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Monday, March 14, 2011

Dumb question? Can you teach yourself to run, or at least jog? I've tried jogging on the treadmill and outside and let me tell you it wasn't pretty. I feel like I'm flopping all over the place, and when my feet hit the ground, it's like a great big jar runs through my body. No way is that relaxing to me! Am I not doing something right? Any ideas?? I read on here how so many of you enjoy running or jogging but I can't seem to get the hang of it!!
I bought a new scale today, a digital no more weighing-in on the freight scale at work. I did get a lower number though, which I liked, but I know it was because I wasn't wearing steel-toes work boots and a heavy sweatshirt over a t-shirt and heavy duty blue jeans, but I think I will be better able to track my true weight now.
Have a great night all and please give me ideas on the running thing!

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DDOORN 3/15/2011 10:28AM

    Running isn't for everyone. I've tried to PUSH myself into running and still have to admit: it's just not my thing. I can jog and even run okay, but it just doesn't feel good, isn't fun or anything. My suggestion: stick with what works for you. Perhaps in time return to trying to jog and see if it feels better. There are Couch to 5K SparkTeams that have a LOT of info and support for those looking to run. You can also check that out.


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ABAKER34 3/15/2011 9:04AM

    I tried jogging the other day and I just felt like I was bouncing all over the place! The only thing I could think of was "I hope no one is behind me watching my butt bounce"! I really want to become a runner though, but I think I'm going to stay with the eliptical until I become not so self conscious about my jiggly body!

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Tough week

Sunday, March 13, 2011

This has been a crazy week! Sunday night when I was getting ready for work I felt so tired, but then it had been a long night the night before and I didn't get my normal Sunday nap so I didn't think to much of it. As the night went on I just never "woke" up. Skipped going to the gym Monday morning and went straight home and to bed. When I got up Monday it felt like someone had pounded on my back and was now squeezing the heck out of my back and chest. It hurt to even take a breath. Ended up going to the doctor and was put on steroids because of some viral thing that caused swelling in the airway and lungs. No exercising at all, barely felt like getting out of bed until Thursday, and the doctor said the steroids would cause a weight gain, oh lucky me...LOL!! Finally made it to the gym on Friday but I think the damage was done for this week, didn't eat healthy at all this week, just grabbed what was there and back to bed, so am worried about weighing in on Monday morning.
One good thing is that at work we have started a Healthier You Challenge, not just the factory I work in but a whole company challenge. You have to have teams of at least 5 people and you track your steps, and if you want, your exercise minutes and daily weight lose. The winning team gets a pretty good prize. One more way to push myself towards my goals...YEAH!!!

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DDOORN 3/13/2011 8:35AM

    Oof! So sorry to hear of your health issues...but kudos to your workplace health challenge! The gauntlet is DOWN! :-)


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GURFLIP 3/13/2011 1:24AM

  That's an awesome way to push yourself and it's great that your company is supporting you. I think taking it one day and at a time and picking up where ever you happen to leave off is a great idea. :D

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what is wrong with me??

Monday, March 07, 2011

Well I am pretty sure I did it again......Sabotaged myself from any weight loss this week that is. Sometimes I just feel like throwing in the towel and giving up, want to eat what I want and don't want to exercise. It seems like it was just one of those weeks. I did exercise and did try to make healthy eating choices, but from Friday on the eating seemed to get out of control. I know it did and that made it worse because then I was angry with myself, so I ate more. I have my weigh-in in about 30 minutes and it isn't going to be good, I can just feel it. Need to just except what the scale says and move on, what is done is done, but why do I keep doing this? emoticon emoticon emoticon

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TBID227 3/7/2011 12:51PM

    Nothing is wrong with you! You have made this decision to get healthy. You and I and everyone else will mess up, its part of being human. Get back on track. Look at what you ate and why? As in, did you eat because you were hungry, upset, anxious, etc? Evaluate it from a third party perspective, then figure out what you can do differently next time. Use your mess up as a learning experience. I always remind myself that even the geniuses in life had to mess up lots, I mean, the light bulb was not created with one try, nor the airplane, etc. Hang in there and keep going! You will reach your goals!

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TIKATIK 3/7/2011 9:51AM

    Ditto on all this! I too have often done this in the past on many levels. If I screw up one meal, I would tell myself "oh well, this will be a free day" and then go nuts! This free day would usually turn into a few followed by defeat. Not this time. A screw up is no excuse not to continue. I like macilins comments about sparking every day. It does seem to make the pounds go away regardless of screw ups!

