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What a successful day... blogging...

Thursday, September 13, 2012

I have been very busy today... I took the day off work today. I started off this year with pneumonia, then a throat infection and then a sinus infection! LOL Not quite a good start. I used up alot of days off from work, plus I had a vacation in July, which was shortened because of being sick... but had 1 day left.

This is the time of year, I tend to just work, work, work til the end... taking advantage of the 2 days off at Thanksgiving and the 1 day for Christmas and 1 for New Years Eve... so it's not really that bad... but today, well. I needed a ME day!

I've been really ramping up my presence on Sparkpeople and joined a few teams... the first one and the one I'm the most visible is in the 17 Day Diet team. Such an amazing group of ladies!

I've lost 83 lbs thus far and just wanted to join teams that I could relate different parts of my life to. Diet, check... so I went hunting down a team for Leslie Sansone walking tapes (the majority of the exercise I do)... then one for people losing 200+ lbs (way similar stories there) and well, you get the idea... I'm covering ALL the bases!

I realized that I didn't have ANY blogs. Blogging and me go way back... I've had several and I always get to the point of not keeping them up... I'm working on that. However, I am always here in Sparkpeople... so thought, why not try again. Plus, I'm currently on the path of losing ALOT of weight, so my other blogs would only be diet-centric anyway lol No need to bore people who aren't interested in all that! So, I got to blogging today... and blogging, and blogging... I've just about covered my life story! LOL It's back to work for me tomorrow, party tomorrow night, Saturday morning lake walk, new free spanish class I'm trying afterwards, then a battle of the bands down in our town square after that... well, you get it... I'll be busy!

I'm a talker (NO!, you don't say!... I'd have NEVER guessed)... but yes, I am. I can talk about anything, anytime, and my blog will probably reflect tons of random thoughts or interests or just ME.

Things you might read about me, posted by me. Let's see...

1. I'm married to the most amazing funny guy! He's my best friend. He's brilliant (no, really! I fell in love with his mind way before anything else) In fact, this was his last facebook status update (I'm sharing, because I think it sums up his sense of humor, so you'll all get a feeling of what he's about and why I love him so darn much...)

Dieting can certainly mess with your head. I was shaving last night, squirted some shaving cream onto my hand, and just for one moment, I swear, if there had been a slice of apple pie anywhere nearby I would have loaded it with that shaving cream and gone to town on it's ass. I recovered quickly from this moment of deluded weakness , but still, better make sure the bathroom is kept a pastry free zone. How embarrassing would it be to have to go to E.R. and explain eating a can of shaving cream?

Get it? Thought so.

2. I have THE most amazing, smart, funny child (of course I feel that way and I know you all feel that way of your children, too! That's the #1 job of being a mom, right?)... my son. Christopher. He's 15, sophomore in High School. He's in the Marching Band, honors classes and currently rehearsing as Brad in his second show ever, Rocky Horror Picture Show (pretty progressive, I know... and not popular with alot of the parents, but it is what it is.. at least I know where he is at night and I much prefer it to other places)... His first part was ensemble in RENT (yeah, I know... lol)

3. I sell Avon... love it. I'm not at all pushy about it, but may mention it from time to time. I love all the jewelry, makeup, nail polishes, etc... and I'm modeling all of it all the time at work! People look now and my sales have gone up. Fun!

4. I love to craft. I like scrapbooking, cardmaking, paper'y stuff... I even make necklaces and I do a few craft shows a year... my next one is November 10th this year. I haven't had tons of time to craft, but winters are much better times for me to even think about doing it.. as we are stuck indoors more often with the cold winters up here in Northeast Pennsylvania.

5. I am VERY diet/exercise focused right now.... it's about all I talk about. On the diet I'm on (adapted to our lifestyle), the Dr. Mike Moreno who designed it says "You can do anything for 17 days"... well, I'm focused on losing all this weight and figure I'll be at it for at least another year... small price to pay for a lifetime of being healthy, so talk I will... and it's what I'm focused on now.

6. I like photography... I like flowers... I like scenery... I like day trips... from time to time, you may get to see some of what I do and hear me talk about where I went, etc.

7. I LOVE TV. I'm totally that child who grew up watching it and I don't think I turned out to bad. I watch lots of shows... and love Tivo for making it way more easy to watch it on MY TIME and not have my life revolve around being home to catch shows. I watch dramas with my hubby... almost all the food competitions... what can I say? I love food and always will... Food Network is probably on at least once a day in my house... we all watch it. I don't watch too many sitcoms, but do watch a few. And, hate to say it, but I do get sucked into some reality tv. Big Brother (TOTALLY), Project Runwy (aren't you?), So You Think You Can Dance (They are AMAZINGLY talented)... well, you get the idea... not really the ones like Dance Moms or Housewives or Jersey Shore, though... I do draw the line at some things..

Right now, I can't think of much else... but I find something I like... then tend to obsess on it, then move on to the next thing... it just is my creative mind at work.

I hope I can get to know some of you through shared interests as well as weightloss and exercise!

My hubby is sleeping now, I'm about to get some socks on and put in my Really Fast Miles LS DVD and get maybe a 3 or 4 mile workout in... Chris is at rehearsal tonight and I'll get some tv watched... then it's another work day tomorrow... this is my life!

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BOTTLEDIGGER 9/28/2012 6:55PM

    What a great blog...dang, I needed a good laugh....your husband and his shaving will have to tell him he got a good laugh all the way down in south Georgia...

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FP4HLOSER 9/14/2012 8:44AM

    I love reading your blogs Marie! I can relate to so much of what you say! emoticon

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CINNAMARIE 9/13/2012 7:38PM

    I so write the way I think... now I just need readers to read the way I think! LOL It sounds like that's you! :-) We are blessed!

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SINNIBLONDE 9/13/2012 3:56PM

    What fun to read your blog! Seems as if you write the way you talk or think. Me, too :)

Life is good, huh? Mine too!

We are so blessed!

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Marie's talk with herself (she's sounding pretty smart in this)...

Thursday, September 13, 2012

I had been on the plan about a week or so, when I was replying to someone's post about staying positive or whatever... All I remember was thinking... wow, it comes so easy to tell someone what to do, but I truly need to have this talk with myself! So, thought I'd share it with all of you... what I then sat down and wrote to myself...

I am posting this so that I can read it over and over and just when I feel down and defeated... over again and hope that it makes me THINK hard!

I've tried plans most of my adult life... and the fact that I'm here and starting the 17 Day Diet at age 44 and at near my highest weight ever... it just means that I've QUIT each and every one of those times.

For me, I get to the point where I feel that it's coming off so slowly that it won't matter if I go off for a day or so... as I can jump right back on and then continue losing it.. but I never do get back on track... All those wasted years...

Well, let's just think this through. WORST case scenario... I don't LOSE anything for every single day I'm on a "plan"... well... at least I'm eating healthier and if I'd have stuck with THOSE diets, I'd not be 100 lbs more than I was then!

OR... maybe I'm losing SUPER slow.... (1 lb a week). Well, multiply that by 52 weeks and what do you know? I'm down 52 lbs by this time next year. I'll TAKE IT!

Let's say I've lost say 7 lbs a month... doesn't seem fast enough for me at all... BUT.. 7 x 12 is 84 lbs... now, I'm almost 1/2 way to goal... WOW... to think that in 2 yrs I can be at GOAL??? That definitely isn't the path I've been on til now, but I truly want to be on that path!

Marie... breathe. Believe in yourself. You CAN do this and it doesn't matter how fast you do it... just that you DO IT. Do NOT give up. Enjoy that in a year you'll have lost a considerable amount of weight and that for the first time in years, you are closer to seeing the goal you have been striving for. I believe in you!

*oh, and I even posted this pic to go with this talk* lol

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BOTTLEDIGGER 9/28/2012 7:02PM

    Oh yeah...I forgot..."Pretty mean picture!" :)

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BOTTLEDIGGER 9/28/2012 7:01PM

    Boy, I am having a good time reading your blogs..I was thinking as I walked, day 1...long way to go...then I quickly shifted that and said hey...WHAT DOES IT MATTER AS LONG AS I AM WORKING TOWARD MY you said crunch the will all add up!!!!!

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FP4HLOSER 9/13/2012 7:43PM

    Marie---you may have posted that for you but I really needed that as well! Thank you! Thank you! I need to write my own pep talk to myself.

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SERVINGTHRUPT 9/13/2012 2:57PM

    What a great talkin' you gave yourself, and the best part is... YOU BELIEVED & still DO BELIEVE it, as it's apparent in your results.

You go Girl! As I've said before, and I'll keep saying, you're such an inspiration. Keep it up!

Kik emoticon

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Leslie Sansone... Thank you for getting me through exercise!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

I lost 36 lbs before I even attempted to exercise.

I had been on Weight Watchers before. I remember alot of the members throwing around Leslie Sansone's name and Walk Away the Pounds... I figured that walking would be a good way to ease into exercise... it's low impact... I had back and stiffness issues...

