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Weekend Victory

Monday, October 03, 2011

Today was the first Monday in probably a YEAR that I have stepped onto the scale and lost weight. Yep...I not only maintained this weekend; I conquered. That's even after eating out at O'Charley's on Saturday and surving the weekly Sunday dinner at the MIL's. The key to my success?? I got up early on Saturday morning and ran and Sunday, even though I was so tired and wanted to take an afternoon nap, I put on my running shoes and ran outside. It was a beautiful day! I took my 7 year old son with me and we cranked out 2 miles. Not bad and got some quality time in with the little one who would have otherwise been going stir crazy. He had a hard time keeping up...but with me constantly encouraging him, it helped me to stay motivated and gave him some goals to work on.

We closed our pool (and no tears from me). I had to finally come to the realization that summer was over. I hate that! I love love love summer. I should have been a teacher so that I could have my summers off...I would certainly relish every minute of it.

Anyway, yay for me! Yay for this weekend (even though Purdue got embarassed by Notre Dame). emoticon


5 running shirts

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

This is why I should not pack my workout bag until I've had a cup of coffee. I was determined to run at work yesterday. 4:00 hit and my little alarm goes off on my Outlook..."time to run." So, I shut my office door and proceed to change into my workout clothes before hopping down to the treadmill. I pulled out two pairs of socks, my running shoes, a sports bra and 5 running shirts. Ummm, yeah, don't think that running without my pants would be HR appropriate.

Uggh. That was the only time I had allotted for working out. The lesson in this is that I need to double check my bag before leaving home. I thought that I could still maybe walk outside with my shoes but it was raining. My schedule after work was jam packed with to-do's so that was not an option.

The good news in all of this is that I DID run on Sunday, Monday and brought clothes for today. So, that's still THREE days this week which is a crazy huge improvement. Coming from someone who ran every day this time last year (yeah, I checked my fitness log), I feel like I'm getting the control back. Monday night, I made myself run...and for not running for quite awhile, I was able to knock out 3 miles. It wasn't pretty and I was super slow but husband was impressed. I have the determination once I get on the dang thing! It's the getting on that I procrastinate.

I was still hoping the scale would move a little more quickly this week. It's stuck. I hate that. Plus I'm hungry...ok, I don't know if I'm hungry as much as I might be having withdrawals. I'm doing the watch the clock thing so that I can snack at the appropriate time. At least I'm planning those snacks and not just raiding whatever is available. Planning, planning, planning...I tell ya! Might be a pain but at least it is keeping me from gorging and preventing the guilt trip afterwards. HAHA! My next snack is a light string cheese stick...yay, that's exciting. Protein to keep me satiated until dinner right? Gotta psych myself up for these kind of things!

Anyhoo. I'm liking this blog thing. Next year I will look back and hopefully reflect on how I never want to be back in this place where I am now. Next year, I want to see how far I have grown and rallied to be back to me.

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AMYDZEKUTE 9/28/2011 1:56PM

  I was running every day, as well, last year. I am now making sure that I run every other day - 2-3 miles (which means, every other day at least 3 miles). I found that since I run in the early morning, it is best that I have all my clothes and shoes out right by the bathroom sink; if I don't, then I tend to talk myself out of running.

Keep doing what you're doing! You'll be back up to every day again before you know it!

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Monday, September 26, 2011

That's how I feel today.

On Friday, I got some really great news about work that just sent me on a crazy emotional high. Today, ummm...I guess they are maybe not going that direction? So, that sucks because it was going to send me down a path where work isn't really work y'know. It is an avenue I am passionate about and frankly pretty good at. I'm not thinking this just isn't going to happen for me, just that right now it's not happening.

Ok, back to the food thing. Hubby's birthday and a weekend downtown. Not pretty. I tried to make good choices but I also thought I was "celebrating." Lesson learned I guess in both cases.



Thursday, September 22, 2011

Apparently, I don't do well without a meticuluous, planned out schedule. Three days of festivities at work (again), coupled with the pressure of presentations and "celebration" at the end...well, let's just say that I refuse to even get on the scale for a few days while a detox my body.

