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Vacation Workout you can do in a Hotel Room

Saturday, March 31, 2012

I know everyone LOVES to hear me talk about my fitness minutes (do you hear the sarcasm here?) but I just felt like blogging. I'll also get to whine a little while remembering I did this to myself. :) I had to take a rest night on Wednesday night so I was a little behind. It's my last week of P90X and it's my "recovery" week. Although after yesterday and today there's nothing even closely remembering recovery!

It started with Thursday night. I got the Jillian Michaels Kickboxing Fast Fix DVD and did all three workouts (20 minutes each). It was harder than Kenpo X but easier than a high belt Tae Kwon Do class. That didn't make me that sore really, so I was all set for my session with my trainer at the gym yesterday.

Bryan was all ready with a vacation workout for me to do in Florida. This is what he made me do:

The first set consisted of this:
1. Forward lunge, then push off with the front foot, keep it in the air, bend over and kick that same leg out behind you as you touch your planted foot with the opposite hand. 15 times on each leg.
2. Good Mornings with a chair. Use a chair and hold it behind your head with the back of the chair keeping your neck straight. Bend over and essentially do a dead lift with the chair. Bend your knees a bit going down but the focus is on your hamstrigs. 15 reps
3. Shoulder press with the chair over your head. 15 reps
Repeat set three times

Second set:
1. Regular squats going as low as you can. (15 reps)
2. Sumo squats going as low as you can. (15 reps)
2. Plank and Press. Go into a regular Yoga type plank on your hands and toes. Go down to your elbows one arm at a time, leading with the right arm first and then go back up leading with the same arm (7 reps) . Then do the same thing leading with your left arm (7 reps)
3. 15 pushups on your knees if need be, otherwise regular ones. I still do them on my knees and have no intention of doing them regularly on my toes. I'm 42 and don't have anything to prove. So there. :P
Repeat the set three times

Third set:
1. Reverse crunch with praying mantis. Lay on your back with both feet in the air. Bring the feet down to about an inch off the floor with your legs straight. Then bring them back up and lift legs up to the sky, bringing your butt off the floor. Do 15 reps.
2. Weighted chops. I'm bringing my adjustable dumbbells so I can use a dumbbell for these. Squat down, leaning to the left with the weight. Holding the weight (or just a bag with a bunch of stuff inside it works too) in front of you with your arms straight. Stand up, twisting to the right and bringing the weight all the way up to your shoulders. Do 15 reps. Then switch sides.
3. Tricep dips on chair. Do 15 reps.
Repeat set three times.

HOLY CRAP! I am SO sore! I have muscle soreness in places I didn't know I HAD muscles. I hurt everywhere. Talk about a whole body workout you can do in a hotel room! And not a weight necessary if you don't have one.

Then today I had my fitness class. It's three rounds, 20 exercises of one minute each. 3 minutes of rest in between. We did jumping jacks, pushups, bicep curls, skull crushers, tires, etc.

Needless to say, I'm doing XStretch tomorrow! I need the stretching! And then I'm DONE with 90X round 2. Even though I substituted a lot of workouts I still followed the program closely and I'm so proud of myself for finishing.

Anyway, I'm paying today. I can barely go up the stairs or sit down to go to the bathroom because my legs hurt. My shoulders hurt form the pushups and planks. My sides hurt from the wood chop moves. He had me use a 12 pound bar and boy do I feel it today!

Okay, now I'm done rambling and whining and on with my day. Laundry, packing for vacation and taking the kids to my mom's to dye eggs. Then to dinner with a social group my mom belongs to and my grandparents used to belong to before they passed away.

Have a WONDERFUL weekend everyone! :)

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

EMARTIN1974 5/9/2012 8:47PM

    Wow, this sounds tough. Is there any place we can see demos of these exercises?

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WINNIE1978 4/2/2012 6:56PM

    I'll have to keep this in mind when I go on vacation in June!

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SHIROIHANA 3/31/2012 9:23PM

    Love that kind of burn. :)

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SCOUTMOM715 3/31/2012 6:16PM

    Holy Crap, I'm sore just reading what you've done!! You Rock!! Hope the X-Stretch helps tomorrow! emoticon

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    I have to remember this as I have a 2-day conference coming up and I'll be needing something to do.

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Sunday, March 25, 2012

So it's really weird. You know how you just go about your day, getting dressed, getting ready for the day and such? I've noticed something is different but couldn't really put my finger on it. I know I've lost 4 pounds this week after being on a plateau for a while and that's a significant amount of weight but it's not just this week I've noticed this. It's been gradually happening for a while - it just hit me tonight.