Thankfully, a co-worker of my husbands had commented on how great he looked! His belly was the first to disappear, so everyone noticed... I was down about 36 lbs so basically, NO ONE noticed! Maybe my husband did, but no one else.

That's the thing with carrying so much weight. You have to nearly drop a person to have it noticed... Then you start to get comments like "Did you do something to your hair?" and inside you sigh and just say, "no, but I've lost 50 lbs!" lol

Anyway, enough about the insight to losing weight and trying to stay motivated when no one around seems to be noticing! uggh... part of it, I'm afraid.

Back to the workouts... This co-worker of my husband's shared with me that she was exercising to Leslie Sansone tapes... I was all excited and asked if she'd lend it to me, just to see what it was about and if I could do it. By about 10 minutes into the tape, I was on my Android ordering one from It was less than $10. Well, I got it about 3 days later and started with 1 mile.

I thought I was going to drop! I was moving way more than just walking in place, my heart rate was crazy fast and I was dripping sweat... but it was all do-able. I was hooked! I did about 5 days of 1 mile workouts... then the next week, tried 2. Then the following week, figured, let me see if 4 is just TOO crazy! Well, it was ok. Exhausting and I mainly do 3 mile workouts now, but I visit 4's and 5's from time to time. I rarely do less than a 2 mile workout anymore. I also stick to 5-6 nights week on average.

The other thing I started doing was walking outside on Saturday mornings. I live near a lake that is about a 5K in length with the course. Yearly, I had been participating in the local chapter of the Susan Komen Race for the Cure... but I had NEVER completed the entire 5 K... they offered a turn off at 1 mile... I took that... until last year with my back problems I actually did less than a mile (funny thing, though, I timed it just as the photographer from the local paper snapped a pic, so I made the front page)... It sure looked like I completed the race in that picture!

My goal this year was to finish that race and so I started about 8 weeks ago walking the lake. I found a friend to do this with... She and I would go and do our best... reporting times like 1 hour and 45 minutes (our first walk)... and now we do it in about 1 hr 20 min.

I finished this years race at 1 hr and 9 min! Next year, maybe I'll jog... not sure... but I do want to give myself another goal to try to reach.

I have lost 83 lbs as of today (not even a full 6 months into this journey) and I feel great... I feel super motivated and I've been motivating others left and right. People at work are constantly telling me how much my body has changed... They are telling me they want to do what I'm doing... I've passed the diet on to so many people that I have lost count.

I post weekly weigh ins on my facebook page and every now and then, I'll hear from someone who isn't a regular poster and they tell me that they've lost 30 lbs thanks to me, because they knew that they would see my success every single week and know that I was really doing ALL I could to lose this weight and it was inspiring them to do the same.

I'm definitely on the path to good health. I really feel that the 17 DD has taught me a different relationship with food and for that I'm so very grateful! I can still eat good food, but now, I know which foods I should stay away from and which foods I can eat. It helps.

I've got so many little goals... but with the amount of weight I need to lose (about a minimum of 120 lbs more)... I hit goals all the time.

Just last week, I got below 300! I haven't done that in about 15 yrs!

Three blogs to fill you all in on where I am at now... and I promise to keep up with it and post more... throughout my journey! Thanks for reading!

Pic snapped last week...

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BOTTLEDIGGER 9/26/2012 11:13AM

    I enjoy walking to my mailbox...down a dirt road and back takes about 45 minutes. It is 2.6 miles problem is consistency...I will walk 3 or 4 times a week then go a week without doing is not that I am to sore to walk...guess it is a motivation thing. My friend told me about the Leslie Sansone tapes so maybe I will get one and be motivated to use that when I do not want to go for 45 mile is definitely better than to get the 17dd book and read it to get me going....I started cutting back on carbs and drinking lemon water yesterday...I have visited a lot of Sparkpages trying to get my mind right and I will have to say that you are motivating me the most...thanks...

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CINNAMARIE 9/13/2012 2:08PM

    Thank you all so much for posting! ((FP4HLoser)), too!
Dotty7267, I feel that my legs still ache after doing the walks... but I push through... it's not really pain, and aches I can handle... I'm wondering if it's just that my body is changing so much as I'm just doing doing doing! Not sure... but it's not pain, so I'm good. How do you workout now (you mentioned that you started with the 1 mile workout)?
Terrri, yes, you should check her out... I understand from so many others that she is on youtube... give it a go. As for outside, I recruited a friend to go with me. After four walks (a month), she finally gave in and tried the 17 DD and she is now down 26 lbs since we started walking... I talk throughout the walk (and listen, as I am sometimes breathing fairly heavily) LOL I have walked a couple of times on my own outdoors and yes, then, I'd totally take my zune and listen to a fast paced music.
SgtSunny, I just posted all three blogs this morning, I'm already amazed at how many have posted! This site is so full of supportive people! I love it!
CaycesMom, It's NOT at all creepy... I know that so many here can relate, truly relate... so I feel proud of everyone here as well!

