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Been busy, but on track and feeling great!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

I've been doing great... on track... Lost what I gained, which is great. Feeling alot better. I've been busy, but what's new? lol

My son's show, Avenue Q is awesome! Soooo hilarious. It's finishing up this weekend and I'm the full-on, supportive mom who is going to all the shows and working the lobby, helping out and loving every minute of it. He's awesome in the show, the other kids are awesome in the show... just great fun! Next show is Chorus Line and there is talk of him doing Guys and Dolls which will be scheduled before Chorus Line opens... So, it's always something.

As for what's been going on with me. Well, I had some pretty cool news. Last year was my "Let's get healthy year"... Resolution came late, March... but it was, let's lose this weight and well, you all know where I am with that... This year, my resolution was... I'm going to write a book on the weight loss journey and I want to get in a magazine with my weightloss story. Well, the "news" is that my sister-in-law ran into someone who works for a very well known magazine and was telling her about my weightloss success... and this magazine happens to have a very well known issue that comes out once a year and I guess this person has the ability to write my story for that issue and made the offer to do so! Sooooo, I am currently MORE motivated to keep on with my journey to keep striving for my goal. We have an email address and an offer, so I'm going to do all in my power to deliver the "goods" so to speak and then it's in God's hands. If it's meant to be, it'll happen. I'm very excited, though!

I needed this boost of motivation, that's for sure. I was just hovering and now I'm NOT. I have been amping up the exercising. At my place of employment, we have an indoor walking path outlined for the employees... it's a loop that includes two floors, connected by two stairwells. I can complete 6 loops in 15 minutes and I've taken to walking on both of my breaks. So, I started Tuesday at my second break and have been going strong ever since. I also have been coming home and walking with my Leslie Sansone walking dvd's as well. 3 miles both yesterday and tonight. I really think that upping the activity will show up on the scale and I'm very excited to see my weigh in on Monday! Even though I do tend to jump on the scale daily...

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GRACIE4ONE 2/26/2013 10:52PM

    I wish you all the best, because i know you deserve it!

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CLPURNELL 2/23/2013 4:19PM

    You and I are so similar I also want to write a book this year. Not just on weight loss but the difference having a positive outlook and spirit can have on your life. Congrats on the great opportunity I am praying that it comes through!!!!

emoticon emoticon emoticon

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ROCKMAN6797 2/23/2013 2:57PM

    Awesome news, I hope it is the right motivation to push forward!

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WACFIT 2/22/2013 2:37PM

    Congrats! Just use wisdom and don't overdo things. You have lost a lot of weight very quickly. I'm sure the magazine will feel more comfortable publishing your story if they know there is a doctor okaying things and keeping an eye out. I love your enthusiasm and positive attitude and hope it shines thru! Congrats to your son also. How fun!
emoticon emoticon

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Been hovering... and just in a funk...

Sunday, February 10, 2013

First time in my journey... I guess it's expected.

I've been in a funk. I've been stressed. Mostly financial. I guess we all get that. I'm so glad that I've done my taxes and am just now waiting. I'm waiting for that check to make things LESS STRESSFUL! The effects? Well, I eat when stressed. I wish I didn't. I guess old habits die hard and I didn't even think that I had any old habits when I've been so very good for almost a YEAR now! I thought you create NEW habits after what? 7 days? 21 days? What is that saying? Well, I guess it's not working in this girls' head.

So, I've discovered a few things about myself. I've discovered that I am healthier. Thank God! I've discovered that nearly 10 months, or 10 months (since March 19, 2012) of eating healthy and nearly 9 months of exercising religiously, have made me healthier on the inside... because, even though I have been eating things I should not have been eating (cupcakes, which is seeming to become a wierd pattern as these aren't really things I ate in the past, but for some reason they are snacks of the "now world" I think... anyway, pizza, which I don't feel is horrible, as I have had that throughout the diet, just not as "often" as lately, and bread)... just stuff that I haven't really had in doses that I haven't had it over the past 10 months. Anyway, I've only gained 3 lbs! I haven't stopped eating most of the foods on the plan I follow, so maybe it's that. I sort of have stopped most of the exercise, but not completely.. just not as intensely.

