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Monday, November 05, 2012

not too much to say a typical Monday sort of . I got an email from a buddy I haven't seen since 1994 which made my day- I had sent him a lot of things he emailed me once in the fall. I guess I must have been fighting some bug or something last might as I could not get warm and I ended up going to bed at 8:30 and I still felt tired today. But I think I really must've needed that sleep. Have a great day.

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MORTICIAADDAMS 11/5/2012 10:28PM

    I had chills on Saturday and have another fever blister today to add to the 10 I have never gotten rid of. Don't look at me. I'm hideous. LOL.

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winter tire blues

Sunday, November 04, 2012

I really wanted to spell "tire" the proper British English way but I think most of you might take offence. I spent the better part of the afternoon changing the tires by hand with a terrible jack on my daughter's car after she deicided she did not want to help Friday night as she was not feeling well (after all its not like its her place to work on HER car - insert slow burn HERE). Now I can feel all the muscles I pulled or over worked recently - also I feel tired as all get out - so much for the time change - her "kitten" attacked me at 430 am as he figured he needed to be fed- since when is a 5 month old cat supposed to be BIGGER than an adult cat?? Oh and you better get on it human or I will keep biting your shins and your feet! Gee I get to go to work and "rest".

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    LOL. Kids these days think they own their parents. Like we have nothing better to do then meet all of their demands and needs.

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adding people as friends who DO NOT reciprocate

Saturday, November 03, 2012

You know I am really getting tired of some of the people on this site who apparently are either too STUCK UP or insecure or is it just "BUSY" to add someone as a friend. I thought we were supposedly all in this TOGETHER!!??!!????!!??!!!

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    I learned this years ago. I never add anyone unless they add me first so my feelings don't get hurt.

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KKKAREN 11/4/2012 11:01AM

    I typically try to keep my friends list on the low side so I have time to get to know them and send them notes and goodies occasionally. I don't like it when someone friends me just because I posted a comment on their blog. When someone does friend me I read their spark page and see if we have something in common and that they are active on spark. If we have nothing in common I do not friend them back. Sorry if this offends you.

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IMREITE 11/4/2012 2:10AM

    When i was new it took me a while to realize i could add people. it took me months before i even bothered making a sparkpage. i sometime fee l guilty because i have several sparkfriends that i do not always give a lot of attention too. i still add people, but i just struggle to keep up with people as much.

we all need support and i hope you are getting it.

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CLAYARTIST 11/3/2012 9:13PM

  emoticon emoticon

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USMAWIFE 11/3/2012 9:09PM

    A lot of people have private pages and they want to keep it private Others do not have the box checked that when someone adds them to their friend list, they get an email message, so they do not know you do it

Be easy on them Just depends on their settings

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AUDISP 11/3/2012 9:08PM

    I didn't know you had to click on your friend feed to respond to friend requests until recently. Perhaps that is the issue.

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LYNNA1968 11/3/2012 9:05PM

    You know who your friends are .......don't waste your time or energy on people that will never know you even posted it. Just smile knowing you have the coolest friends EVER!!!
emoticon emoticon

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JAMBABY0 11/3/2012 8:56PM

    I stopped adding people because of this, so what I do is if they add me I add them right back, if they don't I don't bother with them! I go to my friend feed and the ones that I added that didn't add me get deleted. Good luck

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KAKONOLADY 11/3/2012 8:54PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon

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Friday, November 02, 2012

Still have to lift my weights had to work like a dog today. Still its Friday and I can at least work on things I want to this weekend (at least that's what I fool myself with) . The one mice thing was I FINALLY stopped getting TWO'S and THREE'S as log in and "bonus" points spins.

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    I had to work my butt off Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I'm pooped.

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CHRIS3874 11/3/2012 8:52PM

    yeah I 'll say - I was really getting tired of it - maybe its petty but after a week its kind of frustrating.

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CORNERKICK 11/3/2012 1:01AM

  Wooo hooo!

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more snow

Thursday, November 01, 2012

Yeah we got more snow and freezing rain (yum my favourite can I have some more please?) today and the roads were $hit. Glad I only have one more day of work this week . The depressing part of all of this is that winter came early and when its like this we are probably stuck until March now. Phooey.

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MORTICIAADDAMS 11/2/2012 10:12PM

    Totally depressing thought. I hate winter - any winter. The less of it the better.

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PIPERJ4A 11/1/2012 9:39PM

  It's way to early for snow. I'm not even close to being ready. I'm really learning to like the warmer weather.

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