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ILUVDADA 3/7/2011 6:11AM

    I sooo understand. I have been doing the same thing for years. I"m continually trying to eat right and exercise. And when i don't see results, I quit and then I gorge on food. Or while I'm on my so called diet, I pick at unhealthy foods and the calories add up.
I just keep trying and trying and hoping that "this time" I will do it. I'm so tired of being that person watching all these weight loss shows and envying them.
My problem is not planning. I would have a menu of the foods I'm supposed to eat but get so busy or lazy that I find something quick. And even though it says it may be low in fat, I know it's not as good as eating clean. So I recently found that making my 5-6 meals ahead of time and putting them in the fridge. On them I put a time when I'm supposed to eat them. I just started doing that so I hope I can keep up with it.
Just keep getting back on track. Keep sparking.

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DDOORN 3/7/2011 5:26AM

    Try to re-play your downward spiral and look closely at each little step, each little decision that contributed. If you put yourself back into those circumstances what do you think you could have done differently to have tipped the scales toward success?

Mistakes are opportunities for learning! You really can DO THIS!! :-)


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MACILINN 3/7/2011 5:07AM

    Wow, Motivated you spoke to me too! chubby Mom, I get it, I am back from along holiday from Sparks, I do know that when I spark daily the pds go down. I get back on track much faster, and I have an answer handy. W/o sparks I flail with no direction. Keep sparking, your good work will catch up with you. It's nice to be back and hear there is hope out there, you are way ahead of me tonight. You go girl!!! You will be sexy mom soon!

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MOTIVATED-ME 3/7/2011 4:39AM

    We all make mistakes, this has happened to me as well, an lots of other people as well.

Getting back on track as soon as possible is the best way to deal with it.

Sometimes we have an "inner child" who likes to rebel against the restrictions we place on ourselves in order to live a healthy lifestyle.

Please remember that we make choices and we are not forced.

It helps me to have a "treat" day. I decide at the beginning of the week what I would like my "treat" to be, and when I'm declining things during the week I focus on the nice treat I'll get at the end of the week.

Also, it sounds like there may be an emotional eating component, so search sparkpeople for articles that could help.

emoticon emoticon

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Spending the day with my daughter.

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Yesterday I spent the whole day with my daughter. I think it was a great day of bonding! We spent most of it baby shopping and planning. I ended up spending way more money then I had planned but there are just so many cute baby girl things out there. Bought the babies coming home from the hospital outfit, complete with little shoes and a headband with puffy flowers on both. Then a few other little outfits, and an adorable little hat with a huge pink flower on it, matches one of the outfits perfectly, and some bibs that are all about GRANDMA!!! My daughter registered for her baby shower at a few places also. Boy was I tired by the time we were finished! The only down side is that since we were celebrating her birthday, she will be 20 on Monday, we went out the eat, and boy did I eat!! Which would have been ok, if it had only been lunch, but she wanted ice cream really bad before we left so of course I had to have some with her. I don't know if you all know about Stone Cold Creamery, but the ice cream there is to die for and I'm sure the calories in it would cause a heart attack if I had been thinking straight, but I wasn't....all I could think about was ICE CREAM, with BROWNIES, pecans, HOT FUDGE, and CARMEL, and I ate the whole darn thing...UGGGHHHH! You would have thought that would have been enough but not for me. At 2:30 this morning we got a phone call that a friend of mines 16 year old had been in a car accident and they needed me to come watch/stay with the younger 2 children. She ended up being ok but I think the world of her and was really upset so when I got back home instead of going to bed I sat in the kitchen and ate everything I could get my hands on. The worst part was it didn't even matter what I was eating, just had to shove something in my mouth. The Cadbury mini eggs that I had for Easter are now gone, as is the pretzels, the leftovers from my husbands supper and everything else that wasn't nailed down. Weigh-in tomorrow is going to a bad one.


Monday weigh-in

Monday, February 28, 2011

I was a bit nervous for my weekly weigh-in this morning, but very happy with the numbers I saw, down 3 pounds this week!! WOOHOOO. The extra time spent working out this past week paid off, so glad I stuck to it instead of just leaving the gym like I REALLY wanted to a couple of mornings. Some of the jeans I was wearing before Thanksgiving are starting to fit a bit better, still snug but I can actually zip them without laying on the bed or jumping up and down (what a sight that is). The husband still isn't very supportive but the kids are!!
Ten weeks until my daughters due date!! Can't wait to be a GRANDMA!!!!

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MIATIA1 3/1/2011 11:19AM

    Good for you and your 3 pounds!!!!!! emoticon
If a new grandbaby isn't an incentive to keep yourself healthy I donít know what is. My mom quit smoking cold turkey the day I brought my twins home, 24 years ago.

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