When I get dressed and look down to button my pants, I see HIPS! Not a huge stomach, not the floor around it - my HIPS! And my FEET! My stomach is flatter now than It's been since I got pregnant with my first child 13 YEARS ago! Holy cow! My body looks more normal to me right now than it has in so long I just can't remember.

Not only my weight loss this week but my journey in general makes me more and more motivated every day to keep up this lifestyle. I want this to be permanent. I never want to go back there. I'm enjoying every minute of it and I'm so happy! Here's to the start of a GREAT week and the end of a GREAT March! And the end of the 160's FOREVER! Next step - 140's. My goal is so close I can taste it! Have a great week everyone!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

SHIROIHANA 3/31/2012 9:24PM

    Congrats on this NSV!

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MFTAGGFREEZE 3/28/2012 11:50AM

    Great blog and good for you. You should be very proud, and you deserve to be!

Keep it up and you'll be looking back at the 140's.

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MOMPPCL 3/27/2012 7:29AM

    That's really cool!

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SCOUTMOM715 3/27/2012 7:21AM

    Woo Hoo for seeing hips & feet. You are doing fantastic! emoticon

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LORI-K 3/26/2012 10:40PM

    emoticon emoticon
You're doing awesome. You're so inspiring!

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ROCKINMOM77 3/26/2012 10:33PM

    emoticon What is this normal you speak of?? I have NO idea what this "looking" normal thing is!! I am serious, I look soooo weird and disgusting naked!! Maybe I could miraculously grow about 5 inches taller, my skin would fit!! lol Congrats to you on finding the old you!! Yay for feet and hips!!! You are doing soooo amazing!!!

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REBECCATKD 3/26/2012 7:08PM

    It's been quite the journey, and I have truly enjoyed watching you "shrink."

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WINNIE1978 3/26/2012 5:37AM

    Yay for seeing hips and feet! emoticon

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    That is awesome!!!

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THESHELBSTER 3/25/2012 10:42PM

    You are kickin a$$ and taking names my friend. I am so proud of you. you are awesome! you will be writing your goal weight blog in no time!

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PCASEY7 3/25/2012 10:31PM

    Good for you! Good luck on your journey to the 140's!

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Our Experiment Is Working!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Results from this week's experiment. My trainer and I talked on Monday and he suggested I decrease my calories to 1500-1700 per day. I've been burning between 2900-3000 calories per day so I thought that was a little low for me but I made it to between 1900-2050 for the past few days (except yesterday at 2300) and I've lost 3.5 pounds since Monday! Today is my last day of the week before I weigh in officially tomorrow morning and I'm excited!

I HAVE been feeling really hungry but not intolerable hunger. Today is much better. I'm starting to eat slower and enjoy my food and it's really helping. I found some Dark Chocolate almonds from Blue Diamond and those are AWESOME for a snack. They're 10 calories less per serving than my favorite Habanero BBQ flavor and good for a little sweetness but not too much.

Anyway, I'm rambling so that must mean that I"m done. Everyone have a wonderful WEEKEND!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

SHIROIHANA 3/31/2012 9:25PM

    I love their dark chocolate almonds as well! So good.

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WINNIE1978 3/25/2012 3:12PM

    I'm glad the experiment is working!! emoticon

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SCOUTMOM715 3/24/2012 7:45PM

    emoticon Sometimes it takes a little tweaking with the calories to get things moving. emoticon

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    Woohoo on the experiment working!!

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More NSV's today-I have to have SOMETHING!

Monday, March 19, 2012

As many of you know, I have been on this massive plateau since July. I gained 5 pounds from Thanksgiving to Christmas and have lost that 5 but am STILL right around 160. My Bodybugg continues to say I burn more calories than I eat and STILL I'm stuck.

Which brings me to my story. I went shopping at Wal-Mart and tried on some shorts today. Last summer, I was wearing these size 14 shorts because the legs were TIGHT around my thighs. I tried them on the other day and the legs fit fine without being tight but the waistband is HUGE. So I tried on some 12's and some 10's today. ALL of the 10's fit and some of the 12's were too big! AWESOME! I did get one pair of size 12's to use to work the Brewer games because they were less fitted but the 8-10's were perfectly fine and not too tight. I'm stoked! That means I've lost 2 pants sizes and gained muscle so I have to be happy.

My trainer wants me to try to stay at 1500-1700 calories per day until Friday and then call him to see if that helps me. Well today I'm at 2049 because I underestimated dinner even though I had a grilled chicken salad for dinner so we'll have to try that tomorrow.

