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I'm back

Monday, February 22, 2010

After a year of slacking, doing yoyo and feeling depressed, I'm back.

I spend last summer in China and it pretty much ruined my efforts, because of eating every single meal out and no occasion to exercise. I didn't gain much weight, but I'm definitely seeing more fat than before (hello muffin top!).

This depressed me, and even though I didn't want to admit it it had an influence on other aspects of my life. I'm less energetic, more lazy, I over-eat even more than before and my mood swings are crazy!

Worst of all, after a 3-4 normal months my eating disorder showed up again.

If I don't do something NOW, I'm going to get sick. I already see the results of my eating disorder on my body, one of my front teeth is damaged, while I used to have a perfectly healthy mouth =( My smile & teeth were things I really liked about me (one of the few things I liked), and now this...

But I'm through with this. Today I really exercised for the first time in several months, and it made me feel GOOD!
I'm into dancing, & I found that Dancing workout DVDs work for me better than anything, so I'll stick with that for a while.

When I began restricting (Summer 2007), I was restricting a LOT and that's when my eating disorder appeared, I would beat myself up for any extra. I figured out that if I exercise more, I'll be able to eat a little more to and consequently save myself from all the hassle of over-restricting.

Plan : track food, exercise 6 days/week (cardiox3, strength trainingx3), and of course portion control so that I'm not tempted to get rid of the food.



No setbacks for me!

Friday, April 17, 2009

I've been busy lately and, while still eating right, didn't take the time to log my food intakes, and apart from walking (I walked 4+ miles Wednesday) didn't exercise much. I weighed myself this morning and it indicated I had gained 2lbs.
Of course at first I panicked, but then I realized there were many reasons that could explain that :

- My scale indicates strange weights these days, 3 days in a row it indicated I was 145, while the days before I was 152!
- I didn't really drink much water these days >>> water retention ?
- Simple unrelated fluctuation ?

So, plan is to log my food again to try and see whether I'm still doing good eating wise, drink enough tea & water and exercise a little more!

Another thing I noticed is that I'm beginning to enjoy strength training, even more than cardio actually!


The Modified Plank Challenge

Thursday, April 09, 2009

2 days ago, I generated a new strength training program. Which Includes Modified Planks. From the beginning, I had not had to much difficulty to do any of the exercises, but this one is a real challenge for me. At the beginning, I couldn't hold it for more than 30 seconds!
I understood that my mind has to be stronger than my body, so today I tried holding it for an entire minute. It was hard, but I did it!
I now want to challenge myself so that I can hold that minute without much trouble, and then work my way up to 3 minutes as recommended.
I realized it's not a question of only losing weight, it's a question of being in shape! And though I've lost around 40lbs so far, I'm still far from havin a toned body =]

Anyway, I'm on my way!


Starting over

Sunday, March 29, 2009

I'm tired of starting over! I'm doing it for real this time.
I maintained for about a year, it is time to reach my ultimate goals.

It's been a week that I came back to exercising right, I'm at my mother's home where I use the elliptical trainer. It's easier while watching TV !

I want to focus on exercising, as it brings good mood and fitness. Usually, as I make lots of efforts while exercising, I'm not that much tempted to overeat!

Yeah, overeating is a major issus for me, when I cook for myself I cook twice what I should and eat it all!

This is what I have to overcome this year. By next year, I know I will have achieved it all!


2009 Goals

Friday, January 23, 2009

I'm currently maintainting (sort of) around 150 lbs, I didn't managed to get to 145 lbs so far.
As I live far away from my family because my college is at the other side of the country, everytime i get back home i gain 2 to 4 lbs, that i try to lose afterwards, but it's difficult ! I'd like to get back to my lowest weight known (148 lbs) but with the stress of school and the lack of time because I have to do everything all by myself I'm not really achieving anything!
I'm more and more okay about my body though, I just don't like the digits I see when I step on the scale. Why not trying to maintain around 145 lbs for now and try more next summer? (It's easier for me to exercice and eat "lighter" on summer). Last summer I managed to lose 40 lbs. Then... Nothing!
Well... I don't know.


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