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When "failure" becomes opportunity...

Friday, February 12, 2010

Why do we always celebrate with food? And why is it that all the celebratory food is well, less than healthy?

A co-worker and I will be reporting to a new position on Monday. So, we come in today and someone had left us a cake. Now, EVERYONE that works in my current department KNOWS that I am trying to eat healthy and lose some weight, so why on earth would you buy me a cake?!? The worst part is that noone seems to know WHO brought it in. So, I can't even "thank" them! Of course, I had to have a piece since it was for me and my co-worker. IT'S OKAY! I made adjustments to the rest of my day, so I can allow for the "damage". That is what is SO great about SP; my former self would have thought, "Well, you blew it! Might as well pig out the rest of the day!" but my new healthier self says, "It's okay. You can make adjustments and still stay within your allowances." So, I guess that you can OCCASIONALLY have your cake and eat it too!

Thank you SP for helping me to realize that eating one "bad" food is not a failure but rather an opportunity to learn.

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USARUNNERGIRL 2/12/2010 3:31PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon

I know how you feel, my hubby sent me chocolate for Valentines Day....

I was like, ummm thanks. But since he isn't here I ate one piece and than shared the rest.

Good thing we know how to eat in moderation!

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GRACIEC 2/12/2010 12:23PM

    Good for you! You've turned those temptations into a positive approach! I'm with you - thank you Sparks!

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What I learned from a Snowflake...

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Do you remember as a child learning that no two snowflakes were alike? I have always thought this to be completely amazing. How many different patterns of a snowflake could there possibly be? REALLY! How do they know that no two are alike? I doubt that it would be possible to compare millions and millions of snowflakes to insure that no two were alike. Any way... back to my point...

When I got home from work yesterday, it was snowing pretty heavily and the big fluffy flakes were sticking to my navy blue coat. You could really see the detail and the beauty in each tiny flake. So, with the above doubts in my mind, I was determined to find two that were the same. Nope, couldn't do it! But, during my investigation, I discovered also that there was not one single snow flake that didn't have some type of "flaw". Either a missing "branch" or one side larger than the other, etc. BUT they were ALL beautiful. Each one, even with it's flaws was beautiful in it's own way. So, what did I do? Well, I automatically connected this to people... every person has some type of flaw, but we are all beautiful. With the snow flakes, I was able to look past the flaws and see the beauty. Now, I am planning to take this "knowledge" and apply it to the people in my life as well. I will remember to look past the flaws and see the beauty, not only in others, but also in myself. We are ALL beautiful in our own unique ways.

So, friends, look past the flaws and search for the beauty in others and in yourselves. YOU ARE A BEAUTIFUL PERSON and I thank you for being a part of my journey and my life!

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WARMSPRINGDAY 2/12/2010 1:40AM

    Great blog and life lesson learned. It is so easy to focus on the flaws and blow them out of proportion. Blessings as you look for the beauty in others.

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CARDIODOROTHY 2/11/2010 7:50PM

    Beautiful comparison between snowflakes and people. God gives us wonderful insights to things in many differant ways. He chose snowflakes for you and gave you a way to share it with everyone. God Bless You.

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JFROGDIVA 2/11/2010 7:47PM

    Thank you, Carrie, for the beautiful blog & oh, so true!!!!
Hugzz ~ Jae

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3AUSSIES 2/11/2010 6:55PM

    Don't cha just love it when you connect the dots?

Beautiful blog Carri, thank you! We are getting a dusting of snow tomorrow so I too will watch while marveling at all of the unique beauty remembering your special words!

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JOYINLOSS 2/11/2010 4:23PM

    Beautiful blog Carri.


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BABAJANE 2/11/2010 4:03PM

    Wonderful blog!! Thank you so much for reminding us.

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HEAD-OF-RED 2/11/2010 2:35PM

    emoticon for the blog...it is definately true...and remember you are also a beautiful person too....

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BELG64 2/11/2010 1:25PM

    Great blog Carri!

