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Long Day yesterday

Sunday, April 20, 2014

After going to hospital to see my cousin. We drove around because DH wanted to. I so don't like to drive for 6 hours on my day off. especially when today will be a waste and we have so many things to do.
I ate Chinese yesterday and it must have more carbs in it than I thought because my meter said .3 again this am.

Will try again to day to only eat fat...

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MUSIC123JJ 4/20/2014 6:38AM

    I know all about days like that. I hope you have a better day today

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Ketone Meter Continued

Saturday, April 19, 2014

so I ate better yesterday
only 40 grams total carbs (that included sugar alcohols and fiber and 68% of my claories from fat
the meter was up to .4
I made fat bombs last night see we will see if I can get that percentage up higher today.
Off to get trailer hitch, then fishing license, then yarn and to see my cousin at the hospital.

I was also only able to peel 12 of the eggs I cooked for deviled eggs so I have to cook more today.
And tomorrow will be a wasted day at the in-laws.

Happy Sparking!


Ketone Meter is here

Friday, April 18, 2014

I logged my food Wednesday and I was way over on carbs. I know that but it was hard to see it in writing. I did better yesterday but the septic didn't pass inspection, podiatrist wants me to have surgery. had straight into the SF candy till I was stuck in the bathroom. Sorry TMI I know.
My ketones were .3 mmol/l this am and they should be around 1.5 mmol/l. I plan to eat normally today. no salad at lunch, and see what that does to the blood levels. and then go from there.
In the mean time. I hope I get at least enough to pay off the mortgage out of selling this house!

Happy sparking.


Another Day another Pain!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

I finally ordered my ketone meter. I've been stuck at 10 lbs lost for awhile. though I just tracked my breakfast and it is 20 carbs by itself. I probably will have to cut down on that. Buy bacon even though it is more expensive and find something else besides cottage cheese to have with it. I don't like warmed up eggs so I'll have to hunt around for something freezable and not dairy. humm!
My brother is going to come up and we are going to clean out the attic. I swear it will look like something out of the hoarders TV show! and it will have the same rules. I get to say what is trash! I need to buy masks though because I think we've had at least squirrels up there this winter.

We dropped a file cabinet on my foot it's not broken or swollen thank goodness, but standing at my desk is harder since I can't stand on the left foot too heavy. I don't get too much ribbing for sitting though. and I usually have enough meetings to break up the day.

Hope all is going well for everyone Happy Sparking!

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HMBROWN1 4/16/2014 8:23AM

    I like the fruit smoothies for breakfast. I know fruits have carbs but I use lots of sugar free plain yogurt and skim milk to keep it healthy.

Best of luck with the attic!

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In Training

Thursday, April 10, 2014

no not physical, another application we will have to support and run reports from
I do have a contract one one house, and have been working to clean the barn out. I think we have 99% empty. trying to sell a couple of things but I am not getting any hits. not sure what I would do with a 8' x 4' white board!
weight has been fluctuating but exercising to fatigue retains water and I've done that 3 of the last 5 days.

still eating low carb still have ketones in urine. Dr visit tomorrow will be asking about a blood meter, I have enough in my HSA to buy it and 100 strips they are down to $4 dollar each instead of $7 so buying more should be easy.

Happy Sparking!

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BRAINBENTT 4/10/2014 10:12AM


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