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December goals and recap of November progress

Friday, November 30, 2012

November goals:
***Log 14 miles, not to include walking (up until Thanksgiving, was over 15 each week)
***Do 450 pushups total for the month (30 left to do today to get to 450!)
***Allow myself to have up to four "treats" per week (not 1 per day, or 10 per special occasion)
This worked well. I may continue this. I had almost 1/2 a cheesecake in my
possession from Thursday until last night. I think that is a new PR for me!
***Dedicate at least 1 day per week to a hardcore abs session (workout ideas welcome!)
Did not do hardcore abs. Abs were neglected

December goals:
Do 2 bodyrock exercises per week (I miss the intensity!)
Do 620 pushups during the month (avg 20 per day)
10 minutes of abs, 3 days per week
4 treats per week. Will continue no candy or brownies until Jan 1.
Stay within calorie limit 6 days per week. Do it. You want to reach your goal weight!

These are all pretty specific, but are only a slight extension of what I'm doing now. I still dislike pushups, but have started to see changes, so I will continue. I'm not making a running mileage goal until my foot feels better. I'm testing it out at the gym today, so we will see how it goes.

In other news, my husband and I sighed up for our first half marathon! It's April 14th in the OBX. I'm glad he plans to run it with me (although I assume we will probably split up at some point).

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CLPURNELL 11/30/2012 4:37PM

    emoticon emoticon

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STODD251 11/30/2012 11:17AM

    You have some great goals! They are very specific and focused on you. I know you can do it!

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SHMARA 11/30/2012 10:28AM

    Do it to it, girl!

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Back from thanksgiving, up a few pounds...

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I ran 4.3 miles Wednesday afternoon with my sister in Williamsburg and ran 3.5 miles Thursday morning with my sister and my husband at my mom's house (my sister is an awesome running buddy btw!) I ate sensibly, drank in moderation, and only had 1 plate of food for Thanksgiving dinner. We even decided to skip dessert and do it on Friday.

My workout schedule hit a wall on Friday. I'm not sure if it was from the running at my mom's house (country roads and they're sloped from the center to allow for drainage, but makes you run semi-lopsided unless you run in the middle of the road) or from lots of standing and cooking on tile floors. My left heel is achy, like it has a bruise. I skipped my run Friday hoping it would feel better. I was forced into shopping on Saturday and ended up sitting every chance I got. It's feeling slightly better now, but still hurts when I put all of my weight on it.

I also went out for Mexican food Sunday night (aka ungodly amount of chips and salsa and stuffing myself). I'm up a few pounds from the whole weekend. Started out at 109.4 (after a run) Wednesday night and was at 114 last night (after dinner). I forgot to weigh myself this morning, but I'm guessing 111 (I fluctuate 1-6 pounds per day, crazy i know).

I think now is one of those bad timing trifectas, so I'm not going to beat myself op about it. Its TOM, Thanksgiving/birthday, foot issue and I can't exercise until after Wednesday because I had a laser hair removal session (which feels like a hot pan repeatedly touching you btw) . Blah.

This week, I am really going to focus on meal planning, staying within my ranges and making some extra meals/soup so I don't resort to eating junk. I also want to lower my carbs, as I have been above 50% carbs for a few weeks. Need to up my fat % as well.

I'm still on target to reach my goal of 450 pushups for the month. I want to aim for 620 pushups for December (20 per day). I still hate them, but want to reach my goal of 50 consecutive so I can use my massage gift certificate as my reward!

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving with family/friends!

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CLPURNELL 11/28/2012 4:37PM

    Sounds like an awesome thanks giving you are doing great and are at a phenomenal weight. You will be back where you want in no time.

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AMSTERDAMAND125 11/28/2012 2:26PM

    BUDDY!!!! How is it going? It sounds like a lot of factors -- I bet you'll be right back down in no time at all. How is the no candy going? :) I almost caved on Saturday when my sister in law bought two PAILS of hot tamales/mike and ikes (great when you mix them together) as a hostess gift. Sigh. I've avoided them so far but still haven't decided about December and whether or not I want to avoid candy then, too... Keep going strong! :) And maybe I will join you on the pushups for December! I really want to do them, too, just keep forgetting or being too lazy... :D

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SDLEE514 11/27/2012 1:40PM

    Thanks for your comment on my blog! Ha, similar blog from you I see. I am in a fight with carbs...I struggle regularly to stay around 50% but after Thanksgiving where that's all I ate, besides the turkey, was carbs thats all I'm craving right now!

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STODD251 11/27/2012 10:54AM

    Life happens and sometimes you will eat Mexican food. So don't beat yourself up. It is a lifestyle and you make up for those splurges by making good choices most of the time.

