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Riding with my Daughter today

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Went horse back riding with our daughter today. Fun to see her learning to ride and enjoying it. She's doing so well at the trot, and learning to work with the horse, but slightly panicked when the horse canters. We worked through it and she was doing fabulous towards the end of our 6 mile ride. LOVE these horses, they are so beautiful and just great horses. So blessed.

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    Sounds great!

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MCFITZ2 6/29/2014 12:51AM

    Wonderful. You are blessed.

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JUNEAU2010 6/29/2014 12:15AM


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Friday, June 20, 2014

Logging on start page has helped me notice something I hadn't thought to be true for me- my mood is certainly equal to the amount of sleep the previous night. Hmm.... Which comes first though? The bad mood or the sleep? For me I think that I sleep less when in a negative frame of mind... so I think that has something to do with it.... And negative mood before bed honestly sometimes means sugar before bed---- which could be the reason for the bad sleep, as I remember reading something on this and took these notes on it:

Sugar = Insulin
insulin surges = no weight loss

Take Vit D and Glutathione (oops! out of the Glutathione for a long time)

*then I had written this down* Sweets before bed= 3 am wake ups
because blood sugar crashes = Adrenal Rush emoticon

Also of note, and might as well write it down here to have it save elsewhere:

Insulin Resistance-->must be lowered to help thyroid

* cells refuse entry of insulin- sugar stays in blood & damages walls & brain

--Body must get glucose (sugar sugar) out of the blood so it makes it into triglycerides---
(I have high triglycerides) AND Triglycerides become FAT. ( I have that too, loads of it) This process demands loads of energy & you (I) become tired/sleepy after eating foods that spike blood sugars.

Sugar ahhh honey honey... Sorry... that song is stuck in my mind at the moment..... emoticon

Occasional fasting= burning fat= better ph
Drink lemon water, and tea with ((real)) maple syrup.

Spearmint tea reduces androgens. (helps out a gal fighting off PCOS)


Hard to take a day off of C25k

Thursday, June 19, 2014

emoticon Am loving the work out and somedays it is hard to take that day off of the workout, though I understand the logic to take a day to repair


Couch 2 5k Week 2 Day 3 Complete (again)

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

emoticon Even though I did run my first 5k (the Color Run) last spring, I feel off the 5k wagon after the run. Been trying to get back in the routine just to get to that level of ability to jog for that long for my heart and lung health-- and muscles. Would like to do the Color Run or a fun run like it every year, and am trying to be fit for my newly adopted children. We are active as horse owners (doing chores, hiking, camping, kayaking etc) though I want to encourage the children to follow their hearts in the sports they love, and I want to show them that being active is fun and healthy.
We also have taken up winter activities such as hiking in the winter, and cross country skiing.
~ Blessings, & may it be said of me,


Wheated this weekend

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Beautiful night at the outdoor movie theater with my husband, our children, my nephews and my mom-- Went to see Train Your Dragon 2--- was really good, though they kill of someone we all love in the movie.

Bad news is, good food turned into bad choice. Had grilled chicken and cheese fries, though never thought to ask about how the fries were cooked. Boy did I get glutened. And as typical, it has taken at least 3 days to get over it even a little bit. All day (so far) Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and now today am feeling a little bit better. Taking MSM and Tyrosine seem to help a tad, usually taking MSM helps enough that I feel better, though not this time. Also, it seems that sparked a weight gain of 3 pounds.

This coming weekend asked my husband to help me stick to a preplanned meal--- I REALLY do NOT want to get glutened again. It makes my entire body ache, especially muscles and joints. Not to mention the brain fog, crabbiness, headaches and extreme fatigue to mention a few. BUT the good news is, am determined to get my workout in today and work on the house too. I feel just good enough to push myself into activity, whereas before today, not so much.... Picture flulike symptoms or extreme sleep depravation exhaustion.

So`` Prayers please for my body to heal up after this little attack on the immune system & that I bounce back better than before. It really (no other word for it) sucks to feel so good and then feel like this.

I did feel good enough to play in the rain with the kiddos while we were cleaning up the barn and chicken coop this morning. Seems we were narrowly missed by a tornado that hit one town away. emoticon I didn't realize it was that serious, I was actually staying in the barn during the storm to help teach the youngster to do more than worry in a storm, wanted to teach him to work and keep busy instead of worry and hide in his bed. emoticon

Blessings to you & Love,
Christina emoticon


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