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Thursday, October 06, 2011

I am somewhat saddened as a co worker is retiring tomorrow - I went to technical college with him 31 years ago.

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    I stayed around long enough when I worked to seem like the only dog left. Kinda sad.

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part 3

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Just finished tearing out what I wanted to keep from the old thing and putting it back together to take to the city recycling station ( its easier on the spell checker than calling it what it is ). Took it upstairs to the back yard by myself - do I feel guilty that I didn't have time to do my proscribed exercises even though I intended to - lets ask my ( darker in some spots than normal) t-shirt!!!

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    lOL. I can so relate. I would love to take mine to the yard of the person who invented it and beat the heck out of it on their front lawn with a sledge hammer and then pee on it, which ain't that easy when you consider that I'm a girl, and then have everyone's dog pee on it followed by the dogs taking a ceremonial dump in their yard. Can you tell I'm peeved???? I hate this washing machine.

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WMB part 2

Saturday, October 01, 2011

Well I took apart the BEAST again last night for the LAST time. Noted 2 things that I had missed before- the screw that the belt tension pulley turns on drags on the chassis of the washer (fixed that) also the transmission has a bearing that got rusted and didn't turn great (of course it's part of the assembly) I think that these "people' (I've got a lot of terms running in my head right now and they aren't really fit to print) intentionally make these things so that a part fails and takes the rest of the S.O.B. with it so you gotta either spend a ton of money or buy a new one. I noted that the Inglis was in the house for about 30 (?) yrs (the old owner bought it
This frigging thing we had lived for about 10. GREAT - I would just love to insert it into a bodily orifice of the engineer that designed it. You would think that for how it lasted these things should be DIRT CHEAP. All I know is the next one I am gonna watch like a hawk.

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    Yep, that's how I feel about my Sear's Kenmore Calypso. I'll like to stick it up the designer's butt or force him to use it.

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Still sans machine I think I got everything I need and actually picked up the belt on the way home from work (over $25 for a bloody v-belt and I thought car parts were expensive!! GRRR) Monday and was told by the real powers that be to wait until tomorrow you're tired. Today I went and donated blood ( actually my arm hurts which is NOT normal) and then was told to wait until tomorrow- I am taking Thursday and Friday off so that darn thing is going to work even if I have operate it manually!!!!

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    I'm hoping my hubby works on my new machine soon. I'm tired of using the old one in the pole barn.

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washing machine blues

Sunday, September 25, 2011

(Great a title for a blog that sounds like some Black guy is going to use on an album -Sorry I can't think of any decent white blues-men that's why I said that not trying to cause offense.) Still fighting with the beast in the basement had to wait for some parts to come in (you would THINK living in the capital of the most prosperous province in Canada there would be NO problems getting parts for a washing machine - had to ship the cap in from BC!!). I guess there will be NO PEACE for me until I get it sorted. Of course after I got it all back together and I thought I had it sorted it still didn't work then I finally clued in and pulled off the drive belt - it was basically shot. There was a shiny spot where the pulley was basically rubbing on it and it stunk. Of course being as tomorrow in SUNDAY NOTHING is open.

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    White Blues players? - Stevie Ray Vaughn. Eric Clapton. Peter Green. And my hubby. LOL.

I can relate though. I am using my 27 year old spare machine in the pole barn.

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