I'm thinking that maybe I have built up lean muscle, which burns calories more efficiently (I hear). Maybe, from being healthier, my metabolism is much higher, and I'm processing things much better... I'm not really sure. It's sort of a mystery to me that I'm not being that "good" yet I'm not showing it on the scale...

However, with all that said, I'm BACK on track. So, I do hope that I'm not derailed TOO much to see my goal too far away (or rather, further, away). I guess, I can't be "perfect" all the time (and yes, I do TRY to be, even though I do realize no one can be)... It's the A-type personality in me. First born and all that, you know. Sort of snaps me back into reality and throws the "You are only human" saying into my mind.

Stress... I did just post something about that recently somewhere... about 5 minutes of stress allows 6 hours of a breakdown of your immunity or something like that.. then BAM... this goes and happens... and Boy, does it ever! I've been a bit under the weather as well... and the eating, and the feeling "in a funk"... I don't get depressed... I won't say that is what I was feeling... in a funk way better expresses what I was feeling. I'm a very upbeat person... but when I'm "in a funk" it's just that I get introspective... I don't want to talk, to post, to do much more than read, watch tv, sleep, read more...

What I was doing alot of was watching Dr Oz and Ellen shows. I love to watch Ellen, because she's about one of the only people I feel is about as positive as I am! LOL I truly love her spirit... I smile when I watch her and I laugh when she laughs and I just GET her! She's a beautiful person and if I could be anyone else in the world (if I wanted to be, as I like being me, actually)... but I'd want to be her. Anyway... her and Dr Oz... but his shows get a bit repetitive.. but I have been trying to gleam as much info as I can... and reading tons of books on weightloss just to see if there are any little "tweaks" or things I can use or just think about.

I found a few. I already do quite a few things that are mentioned all over that show. Have been for months. Anyway... One thing I'm going to try is the ginger tea for bloating. I already have green tea all the time, so I'm going to look for decaf ginger tea, don't need anything caffeinated, that's for sure... but I'll try to find something today. Anyway, the other thing I'm going to try is Cayenne before a workout. Who's heard of this? 200 mg taken 1 hr before a workout is supposed to help you burn 40% more calories. Really? I'll give it a try. Jorge Cruise gave me that tip and I already use his 8 minute moves in the morning and they are soooo amazing and I totally feel them working, so I'm IN with what he suggests! Another supplement I'm going to give a whirl is CLA. Read about it in "The Eat-Clean Diet" by Tosca Reno and also again, on the Dr Oz show... we'll see. I'm going to STOP taking the Green Coffee Bean extract... not too much really studied about it and just not too sure it's really helping or not helping actually... I think I'm losing same rate as I always was.

I like that the CLA is more than just for the fat, but also an Anti-carcinogen and also an anti-inflammatory, so with my arthritis, I love that.

I also am going to add drinking water first thing in the morning, before I even drink my warm lemon water... which I usually have after I shower and dress... so there is usually a bit of a delay.. been reading up a bit on getting water in first thing as a bit of a benefit.

We'll see... nothing seems harmful to try... I never like to try things that seem too drastic.. just little tweaks. Everything else I'm very happy with... just need to stop the off plan and get back ON PLAN... re-focus and get rid of the stress... that isn't good for anyone!

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CLPURNELL 2/11/2013 9:13PM

    It always helps to mix it up when you find yourself hovering!! You have lost a tremendous amount of weight in a relatively short period. It is quite reasonable for you body to go through adjustment plateaus. Hopefully this funk will pass before you know it!


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ROCKMAN6797 2/11/2013 8:07PM

    Stress certainly can impact one's life. How we choose to deal with stress is the key. I like to run when I feel stress. There is something about being able to push myself to exhaustion that I find relieves my stress. I find that boredom is my arch nemesis. When I am bored I snack.
BTW, blogging is an excellent way to be true yourself.
You have got this!


