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A Week With no Soda

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

It's almost the end of my planning period at work....and instead of grading papers, I was trying to figure out what I would eat for dinner, sorta on the hungry side already. Then a thought occurred to me...I've gone an entire week with no soda or tea. That's AMAZING...I'm sure there have been times when I have drank tea with every meal...and I love NuGrape and Sprite. Yaaay for me!!!! I did fall off my raw diet some this weekend...and I even a sub that had chicken in it (on Sunday) emoticon , but I did not go back to soda. I've been drinking smoothies, water, and juice!!!!! I think I am back on track for the week, though!!! yay for me!!!

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DANA47 9/15/2009 2:48PM

    Sounds like you are doing great. I still am having one Dr. Pepper a day. But, I used to have one in my hand all day long.

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L.A.PRINCESS 9/15/2009 2:47PM

    emoticon Keep it up!

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LEEDZ09 9/15/2009 2:40PM

That's amazing, slowly but surely we develope healthy habits

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My first weekend.....

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Today is my first weekend day on the diet...hmmm...i have fallen off the wagon slightly. I had not eaten any "cooked food" ( a baked potato) since Tuesday, but today I went out with my bf and we went to REd Lobster for lunch.
To my credit, I had a caesar salad with no meat....and a bowl of creamy potato bacon soup. I also ate one cheddar bay soon as the biscuit hit my stomach...I could tell a difference. emoticon
However, today is also the first day that I just haven't been hungry hungry either, so maybe it's a good thing. I dunno...I'm trying to hold out...I gotta see how my weight loss progresses before I decide which avenue I'm going to take. with the raw food, i stay constantly hungry...and at my job, i only have 26 minutes to eat...that's including from the time I walk out of the door and not counting trying to stop by the restroom or anything. so really and truly, i don't have the time to eat the big meals that i need on the raw diet. i also can't snack while i'm up i just stay hungry until i finally get away from work and unlike in the past...when i could stop by and get a burger and then drop by my parent's house for a i'm either getting a side salad since all the others have meat and still being hungry or i'm rushing home.
Raw food just really appealed to me because i heard it can help clear up allergies...and my sinuses drive me crazy all year long...all day long, but i don't know if it is suited to my lifestyle..... i just have to wait and see!


yaay for no Bojangles!!

Friday, September 11, 2009

ok, so last night, I went out with my mother for a little while. She wanted to stop by Bojangles and get my dad a meal. I LOVE BOJANGLES....and have loved it since I was small...not the chicken or the biscuits, but the dirty rice and the seasoned fries....omg! so anyway, the food wasn't ready and we had to pull off to the side and they even offered me a free beverage, but I stayed strong!!!!! now i gotta see if i can make it through this first weekend...


Getting Harder

Thursday, September 10, 2009

LOL...only 2 days in and it almost ended. I was sooo hungry at the end of work yesterday and then my mom made it worse. My mom called and asked if I could pick up some food from my dad...from a fast-food restaurant. As I sat in McDonald's drive-thru, I could barely place an order. I ended up with a side salad for myself and a double cheeseburger meal for my father. Why, oh why did I go to their house. My daddy kept saying, "it's more than I can handle, have some!" I sat there eating my pear and wishing... But hopefully, I can stay on the wagon. Even though in the past year or so, I had drastically cut down on my fast food intake, I realized why I love them so! Getting off work hungry....and not even wanting to wait that 15 minutes that it takes to get home to certainly motivation enough for a trip to Mickey D's, so it's really hard trying to avoid that. I've gotta start bringing a 4pm snack because that's when it hits me and hits me hard....:( and many days I leave work as late as 5:30. emoticon

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MEGHAN8000 9/10/2009 4:32PM

    It certainly is hard, especially when you are hungry. I'm about 2 weeks in and haven't fallen off the wagon yet, and hopefully it will stay that way. Good luck to you!


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1 day down....

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Soo...on my first day of trying something new...I sorta get off track, but I did maintain willpower. I went to a funeral after work and afterwards, everyone was sitting down, eating all of these wonderfully prepared soul foods and I was just hmmm....I managed to avoid eating there though. I ended up at Wendy's. I ordered a side salad and a baked potato, that I only ate with a little bit of cajun seasoning and pepper, when I got to my mom's house. Hopefully, I can maintain willpower. I need to buy a better scale. I can't really tell what's going on with the old one that I have. My mom and I walked for 25 I can't really complain...trying to get myself together!!!!

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    Good for you. Will power can be hard. I know that I will do great for about a month or so (sometimes longer sometimes shorter) and then I think "Well I haven't had a snickers for 2 months so one won't hurt me now." Pretty soon it's "Well 2 snickers this week isn't tragic" and before I know it I'm eating a snickers lol.

Just don't beat yourself up if you fall off the wagon. Each day is a new day. But you're off to a great start!!!

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