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DEBBIEDAY 2/11/2010 1:23PM

    emoticon LOVED this entry and great reminder to look at everyone as individuals with their own beauty flaws and all....I envy you the snow! I remember studying individual snowflacks for hours on end when living in New England!
Have a blessed day!

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CABOOSE5 2/11/2010 12:48PM

  HUGS!!! That's a wonderful way to look at it, keep up the hard work! =)

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What would YOU do?

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Okay, here's the situation... I try really hard not to judge people, but whenever I see someone who is much larger than myself, I can’t help but stand a little straighter and suck in my stomach. Then, I think to myself, “I REALLY need to get my butt in gear!” So, I got to wondering how other people react. I know that everybody has struggles in their lives. I also realize that for some people, they may have medical issues or some other reason that they can not lose weight or continue to gain regardless of what they have tried. But I am also smart enough to know that they are not entirely blameless either. They may not want to admit it, but every person has SOME control over their body. It may not be as much as they would like, or need, but they still have some. I genuinely want to help but I also fear that the person might not appreciate my spreading the Spark in their direction. So… do you Spark them any way and hope for the best, or do you just go about your business?

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TINYC887 2/11/2010 9:48AM

    i tell ppl who ask about weight loss or if ppl are looking at diet books.

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USARUNNERGIRL 2/11/2010 9:45AM

    A lot of times I keep my mouth shut, however there are times if someone is with me (like my friend) I start "talking" to them about my weight loss. A lot of times the person who I was hoping to Spread the Spark to will ask me how I do it and it is an opportunity to share without seeming like I am trying.

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3AUSSIES 2/10/2010 6:39PM

    Hi Carri,

Only if the conversation comes up with someone I know who perhaps comments on my weight loss will I share about SP. Or for example awhile back one of my co-workers was lamenting about her daughter and how incredibly overweight she had gotten. I knew it would not be rude to do so, I "Sparked" her with information about SP as well as gave her the website.

As for strangers in the store or out in public, especially restaurants I look at what they are eating (I really do!!). I know it took me forever to become educated on how and what to eat as far as healthy and it is a continually evolving lesson, because you can never not learn enough!

But then again when I see a morbidly obese or super heavy person that little devil that sits on my shoulder on occasion just whispers in my ear ...yes indeed...that person is why MY health insurance is so high!!

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CJ_SKINNY_JEANS 2/10/2010 1:07PM

    Thank you ADVENTUREGIRL! I think I have my answer... I will just stock up on Spark wear and then when people ask me about it, I will have my dialogue ready for them. That is an EXCELLENT idea!!!

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PEPCEA 2/10/2010 1:03PM

    I would NEVER approach a person about their weight unsolicited. I consider that rude..just my opinion. I know that people already know what they should do, believe me. I knew what I should do before I lost weight..I just didn't have the strength, sometimes no motivation, but I still would not have taken kindly to anyone offering unasked for advice. I have found since I have been on this journey that when people see you becoming successful, they will ask you and THEN you can offer help. Otherwise, I wouldn't.

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ADVENTUREGIRL04 2/10/2010 1:02PM

    I've been in that situation a few times!! I'll only spread the Spark if I know the person really well. I'll try to fit it somewhere in the conversation. Its easiest when someone comments on my weight loss and then its an easy conversation starter, but if its a stranger in the store, I don't even approach the subject. I really don't know their life situation or what kind of day they have had, so I don't want to ruin their day by them thinking that I am telling them that they need to lose a few lbs. I do plan on getting a Spark shirt or hoodie, not sure which, but if I wear it to the store and someone asks me or says hey I've heard about that site, what do you think? I'll have no problem going into details.

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A game of 50 Questions...

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

If you are reading this, you have the honor of copying all these goofy questions and writing your own responses! Paste these instructions in the body of your blog.