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FP4HLOSER 2/10/2013 7:42PM

    emoticon I have a lot going on too! Staying on track as best I can because I know if I don't I will feel like crap!

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WACFIT 2/10/2013 6:20PM

    emoticon Let us know how the tweaks work out. You'll get through this funk just fine.

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Stress and The Spark...

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Today, I was reading The Spark by Chris Downie (Founder, CEO and Motivation Expert of and a line in it stood out to me and I can't seem to get it out of my head... That line is... Just five minutes of stress can leave your immune system vulnerable for nearly six hours. WOW! How truly insane is that? I knew that stress can leave a huge mark, and even lead to death, it's that serious... but to have it's effects measured out so simply and in such a huge variance has just stuck with me all day.

Luckily, I've always been one to deal with stress fairly well. I am not sure why. Maybe it's the "California" in me, just the laid back attitude I have or just knowing that there isn't much that can be done about something that has already happened. I recently saw an episode of Ellen where she had this woman on who was 105 yrs old... she asked the woman what her secret was to living to that age... and the woman answered... "I never let things bother me that I have no control over" or something to that effect. I'm very much the same way. Plus, I have alot of hobbies that are tedious lol Cardmaking or other things that my friends seem to think are just "busy work" that they couldn't even be bothered with... they usually make a comment, "No wonder you are so calm all the time"... So, I think that must help me as well... who knows.

I truly feel that having less stress in my life helps me sleep at night... my husband seems to be a terrible sleeper and alot of my friends are as well. I've always been a very sound sleeper and I can probably count on my hand the very few times I've had troubles sleeping and it's usually involved my mind not shutting off (which I'll chalk up to a bit of stress) lol I think there is a link.

I know there are lots of other reasons for lack of sleep or reasons for stress... but I was just randomly talking about stress and that line and how it just stuck with me... does it shock you? What do you think of it?

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FP4HLOSER 2/2/2013 11:15AM

    I feel that my hobbies (card making, quilting, jewelry making, etc) help calm me too! This was good to know Marie--thanks!

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CLPURNELL 2/1/2013 8:14PM

    I am very much the same as you. The simplicity of knowing what you have the power to control and what you don't and how to let things go I think is so powerful. Like you my personality is that that comes a lot easier to me than most. That is why I too sleep well all the time. So I believe every word of your blog!

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ROCKMAN6797 2/1/2013 5:20PM

    It definitely must be the California in us because I am the same way. I don't get stressed about most things, choosing to deal with them as they need to be dealt with and then on to the next "fire." I, too, have no difficulty sleeping as I sleep like a rock whenever I have lay my head on a pillow.


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WACFIT 2/1/2013 12:31PM

    Yes, it surprise me that they can quantify it like that. I knew stress was bad for you of course. I tend to let myself stress too much. I like what the old lady said which reminds me of the scripture about how worrying won't add one hour to your life...Mat 6:27
Good blog.

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Winter is an adjustment...

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

One of the biggest adjustments with my weightloss so far has been adjusting to the colder winter temps. In fact, this has NEVER been a problem for me, til NOW.

I am, well, I WAS, one of "THOSE" people who barely wore coats in winter. I was constantly asked "Where is your coat?" and I'd have a long sleeved sweater and tell them, oh, this is good enough... and it was. I'd pretty much need the thermostat to drop below 30 degrees and then I'd wear the long sleeves... anything above 40 degrees, well short sleeves would do.

Not anymore. Since I've lost over 100 lbs (that would probably be when it all changed)... sleeves aren't the only requirements and 40 degrees isn't the cut off. I think 50 degrees has me pulling out not only sleeves, but sweats, two pairs of socks, maybe a 2nd pair of pants, at least 2 shirts, sleeves are a definite, jacket, definitely, scarf, absolutely and this isn't just in my waking hours... I need this when I go to bed, too and I am still shivering!

My husband has lost 70 lbs and doesn't seem affected by the cold at all. My son is 16 and thin and just laughs at me and shakes his head. I seem to be the odd one in the house at the moment...

