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Friday, January 23, 2009

So I lost 60 pounds last year, but then fell off the face of the planet. I didn't gain anything back, but I didn't lose my goal of 100 pounds either. So, here I am, going to start all over again. I was to the point where I could jog two miles without stopping, and now I have to go back to the beginning, bruises and sore muscles and anger at myself. It's alright though, starting again is better then not starting at all.


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RANGERAMPS 2/9/2009 10:59PM

    A net of zero is better than gaining half your weight back like me. Sounds like your a busy busy girl and to break even is great. I'm really trying to start over now doing at the very very least 12 min/miles of WATP (Walk Away the Pounds) everyday. I love doing WATP they are so easy and don't take that long to do. Good luck on your weight loss journey.

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GONANA 1/23/2009 5:00PM

    LIFE is all about do-overs. Welcome back and hope you enjoy your start over/do over!

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It's allliiive

Thursday, July 03, 2008

I am though, really. I've been doing a lot of preceptorships, internships and shadowing lately, that along with prepping for events I've just been a slacker about blog posts. I should have my stickers taken away, that would show me.

I haven't really lost or gained anything, I've just been maintaining. That is alright, but I feel like now's the time to push it a bit harder to start losing again. This heat though, man it makes it tough. My local college has an indoor track that's air conditioned though, which is where I might be jogging from today onward. It just doesn't make sense to do it in 90+ degree weather and die. Dying is a really bad way to get skinny.

I hope you're all doing well!


I am amused

Thursday, May 29, 2008


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SMLINGRL 6/5/2008 3:18PM


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    Oh dear! Hahaha! emoticon

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AJO085 5/29/2008 8:38PM

    omg satan!


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Um, how does this work?

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

So I'm the first to admit I've been craptastic for the last nearly two weeks. I've eaten crap, or nothing at all (which is just as bad), I've exercised like crap, I sound like crap, I've felt like crap. Crap is a fun word to say.

So now that I'm nearly better (I still sound like an 90 year old smoker) I thought for sure that when I faced the music, I would find that I've gained back something, probably a lot of somethings, right around my tushy area.

So I weigh myself, fully expecting to be devastated, to find that instead I lost five pounds (FIVE!) and that another pair of jeans fit.

Wow. That's all I've got to say about that.

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    Take it and run with it, hahaha! emoticon

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SAMANTHA212 5/28/2008 10:52PM

    Well you must have done something right! Congratulations!!!

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It's been nuts. Macadamia, to be precise.

Friday, May 23, 2008

I've been getting a lot of posts, comments and spark mail asking where I am and how I'm doing. So, to answer your questions:

1. Yes, I'm still alive. I think. Maybe.

2. No, I have not been kidnapped, eaten, abducted by aliens, murdered, nor did I run away to join the circus, but believe me, the last one is tempting.

3. I haven't fallen off the wagon, more like, getting dragged behind it by my hair.

It's been a rough week and a half. Dead week is looming over me like a gleeful death and I have all the projects and papers possible in the history of creation due. I'm probably exaggerating there, but only by a paper or two, honest. I somehow contracted a wicked little flu (I won't cough on you, I promise) which has made stuff difficult, ill timed, to say the least. I haven't done anything remotely resembling working out since last Saturday.

I've just had a hard time keeping everything scheduled and going on time. Two huge work projects are all due next week, I've got interviews for preceptorships and an internship in India that I'm preparing for (or pretending like I can avoid, I'm crazy nervous).

I've got personal projects going too. I do a lot of charity and volunteering projects that I head up, and for some reason it seems to be happy fun crunch due time for everything, like, yesterday.

The local Saturday Market has started as well, and since I staff a booth there until October (and I'm working with them to create and staff a first aid booth through summer) I feel like I lost a day. Or my mind. Or both.

So, I'm sorry for dropping the ball on everyone around here. I promise to get my act together, get organized and start checking in on time, answering my spark mail, and stalking you like you deserve.

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    Oh my goodness, you sound lke I was at the end of April.
GIrl, we have all been there. Don't worry - just make sure to keep your health in focus, that's the most important thing.

YOU ROCK! emoticon

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ZENKITTY54 5/23/2008 5:25PM

    Jeezzz!!! You make a convincing argument for human least once!!! Good luck with the billions of things on your plate and just drop us a blurb like the last one once in a while so we don't send out the cyberdogs!


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