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Influences and Arguments

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

When our world seems full of stress and others influence in our lives seems to only make things worse here is what is at the heart of it. We do not fight against our boss or our unruly neighbor. But what we fight against is those who have the power over us to influence our mindset and we yield to them by respecting them and giving them more credibility than to God. These are outward influences that attack us. They have a legal right to exist because we have given them that right to exist in that position. They have the power to convince our minds through our reasoning and judgement.
I am facing a very difficult situation at work. 90% of those who work there at this point are on the verge of quitting. One quit just the other night, one two weeks ago.... A certain person is saying things behind the boss's back and yet is getting promoted and not fired. The boss is aware of many things that have been said by this individual that are destructive to what we are trying to accomplish. Yet she remains. Myself and my co-workers feel that we are given no respect and have no dignity. We feel undermined and insignificant at every step. Because the doors have been opened it will continue. We hare having a huge meeting today and it is my prayer that fear will not keep those from speaking who need to. I pray for peace to return and a feeling that we are truly valued as we should be. I would appreciate any and all prayers. I am not one to remain quiet, but today is not my day to speak. Pray for boldness in my co-workers and for a receptive and humble heart in my bosses. Pray that this stronghold will be broken and that every argument will be demolished that tries to continue this destructive behavior. Pray for the peace of God to rule and reign. Thanks.

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3CATSLEP 4/19/2012 8:14AM

    I pray that you be filled by the Holy Spirit and He guides your tongue and you speak with the truth and boldness that is needed. emoticon

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PLAYBLUES22 4/18/2012 1:58PM

    Sweetie, I hope all goes well emoticon

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1CRAZYDOG 4/18/2012 11:42AM

    Awww . . . tough situation. Prayers being said.

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Courage and Fear

Monday, April 16, 2012

I see a lot of people who have fear in their relationships. I don't think there is a single person on this earth who does not fear something as far as their interpersonal relationships are concerned. A big one with me for years has been fear of rejection. I have seen a lot of people who will not speak up at work due to fear of retaliation in one respect or another. They see injustice and yet say nothing. They see hatred, yet they remain silent. When they are pushed to their breaking point, the snap, yet they continue to cower. They wait for someone else to step up and say what needs to be said. And it doesn't always happen. And the injustice and the hatred continue. The only thing that allows it to continue is a lack of resistance. The greatest revolutions in history happened because of one person who said enough is enough. Life will never change as long as we are content to keep quiet. It's time we looked fear in the face and told it just how little it really is. So many are standing there waiting for only one brave soul to take a stand. Bravery is joined by others of like mind and there is strength in numbers, even if those people are not at first evident, they will walk out from the shadows when they see a ray of hope. If we allow the injustice to continue, many more will suffer as we have. It is time to stand up. Fear is not to be feared. Let it be the thing that propels us to greatness. Our greatest heroes had fear, but did not give in to it. Who is man that is here to day and gone tomorrow? Who knows if it were for this very time and season that we were needed? Before your blood boils, choose to reduce the anger and put into action freedom for ourselves and for others. A single rock can change the course of a river. Speak up!

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3CATSLEP 4/16/2012 2:00PM

    Thanks, Cindy! You are absolutely right!!!

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PLAYBLUES22 4/16/2012 12:57PM

    What a great post, I just loved it emoticon

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True Wealth

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I bought a book years ago hoping that my father would pass along a part of him that would let us see who he truly was. It's a book called It's Your Story Pass It On. In the book it asks questions about your first job, your favorite job,things you wished you never knew, favorite toys as a child, things like that. It gives your ancestors a way to really get to know you. I started a search to know my ancestors this year. For some reason I really wanted to know my grandparents who both died by the time I was six months old. I didn't want to know the day they died and all that, but exactly who they were and what they liked to do. I got some interesting things back in my search from my sister and cousins who knew them. After all, isn't that who we really are? We are not just facts and numbers, but experiences and feelings. I encourage you to seek out those answers for yourself about those who still remain. I urge you to leave behind the answers someone will someday seek to know about who you are. That is where the wealth really lies that enriches all of our lives.

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MOMMA_BEAR_69 4/14/2012 3:46PM

    What a great idea. My parents are both deceased and so are my grandparents. It is difficult to find out information now but not impossible.

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YOYONOMORE1 4/10/2012 7:46PM

    A great idea. I wish my parents had written down things about them and their parents.


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PLAYBLUES22 4/10/2012 10:31AM

    Sweetie what a great idea emoticon

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ANIHAKA 4/10/2012 9:24AM

    What an awesome idea. In checking out ancestors you can find lots of "skeletons in the cupboard" but is also interesting. emoticon

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MONTREAL12 4/10/2012 9:19AM

  emoticon Thanks for sharing!

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Lifestyles to Enjoy Life

Monday, April 09, 2012

Making lifestyle changes is what it is all about. One small change added to another. Sometimes instead of looking at the benefits of a healthy lifestyle we need to look a little more negatively. Sadly this is a very negative world we live in some times. My mother-in-law might have given up smoking if she knew it would cost her getting to see her first grandchild graduate from high school. If you knew that eating high fat and high sugar meals and snacks would keep you from walking your daughter down the aisle wouldn't you want to change today?? Of course, we cannot see into the future. Sometimes it would be so nice to be able to. But as in the case of the Biblical story, even if someone was to return from the dead to warn their brothers they still would refuse to change. Why do we have to be so darn stubborn?! To change everything at once is not a good idea. It causes burn out in a short amount of time. So make one little change that you can live with then add another as it begins to feel more comfortable. Hang around others who are making a positive change in their lives and you will be more likely to as well. It is really hard, I know when you live with someone who just doesn't care. I live with one of those too. I started here just trying to drink more water. I hated the taste of water, and yes it does taste, but have learned how to make it something I now desire more than anything else. Then I struggled, and still do, to add more fruits and vegetables to my diet. At least I am making some effort to do so. I have also found an exercise that I have continued to do for two years now. I am aiming for a low goal that I want to achieve then as I can I sneak in an extra day. I am also adding strength training. This may help the most, but has been the last for me to add. The thing is... even if I am not perfect, I have made changes that I can live with. They are making me into a person I never thought I could be. I have not made my life uncomfortable by doing so because I have added them as I was ready to do so. I have cut back on my high blood pressure medications and hope to be off them completely by August. I have motivated others, though not yet my husband, to start on a weight loss program, if even for only three months at a time. I lure them with money in our office Biggest Loser contest :) So what is so worth giving up that you want to remain fat? I don't find anything in my life worth missing including the birth of my first or my fourteenth grand child. Nothing is worth missing the joys of seeing my son receive his doctorate. Life is so much more than food. I don't want to miss any of it. So I walk with Leslie Sansone and I chose another glass of water. I eat one more vegetable than I want to and I pick up those weights one more time. You can do this. Just change one small thing today, starting right now.

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KATIEJO5 4/9/2012 7:26PM

    Great wisdom here! Thanks for the encouragement!

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BAMAJAM 4/9/2012 2:05PM

  "Life is so much more than food" What a wonderful statement to keep in mind, and what a perfect statement to help us to reach our healthy goals. I too want to fully enjoy the important family events---- the CELEBRATIONS of life that are too special to miss!! Thanks for this message------

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Oh What Love

Sunday, April 08, 2012

I didn't care that God so loved the world, I wanted to know that He loved me. My soul begged for love and acceptance. I had always felt like an outcast and somehow inferior and powerless to combat it. The day that all that changed was the day I said take all of me or You will have none of me. I wanted Him to prove that I was worth it in that moment. I have never doubted it since that day some 30 years ago. Still I really don't know what all He did for me on that day on the cross. Oh yeah, I know the basics like you do, but there is so much more than I have even begun to uncover. What a love. We hated Him and He did it anyway. The pain He endured, we think of so lightly and truly don't or can't understand. But to Him it was well worth it. I want a greater revelation of all I gained at His expense. I got the better end of the deal I guarantee you. I can't imagine letting my sons die like that for anyone. I cannot imagine the pain that ripped through Mary's heart. It wasn't the end of the story, but just the beginning. It is good that we celebrate, how could we not even with a light understanding of exactly what happened. As we understand it better, it brings greater freedom. The past no longer matters and the future is brilliant, not just shining. We were held captive and didn't even know it. We still are today but because and only because we allow it by a lack of understanding the cross. Let us seek to uncover the glorious riches of the love displayed that day. One life, full of love, still changing the world today.

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3CATSLEP 4/8/2012 4:34PM

    And what a beautiful and pure love it is!!! Happy Easter, Cindy!

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