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One Small step for man, one giant leap for me.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Okay, so mine was a small step too...

Yesterday, I ran for over 6 minutes without stopping! At 7.7 mph! It was for the entirety of the song Jessica by the Allman Brothers. I like running until the end of a song. And my best friend was named after that song and she is good at running, so I was in a mini-competition (she lives 3,000 miles away, so the competition was all in my head).

It was awesome. And I averaged to run just under 10 minute miles for 2.2 miles. I was only at the gym for like 30 minutes, including the time it took me to change out of work clothes.

I plan to do ZWOW#6 today and also do the push it up abs exercise that was posted on bodyrock yesterday. It looks intense.

I also need to snack less (stalk my tracker and yell at me when I snack that much please!)
I can usually finish my night at 1300 calories, but then I see I can still eat 250 more. So I do for some reason- even when I'm not actually hungry! does anyone else sabotage their calorie limits after dinner?? I felt ridiculous justifying it to myself as I did it. And I ended up going over with the peanut butter...
Bad! *smacks self on hand like I'm a 2 year old*

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2GETFIT7 6/13/2012 12:44AM

  Yay for small steps! I am hoping to really get back into running next month and I love that there are always small little goals you can achieve every time by just going a little bit farther or faster the next time!
And snacking at night...ahhh! I need to just leave the kitchen area and find stuff to do in other rooms so I don't give in sometimes, it's horrible. Don't beat yourself up too much, just focus on taking small steps with that too! to do ZWOW #6.... :D

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    That damn snack monster!!!! Ahhh..

You need to DEFINITELY try out that bodyrock "push it up". It's a short but KILLER ab workout.. those sliding moves add some serious resistance! It feels so much harder then just jumping! i want to try it again, but not after a workout this time.. (I was pretty wiped.. and my scores showed!)

Way to go with that running! You rock girl!!!!! I took a walk with my kiddo the other morning and there was a semi-flat stretch (I don't have a jogging stroller, so it bounces around quite a bit unless on FLAT ground..) and so I decided to JOG.. me! Jogging! Just for the hell of it! What??? But I did it for about 2 blocks or so! It really got my heart rate up there and definitely upped the intensity of my walk! =] I'm still kind of anxious over the whole running thing though.. I'm scared to hurt my knees! (I've had soreness with them before, dont want to aggravate them!)

Anyway, I'm off to re-watch zwow 6! Excited to do it today! =]=]

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Need a new strategy!

Monday, June 11, 2012

I do really well following my regular Monday- Friday schedule. The second I do something different, all hell breaks loose. Case in point- we went to Richmond this weekend. I got my hair cut, went out to late lunch with friends, went to the river and then hung out at a friend's house. Lunch involved 2 beers, the river involved 2 beers, hanging out at friend's house involved 1 beer and an absurd amount of vodka tonics. It's hard to stop drinking because you've had enough when everyone else is drinking all night! And so I didn't stop drinking and ate late night pizza with everyone. It's so frustrating when you make a plan, try to stick with it but fall off the wagon because you drank and let your plan fly out the window (this wagon has windows).

Had I not drank beer beforehand, I would have remembered my plan to drink tonic with lime and no vodka. But no, I got caught up in the fun with friends and drank the day away. Since we moved to another city, we don't really get to hang out with our friends very often. I definitely miss them, but need a way to chill out and slow down when we do get together.

Anyone have any good ideas to keep this from happening (besides get new friends)??

My usual strategies...
Drink diet tonic with no alcohol
Get some exercise while hanging out (walk, swim etc)
Have 1 beer then just drink water
Sip Jimi's beer but never get my own
go places that don't allow alcohol

Christy 1 Social Drinking 1 (since I started the count when I got my 1)

On a brighter note, I am keeping up with my only drinking on 2 days per week. No need for empty calories with the glass of wine etc after work

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CLRWILLIAMS25 6/11/2012 6:39PM

    I've definitely noticed we are both running into the same issues Kylar. I definitely need to figure it out, whether its a combination of working it off beforehand and limiting my intake when I do drink or something else. It's definitely hard when "everyone else is doing it!" It would be much easier if my friends were also watching their intake, but that is one place where we definitely deviate. Some of my girl friends are at least conscious of their intake (food and alcohol) but my guy friends just do whatever.
I guess I'm at the practice makes perfect part of social drinking...

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KYLAR_STERN 6/11/2012 1:54PM

    So I realize we see a lot of etch other on this site and I hope I'm not too intruding, but it does seem that we share many of the same problems. I'm fine when I'm on my plan, but once it deviates its like I stop caring.

Sounds like you're on the right track of not drinking during the week. Exactly like you said, that's just empty calories. Drinking with your friends to have a good time, now that actually has a purpose. I like to keep a day or two of drinking in my plan and work around it other ways, but if it'll work for you to limit the alcohol and calories when you're with friends than go for that.

If I had a bad friday night and am out running Saturday, I'll up my planned three miles to 6 or something. Find some ways to cut some of the other calories out of the next days. Don't do it as punishment, but taking out a snack or foregoing a side Mon and Tues frees up 300 cals of drinks from the weekend. Those are some of the things I try to do and balance out my bad weekends.