After my presentation Tuesday, I had 5 Bud Lights. Why? Because they were free and I was on a "presentation" high. I nailed my presentations and celebrated. It's not the beer that was that bad but the breakfast, lunch and dinner that was also served that day. I'm just vulnerable when I am obligated to be there and that crap is put in front of me. I can't say no....although I DID walk away from a chocolate fudge brownie as a snack. I had two bites, put it down and told it that I was not going to hear it call my name. Small victory that I joked about.

Here's the thing....I can generally eat anything I want while I am exercising. But, that is the point, I haven't been able to run. So, sitting down at meetings and not running for a month while eating like a queen is just taking a toll.


2 days down...

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The fact that I am 100 mph when I get home is actually going to work in my favor I think. So, I might have to be a die-hard about working out at work because when I get home, there simply is just not enough time. One kid goes to ballet on Monday, one kid has football on Mondays and Wednesdays and the other one has karate on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. That leaves Fridays to clean my house. long as I keep busy, I will stay out of the kitchen. It is forcing me to plan meals in advance so that we have enough time to eat at home. My only lurking sabatoger will be on those days that I'm tired and want to just grab fast food. But, I'm liking this busy time and running here and there!! If I can keep out of the kitchen and away from McDonald's, I think losing pounds will be a bit easier than I first thought.

So, upcoming obstacles. Saturday is family game night. All of the people in my family get together to play cards and the kiddos watch movies. We have a theme every month and this month's theme is "Movies." Going off the tv show "Dinner and a Movie," we are required to bring a dish from our favorite movie. So, we will be doing baked spaghetti and Spaceballs as well as Dirty Dancing Bumpin Grinders. I can easily swap out some healthier versions of these to make these diet friendly. I have that control since I am hosting this month's get-together. Yay me. Might have to whip up a lower guilt dessert as well to give me an option.

Definitely an obstacle though because I tend to constantly eat at these things...and we always have AWESOME food! I am also a grazer and I don't think I have that chemical in my brain that tells me when I'm full. I really think I am lacking that as I don't know that I am ever "not hungry." Kind of like those people who say something is "too rich." I have never had anything "too rich" that makes me stop eating it. Sigh. Usually if it is "too rich," I am holding back from licking the plate. LOL.

Second obstacle will be Monday and Tuesday night...but in particular Tuesday night as that is a company dinner. Casino night. That means alcohol and catered in hotel dinner. Ok, so, my will power is slim to none if it is put in front of me. And rarely can I ever say no to free alcohol. It just doesn't happen. It's also a long day after me giving presentations which is emotionally and physically exhausting for me and I will want to reward myself with yummy food., I guess I will cross that bridge when I get there.

Third obstacle, which will actually come before the second obstacle is Sundays at lunch. My MIL cooks us lunch after church and...well, she just doesn't cook anything healthy. Odd because she is trying to lose weight as well. It's like she deliberately sabatoges my efforts. I feel the eye lurking over me with every bite I take and what I put on my plate. It's not in my head either as other people have commented or noticed. Don't go to her house on Sundays??? Umm, she lives next door so it's really hard to get out of that one when we have been doing it for such a long time. GRRR. I would just love to see that one go over if I tried to explain that we weren't coming over anymore. It's just not an option.

On a brighter note, I am super proud of myself for the success of two days and fully expect that I will succeed again today. Brought my workout clothes for work and will be able to cross that off my victory list this afternoon. My husband is wanting to do better as well so that puts even more good pressure on me to lead by example.