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CAYCESMOM 9/13/2012 12:35PM

    You look great!! Thanks for the blog. Very inspiring and upbeat! I definitely needed that today (work issues). I am so proud of you (even though I don't know you, so I hope that's not creepy, lol).

I hope you have a great day and continuted success on your journey!

Kelly emoticon emoticon

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SGTSUNNY 9/13/2012 12:24PM

    I sure can see a big difference! I am surprised more people do not comment. I love LS too, she is the best.

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TERRRI 9/13/2012 11:42AM

    Go Marie! The difference in the pics is amazing, especially the smile. Maybe I should check out this walking tape. I am still not on the exercise train but walking outside would be a good place to start. Do you wear headphones while outside?

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FP4HLOSER 9/13/2012 9:39AM


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DOTTY7267 9/13/2012 9:30AM

    emoticonYou look great! Keep up the great job that you are doing - 83 pounds is tremendous. I started out with those workout DVDs also; especially when I felt I was too heavy for the gym. My feet initially ached when I stood on them or walked longer than 15 minutes, so I started out doing the 1 mile workout. emoticon emoticon emoticon

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The plan that worked for us... (17 Day Diet)...

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Back in March of this year, 2012. I was at work... found a Woman's World magazine and read the featured diet. It happened to be the 17 Day Diet by Dr. Mike Moreno.

What stood out to me was the words "Unlimited"... (a must for a husband who needed to be "full" after every meal) and fruits and probiotics... (well, not technically, probiotics... I saw in my mind "Dairy").

I had tried Atkins once before, thinking who doesn't want to eat unlimited amts of bacon and meats? Well, that lasted like a few hours! LOL I remember craving MILK big time on that diet and I'm not a huge milk drinker. I also remember not having many fruits (I never lasted to the stage of when stuff was re-introduced)...

Anyway, I always felt that I'd feel better if I ate a diet that represented lots of different healthy foods... So the 17 DD really appealed to me. Plus, I thought it could work for us. I was soooo excited about it... came home, showed my husband and he must have liked what he read as well, because he said... "Ok, we'll try it".

We would be lying if we said that we didn't have a goodbye to carb weekend prior to Monday, March 19th of starting...

He ate his french fries... I ate my pasta... two full days of enjoying it, thinking we'll get back to it after we gave this diet a good try.

Well, we started and in the first 17 days, I think he lost 21 lbs and I lost 20! Talk about motivation!

First, let me tell you that I needed to do something. In the past few years, I have had 5 epidurals. I have degenerative arthritis in my lower back and right hip. I would have days that I could NOT get out of bed and would have to call off work and then not be able to move for several days afterwards. This happened too many times... I feared that I'd lose my job, or just lose the ability to move ever again!

Thankfully, my blood pressure and sugars and all that were never a problem, however, I was a ticking time bomb... I was somehow holding that off... but it was going to happen, if I kept on the way I was.

In March, I couldn't remain standing more than 3 minutes. I couldn't walk to my car after work without my back spasm'ing and me doubling over in pain and having to wait til I can continue the walk to my car!

I knew that I was facing a life of immobility and that wasn't what I wanted. Plus, I was pretty sick of those super long needles going into my back.

After the 20 lbs, I lost another 16 before I even tried to exercise.

(to be continued)

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

SGTSUNNY 9/13/2012 11:59AM

    Good job! I can't wait to hear part two! I am on day 10 and am looking forward to having a great time on the 17DD!

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FP4HLOSER 9/13/2012 9:36AM

    Shared your story yesterday with my niece who lives with us. You are very inspiring!

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CINNAMARIE 9/13/2012 9:16AM

    Anytime! Thanks for reading!

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ELRIDDICK 9/13/2012 8:54AM

  Thanks for sharing

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About time I started a blog...

Thursday, September 13, 2012

I have struggled with my weight my entire life! I've only known "thin" twice.

