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Injuried, But Doing Okay Now!

Friday, March 07, 2014

Things have been going well since I got back on SP. I haven't eaten gluten since February 23, and I'm giving up sweets for Lent. I've been good with sweets. I'm getting all my steps in and going for runs 3 times a week. I'm drinking Slim & Sassy (SparkMail me if you want more info, otherwise I'll have a blog post in the future) in my water and it is really helping with cravings. It's great!

Then on Tuesday we were doing sprints in my running and jogging class. I must have started wrong or something, because my upper left thigh was killing me. Throughout the day, I couldn't walk down stairs like a normal person and just using that leg at all hurt. I couldn't ice it as much as it needed because of my schedule, but I got a little in. Mostly, I made sure to use my Deep Blue essential oil blend where I had the most pain. This blend helps diminish pain and promote healing.

I woke up the next morning with sore hamstrings and left hip flexor, but that spot on my thigh felt fine! I could do stairs no problem! My main issue was that the sore hip flexor made it difficult to lift that leg. I was able to ice more today, and I alternated applying lemongrass EO to promote healing and Deep Blue to help with the pain and promote healing.

I woke up Thursday with no pain. I was able to run a 5k and wake up today with no soreness. That. Is. Insane. New favorite post-workout and injury product! Hands. Down.

I just wrote a blog post about this oil, even before this happened. Now I'm even more sold. Read the post here:

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SUNNYWBL 9/16/2014 4:56PM

    My daughter does doTERRA also and gave me an intro kit! emoticon emoticon

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I'm Back and Ready to Get Started

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Wow...It's been 8 1/2 months since my last post. Since I was last active on SparkPeople. That makes me very sad. I love this site and the motivation it brought me. I left last summer because it was too hard to track all of my meals. I was on an elimination diet and I was not repeating meals. I felt it would have taken too much time to input all of the recipes I was making. The diet was really good for me, though. I really worked on my self control. I ate whenever I was hungry, yet I lost quite a bit of weight. I was at my goal weight and I looked and felt great! