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Monday, November 01, 2010

Sometimes I don't even enjoy writing these things- its as though I just go though the motions and I doubt it makes sense to anyone (including myself) - other times I think of just the right things to add (not @$$) to this and then when its time to write them in -POOF- They are gone.
I don't know some people seem to have the knack of writing these things and connecting with everyone- I clearly don't seem to posses that knack. Funnily enough I did a book report on a novel in high school ( The Devils Advocate - no its not a horror book - its refers to an official in the Vatican). Anyway I read this thing the weekend and did the book report and aced it too bad I still don't seem to have it (regards to writing ) . Oh well anyone still reading this "drivel" maybe someone out there can relate

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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Today is the sort of fall day I dread- cold rainy (thank God NO Freezing rain - yucko) overcast all day . I went outside to do some yard work no fun. At least it might get better by the week's end. At least in the depths of one's winter there's a hope for the renewal of spring. (gee I think just may have just made a quote). I am trying to apply to Athabasca University for their Bsc (post diploma ) programme. I find only having a technical diploma doesnt seem to cut it anymore.
Hope everyone has a GREAT week be good to yourselves- you deserve it . emoticon emoticon

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JAMER123 10/24/2010 8:21PM

    Good luck on your schooling. We have a dreary day going as well. Last night there was a rain storm with lightening and thunder. We are forcasted to have intermittent rain all week so I think we are in the fall weather, but as you said at least it isn't freezing!! Hate that ice!!

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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Today was interesting . I went and helped my brother in law wire in his doorbell at his new house that he built (why he couldn't do it himself I am not sure). Got that done and now I am trying to shift/ sort/ stack/ organize 10+ years of clutter/ bedlam AKA my basement workroom.Oh well at least its better than going for a walk not to mention it gets stuff done. I see sometimes unintended but interesting parallels to this programme to other things I am trying to accomplish.



Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hi I wish I could say I was getting better at these but that would probably almost be close to a lie. (like I don't have enough sins- I pity the priest next time I go to the confessional!!). I am unhappy because we had municipal elections last night (my candidate didn't come in and the isiot I didn't want back in DID ). I am grateful as my boss is on vacation for 2 weeks so its a bit less stressful at work (I had a good job 10years ago and quit it for the private sector- boy was I stupid). I got a call from the union lady yesterday telling me that the metting supposed to be today after being put off already once was cancelled due to numbnuts taking the 2 weeks off. So I guet to face the music (or rather Id like to make HIM face it as HIS boss will be there also) Nov 9th. They are also closing the parking at work as I have to park in rugby park parking (next to where I work) of course they didnt plan for enough parking at the building where I work . GROAN.



Saturday, October 16, 2010

Yeah I thought I'd add to what I started yesterday - I suppose the one good thing about being sick is that my appetite is really curtailed - I suppose that would be OK except for the fact that I constantly get "bawled out" by the nutritional feedback page for not eating enough (not that I am nauseous all that much I just don't feel like eating), I tried to do some work around the house pretty tough even though I wanted to start (and finish ) some projects (but not today I guess ) I have to learn to be PATIENT and to realize one of the hardest lessons is that its in SOMEONE ELSE'S hands ,


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