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To Be Eating Raw Is Easy In Summer

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Now is a time, where it is so easy to be a raw food eater. There are so many fruits and vegetables. My kitchen and refrigerator are filled with strong colors. The red of strawberries, another red of red bell peppers, the read of tomatoes, the light orange of apricots, oranges and then peaches, which a their own color. The the different greens of salads and other green vegetables.
I eat meat or fish every day. I have a large freezer (as large as my refrigerator), where I keep it and get one portion out for the next day.
I also have eggs. I mix the yolk with some fresh squeezed lemon juice and add it with the meat or put it over salads. I sometimes boils them hard, cut them into tiny pieces and add them to meat or salad. Fresh herbs make all the dishes refreshing.

I just harbested lavender, which I have in a large pot on my terrace. I use the leaves like herbs. Of course they are best fresh. But also when cut and then dried and put into glass containers, they are great to spread over salads and also over meat.

The lavender blossomsI spread above fruit pieces. And on a zabayone, they are giving a great aroma and color.
A Zabayone: Stir a yolk until is it foamy and light, give white wine, champange or fruit juice dropwise into the yolk-foam and continue stiring. Add some sugar. Serve in large glasses and decorate with lavender blossoms.

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1MIN17SECB412PM 6/16/2011 10:06AM

    How beautiful your kitchen sounds, spilling over with the lovely colors of the garden vegetables and fruits! I will FOCUS on eating raw this summer. Thank you for sharing how to!

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Some Exceptions From Eating Raw

Saturday, January 22, 2011

I had a lot of fruit today: Orange, Plum, Apple. For lunch I boiled 2 eggs (10 minutes) - which is not "raw" - with self made mayonnaise and salad (radicchio, celerie, walnuts). And in the evening I had ground beef (raw) with spices, salad and orange slices.

And then I had a date and some chocolate with a cocoa content of 99%. I love this chocolate. It is so crisp. Cocoa is high in nutrients. Not without reason it was once called the food of gods. But also chocolate is not raw as the cocoa beans have to be roasted, before they are grounded. When I was in the US last time, I saw written on a chocolate bar "Raw Chocolate". Raw chocolate just can't exist.


My Antioxidant Treatment

Friday, January 21, 2011

Today for dinner I had a salad of celery, kohlrabi and tomatoes accompanied with a nice peace of lamb from the shoulder and lots of spices. Of course all raw. And then an orange and some dates. I had a glass of red wine with it, which is my antioxidant treatment and one of my exception from raw food. The raw version from red wine is red grapes, which I love. But for dinner I go the French way, which is red wine.
Red wine is not only an antioxidant, it also helpe to digest.


I Stick To Eating Raw

Sunday, January 09, 2011

I haven't been writing a blog entry for a long time.
I quite stick to my raw eating. I start the morning with fruit and drink water. It is refreshing. I feel much better as if I drink coffee and eat bread with butter and jam. I am not even up for ham and cheese. In winter I sometimes have an egg. I even love eggs raw, but I also have them sunny side up or cooked in the shell for 3 to 4 minutes.
In autumn I visited my mother and joined her for a continental breakfast. I believe that it is not good to get too much sweet in the morning. So I rather had some cold cut, cheese and a soft boiled egg. I don't eat any bread and got used to that.
It was a change, but the next day I again had fruit.

My mother cooked her own stuff. As I am a raw food eater for more than ten years, I was not interested to get a bite from her cooking. I saw that she rarely had salads and only from time to time she had some fruit in the afternoon.

It happened that she opened a tin with a ready made dish and warmed it. I had to leave the kitchen, as the artificial flavors stank. I thought that there can't be very much nutritional value in those ready made dishes.

My mother is 80, so there is no need to change her eating habits. In comparison to her I get a lot more vitamins and other micro-nutrients. And daily I get more protein with meat, eggs and cheese. When I buy cheese, I try to get cheese made of raw milk.

I see that my skin is better as the skin of friends with the same age. And some of my friends are a little overweight, which I am not.

Years back it was by chance that I tried to eat raw for a couple of days. Ever since I stayed on eating raw, which includes beef, lamb, eggs and if I get fresh fish. Fat I get from avocados, olives, sesame paste and all kinds of nuts. And of course I eat a lot of vegetables which I cut, add some lemon or lime juice, spices and some herbs.

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1MIN17SECB412PM 1/28/2011 11:03PM

    Thank you, again. I've been very concerned about changing my food to raw.

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TURCOTTEP 1/9/2011 1:08AM

  Interesting, Weird, but interesting. I know food loses a lot of nutrients when cooked. This sounds smart.

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What is RAW FOOD?

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A food is raw when it is natural, uncooked and unprocessed.

What is a process? A process is everything done to something, which changes it in any way. I have a PhD in Technology combined with Economics. I could fill books about processes and there are quite a few books written about it. But you do not need to go that far to understand what a process is. Let us stay with food.

Let us look at a raw food, an apple, a carrot, meat.
Processes which change raw food are cutting, beating, using heat, using machines.

Imagine a fresh apple. It was picked from a tree, put into a box, the box was put onto a vehicle, which brings the boxes to a warehouse. The boxes are reloaded on a truck which goes to an airport, to a ship or to the warehouse of a large company with a chain of grocery stores. The boxes are again reloaded and another truck brings the boxes with the apples to a store, were it is set into a shelf, from where we take it and bring it home. The length of the transportation way matters as the raw food loses on nutrients with the time, but the food is still raw.

You come home from the grocery store with apples, carrots, tomatoes, green salad and meat. You could bite into the apple and the carrot, which is best. When you cut the apple, you still see that it is an apple. With the process of cutting, the least damage is done to a raw food. It does not lose more of what it offers as what is lost with time.

I am not going further than cutting (and sometimes beating an egg), when I prepare food.

There are people who buy fresh, raw food, bring it home and process it. It then is not living raw food anymore.

One processed food is a Smoothie. Making a smoothie you make quite some damage on a raw food and besides: It is not really anymore RAW FOOD. You put one or several raw foods into a juicer, all which is not fluid ends in an extra box and is thrown away. It is fibre which is so very important for digesting and the metabolism. It has no calories; it just goes through the body. But together with the fibre part of the vitamins and other nutrients go into the box with what is thrown away.
Juicing is a process. After juicing a raw food is not raw anymore, it is juiced. Juicing is a process and raw food is unprocessed.

Recently the industry has found a new market with which they make money ďand jobsĒ. They offer dehydrators.
Dehydrating is a process. A human being consists to a minimum of 80% of water. When we lose some of it we die. We are then dead. I have to write it in that simple way, as there are people out there who dehydrate food and believe that it still is raw. Okay, a human being would be dead. He does not even have to lose all itís water to die. What would you call a food which is dehydrated?

Water is so very important. Most of raw food consists of a lot of water and water has zero calories. Take advantage of it. Eat all of a raw food. It offers you what you need to live: all nutrients and water.

When you process your food, you are not really a raw food eater. Start eating more and more living raw food. You will be surprised how wonderful you feel and you will feel better and better.

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1MIN17SECB412PM 1/28/2011 10:56PM

    Brilliant! Thank you for sharing!

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