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I want a perfect life!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Today I am taking an unplanned vacation day, and not for anything enjoyable. It's a day that I didn't really have to use since I have been burning through them pretty fast lately. I've used too many simply because I hate the new job I have been doing, but that's a whole different story!
Last night was very stressful! I am normally in bed by 8:30p.m. (I know, that's early) since I have to be up by 3:45a.m. but we got a phone call at around that time that made sleeping impossible. At 11:30 I was still waiting for another phone call to find out what was going on. When I finally got to bed I couldn't sleep because I was still worried, stressed, mad and really upset. Finally got to sleep and slept through the alarm and when I did wake up I had 15 minutes to get out the door, but was just so tired I knew I would never make it through the day at work. Being tired and not focused in this job is not an option, could cause some very expensive mistakes, and just simply not safe for me or others working in the area, (I play with chemicals and heat). Work was very good about letting me have the day off, no questions asked but I HATE leaving them short, makes it hard on everyone else in the area and your co-workers can make or break you in this job!
Today I am still waiting for a phone call to find out when we can pick my son up or what is going to happen. I am angry with him but also worried. He is an awesome kid but I can't understand how he got himself involved in the relationship he is in. She has always been nothing but drama and problems. She has hurt sooooo many people but she is the one always coming off as the victim. I know this for a fact since she was married to a close relative at one time and has two kids with him (and two other kids with two other men) and she was messing around with a different man while they were married. She got mad at him because he wouldn't buy her a different car, so while he was gone( he drives semi long haul) she took most of his stuff outside and burned it. When he got back she had him locked out, called the police and had he arrested, told the police he had threatened her. He went to jail and she was bragging about how she always gets her way. Then she had a restraining order put on him and his parents. The parents stopped by to see if they could visit their grandchildren, she called the cops and said they were harassing her. They are two of the nicest people ever, and I doubt that they would ever "harass" anyone. She is 14 years older then my son, what the hell is wrong with her!! He just turned 20 and this has been going on for two years that we know of, pretty sure it was going on longer but we can't prove it. I feel she is a pedophile. Believe me we tried ti stop it when we found out but he was 18 by that time so we didn't have many options.
Now my son is sitting in jail because she said he assaulted her. What I can't figure out is when. He was working late last night, didn't get off work until after 8p.m. and the police were called apparently around 4:00 in the afternoon. How does that work? I don't believe in violence and if he did do it, yes he better pay the price, but if she lied will she ever pay the price. We have heard rumors that she is seeing someone else (no surprise if she is) so is this just her way of getting rid of him? He worries me because I am scared of what he will do, since he really seems to love her, has given up seeing his friends and some family members for her since she didn't "like" them.
I feel so bad her children!
OK I know I have been rambling and venting and I'm sorry for that but didn't want to do something I would regret later and this seemed like the safest place for me to let loose with my anger!

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    Wow, she sounds like a piece of work. It sounds like your son has a very solid alibi if she's trying to say it happened yesterday. If he gets a lawyer, I would make sure they call the other men she has done this to as witnesses or anyone else she has screwed over. Get any character witnesses and such. Love can be blind but I pray this has opened his eyes!

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MARJORIEWRIGHT 9/25/2013 11:30AM

    Vent all you need. We are all here and it often helps just to get it out and have a shoulder to cry on. I hope everything works out for you and your son. Hope your day gets better soon.

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I blew it today.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Oh boy, I really blew it today. I needed to have an eye exam today so I could order new glasses and contacts so I called my daughter and asked if her and my granddaughter would like to come along with me. They did, (YEAH) so we decided we would have lunch before the exam since we had a little over an hour until my appointment once we got to the town (city?). Hu Hot was right next to where my appointment was, so we decided that would be easiest since we could just take the stroller along to the restaurant, eye doctor and mall afterwards.They were all right there!
I really like Hu Hot, and I swear once we walked through the doors into Hu Hot my brain left me and didn't return until I sat down at the computer just now!! Made the mistake of being really hungry when we got there so I ate, and then ate some more! No way of even coming close to trying to figure out the calories in what I ate while there. If that wasn't bad enough, after my eye exam we had time to walk around the mall ( the one good thing I did today was walk) while waiting for my glasses to be finished. My daughter got some really cute jeans for herself, a really cute outfit for the granddaughter and two nice shirts for her husband. That's about the time she said she needed something to drink and said we should stop at the coffee place, so we did and the brain was still sleeping. So I got some mocha blended espresso sugar filled large drink! A LARGE, no less!! What was I thinking????
By the time we got back to her house I was tired, it was dark and I still had to drive home from there, so no walk tonight, no real fitness of anything unless you count the time the granddaughter took off at a sprint and I ran after her while we were in the mall??? For such a short legged little thing, she sure can move!!
Tomorrow is the date I set for myself to quit smoking. I am getting worried, antsy and stressed out already, but I have to quit, it's long over due. The company I work for is also going to a completely smoke-free campus as of January 1st, 2014 so I don't want to wait until then to quit smoking!
Have a great weekend everyone!

