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On forgiving and other thoughts

Sunday, February 06, 2011

I often feel almost obligated to do these even when I really don't feel like it ( like RIGHT now). I suppose the hope that I say something that MIGHT just hit a resonant chord with a reader is a somewhat good motivator. Perhaps at least one time I might say something that might help someone else along life's path. I suppose we all are struggling , each in our own way. I know that I really DID NOT care for that article about forgiveness no matter how much it "might" be true - (no I don't want to hang on to my hurts but some people in my life -especially my "work" life are real sphincters and WILL NOT change nor will they see the other persons point of veiw. I dont know exactly what the answer is I just keep hoping that SOON my circumstances will change for the better - I can only be responsible for my half of the situation. I DO know that my daily cardio helps me NOT to think about things at least for the time I am doing it . FOR THAT I AM GRATEFUL.

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TIBURONA 2/7/2011 12:55AM

    Sometimes you just have to realize that things are out of your control, but still have the right to not accept this without some emotion. Having to deal with unreasonable people does not mean you have to forgive them, but you may want to take some time to forgive yourself for harboring ill will for something that you cannot change...this helps attenuate negative feelings, IMHO so that you can let them go..

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CJBAGGINS 2/6/2011 11:30PM

    Gratitude. Sometimes that is all we have, eh?

I am pleased for you that during your cardio, anyway, you can think of other things.


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BELLE0308 2/6/2011 8:51PM

    I appreciate your thoughts. I know that for me, forgiveness has never been really easy. I can forgive a lot and then there are the harsher things in life that I may in time forgive, but I may not forget. You have to do what is right for you at the time. If it isn't time, you can't push it. That is my opinion anyway.

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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Had it happened in different circumstances, I think yesterday would have been one of the better days as a parent. As it stood, it turned out to be (for me) one of the biggest disasters I could have had in recent memory. I think now I know how my Dad felt when I got married as I know he felt similarly about certain issues, although I did get married in the church, (which I thought I was doing the RIGHT thing even though my Dad was a convert and a lapsed one at that- I thought I was making my family happy by marrying in the church as opposed to finding someone who was either not Catholic or worse yet non religious even if my parents didn't like my fiancee at the time). I made sure both my kids went to church and took all the sacraments. It was CLEAR to me last night by all the money WASTED (in my opinion) on several photographers, a videographer, 2 slide shows etc that money was not a factor in it. I don't know what to think except that I am not happy about the situation. I was also basically told to keep my opinions to myself which did nothing to defuse my frustration level. I also did not eat well yesterday which did little to make me feel better.To put the icing on the cake I said something to my Mom (yeah the one who dragged us off to Mass EVERY Sunday whether WE wanted to go that day or not) saying that there was no right or wrong about (God or religion) that it's all in your head (I couldnt help but think what a supremely stupid statement not to mention how it probably deeply offended MY SAVIOR).


yet another

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I really didn't want to have to write yet another one of these but I need the points. There I am being honest if deceitful.

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SUNNYESCAPE 1/26/2011 2:43PM


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more winter woes

Monday, January 24, 2011

I just spent about 2 hours shovelling out buried vehicles today at work. Had over a foot of snow (hard packed because it was above freezing) over the roof around the fenders etc had to take and sweep off the front and then dig out the tires (front wheel drives) and even then it took 3 or 4 passes back and forth to make a path. then I had to get the rest of the snow off so I could pull them in, Oh well that's why I get paid the big bucks . (NOT).

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DIVALADY 1/24/2011 9:54PM


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NARSLOVE 1/24/2011 9:54PM

    Look on the bright side.. all those burned calories.

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More January Blues

Sunday, January 23, 2011

This has been a winter unlike nearly any other, Snow up the ying yang till you want to almost VOMIT at the sight of it, then now its been ABOVE freezing for the last 3 days (Not good TRUST ME) now I have a very sore back right at the where the pelvis joins. Gotta go to work tommorrow or Hitler (I just love my boss- NOT) will have a fit. So much for going to the union (what a joke),
Well if it keeps bothering me I am going to the doctor and getting a note and then I am going to stay away from work for a week or what ever it takes. I could still lose my job tomorrow if it were contracted out so why shouldn't I look after myself FIRST??

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    Wow, you're really having a hard time! Living where it gets extremely hot in the summer, I feel exactly about summer as you do about winter, and I always dread it coming. Sometimes just finding one simple thing positive--it can be ANYTHING--helps beat the blues. It sounds silly, but the only thing I could find to like about summer is fruit salad with ingredients that are best in July and August, our hottest month. Eventually I started looking forward to that one thing. Maybe you can find something that's best enjoyed on a cold day? A favorite book that you read only on the coldest days? Seeing the sunrise when it hits the ice and snow in the trees and everything sparkles? Hang in there!

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