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CLRWILLIAMS25 6/11/2012 1:49PM

    Thanks for the advice. I think I pretty much feel the same way about drinking- I don't like how it makes me feel, I don't like how it makes people act, it's pretty unsafe in general and it has no positive value. My close friends and husband know how I feel about it, but a lot of our friends from college are still getting crazy every weekend.

I have another chance this weekends to try out my Christy vs social drinking skills. I'm going to an end of school year party at my friend's house (she is a teacher) and hanging out with my dad the rest of the weekend.

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    I wish I had some good advice for the social drinking circumstances! =[ My husband and I used to drink, but since having our son we've left it in the past.. I don't like how it makes me FEEL (out of control) I don't like how it makes most people act (ridiculous) I don't enjoy the accidents that come from it (I know several families that had some pretty devastating fatalities from OTHER drunk drivers.. VERY sad.. ) and the case in point of all is all those empty calories! Now, granted, I probably consume MORE calories with my coffee that I drink DAILY (3 or 4 times hahaha) so there's THAT... but I digress...

I think that your strategies sound like some great plans! It's so easy to get carried away when you're with friends that you haven't seen in a long time though and evvvveryone is doing it.. maybe I would try TELLING your friends about how you're trying to start drinking less? Then maybe they can help hold you accountable?

And just remember, LIFE is all about learning from mistakes and moving on from them! One of my favorite quotes :

"Our Greatest Glory In Life Is NOT In Never Falling, But In RISING Every Time We Fall." -Confucius

SO true! You've got this girl! This last weekend was just a test! =]

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Sunday, June 10, 2012

SP won't let me edit the other blog to add the picture!

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2GETFIT7 6/13/2012 12:40AM

  I love your haircut!! Looks amazing!

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CAT609 6/10/2012 1:26PM

    Great cut! You look fantastic! emoticon emoticon

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    You and your hair look fabulous girl! I love it! You're kind of inspiring ME to cut my own! eee! My hair is definitely not as easy as your hair sounds like it is though! I always NEED to do something with it.. thin and frizzy -sigh- I was not blessed by the hair gods! haha!

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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Photo update as promised! I thought I would miss my hair, but I don't! I'm also interested to see what it looks like without being straightened and without hair stuff in it (not sure what all she was spraying in my hair!). I'm definitely a low maintenance hair person (I pretty much was it and that's it. I don't even really brush it) so I hope this new 'do works out well with my lack of hairstyling!



Friday, June 08, 2012

I'm considerably less sore today. Just a tiny bit if I stretch my shoulders. We went to a friend's house for dinner last night. I did really well following my plan (remembering to watch what I eat and no drinking because it wasn't a weekend). I did have a san peligrino limonata, which I though was healthy. Well after opening it, i realized I may as well drink a freaking coke- 35g or sugar and 150 calories! I drank a little more than 1/2 of it and hubby drank the rest. I should have read it first, but that would have been awkward....

"Do you want something to drink?"
"One of those sparkling lemon sodas sounds good... Oh nevermind, they aren't good for you. Your drinks suck."

I'm still proud that I hung out with friends and didn't drink even when they did! Battle over social drinking Christy-1 Drinking-0 (It's probably more 1 to 300, but I'm starting my official count as of yesterday)

And they put a ton of olive oil on everything! (Yes I know, olive oil is "good fat" blah blah. Well fat is fat when you're over your limit for the day!). Olive oil on the grilled bread, olive oil on the vegetables, chicken marinating in olive oil and spices...

I don't have plans for today, which is good. I'll get my workout in then probably read my book and get some stuff done around the house.
Tomorrow I'm donating my hair! eek! I haven't had short hair since 5th grade so this may be brutal. I'm trying to go shoulder length, so that will probably be 13-14 inches off (10 inches is the minimum). I'll post before and after pictures this weekend.

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SPARKFRAN514 6/8/2012 2:09PM

    emoticon Hi team mate
It's Friday and tomorrow is the new list of challenges it been fun so far doing them each week. Sounds like you made good choice last night not drinking and if you only drink half the 150 bottle of your drink it was only 75 calories emoticon
it a great gift you are giving some one the gift of hair !! and its soon will be summer and short hair might be nice for a change. anxious to see your pictures
Have a good day


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2GETFIT7 6/8/2012 2:04PM

  Great job keeping it under control with friends! That's always the hardest for me too. That is seriously so brave to donate your hair, I don't know if I could do it...
Can't wait to see the pictures!!

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    As I was reading your hair paragraph at the end there I was thinking "PICTURES!" haha. My best friend just recently chopped all of her hair off to above shoulder length, but she used to have even shorter hair when we first met.. ANyway, she was trying to convince me that it's "what the cool kids do during the summer" LOL! I told her I'm just not cool then, because all I can think about when I think about chopping my hair off is 10 year old hannah with a straight across above the shoulder hair cut that I thought made me look HUGE! Granted, I was kind of a chubby 10 year old, with a round face... maybe it wouldn't be SO bad.. I think my husband might kill me.. hmmmmmmmm..

CRISTY-1!!! Social Drinking -ZEROOOOOOOO. Way to go girl! Having the self disciple with friends is ESPECIALLY hard! You rock out that discipline! hehehe

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