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Still Trying to Stay Healthy even at the fair and the Melting Pot...LOL

Monday, October 19, 2009

This weekend, I went to NC State Fair with my friends. I have never been...despite being 26 and living in NC for my entire life and going to college about 30 minutes away in Chapel Hill for 4 years. Needless to say, I had a wonderful time. We went in celebration of my best friend's upcoming birthday. Even though I was surrounded by a sea of deep fried foods: funnel cakes, ho hos, twinkies, cheeseburgers, candy bars, blooming onions...and all of that, I managed not to do too badly. My friends and I each chipped in $1 and bought 5 deep fried oreos for $4. We each ate one and my college roommate and I split the last one. That was 150 calories...but I enjoyed every second!!! The only other thing I ate at the fair....were french fries. I did very well though...I only got a small fry, not the ribbon fries or curly fries that came with sour cream, chili, cheese, and all of that stuff. I also drank a bottle of lemonade. That night, 4 of us went out to eat. My best friend wanted to go to the Melting Pot. So, I was surrounded by cheese and chocolate, but I tried to moderate how much I ate. I also only drank water!!!! Yaaay for me. There was a time in the past when I would've jumped on a sweet tea.

Other than lemonade...which in some cases, I guess is as bad as most other beverages, I have had not had any sodas or sweet tea since September 7. I've drank orange juice and apple juice a few times and a couple of smoothies in the beginning, but overall I have not turned back to sodas or tea!!!!!

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DAWNOFCHANGE 10/19/2009 4:55PM

    You did great this weekend, especially with so much temptation. Be proud of yourself!

We had a chili festival here by where we live. So, that's where we went this weekend. Like you, I was careful about my choices and portions. However, if there had been some deep fried Oreos or any other chocolate desserts, I would have been in big trouble. emoticon

emoticonon cutting out the soda and sweet tea. That sweet tea is definitely a hard one to resist. I went six months without drinking soda, and boy did it make a positive difference. Once I started drinking soda again,I began to feel more run down and icky. I just recently cut out the soda again. It's definitely worth it in the long run.

Anyway, I just wanted to congratulate you and tell you what a good job you are doing.

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Trying not to hurt myself falling off the wagon...

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

The last couple of days have been pretty rough. My life has been pretty on the go and being pretty much on the go means eating on the go. I've eaten out a lot more this past week then I have in the last month and my weight loss shows. This is the first week that I haven't lost any pounds. I haven't gained...but I haven't lost. I was doing 9 pounds, so it's disappointing to have gotten off track. My bf said he's really surprised at how well I'm doing though. He even walked 7 laps with me on Saturday which was really encouraging to me. He is big on eating out and eating lots of me, so it's hard to go out with him or be around him when it's time to eat. On Sunday, the church had a celebration...and what did the celebration!!! I managed to eat light, but....still it was harder, especially since my choices are really limited at an outing. I'm also missing variety in my life. My bf and I went out twice this weekend...and it seemed like I was limited to soup and salad...compared with all of the other wonderful meals on the menu (Darryl's and Cracker Barrel). Yes, I know I should stay away from those places...but it's really hard, especially with that being our main form of entertainment lol. We don't really go out a lot, but when we do get out, it's to I'm trying to get back on track...cross your fingers for me.


3 Weeks....out celebrating and still hanging in there

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I've lost 9 pounds in 3 weeks!!!! This weekend was tough...we went out for my father's birthday as well as went to festival in the park in charlotte. festival in the park was rough...there was greasy fattening food everywhere...funnel cakes, polish sausages, cheese steaks, ice cream, u know....the standard fair foods...but i managed to control my urges and got a smoothie. at the restaurant for my daddy's bday...i only ate a salad and a baked potato ( a couple of hushpuppies too) mother's hamburger steak smothered in gravy looked soooo good. i've been walking regularly....and still no soda...yaaaay for me!!!!!


