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Week 5 - Day 47 - March 15

Monday, March 15, 2010

This weekend, I visited Sunflower, a vegan restaurant in Northern Virginia. I had a green vitality juice and curried soy protein and vegetables. Both were very good. The juice had cabbage, carrot, apple and parsley. I am not sure why it was reddish pink in color. When I make juices at home, they are usually green due to the spinach or kale. The curried dish surprised me. The soy protein tasted like chicken. Its texture was even like chicken. Would I go again, yep! The curry was spiced just so, not too hot but just right (as Goldilocks would say). I had leftovers for lunch and have another serving for lunch tomorrow.

Yes, the scale moved today! It went from 199.9 to 198.75. I am almost 10 pounds lighter emoticon. My clothes are getting looser but I refuse to purchase new ones until I am 20 pound lighter. Even then, I am only going to buy a few essentials. When I reach the halfway mark, I will be hitting the outlet stores. I am hoping at size 12 or so, I will be able to find lots of options.

I am considering using the Meal Planner. I want to ensure I am eating the right nutrients each day. I like that you can chose different foods should you not like their choice.

I love my heart rate monitor. This was my first time using it during spin class. I burned more than 500 calories during the 45 minute class.

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EMMAEMMAS 3/19/2010 2:21AM

    Instead of or in addition to the Meal Planner, I would just recommend tracking your food. Go to my tools- my nutrition at the top of the page. Pick the foods that interest you from the meal planner. Then add any additional foods. Here's the important part! At the bottom of the screen it will have information about the nutrients you pick and tell how you scored with them!

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ANNESTARR 3/16/2010 2:26AM

    Awesome! emoticon

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Week 5 - Day 42 - March 10

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Yes, today was a great day! I made the most out of every moment. I had lunch with hubby. We had Vietnamese pho soup. I love it emoticon.

During spinning class, I did my best to push myself. When we were doing up and down moves, man did I feel the burn. I was concerned that I was not pushing myself so I did as many as I could. I am determined to do more the next time. The next class is Monday, and I cannot wait! I actually feel the burn in my outer hips and thighs. This is great because my thighs are not decreasing in size but increasing. I already have thick thighs so I am doing what I can to slim them. All in due time, right?!

I ate late again today (9:30 PM). After spinning class, I visited REI. I purchased a Polar HRM. I am so excited. I feel I need to know how many calories I am burning during my cardio workouts. The first time I use it will be tomorrow. I typically do strength training Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Since I missed it yesterday, I will do it tomorrow. I will also go to the Zumba class. I really had fun last week.

Okay so back to eating late. After REI, I strolled over the the organic market. I browsed up and down many of the aisles. I picked up hemp protein/fiber powder, ground flax seed, frozen blueberries and my beloved Greek yogurt (they only had 0% fat emoticon--hope I like it). Now that I know where it is, I will revisit. Their prices were quite reasonable - a pleasant surprise.

Hope y'all are having a great one!

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UMTYSON 3/11/2010 4:40PM

    Isn't it great to feel the burn! No pain no gain! Keep up the good work! emoticon

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Week 5 - Day 41 - March 9

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Today is a new day! I have to recommit myself to my challenges. I am slipping, and do not want to "fail" on changing my lifestyle. Yes, losing weight, eating properly and exercising are choices I have made for life. I understand it will not always be easy. This is why I have to remember to take one day at a time. Sometimes that is a bit much so I have to take one hour or morning or evening, you get the picture at a time.

I stepped on the scale (one at the gym) and it read 199.9. What?! Huh, why oh why is the scale going in the "wrong" direction. I am eating properly, working out and drinking water. I do eat late, I do workout on my own and I used another scale at the gym last week.

Okay so this is what I will do. I will workout on the elliptical instead of the treadmill for my cardio. I will continue with my strength training program (recently increased weights on some, removed some and added others). I do not feel the burn after I workout. I feel it while but not after. I wonder if I am not pushing myself enough. I did a Jillian Michaels video one day, and the next day my arms were feeling it. I am determined and dedicated to losing this weight.

In time, I know the weight will come off. I have been frustrated in the past when the weight did not come off after I did what I was suppose to do. Tonight I will take measurements and may reassess my workout routine and nutrition if I do not see any losses.

I hope you are taking the time to change up your routine--nutrition and fitness. Getting in a rut is one of the biggest mistakes we make when adapting to a healthy and fit lifestyle. With your support and, we can and will do this.

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COCACOLACUTIE 3/10/2010 2:11PM

    You won't fail! You have the right attitude! As for the uppage on the scale it's probably all that wonderful muscle you're building up. Take your measurements and feel good about the inches you've lost!

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Week 4 - Day 34 - March 2

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

emoticon I made baked brown rice and lemon shrimp. It was so good, low fat and low calories! If interested, I would be willing to share recipe. I adapted a few recipes I saw on SP and

I need to eat earlier. I just finished eating at 11 emoticon--not good. During the week, I work out Monday and Wednesday so I do not get home until 7 or so. I then sit down at the computer and lose track of time. Today, I went shopping after work. I picked up some tapenade with roasted peppers and goat cheese. I cannot wait to try it.

I wanted to do some ab work today but didn't. I have not done any ab work since last Friday emoticon.

Goals for March
Lose 1-2 pounds a week
Continue new exercise routine (incorporated calf and inner/outer thigh exercises)
Attend spinning class twice a week
Try a new fitness class
Drink at least 12 glasses of water a day
Do ab work at least three times a week

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UMTYSON 3/9/2010 10:07AM

    Oooh, that brown rice and shrimp sounds so good. You know you have to share it with me emoticon I hope you keep working and keep seeing results emoticon

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Week 4 - Day 33 - March 1

Monday, March 01, 2010

Two pounds down since Friday! While happy and pleased, I know it is likely due to fluctuations due to my TOM. I will take it and rejoice in it.

During spinning class, I did not break a sweat like I usually do. Do not get me wrong, I did sweat just not the buckets I typically do. I have to push myself more during Wednesday's class.

The stretching afterward feels so good. I can see a difference in my flexibility.

I did not have time to work on my abs today nor did I do any yesterday like I planned. I hope to get up in the AM and do some. I do not think it would be good for me to do them now since I am ready to hit the sack.

Until tomorrow......

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UMTYSON 3/2/2010 10:41AM

    I'm sooo excited for you! I know you've been waiting to see the numbers on the scale drop and I'm glad they are falling away! emoticon

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LIL-VIXEN 3/1/2010 11:16PM

    Congratulations on you weight loss. Keep up the good work.


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