1. What time did you get up this morning? 4:30
2. How do you like your steak? Well done.
3. What was the last film you saw at the cinema? Taken
4. What is your favorite TV show? Ghost Whisperer
5. If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be? Arizona
6. What did you have for breakfast? Chocolate peanut butter banana smoothie
7. What is your favorite cuisine? Mexican
8. What foods do you dislike? Asparagus, peaches, pears, pineapple
9. Favorite Place to Eat? Red Lobster
10. Favorite dressing? French but don’t use dressing on my salads
11.What kind of vehicle do you drive? 2003 Dodge Durango (just got last week)
12. What are your favorite clothes? Jeans & sweatshirt
13. Where would you visit if you had the chance? Australia
14. Cup 1/2 empty or 1/2 full? ½ full
15. Where would you want to retire? Anywhere (I have a LONG way to go)
16. Favorite time of day? Early evenings
17. Where were you born? Circleville OH
18. What is your favorite sport to watch? College football
19. How many siblings? 1 sister, 2 brothers
20. Favorite pastime/hobby? Walking, hiking, biking, photography
21. Who are you most curious about their responses to this? No one in particular.
22. Bird watcher? YES!
23. Are you a morning person or a night person? Morning
24. Do you have any pets? 1 kitty
25. Any new and exciting news you'd like to share? Starting a new position next week at work.
26. What did you want to be when you were little? A lawyer
27. What is your best childhood memory? Sunday dinners at Grandma & Grandpa’s house
28. Are you a cat or dog person? Dog but can’t have one where we’re at =(
29. Are you married? I was once. Currently “involved”
30. Always wear your seat belt? Absolutely!
31. Been in a car accident? More than I care to admit.
32. Any pet peeves? Lazy people and use of bad grammar.
33. Favorite Pizza Toppings? Chicken breast, mushroom, peppers and onions
34. Favorite Flower? Sunflower
35. Favorite ice cream? Pumpkin (tastes just like pumpkin pie!)
36. Favorite fast food restaurant? McDonalds (love their salads)
37. How many times did you fail your driver's test? NONE!
38. From whom did you get your last email? Mom
39. Which store would you choose to max out your credit card? I have to choose just one?
40. Do anything spontaneous lately? Spontaneous, what’s that?
41. Like your job? It’s okay, the pay makes it a little better.
42. Broccoli? Oh yes!! Steamed, raw, with cheese, in casseroles, etc.
43. What was your favorite vacation? Disney World as a teen
44. Last person you went out to dinner with? Significant Other
45. What are you listening to right now? Printer sqeaking
46. What is your favorite color? Pink
47. How many tattoos do you have? 4 but not done yet.
48. How many people will fill this out? Good question
49. What time did you finish this quiz? 9:28 am
50. Coffee drinker? EWWW no! But I could use a half hot chocolate, half French vanilla cappuccino… (actually haven’t had one of those in a LOOOOONG time!)


Goals for week 2/8 - 2/14

Monday, February 08, 2010

Okay, the monthly goals have been a little too hard to stick to... so, I am going to only worry about one week at a time...

1) Limit Sodium ~ having A LOT of trouble in this area. I was in a weekend challenge which included keeping sodium under 2300mg... I THOUGHT that I was doing pretty well UNTIL I put everything into the tracker... UGH! So this is my main focus for this week.

2) Cardio ~ 30 minutes or more Monday - Saturday (Sunday will be optional depending on the rest of the week and what plans are made between now and then.)

3) Strength Training ~ Add at least 3 ST sessions to my evenings.

4) Water ~ do pretty well in this area through the week. Keep it up on the weekend...

5) Fruits ~ must make sure to get ALL of my fruit servings on the weekends.

Well, that just about covers it. Seems easy enough to do.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

BELG64 2/8/2010 4:38PM

    Carri, I hear you about the sodium. I can't believe how much sodium I have been eating! In my lunch meat alone is 460 mg for 1 serving, well I sometimes have 2 servings and bam 1000 mg of sodium down the drain!

I think all your other goals are very obtainable and am going to apply them to myself!


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