2 weeks in...(eating breakfast, tweaking my diet to suit me, and staying away from soda!!!)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I'm 2 weeks in...and I'm still holding on to a diet. I really really wanted to do the raw food in the beginning, but as I wrote a few entries was hard to fit it in with being a teacher. I only have ~22 minutes or so to eat lunch and I really can't fit in a large raw meal that I need to get in an ample amount of throw in the fact that I'm not a morning person, so I eat and run.

One big change for me though, is that I do now eat breakfast. Each morning, I have some type of meal prepared, either fruit and granola or fruit and a cereal bar. I don't think I've ever eaten breakfast this regularly, unless you count during summer. From the time I started elementary school, I haven't really eaten breakfast. That's over 20 years of my life!!!! I don't like a lot of the "standard" breakfast foods (grits, sausage, eggs) so I wouldn't eat school breakfast. For years, I ate Ramen noodles for breakfast on weekends and during the summer. Over the last year or so, I had moved into eating turkey bacon, waffles/pancakes/french toast, and rice/potatoes for breakfast (a meat, a bread, and a starch). Now, I'm actually eating a healthier breakfast!!!

I've still been eating a lot of fruit and veggies....especially raw fruit and veggies, but I've thrown in a subway sub here and some chicken mcnuggets emoticon there, but I've still been watching my calories, carbs and fats. I honestly am soooo hungry on the days when I eat only raw that it makes me want to give up dieting all together and just eat, so I compromised lol. Some people will say it's only because I didn't give it a fair shot...and probably so, but I should have gotten this diet started during the summer instead of waiting for school to start back. However, I have such a better routine during the school year that I didn't want to half-do it during the summer....eating breakfast @ 2 after I woke up at 11/12 and stuff like that. So I am eating some cooked food and a pinch of meat here and there.

Last night, I went to a banquet with my mother...I was receiving a certificate..and of course...banquet = food. I am so proud of myself...I didn't go straight to the sweet tea...I had water. I also didn't get a dessert and I watched my portion sizes on the food that I did get. I was the first one done at my table, but honestly, I wasn't hungry after I finished. I ate what I needed and didn't overdo it...I did want more of the mashed potatoes...they were great, but I didn't go for it.

Still no soda/sweet tea.....and as of the other day, I had lost 7 pounds...this morning, it looked like 1 or 2 of them were back, but I also know that my weight fluctuates throughout the day, so I'm not sweating it. (I still need to invest in a digital scale lol)


a week and a half.....

Friday, September 18, 2009

well, i'm at a week and a half and I feel sorta bad...actually, i think the kids at school are passing on their germs. i haven't been really sticking to the 100% raw like I wanted to, especially in the beginning, just for the sake of detox, but I have been eating mostly fruits and veggies. i haven't been really walking this week, either. on tuesday, it looked as if it would pour down raining at any moment as i left work, so i called my walking partner (mom). She wasn't feeling well, so i went to check on her. by the time, i got there, it was raining a little. on wednesday and thursday, we had workshops after school...and wednesday was the kicker...they brought in pizza. i had to go for otherwise i wasn't going to get a chance to eat until about 6pm and i ate lunch at 11:45. i ate 2 slices (pepperoni and cheese) and my side was a little bit sore afterwards...i dunno. i went from there to bible study, so once again i didn't get to walk. last night, i went to the grocery store after work...big mistake...since I was hungry. i had been trying my best to stay away from potatoes, but they were on sale, so i bought a bag (5lbs for 1.98). I ended up cooking last night. I made a meatless beef was great. I used 3 of the potatoes, some celery, carrots, and jalapenos. I boiled them until they were tender and then added a pack of lipton's onion soup and some was wonderful. i only ate a bowl and a half...which is great, the old me would've finished the pot!!!! this morning, i think the scale had moved...and in a good direction, (i have an old school scale...i need to go digital lol)so maybe this thing isn't beating me after all!!!

PS. still no soda!!!!!

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SPARKMEFIT 9/18/2009 2:36PM

    Good job having no soda..wish you luck.. have a great day!!

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