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Friday, June 15, 2012

Well I didn't totally follow what should have been a good sating plan- however I did walk around Fort Edmonton Park for about three hours. It was a mice change to going to work . Had a nice supper. Still have Father's Day. I kinda hate having my birthday and that day SO CLOSE together as people get the idea that they can "cheat" (kinda like have you birthday Dec 25 -"oh we got you this for Christmas and your birthday!!!). Hope everyone has a good weekend.

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HELLODANAE 6/15/2012 9:48PM

    I hear you about the birthday mine is Dec 30 emoticon
great job on the walking I need to get my act together so thanks for the inspiration: 3hrs!!!!

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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Well its Thursday and I DID take tomorrow off as its my birthday tomorrow (funny how you don't look forward to them as much when you get older - of course when I was a kid I figured I would be getting my motorcycle licence at age 16 and all those OTHER things that DIDN'T happened for me). Went to my Mom's for supper and had not a bad time (I still miss MY DAD especially with Father's Day around the corner- I feel cheated ) ate somewhat too much although I did try to eat a lot of salad and vegetables. Am planning to try to exercise like a wildman tomorrow to do penance for past sins!!!

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    Happy birthday!! I hope it was a good one.

At my age birthdays are just another day. I'm lucky if anyone remembers.

I lost my mom instead of my dad. It's been since 96 but I still miss her and my grandparents.

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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Another "fun" day at work (glad its over) . I had to have a "restart" yesterday at the vampires as I had trouble with my right arm (I didn't I think the nurse had trouble with her needle) so that goodness I had a spare arm!! Fortunately the rest of the donation went not too bad. Went to have a shower 3 hrs later and took the bandage off an the thing starts to re bleed (great). Still I watched part of the Queen's diamond jubilee last night pretty good.

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MORTICIAADDAMS 6/13/2012 10:38PM

    I can't donate blood. I used to draw it though and usually didn't have much trouble.

I like the Queen even though I'm a Scot. She has done an excellent job as a royal. And I think Prince William will do great as well. Maybe he will even bypass his dad to take the throne. Of course I hope the Queen lives to be 100 like her mom so it won't be any time soon. It's nice to have a lady at the helm.

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another day

Monday, June 11, 2012

I am so glad that there is one less day at work this week as I am going to take Friday off. Also I have sort of gotten into the habit of doing these things I am not sure if its just a rut ,catharsis or maybe I have stopped giving a you=know's - what if someone or anyone reads this - I wonder if that could be the REAL benefit of cyberspace at least you can't be certain people are ignoring you,

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MORTICIAADDAMS 6/11/2012 10:32PM

    I assume most people are ignoring me. I know most of my family is. You can't pick your own relatives. LOL.

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Sunday AGAIN

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Well another weekend shot all to you know where. Looking forward to Monday and another fun week of contending with "others" !!! On a positive note I went and nudged a few people into friending me me (after I had added them as friends a while back). THANKS AGAIN. We all need all the friends we can get (at least I DO).

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MORTICIAADDAMS 6/10/2012 11:18PM

    Good for you. I'm all for forced friendship. LOL. I never add anyone unless they add me first. That way when they find out what I'm really like I feel no guilt. LOL. This has nothing to do with anything I said but I like the statement, "You are what you eat." and in some ways this seems to relate to friendships to me. Don't ask me how. I'm a little warped and have been the last few years.

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