I started gaining weight in the 2nd grade... and just got bigger and bigger til I graduated high school at 280 lbs! Not a great place to be for an 18 yr old. My parents were large people... always had been. I had Aunt and Uncles who were big. It's pretty much all I knew. My parents never really knew how to be active or how to eat healthy. It's what I learned. My Aunt Carol was thin... this was my dad's sister. She never had any children of her own, so she and I always had a very special relationship. When I graduated high school, she asked me to move in with her.

I quickly discovered that it was her way of getting me learning a different way of living. I found out that was her sneaky plan quite quickly. If I wanted to go somewhere (I didn't have a car)... she told me to walk there. If I wanted to eat something, she told me to cook it. If I wanted to get something from the store... yep, you guessed it... walk. Thankfully, the store was about 2 blocks away and the college was about the same distance... she definitely wanted me in college, so I started walking everywhere. If she said "Let's talk", it meant we were going for a walk. We never sat at the kitchen table to talk... we always went walking and talking. There was a pool at the complex we lived in and I used to be in the swim team.... so she said she'd go with me... I got to the point of swimming 100 laps a night with her sitting there counting them out for me. It was never a drill sargeant type of thing, too... it was support. It was being there with me every step of the way. I lost 100 lbs that first year... and besides all the walking I did and the swimming, I seriously don't remember losing that weight... it just fell off.

She was married during this time and that marriage didn't last (go figure) LOL I think she spent more time with me than her husband (he wasn't right for her anyway lol) and she eventually moved out. At first, I joined a gym... felt that I needed that support somehow. Well, I got in a car accident... it kept me from the gym because I totalled my car and started having stiff neck/back issues. I lost my job... I eventually moved back home with mom and dad.

I eventually gained all 100 lbs back plus since then, 100 more.... I went back to how I had lived all my life... not much activity and a whole lot of food and tv! (I still love tv and food!)

I got married and had a child, moved to the East Coast away from all the family I knew and loved. I was ALONE. I married because I was pregnant and that's what you did when raised a good Catholic girl (well, I good Catholic girl wouldn't have gotten pregnant in the first place).. but that's another story! LOL This man I married wasn't even a friend. It was a horrible marriage. The only thing I had any control over was that I had a son that I did not want to grow up with weight issues. I made sure that even though I still ate poorly, I stopped the bread and butter for every meal (no lie). I made sure he knew what fruits and veggies were! I never bought soda, chips or candy/cookies/cakes... EVER! It wasn't for "the home". Didn't mean I didn't eat it... I did bake from time to time... I did eat out and buy it while out, but never brought it home.

The best lesson I learned FROM my son is that when I asked if he wanted "more" of something, he'd tell me "No, mommy, I'm full". "But what about desert?", "No, mommy, I'm full"... WOW. Really? Could this 3 yr old know the secret to weightloss??? Really? I mean, what a concept, right? Stop eating when full! I have to admit that I still struggle with this one... I just didn't grow up like that... it's a hard habit to break, seriously... I've been trying for over 40 yrs!

My son is 15, slim and active (not into sports, but he's got an active life)... I got divorced when he was 4... met my now husband and got married about a year later... we've been married 10 yrs this year and wow... it's just amazing when it's the right one, let me tell you. Anyway, since we've been married, he's gained about 80'ish lbs.

We tried diets... but he likes to eat ALOT and with things like WW, he hated counting and the foods he liked were always very high in points... he always felt hungry. I am a person who can pretty much follow any diet, no matter how bland.. but when he's sitting near me eating foods that I crave... well, it's been my mission to find us a plan that would work for him, thereby working for me.

I found it in March... I was at work and found a Woman's World magazine... read the featured diet and immediately felt like this was the one! I went home, got Ivan on board and officially started on March 19th... the diet is low on carbs, so I'll be honest... on the 17th and 18th, we had a goodbye to carb weekend. Him with his french fries and me with pasta.

to be continued...

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

CINNAMARIE 9/13/2012 11:32AM

    Same for me... this plan just fits us both perfectly.. we've incorporated recipes that we both enjoy and veggies... so it just works for us... we won't go back to how we were eating before... even though, he'll reach goal first, he likes this way of eating! :-)

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TERRRI 9/13/2012 11:12AM

    How nice that your DH is still on board. Mine did his own thing which is pretty much starve (from my point of view) and eat lots of raw veg and deprive himself. This is the way he approaches weight loss every time and I finally learned to not wait for him to be on board because for me that meant when he wasn't on board neither was I. LOL!

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CINNAMARIE 9/13/2012 9:17AM

    Thanks so much for reading!

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MABTE52 9/13/2012 8:46AM

    Thank you for sharinG

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