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Week 4 Weigh in-OUCH

Friday, September 21, 2007

OK, I am late posting my week 4 weigh in because I didn't like it. I fell off the low carb wagon and then got ran over by it over the weekend. I was SOOOO bad and the scale showed it Monday morning, it went up 5 pounds! I was sooo sad:( But Monday I got back up, dusted myself off and started eating healthy again. The 5 pounds is slowing coming back off. It was so not worth it. It will take me 2 weeks to recover, one to lose the weight I gained and one to get back where I would have been if I stayed on track. Lesson learned. I was supposed to do my measurements Monday too but I am putting it off for a week so I won't be at my bloated, overeating stage for that. So on Monday I'll weigh in again and take my measurements. I know they are down because of how my clothes fit. All my clothes that were getting TOO tight to wear I can wear comfortably again. CAn't wait for them to be too loose.

The one pair of shorts I could wear comfortably before at my starting weight are too loose, YAHOO.hehe Have a lot more to go to get into all my clothes I have waiting for me to wear though. If I keep it up I just might have a nice winter wardrobe this year=)


Week 3 Weigh In-Another Mini Goal Reached!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Happy Dancing, I hit my next mini goal, I'm on the bottom side of the 160's! I was 164 this morning, down 3 pounds this week. 14 pounds total, that sounds impressive even to me! 159 here I come!=) I'll have to stretch this mini goal out to 2 weeks hope I can handle that.

And I am back to exercising went for an hour long powerwalk with my girlfriends this morning after dropping my daughter off at preschool. Pushing 30+ lb son in the stroller at the same time. That should do something right? I was sweating like it was doing something at least. The breeze was wonderful.

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SHAEKAE81 9/10/2007 2:21PM

    Can I happy dance for you, too?? We can burn the calories together with our dancing!! LOL CONGRATS! Those are awesome results!!!

And WTG on gettin back to the exercise!!!! Thats awesome! You'll feel so much better and see better results that's really your motivation at this point and with your quickness!!! hahaha

You keep on going girl!!!!

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Snackies have hit

Friday, September 07, 2007

Man I have had the munchies for the past 3 days. Tuesday, Wed and Thursday were bad. Wonder if those LC candy bars set me off and the SF pudding? Today is Friday and so far I'm good. So maybe it's out of my system. I went and bought some SF gum so I could chew on that and keep my mind of throwing other things in my mouth. And it worked! I chewed some Juicy Fruit earlier in the week and it about killed me to think it was 2 carbs!haha

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SHAEKAE81 9/7/2007 1:23PM

    LOL What is your daily carb allowance?? If it's still at 20 grams, you had 10% of your carb allowance on gum. That had to hurt! hehe...but on the upside, those 2 carbs lasted you longer than any other food w/2 carbs would have, right? Glad your munchies seem to be done. I keep sugar free gum on hand at ALL times. The sugar-laiden ones make me feel ill, now. But, I have noticed that the mint gum makes my mouth water and that makes me wanna drink, and in turn, that helps me reach my water intake goals for the day! And, like you, it helps keep me from munching on other less healthy things!!! SF gum is a winner in my book!!!

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No exercise this week

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

My exercise buddy hurt her back, plus the holiday threw me off my exercise schedule. Plus this week has been nuts with kids activities and me babysitting my friends little girl. Shoot I haven't had a free morning or night this week to sneak a walk in even. Maybe Saturday that's my first chance. I know the weight loss will slow down this week anyways but I was hoping with exercise I could keep it up at a decent number this week. Guess we'll see......


Week 2 Weigh In

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Down another 5 pounds, thrilled with that! And better yet I made it into the 160's!! I was hanging right at 170 for several days in a row then AF hit and I had a huge whoosh. Who knew I would be glad to see her?haha And better yet I avoided chocolate during PMS, that's a first! OK, I'm at 167, need to loose 3 pounds so I can hit my next mini goal of 164 so I can be on the down side of the 160's=)

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SHAEKAE81 9/4/2007 1:38PM

    WhoooOO HooooOOO!!! I'm slightly envious of your quickness...but I know low-carbing isn't easy at the I'm not too jealous of that aspect...LOL It's sooo cool when you fall down into the next 10-lb bracket, huh?? I'm super proud of you for resisting the call of the chocolate! I'm also impressed that you recover so quickly while AF is around. I usually don't start to "recover" my weight loss until the week after I'm completely done. I like that you're setting mini-goals...makes it easier to continue. I'd been missing that until last night! :) Keep up the good work!

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COFFEE_KISS 9/4/2007 1:32PM

    I love that "WHOOSH!"!! Congrats!! Good job avoiding the chocolate!

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