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CLYNNEABAIRD 9/14/2011 12:39PM

  Thanks for the advice and encouragement! I actually have started asking if she will have salad there or does she want me to bring one...Y'know, to make it not so obvious. HAHA. I'm sure I could write a whole blog on MILs!! emoticon

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DGIRLBABY13 9/14/2011 11:44AM

    My MIL also cooks on Sundays and we go over every day - I happen to be the only overweight one in the family and she never makes anything healthy. It has always been an obstacle for me. There are several things you can do to try and avoid having this be an issue every Sunday - I do some of these and sometimes I do a combination of these:

Have a fairly filling but healthy snack before you go over - raw veggies with a small bit of non-fat dressing or hummus, a bunch of low-sugar fruit (grapefruits, oranges, grapes, apples, etc), hot soup (this is great for the fall/ winter time) - progresso makes some really great healthy soups that are like under 150 calories for the entire can - hot liquids make you feel full so you are less likely to overeat when you get to your MIL's house. When you get there, sample foods - if you feel like she is hovering... then let her hover. Her agenda doesn't have to be yours. This is your life and you have the right to be healthy if you choose to make that your business - if she told you to take life threatening drugs- would you do it? Probably not, so don't allow her to pressure you into staying unhealthy.

Ask your MIL what she is making for dinner. If you ask her what she is making for dinner you can plan your day around it. You might not know the exact number of calories but you can estimate (maybe overestimate to be safe) Also, Don't be shy!! If she doesn't already know, (and if she does then maybe just remind her) explain to her that it is extremely important for you to eat healthy (if you don't want to seem high maintenance tell her your DOCTOR put you on a very strict diet for health reasons - she won't be able to say anything then and if she does - she will look insensitive and selfish). Tell her you are trying to figure out your meal plan for the day and that any information regarding what she is preparing for dinner would be very helpful and you would appreciate it.

Also, offer to bring something. Tell her you would like to help out and that you LOVE cooking and make the dessert or make a fun and healthy sidedish and then instead of loading up on the unhealthy stuff - sample the unhealthy stuff (so you don't feel deprived) and load up on the good stuff! Maybe bring a big fruit platter or a big veggie platter or a veggie casserole and eat all the "good" stuff (i'm talking freggies, NOT macaroni and cheese :P), get full on it.

I know this has worked for me. I used to DREAD Sunday dinner because I felt like I would be so good all week and then completely derail myself. My MIL is probably one of the most difficult people to talk to - she is really cold and very intimidating. Sunday dinner is HER thing and no one better mess with it!! But, if she wants to be mad at me because I asked her a few questions regarding a meal she was making that could potentially undo all my hard work that day or maybe that entire week - that is her choice. She can be as mad as she wants but at least I will continue to come to Sunday dinner and spend time with the family and not have it be a super stressful occasion because I didn't stick to my goals for the week.

I hope this helps and good luck with your MIL. Let me know how it goes!

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KATV865 9/14/2011 11:17AM

    Its great that you are looking ahead to see any potential obstacles in your journey ahead. As long as you are aware and can plan for them, you are definitely on the right track. Way to go!

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MYBULLDOGS 9/14/2011 9:48AM


find foods that work with your chemistry. i created this meal on my own. i can't seem to loose weight if i eat any grain products. so one day i experimented.

i make this mixture for breakfast , lunch and dinner. i have lost 28 pounds in 14 weeks. i cook

4 large portabella mushrooms sliced, balsamic vinegar, olive oil, 4 large onions sliced, 2 large green peppers, 3 cans green beans, 1 can rutabaga and 5 sliced chicken sausages.

it makes enough for at least 4 days, three meals a day. total cost is 12 dollars. i buy the mushrooms and chicken at sams club. sounds crazy but it taste good and most importantly it's working. i'm not hungry . if i feel the urge to cheat i go get a fork full of my mixture. i chew very slowly as to enjoy my meal.

i have added a small banana and grapes for my snacks and to be a fix for my sweet tooth.

you can add other foods into your menu. just know what works with your body chemistry.

I have gone from 198 to 170 pounds. i can now fit into a size 14 comfortably. i feel so much better. think of carrying a 2 year old around your waist every minute of every day. no i am not done. on the obese chart i have gone from being obese to just plain fat. my goal is to drop another 22 pounds. then i will be happy, healthy and never allow myself to get in this condition again.

one might say eating the same food every day would get boring. not true. when you look in the mirror and can see the difference it's totally worth it. once i reach my goal i will change my menu. not until then.

portion sizes are critical to your success. exercise has to become a way of life. good luck


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