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What do you take a stand for?

Friday, November 10, 2006

In our lives, we have two or three opportunities to be a hero, but almost every day, we have the opportunity not to be a coward.

- Spanish proverb

What do you take a stand for?

Courage comes in many forms. In Hollywood, courage involves evildoers and daring deeds. In real life, rescue workers, police, and the military have the courage to lay their lives on the line for someone else or a cause. Even for those of us who live life on a much smaller stage, courage is no less important. The world and the future can be scary. Fear of failure, fear of change, and fear of taking a chance can be enough to keep us in bed all day if we let them. Do you live bravely or do you often look for the easy way out? Next time you're faced with two choices, choose the bolder. As this becomes more natural, you can be sure that you'll do the right thing when called upon. Stand up for your values. Stand up for your goals. Stand.

I would lay my life on the line for my family in a hearatbeat. I would lay my life down for any one in an important situation.

Courage is not something I fear but something I know we do not practice enough in our daily lives. I have more fear than courage in things. The funny part is the smaller the thing the more the fear. If a gun was to my child I would offer my life in place without hesitation, but knowing what job to take scares me to know end. conflict scares me when it is over money or little trifle maters but to stop the pursicution of a race I would walk through fields of bombs. Funny how the human mind works.


Finding and celebrating the joy in life

Friday, November 10, 2006

We should consider every day lost in which we have not danced at least once.

- Nietzsche, philosopher

Finding and celebrating the joy in life

Each day is a new chance to find joy and to dance. If you let it pass or think it useless, the chance is gone and you'll never get it back. When was the last time you played? Or just did something for the sheer fun of it? Joy is not found in the world around you, it's within yourself. You can make your own joy, especially during those dark times when you need to really feel alive again. Fun and play are healthy antidotes to taking life- and ourselves- too seriously. They're proven boosters of immune systems and mental health and make life worth the trouble. So do the twist. Sing in the shower. Learn a magic trick. Watch a cartoon. Challenge some kids to a game. Don't let a single day go to waste.

THis is a plan I have lived by my whole life. Never grow up so much you can not play. Play every day! find a reason to play every day. Find a child and play their games love the rain, see the beauty in a bug. Smell the flowers and remember the day. Watch the clouds, see the sun, enjoy the night hear the wind.

Life is way too short!


Believing In Yourself

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.

- John Wooden, Hall of Fame college basketball coach

Believing In Yourself

Limitations can either define us or give us a challenge to outwit. When you look at your abilities, do you see boundaries and limits, or do you see possibilities and potential? Obsessing about weaknesses can blind us to the untapped abilities we already have. You have talent. Everyone does. The secret to success is to find that talent, develop it and push it as far as you can. Grandma Moses might have been a lousy bowler, Einstein probably couldn't sing a lick, Michelangelo could've been unable to speak well in public. So what? They knew what they were good at and rode that pony. Your talent might be right in front of you: where do you get the most compliments? What seems to come easily to you? What do people ask your advice for? Live there. Don't let the rest get in the way.

People say i am good with kids, speak well and have a nice d\bedside maner. Guess I should go back to school and work on my degree for nursing and then maybe health lectureing. I would love to have a lecturing business. I think I would be very good at it and I love to talk to groups of people. How does one start a lecturing cuircit? Need to research this more. Need to know i would be happier doing this than what I do now.

It is good advice to do that which you feel comfortable and able to do rather than that whgich is expected of you all the time.


Thursday, November 09, 2006

Life is not a 'brief candle.' It is a splendid torch that must be made to burn as brightly as possible before it is handed on to the next generation.

- George Bernard Shaw, Irish critic and playwright

How Can You Share Your Spark With Others?

Light is meant to be shared. If you try to horde it or keep it covered, out of everyone's sight, you'll just end up smothering it. Try to close it in your fist so it doesn't get away, and it burns you. You can't possess light. All you can do is appreciate it, use it and help others use it too. In the same way, your life is also meant to be shared. Many people look upon their lives as something scarce that must be jealously protected and stowed away. They block out others and are afraid to share their time. What happens? Their spark suffocates. But there are others who have an abundance mentality. They believe, correctly so, that there's plenty of life to go around, that all flames get brighter when we share them. They know that when we invest energy in others, we get even more in return. Don't sacrifice your chance at a bonfire because you're too busy trying to keep a tiny match from going out.

Wow this is so true! it is hard not to hold your life light so close you snuff it out. I am guilty of this on a regular basis. I have to get out and share with people more. Gainn fuel from their fire and give from mine. I have never really understod that until meetting with spark people. This is a great group and it does teach you that the human animal needs to interact or we die.


Helping Hand

Thursday, October 19, 2006

The best place to find a helping hand is at the end of your own arm.

It is ok to need help... but only if it is help.. not if it is to have some one do it for you!

You take on a job you have to be the one ... the guy in all the way. If you have not bought in to what you are doing totaly then you should not be doing it. Rely on yourself to do what needs done and ask for help when and only when needed.



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