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well, I had a little hiatus

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

My phone broke the night before leaving for a 2 week vacation roadtrip. Aside from being my navigational assist it was also supposed to be my access to spark people. Well, about 3 states later I was certainly not thinking of clever ways to get onto sparkpeople from rural Ky and Arkansas. I had a little more luck in KC but I was there for 3 days including a weddding and packed in seeing as much family as possible... big Italian family... big Italian meals.

Needless to say I'm about 8 lbs heavier on the scale and my stomach feels so stretched out. I started getting back on track yesterday... at work of all places. I'm about to make a greek stew and will enjoy that over the next couple of days. My main concern is dsd coming back... but I think this is going to prove to be a very tough transition and I don't see a ton of overeating. If anything there may be lots of quiet time during the adjustment period.

Unrealted topics

Goodies: I got a 3 day weekend for my b-day
I won another giveaway on goodreads
I only work and 8 tomorrow and am of Fri.
J comes back.

Bummers: D works rotation on my b-day weekend :/
I have to work this weekend and my student won't be there to help
lawn people weedwacked 4 more of my plants!



Friday, July 06, 2012

Hey y'all. Made good use of my only day off before working a 3 day weekend. Got out of a 30 min walk and a 20 min walk this eve. My dog of course was a willing participant but I also got DBF to head out on the evening walk. It was nice. Surprisingly mild weather in FL this eve, I'm glad the heatwave is staying north of here but I'm hoping it calms down before my roadtrip later this month!

also, had a salad, grilled summer squash and grilled portabella burgers for dinner. Yummy food that's well on plan. It's been a great day.


Keeping at it

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

As predicted I am finding it easier to keep track looking at calories. I also enjoy getting points for blogging here whereas on WW I could hardly ever get the blog feature to work although that was a big part of their online incentive. Their help desk wasn't helpful at all, either!

I hope everyone is having a good July so far. I ate out sensibly today and am about to head out to buy fireworks with the BF. I hope everyone enjoys their holiday tomorrow!


New Start

Friday, June 29, 2012

Officially cancelled WW today. I enjoy the layout of this site better. Less emphasis on "groups". Groups often get catty and boring. I also am interested to see if I stay on plan longer bouts of time w/ just calories to look after. I'm still going to follow what I've learned as far as good/bad fats and splurging on calories tied in w/ fiber over those not.

I hope this is the ticket to get me headed back down the number line. emoticon