Anyway, have a GREAT week everyone!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

SHIROIHANA 3/31/2012 9:25PM


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MOMPPCL 3/21/2012 6:56PM

    Hurray for fitting in these shorts!

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COMPUCATHY 3/20/2012 12:32PM

    That is AWESOME! Wow! Size 10! Size 8! Amazing! That has got to be a real high for you! Woo hoo! Keep up the good work! Thanks for all your encouragement! Spark on! emoticon

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    Wonderful! Congratulations!


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WINNIE1978 3/20/2012 5:35AM

    Love those NSVs!!! Congrats on the smaller shorts! emoticon

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FINALLYBEINGME 3/19/2012 11:45PM

    emoticon That must've been the best feeling - I don't think the number on the scale matters here, you're doing amazingly well. emoticon

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    Way to go on the size drop!!! I totally know what that feels like! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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SCOUTMOM715 3/19/2012 10:17PM

    emoticon on the smaller size shorts!! All your workouts are paying off!! You are doing great!! emoticon

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MFTAGGFREEZE 3/19/2012 9:48PM

    Alright! You can't get mad at those results.

You must be a calorie burning machine now with all that muscle. Keep up the good work!

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REBECCATKD 3/19/2012 9:40PM

    Woo hoo!

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GETSTRONGRRR 3/19/2012 9:37PM

    Great job....believe me, I'm a big believer in the clothes being a better indicator of success than the scales.....even though the scales are nice too.

I've found HIIT has helped me drop a few extra pounds to your trainer guy!

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SHIROIHANA 3/19/2012 9:33PM

    Congrats on the NSV!! You can't always trust that evil scale-- people look at our size anyways, not the number. Keep up the great work!

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SMILESHINE81 3/19/2012 9:31PM

    What a great NSV! Getting smaller clothing is always exciting!


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Interesting Revelation

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Today we had a friend stop by with her son, who is friends with my youngest son. Anyway, we were talking about weight loss, etc. and she happened to mention she weighs the same as me (around160). When she stood up I looked at her and she looked bigger than I thought I look so I asked my husband what he thought. She's not obese by any means and looks just fine but she doesn't work out really so there is a definite difference since I have much more muscle. My husband said that I look significantly smaller so I was excited. :) It made me worry much less about WEIGHT and more about being healthy and looking good. It was a good day!

I had my fitness class this morning but it was only my friend and I so we just walked around the gym for an hour and called it a day. Then I came home and did my Kenpo X video. Then when Ken came home we went for a walk around the river down the hill from our house. It took an hour and it was about 2.5 miles. I have over 21,000 steps today and have burned 2600+ calories so far today! WOO HOO!

Tomorrow is my rest day. My hip is still sore at times so I decided that I'm going to finish my last two weeks of P90X (tomorrow is my rest day and I have two weeks left). Three days after I finish we go to Florida for 10 days so I decided to rest and not do much exercise for our vacation to rest my hip. Hopefully then I'll be good to go.

The next thing I want to do is Insanity. I have been wanting to do that one for a long time but wanted to get my money's worth out of P90X so we'll see. Happy St. Patty's Day everyone!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

SHIROIHANA 3/19/2012 9:36PM

    OMG OMG OMG... can't wait until you do Insanity!! I am a hardcore fan and would love to read your reviews. Hope your hip gets better. You are awesome!

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THESHELBSTER 3/18/2012 12:38AM

    You are a rockstar. A great day indeed! You are motivating me to do some strength training! I am a cardio junkie but I have way too much jiggle when I wiggle. I will jump for joy when I weigh around 160. I can barely fathom it. I am so proud of you!

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ALLYTHEATHLETE 3/17/2012 10:12PM

    It's amazing how much of a difference muscle makes! I'm about 10 pounds more than I was at my smallest size 8 years ago, but I wasn't doing as much strength training then and I'm a size smaller now. I'm also smaller than my mom, who's totally sedentary, but I weigh probably 20 pounds more than her.

MUSCLE ROCKS! emoticon

Congrats on the revelation!

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GETSTRONGRRR 3/17/2012 9:35PM

    Congrats and you're right, it is a great revelation to realize that the distribution of the weight, as well as how much muscle vs fat you have, makes a huge difference.

I'll bet you can't exchange clothes with your friend, huh?

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    I'm so impressed that you're doing P90X - it looks like a tough workout! It sounds like you're in great shape. emoticon emoticon

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WINNIE1978 3/17/2012 8:16PM

    I always find it interesting when someone that looks much larger than me weighs the same or wears the same size as me.

Holy calorie burn!!! emoticon

I hope your hip is back to 100% very soon!

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