When I was larger, I used to tell my thin friends that they just needed to put a bit of meat on their bones to warm up... now I feel they must be laughing at me a bit since I'm the one who is always cold.

Anyone else who has lost quite a bit of weight experiencing this type of adjustment to the elements??? When will my body adjust to this? I still have 81 lbs left to lose, will I be even COLDER next winter? I can't even imagine! Please help me! Any tips would be totally appreciated!!! I feel like I'm near death at times... and I can't even imagine getting through another couple of months, to be honest! I sure hope I can adjust quickly to this...

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CLPURNELL 1/30/2013 6:26PM

    I have always been cold even at my heaviest. So i feel your pain lol.

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MISSYGEEN 1/30/2013 2:43PM

    I never hear of this. But I am anemic and always cold too. A good reason for warm green tea. emoticon

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WACFIT 1/30/2013 12:50PM

    My friend lost about the same amount as you and is always cold now. I have a long way to go and hoping I don't get any colder as I have always been a 'freeze bug' even at a heavy weight. I guess drink hot tea, take vacations to warmer climates in the winter, and bundle up? Good luck!

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ROCKMAN6797 1/30/2013 10:09AM

    I, too, am much colder since I lost my weight! I never wore sweaters, jackets, or any outer clothing when I was obese. In fact I remember sweating when it was chilly! Now I only sweat when I am working out hard and I need to wear a sweater or jacket whenever I go outside! It was definitely a challenge to accept this but I have and now I make sure I have a light jacket available wherever I go. Isn't it funny the "obstacles" one encounters?

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KATRINAKRAUT 1/29/2013 11:57PM

    Unfortunately, I went the opposite direction. When I was thin, I never seemed to be cold but I think it had to do with the climate. Sunny, dry cold of the Rocky Mountains or sunny, dry heat of Southern California. Then I moved to the PacificNorthwest and I am always cold and I I want to fill myself up with warm comforting foods. Sandwiches have zero appeal. I have soup everyday for lunch. And I have gained 35 pounds in the past 7 years( although I am now losing a bit of that flab). So even though I have an Insulating layer, I am always cold. I wear fleece from head to toe. Silly isn't it.

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Ivan and I have hit 200 lbs lost!

Friday, January 25, 2013

We've lost 200.5 lbs as of today!

As of today, Ivan is down 70 lbs (still trying to catch up to his 73 lbs lost, he's almost there...) and I am down 130.5 lbs.

We celebrated by going out to our favorite Indian buffet. I was a bit disappointed that almost all their vegetarian offerings had potatoes... but still, we did enjoy the foods. I love potatoes, don't get me wrong, but I enjoy that usually when we go, we get lots of just veggie offerings that don't have tons of carbs for me to watch for. But, it was a treat and we've been so good. I didn't overdo on the rice or the naan, so I am fairly sure that today was still very healthy for us, and I know that Indian spices are so very healthy and good for you... so I know that always makes me feel so much better as well.

We are just relaxing a bit here at home, and will head out in about 15 minutes to beat some snow that may come down, as we have to make a drive north to see my son perform at a District Band concert. Districts is where he auditions to hold a position that only a few in surrounding schools get the honor of being chosen to perform in. So, this is quite exciting. He chose to go in with a baritone horn, as his normal instrument of trumpet had a bit too much competition and I guess that strategy paid off, since he made the cut. So, we are headed up to see the concert. He went up on Wednesday and has been there for the past few days and it's all been sponsored by the school (room and travel/food), which is pretty cool. He really enjoys being so immersed in music like that, so I know it's a great experience for him. I'm very eager to see the concert tonight and bring him back home.

It's been a slow'ish week for exercise for me, as I feel I've been fighting a cold. Even though I've still been losing a bit of weight. I've only been walking 1-2 miles a night and just keeping on top of the food, really. Getting lots of rest as well. As soon as the concert is over tonight, my son goes straight into performing 2 live shows this weekend of Les Mis'. We've been super busy and it's been so hard trying to fit all of it in, but I'm trying to do it all.