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SHMARA 11/27/2012 9:52AM

    I am in the same boat as you, minus the achy heel. I am hoping Christmas will be easier, the food is not quite as tempting!
What is up with fluctuating 5 pounds daily? I find it so misleading . Girls have all the fun emoticon

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Plan to get me through the weekend

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Today: Running errands, cleaning the house, abs and pushups at home
Wednesday: Running in the park with my sister (2.5 miles)
Thursday: Wake up early for a run?? At least walk at mom's house.
Friday: 5 mile run (with my sister and Jimi??)
Saturday: 3 mile run a the beach (may move it to Sunday)
Sunday: My birthday! Lots of sitting in the car to get home... and probably cake...

We're doing a lot of traveling and I know I could take weights with me, but let's be real- I'm not carrying an extra 20lbs that may not get used. Hence, lots of running planned, and hopefully some calorie burning! I also plan to continue doing my daily pushups and mix in some core work.

Food plan:
1 treat per day (I am counting ice cream, cookies, granola bars etc as a treat). 1 PER DAY. no deprivation, just moderation.
Alternate an alcoholic beverage with seltzer water. No need to drink 500 calories each day
Stay active, stay busy, carry my water bottle with me everywhere.
Eat a sensible, balanced breakfast each morning.

I am making twice baked sweet potatoes for Thanksgiving at my grandma's house (I make them= I control butter/sugar etc.)
I am bringing cut up veggies and hummus to the in-law's house for the weekend.

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NIKI8911 11/21/2012 12:19PM

    Oh great idea. I shall follow suit as well! This all sounds very feasible to accomplish. Happy Birthday and Happy Thanksgiving!

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AMSTERDAMAND125 11/20/2012 2:27PM

    Sounds like a great plan! And have a great birthday!!

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SHMARA 11/20/2012 2:24PM

    Nice! You just inspired me to plan what I will do in my head. In-laws house all weekend for me too. Hopefully I can sneak off here and there and work on my fitness.
And Happy Early Birthday!!

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SDLEE514 11/20/2012 2:22PM

    good for you! and happy early birthday!

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LAURAAT 11/20/2012 1:04PM

    I love the idea of seltzer water between drinks. When my MIL and I get together, we always drink. Just something we have in common, and I don't normally get the mixed drinks she makes, so I always enjoy them. That's a great way to keep on track! I'm totally stealing it. emoticon

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KRISTEN_SAYS 11/20/2012 12:36PM

    Good plan! And happy early birthday!

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STODD251 11/20/2012 12:27PM

    Sounds like a good plan. It's very realistic. I'm planning a hike between breakfast and dinner on Thanksgiving day. It's great when you can get others in the family to do it with you. That way it's more fun. Oh, and happy early birthday!

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No energy and cravings

Friday, November 09, 2012

Well, the title pretty much sums it up.

In the afternoons, I am tired all the time. I am fine during the day at work (counter-intuitive, huh?), but after my afternoon workout, I get tired. Like, want to go to bed until morning tired. I usually just slog through it without a nap so as not to interrupt my sleep schedule (I tend to have a really hard time falling asleep at night). I haven't changed much with my workouts, so I don't think I'm overdoing it.

Is it the weather? Or the time change? And I not eating enough during the day? Or enough after my workout? I've been so lethargic that doing my regular to-do list sometimes gets skipped entirely. Ugh, what a lazy few weeks I've been having! I have been meeting my mileage and calories burned goals though, which is good.

And on to the cravings... SUGAR SUGAR SUGAR!

It started around the beginning of October. I can't get enough brownies, candy, honey in my tea, artificial sweeteners, yogurt etc. I decided to join AMSTERDAMAND125 in resisting candy for the month of November (she is awesome and didn't have candy for all of October either!). I have also given up my single serving microwaveable brownie for November... I won't post the recipe here, but I got it on spark, and they are addictive. So far, so good. No candy or brownies since Tuesday.

Why am I so sleepy? And why canít I get sweets off my brain??

Plan for the weekend:
Today: pushups and abs at home (lot of errands after work)
Saturday: 4 mile run in Williamsburg tomorrow with Jimi. We are grilling out with friends afterward, so need to watch the alcohol intake...
Sunday: another outdoor run?? not sure, but will get out and do something.

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CLPURNELL 11/14/2012 4:10PM

    Probably should up your calories probably in too much of a deficit

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FITMOMMYFORLIFE 11/10/2012 11:29AM

    I think that the time changes throws EVERYONE off... my hubby has been suffering as well! I think a lot of it also has to do with the change from all the sunshine to now the lack there of and the vitamin D that goes with it.. do you take a vitamin d supplement? I usually DOUBLE mine through the winter time =]

I'm sorry that you're having some sugar craving problems =/ Honestly, I feel like I have been a bit too these last few days.. I kind of chock it up to "that time" and with all the extra halloween candy and holiday treats that are going around.. the more we're around it/have it the more we want it! Ahh! Time to BUCKLE DOWN! You can do this girl!!

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YOJULEZ 11/9/2012 1:48PM

    The time change throws me off too.

I would also look at what you're eating before your workout... is it heavier in carbs/sugar? Also if you ate a bunch of candy around Halloween time, that might have gotten your body used to the sugar, and now it wants more. Hopefully it will stop after you've been doing your "candy-fast" for another week or two.

