may well find he was well enough to be back at work.
Whereas, he could easily have had the 3 months, for starters! However, we both reckon that 2 months to start off is sensible. If things happens spectacularly well, maybe that might be just about enough (I'd so love that, for him). If things go as is more likely, extra time can easily be added.

So having got my hectic time finished, having got the extra body (younger son) out of my house - I am again having to cope with an extra body, having DH at home during the day.
I reckon I should make use of this to ensure that I get up and get going, daily. And that I get on with the decluttering in the dining room, daily.

Today was good, though, in that I got a couple of washings hung out and dried.
And I got a load of work done in the kitchen, after leaving it to the very bare minimum for too long.
So I was happy with that. And it has given me somewhere to work FROM as opposed to trying to work TO.
Maybe it would be different if I was one of those folk who like doing housework and cleaning. But I don't.
But I am feeling happy this evening having done what I got through today.

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CMFARRELL36 9/9/2010 6:49PM

    Hey there,

I don't know if you will find hubby's problem - I can't remember if I've mentioned it in the past few days or just that he's off again!
He has very poor circulation, and in addition has Type 2 diabetes.
A number of years ago, he was off for about 5months with an ulcer on his shin which refused to heal. Eventually he was put into a heavy duty compression bandage, and healed up within a few weeks.
Since then, he has an "open invitation" to the leg clinic - if he damages his shin, however slightly, he's supposed to go straight there, "do not pass GO, do not collect 200" whatever. And he has done so in the past.

Since then, he has had various Doppler (?) scans of the blood flow in his legs, and has been told he must on no account wear compression bandaging!

Couple of weeks back, he bumped into his computer bag which he'd left in the hall here as he was getting ready to go to work.
As an aside - he's a **** nuisance the way he leaves that bag lying around, with its shoulder strap waiting to catch anyone walking past. But that's a different problem.
Anyway - this small bump removed some skin from his shin. He thought it was just 2 areas each about the size of a 50p. However, it was in fact 4 separate sites.
Whatever - he had dressings at home, so came straight back upstairs and dressed it.

Wednesday, a week past, he had a doctor's appointment for his blood pressure. He didn't get to see the doctor who is treating him and his diabetes, but was most impressed with the other doctor. He wanted to sign DH off work immediately, because the movement and flexing with DH being on his feet all day would definitely hinder healing.
But he agreed to wait till this week, as DH was heading for the hospital clinic on Tuesday afternoon, to see about this new damage.m And doc said he'd be guided by the hospital who knew the problems, and also DH, better than he did.
Hospital put him straight into heavy duty compression bandaging (the only thing that works for him) and told him maybe about 3 months off.

Yesterday (Wednesday) DH was back at the doc and could have been signed off for 3 months straight off. But they both decided to go for 2 months initially.
School isn't happy. Head Teacher had been warned by DH a week past that it wasn't IF he got signed off, but for HOW LONG. But she refused, this week, to believe that any GP would sign anyone off for even a month. She reckoned he'd be given a fortnight, and would then probably find out he was fine to get back to work.
Right enough, she does seem to be arrogant and is a crap manager.

So that's me not got my house back to myself during the day, despite both sons being back to their own flats and their own lives, and not needing any more transport help for just now.

OK - that's my big moan for today - thank you for the opportunity LOL

Take care, and I'll "see" you again soon.

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AKELAZ 9/9/2010 5:56PM

    Sorry to hear about your husband - 'fraid I've missed the story but will go thro yourblogs where I guess I'll find as to what the problem actually is. Ashamed - always - to moan when other folk are so-o much worse off than me. Hope you and your husband survive the sick leave - know it can be a trying time but please know that if you need an ear - I am here for you. emoticon

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The end of "hectic"?

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Today was just about the end of my really hectic, and fairly stressful, interlude - I hope.

I had a pretty good sleep last night, then lay on in bed getting other parts of my legs onto the magnet pads for a wee while.
Then up and getting ready for taking younger son back to Stirling.

He was up and breakfasted early enough to do all his packing this morning - a decision he made last night while awarding himself an early night :)
I was aware of him up and doing, but dozed on a bit.

Anyways- we got on the road somewhere between midday and 1.00pm.
He got the car packed during a dry spell. And he also got the car unpacked at the other end during another dry spell. So that was a bonus.

It was sad to see him go back into his flat - same as yesterday saying cheerio to my older son. But they have their own lives to get on with. And I do believe that giving them their space means they are more likely to want to keep in touch.

Home again - I dropped in at home in case DH was home from the hospital. He was just in, in front of me.
He hadn't stopped off to get milk, so I headed back out and got loads of fruit and veg, milk, some meat on special, and home.

Hospital is suggesting that hubby should be off work for about 3 months, probably, to let the skin on his shin heal properly.
He has the doctor tomorrow afternoon - so he'll have to let his boss know during the day that he's likely to be off for that length of time. The doctor said last week that he'd be guided by the hospital's recommendations this week.

Oh well - I'm having lunch with a friend tomorrow.
Then I'll really have to sort my head out for having DH home full time for a while.
Yes - I know he's applying for early retirement. And I know we're going to an exhibition about retirement.
But my head isn;t round it just yet - it's supposed to happen next summer :)
But then - better a hubby with both legs complete.....


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