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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Basically today seemed like it was going to be the day from hell because my boss and my supervisor went to where our vehicles get disposed of and came back and my boss didn't talk to me but I kind of got it from the supervisor "because" I am not perfect (gee BIG REVELATION you know what YOU SCREW UP at YOUR job sadly I am not allowed to chew YOU out!!) It's like this old guy that I used to work with at CNCP (he worked for Northern Alberta Railways Telecom before NAR was taken over by Canadian National) Ed always used to say whenever we used to gripe about work (NO where nearly as bad as this employer in a lot of respects) - "the s**t flows down but it NEVER goes back up!! Anyways, my buddy tried to make me feel a bit better (Brian knows I am one of the more conscinetious people there) and then Wes comes up to me about an hour later and mumbles "oh I guess I owe you a partial apology - one of the vehicles came from CALGARY" so obviously I DID NOT work on it ergo I should NOT have been gotten S**T for it .

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    The half- a$$ apology is lame at best. The mark of a worthless boss. A good boss makes sure what the facts are and then gives constructive criticism where the person learns from their mistakes and can still feel good about themselves. I've been a boss and a good one.

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Glad today is tuesday

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I am very much glad today is over. I realize sometimes I say things that some readers might NOT like especially about my "employer" (one person decided that they were going to basically flame me) > Today I finished working on retiring a truck for a section thats more civilian than most. I had basically finished it yesterday but then my boss decided that he wanted the running boards moved to the new vehicle. They were of course rusted on and it took me the better part of an hour and a half to get them off a lot of the fasteners had to be ground off . The fellow who was building the replacement came back and threw them in the box as they did NOT fit the new vehicle. So much for productivity!! I was also told to take the mudflaps off . Again these had fasteners on them so badly rusted on that the majority of them SNAPPED off after I started to turn them with a wrench. The remainder had to be ground off . I felt like I took a bath in dirt and iron filings. That this had happened really didn't bother me and in fact is not really what I was going to write about although it would have been nice to have known about it yesterday and I might have had it done yesterday but neither my boss nor the supervisor was in just the lead hand.
(actually there isn't much diffenece between the 2 except some semantics and a pay grade ). Well I go and pull out the truck because I finally finished it and pulled in a Toyota I sort of started yesterday outside 15 or so minutes before quitting time as it was nice out and no room inside with the truck (which could not be moved yesterday for reasons I prefer not to get into at this time). Well I go and pull it in and then there was another vehicle to pull in behind me which the supervisor was going to work on because "he is SPECIAL". I had left a few cut off fasteners on the floor as I was NOT given time to sweep up. A little while passes by and I feel something hit me in the leg. I look over and its one of the bolts I had cut off -this person was mad at me and had obviously decided to THROW the bolts at me. Then afterwards he decides to chew me out because one of those bolts could have damaged the tire. First of all I didn't know you were coming in right after me, Second I wasn't given time to clean up, Third the bolts aren't long enough to puncture the tires. Fourth if it was such a big deal why didn't you get off your ass and do it yourself? This guy thinks he can talk to people like dirt and treat them like crap and I am tired of it.(The worst thing about is it that I was NOT raised to stick up for myself and these bastards KNOW IT)
I nearly told him to F--K OFF today.

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    I'm not sure of the law where you are but here someone who throws something at someone else while working is liable for disciplinary action and termination. It sounds like they are pretty stupid - trying to salvage rusty junk. It would be nice if you could find somewhere else to work.

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Monday, May 28, 2012

Well not alot to add today glad its over. Its one less day I have to work this week. I keep wondering if or when the axe is going to fall in my department at work. I often don't know if I am supposed to feel scorn or pity for the politicians behind this - they are probably going to end up spending ten dollars to save 6. We went through this with the liberal party (yeah the BIG GOVERNMENT party) in 1994 and then they turned around and hired back everyone and then some and some came back as consultants after taking early retirement (yeah a REAL saving of money) what a crock. Of course they all expect us to be happy and productive with all this crap happening.

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MORTICIAADDAMS 5/28/2012 10:20PM

    I've been around a long time and even dated a high ranking Illinois politician. Trust we when I say they are almost all scumbags. Everything for them is about votes and being elected.

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Sunday, May 27, 2012

It was a beautiful day again today too bad I wasted it online and listening to the radio / etc.At least I rode the stationary bike a bit. I need to get out more- heaven knows I spent enough time cooped up in the winter.

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    I get out a lot in spring and fall but summer here is often stifling, like today. Winter sucks as well but is sometimes better than days like today.

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Saturday, May 26, 2012

I really didn't do a hell of a lot today other than shoulder some flak for something "I" didn't think was so serious and I went to coffee with a friend and then he bought me lunch (I wanted to pay my own way but he insisted and then I felt bad because all he had was a coffee and a bran muffin). Still it was nice to see him even though I saw him last week I was supposed to see a third mutual friend whom we both worked at the same (at one time municipally owned) telephone company. Sadly for whatever reason Ian was a no show. Still it was a beautiful day I went to a local store that I mentioned in an earlier is winding down operations because of a parent companies operations its very sad to go in there its 80 percent gone. It reminds me of watching a loved one die.

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MORTICIAADDAMS 5/26/2012 11:16PM

    I'm sure your friend felt good being able to treat you. He would not have offered to pay if he couldn't afford it.

I mourn the loss of a lot of stores and places to eat here. All the good ones are leaving and being replaces by chain stores.

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