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LAURAAT 11/9/2012 12:36PM

    I have fatigue problems, so I'm not sure if my suggestions will help your issues or not. But.... I find what I eat has a lot to do with how I feel. So, if I'm feeling rough, I go back and look at what I've been eating, and adjust it to be better. More freggies, better protein sources, etc. I also make sure to get as much sleep as I need (although I know for non-fatigue, you really should stick to a strict schedule.). I avoid caffeine, sugar, and other things I know will weigh me down later. I cut back on my exercise until I'm feeling better - maybe limiting it to just walking even.
Whatever the issue is, I hope you get to feeling normal again soon!!

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Blog Topics- the grocery store

Friday, November 02, 2012

Another blog topic off the list I have: Grocery store habits

Do you often go to the store with the best intentions not to buy junk food, but when you get to the car, your bags are full them?
I generally do not buy any junk food. I did buy Halloween candy this week for trick or treaters (and ate more than I should have!), but I generally do not buy junk. There have been times where I buy a tub of frozen cool whip (don't judge!), or a box of crackers, but that's about it.

Do you stick to a list?
I follow a grocery list that usually involves items for 3-4 planned dinners (including 1 new recipe) and staple items. I also stock up when certain items are on sale, regardless of my list (dry beans, frozen veggies etc).

Do you go hungry?
I try not to go hungry. I usually go after work since my favorite grocery store is closer to my job than my house. I have a snack around 2:30 or 3 at work, so I'm usually fine at 430 when I am shopping.

Do you avoid the "impulse" aisles?
I pretty much shop the perimeter of the store, except for pasta, dry beans, rice, oatmeal and occasionally fruit snacks or granola bars for my husband. Oh, and milk. I buy organic milk which is randomly in a little section in the middle of the store.

Do you have a secret to staying on course with your weekly shopping trip?
I try to plan meals for the night my husband and I eat dinner together (he sometimes works at night). I also check the sale ads to see if there is anything I need to stock up on. I make a list and rarely vary from it. I buy a lot of the same staple items (yogurt, cottage cheese, fresh fruit, fresh veggies, frozen veggies, chicken, tofu etc). I think the meal planning and going with a list definitely help save money.

We used to buy a lot of processed items like pizza rolls, canned soups, spaghettios, pizza, mac and cheese, pasta roni, cookies, crackers etc. I make most items from scratch now, and buy those items very rarely. We also used to eat a lot of pasta. Like 3x per week a lot. I couldn't cook anything that didn't come out of a box until I was 21 or 22.

What are your grocery store habits? notice anything different from how you used to shop compared to your habits now?

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CLPURNELL 11/5/2012 6:28PM

    Great blog and advice!

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    What a great blog! I love it! Did you get these questions from somewhere or come up with them on your own?

Sounds like we have very similar shopping behaviors =] It's almost foreign/weird to me to think about how I USED to shop and the things I used to buy! Ugh! Junk! Top Ramen will NEVER EVER EVER be in my cupboards again! bahaha...

I've been really trying to get back into the meal planning lately.. I was doing so well for awhile and then drop off for a bit.. when I pulled up my older meal plans I realized I was doing a LOT of the same meals every week! Still kind of am =/ I need to work on the NEW meal ideas! So if you have any that you've tried and loved I would love to hear them! I need some inspiration! =D

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YOJULEZ 11/2/2012 5:49PM

    I definitely meal plan, based loosely around what's on sale, but also what I already have in my freezer/pantry (which is stock ups from previous sales). I've been at it for about 6 months now, so I'm learning the sale cycles of stuff at my store. Like, they will always put chicken breast on sale for 1.99/lb like every 3-4 weeks. So each time, I buy enough to get me through 3-4 weeks, and that way I'm not tempted when it goes on sale at like 2.99 or 2.49, since I know it'll be 1.99 again soon. I also do buy staple stuff when it goes on sale, even if I don't need it that week.

I so my main shopping on Saturday mornings after I eat breakfast so I'm never hungry, and the store is not crowded at all. I've found that if I go when it's crowded, like after work or later in the day Saturday or on Sunday, I tend to feel rushed and might miss something on my list. Also BF (we live together) knows that if he doesn't ask me to put it on my list, he's not getting it. But, because of him, I do go into the "temptation aisles". This week his requests were cocoa pebbles, and chocolate and strawberry syrup to mix with milk. He gets weird cravings... I asked him if he was pregnant haha. I've gotten good at just finding his stuff though, and not looking at anything else in those aisles. Also, I get off work early on Fridays, so I stop at 2 stores on my way home that are near my office to get sale stuff. Sometimes I'm hungry in those stores, but since I'm only there for a few specific items, I get in and get out. One is a produce-centric market so I get a lot of my produce there as it's mostly cheaper than the store that's by my house.

Before, I used to go in with no plan at all, just would buy random stuff and then figure out how to put it together into a meal when I got home. I also bought a lot of stuff like you... frozen pizzas, frozen chicken tenders, fries, stuff like that.

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