I know that there are alot of us out there that juggle family life and our own personal goals and then in the bitter of winter (and this past week here in the Northeast, it's been SUPER BITTER), it's hard to do all of it and not get sick on top of it all... but it is still important to try to keep up with all of it. I am still very focused on my weight loss goals and I do get the fitness in. I am dialing back the 4 and 5 mile workouts to 1 and 2 miles when I'm feeling a bit under the weather, but at least I'm still keeping up with it. I know it's helping my immune system from having me literally falling into bed and not able to get up, like I was last winter before I started my journey. Last winter, I had walking pneumonia, followed by a sinus infection, followed by a throat infection. I was sick for 3 months solid...

This little cough thing? This is the only big of sick I've been since I started my journey. I can manage this. At least, I hope and pray this is all I have to manage! LOL

LOL I just sort of re-read this... I must be just a bit sick... this post is sort of all over the place... forgive me. And, I'll try to post a pic of my son with us from the concert to my gallery a bit later... Thanks everyone for following my journey! I love that I know you are all out there watching and keeping up with my story!

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MIRFA71 1/27/2013 1:14PM

    emoticon emoticon Great !! emoticon

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DIANER2014 1/27/2013 12:55PM

    Congratulations to you and Ivan! What amazing progress! emoticon emoticon

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COOKIE_AT_51 1/27/2013 6:01AM

    That is great ... how amazing! emoticon

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PURPLE180 1/26/2013 3:45PM

    emoticon job! You both look FABULOUS and I bet you feel AMAZING. emoticon and emoticon !!!

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ROCKMAN6797 1/26/2013 2:40PM

    Congratulations to the both of you! It is so much better when you have support in your journey to a healthier life. Both of you ought to be extremely proud of your accomplishment! Well done!


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LEANNROCKS 1/26/2013 11:36AM

    Marie, when I first joined this team, you were just about to cross 100# lost. What an inspiration you are!


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WACFIT 1/25/2013 7:30PM

    emoticon emoticon

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CHANGING-TURTLE 1/25/2013 7:22PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon

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HEART4HOME 1/25/2013 7:10PM

    emoticon emoticon Keep up the good work and so happy for your son. Have an awesome weekend.

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JUSTAGIRL45 1/25/2013 6:32PM

    You two are amazing!
I love the new pic too!!

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CLPURNELL 1/25/2013 6:14PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

You guys are doing great!!

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FP4HLOSER 1/25/2013 6:04PM

    emoticon Hope you feel better soon Marie!

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CHRIMSONFYRE 1/25/2013 5:05PM

    emoticon emoticon
I love Indian food!

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DAWNESS0404 1/25/2013 4:32PM


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SARALEE11 1/25/2013 4:14PM

    Woo hoo for you both!!

And super-cool about District! Both our kids made it this year (daughter has made 6 years in a row, on clarinet, and son's first year this year - percussion)! As a matter of fact, a handful from the district are at All-State right now, including my daughter!!! The only one from her band @ HS. She was so shocked & excited. The concert is about 3 hrs. south, tomorrow :))


ps Hope you don't get sicker-er. I'm avoiding it at all cost!

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BOTTLEDIGGER 1/25/2013 3:53PM

    Congratulations to the whole you and Ivan with the 200 plus lbs lost and to your son with making the cut and getting to perform at the District Band proud of all of, if I can just get my act together I can join you on the DOWNHILL journey instead of teetering around with the same 3 or 4 believe in yourself and as I have said before..."You have the are making it a reality...." Keep spreading that positive, I just need to start believing that I can, too!!! Hope you feel better and hugs to your little musician...have a fun day and night!!!!!!!! Enjoy the concert and take lots of pictures!!!!

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LRB444 1/25/2013 3:48PM


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NGCHILD 1/25/2013 3:10PM

    Congrats to you and Ivan! Amazing progress!!

emoticon emoticon emoticon

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