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ELISARA2005 9/21/2013 6:04PM

    To commiserate, I had a movie night with my son *who is 4* and make a entire 70 count bag of pizza rolls. By the time the movie was over I had eaten almost 50!!!! I had consumed almost 1500 cals in one sitting. My point is that sometimes, it just happens. I think as along as it is not a daily occurrence you'll be right back to where you need to be, in both mind and body. The bigger picture? You had a great time with your daughter and grand-daughter. Next time, you might order a small coffee and realize then that its just enough to keep you going.

I wish you a happy week.

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FENWAYGIRL18 9/21/2013 12:55AM

    Boy I'm not going to make an eye appointment anytime soon hahaha I'm teasing... don't sweat what happened today we all have those brain dead moments where the scent of food takes over and we forget about calories and its not till we sit here and try and figure out what we did that we say wow I really messed up....
We're human and it sounds like you did have an enjoyable day with your daughter and grandchild.
Tomorrow is another day and you'll make better choices, leave Hu Hot (not sure what that is or what kind of food they serve) in the past along with the large coffee.
As far as the smoking did you know they have an E cigarette? It's like all the rage it looks like a cigarette and even looks lit but I guess you puff vapors I don't know much about it but might want to look into it...
Good Luck

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I don't want to!

Monday, September 16, 2013

I have been sitting here trying to get motivated to either walk or do a Richard Simmons dvd, but I don't want to do either. I mean I truly truly don't want to!!! Am tired after work and just want to sit here doing nothing and I can if I want to!! ...........But my Granddaughter called me on my way home from work and wants her "Hamma play you" which is her way of saying she wants me to play with her and if I am going to be able to do all the things she will be asking eventually I need to get healthy for me and her! I still don't want to but getting up off the chair is the biggest battle some days!!!! Soooo Herrrreee I goooooooo! emoticon

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CHUBBY_MOM 9/19/2013 5:11AM

    Thank you all for the encouragement! emoticon

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AMANDANCES 9/18/2013 10:00AM

    Kids can be so motivating! You CAN do it -- you have the best inspiration EVER!! :)

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ANGWHIT 9/16/2013 10:03PM

    It's great to hear that you know what your motivation is. Some times it just takes a little reminder to get us going.

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KACAR51 9/16/2013 8:40PM

    I know EXACTLY how you feel! Sometimes it is really hard to get motivated to move!
emoticon emoticon emoticon

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BLUEJEANS27 9/16/2013 8:08PM

    I used to be tired after work too and not want to exercise, so I switched to an early morning workout and I like it so-o-o-o much better. And it wakes my brain up in the AM too! emoticon

emoticon emoticon


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Friday, September 06, 2013

Well I did it. I bought a bike. Was going to go for a ride yesterday, got it out of the garage, rode up the drive, down the street and around the corner. I thought I was dying, I kid you not! My knees hurt so darn bad! It was like there wasn't enough room for all of me on that darn bike, and my balance left my as soon as I really had to pedal, was all over the street. Think I better do a little more walking first, and leave the bike for when it is a bit cooler, and darker! I'm sure the neighbors wondered what the heck I was trying to do!

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CHUBBY_MOM 9/16/2013 4:41PM

    Thanks for the encouragement with the bike riding. emoticon Have been walking now, trying to get up the courage to try the bike again! emoticon emoticon

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STEVEN_D 9/6/2013 10:45AM

    Yes, it does get easier, but be careful, you don't want to wipe out and then be hurt to where you can't do anything.

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KRISUA 9/6/2013 2:32AM

    Hahaa, sounds funny but you'll see the progress when after just one week you can do so much more!

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Motorcycle and bucket list

Sunday, September 01, 2013

I'm excited! Today, after many years of suggesting to my husband, that we go to Breeitbach's Country Dining in Balltown, Iowa, we are going. Even better, we are taking the motorcycle and afterwards we are going to take the ferry across the Mississippi into Cassville WI. I love riding and it sounds like today is going to be the perfect day for it. Yesterday we took off on the bike with no where in mind and rode for over three hours. Left after the granddaughter went home and I was pouting because she was gone! Saw some beautiful scenery that I had never seen before. The husband is good at just taking roads and seeing where we end up. Was a little nervous on the way back since is was dusk and the dark for the last hour. Night riding does make me nervous because of all the deer running, we live in a very rural area.
I know I won't be eating healthy today but I am ok with that, since it is a bucket list item and crossing by ferry is also a bucket list item, so Yep, I'm excited!
Have a great day everyone!


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