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Thursday, May 10, 2012

We make choices everyday in our lives. Some are really good and some are bad. For me food choices are good. I live by "once on the lips, forever on the hips." Even bad foods can be eaten in moderation.

But sometimes the choices we make pertaining to our lives can be totally wrong. And this my friend does not pertain to food. My heart has been broken over the last 10 years by the foolish things my husband has done. And now my heart breaks for the mistake I may have made.

24 years is a long time to be with someone. But maybe it is time to move on.

Broken Hearted emoticon

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BLUE42DOWN 5/10/2012 4:25PM


Most choices we get faced with aren't simply "good" or "bad". In fact, when making a choice, "good" or "bad" is usually determined by what we think we want as the result - something that can change over time.

For example, with food choices, if our requirements were fast, tasty, and comforting, an entire quart of ice cream could be "good" because it met those needs. If our requirements are fast, tasty, comforting, nutritious, and in line with a healthy and fit lifestyle, now that quart of ice cream would be a "bad" choice and we'd make a "good" choice of 1/2 cup of ice cream or perhaps do a fruit smoothie blended with ice instead.

When deciding what choices to make for your future, it's important to carefully define the destination you want to reach. Who do you want to be, what do you want to have? The clearer you know that, the easier it will be as you face the coming choices to know which to make.

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Was crazy last week and I have slacked off considerably. Not so much that I wanted too just that I have been too busy with two jobs, taking care of a kid and husband and all the family duties that are included in that: taxi Mom, housekeeper, cook, pet care giver.

So I have decided to get back on the right track. I saw the results when I first began and I liked what I saw!!!!!!!!!!! So somewhere in this hectic schedule of mine, I WILL MAKE TIME FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! emoticon

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BLUE42DOWN 3/27/2012 5:23PM


We often forget that when we DO carve out that me time, we become stronger and healthier and more capable so we can meet all those other demands better!

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

For the past two weeks I have slacked on the exercise part of my program. Work was extremely busy and I had two birthdays to deal with. Cake was involved so that's a million calories. Now that the stress of the two events is over maybe I can get back on the right track. :((

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NANCYBOAT 3/21/2012 3:40PM

    Don't worry about the past - just make a commitment to get back on track. You can do it!!

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SEAGIRLRUN 3/21/2012 2:34PM

    Yup, you can! So, do it! The best part of the past is that it's yesterday's news!!! Don't beat yourself up about yesterday because today is full of brand new choices!

You rock!

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PHEBESS 3/21/2012 11:41AM

    You've done it before, you know what to do - so now it's just a matter of getting back to your usual routine.

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NELLJONES 3/21/2012 10:57AM

    You'll get back!! Have faith!

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Monday, February 27, 2012

Turning 50 is just around the corner and I keep debating as to whether or not I should rent a limo for the half a century event?!! I keep telling myself it would be a fun memory for me and my friends to go clubbing and not worry about the hazards of DUIS.

One concern of mine is frivolous spending. I'm not even sure how much a limo costs. Then 9 days after my birthday is my daughters sweet sixteen. And everything she wants costs an arm and a leg!!!!!!!

I just don't know whether I should treat myself or not.....

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MANDIETERRIER1 2/27/2012 2:43PM

    You should treat yourself.

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BLUE42DOWN 2/27/2012 2:07PM

    Can't hurt to call and find out the price of a limo for the time you have in mind. Then you'll know whether it's even in the budget. If you can, I think the treat would be great!

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NANCYBOAT 2/27/2012 8:12AM

    I vote YES. You only turn 50 once. Treat yourself!!!

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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Honestly I napped in the afternoon and got some decent sleep and yet this morning I feel tired. Blah..... Oh well, need to do my pilates and maybe my body will wake up. Have a good day! emoticon

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STUPIDA1 2/25/2012 6:40AM

  to much sleep can make you tired enjoy your work out and have a nice day

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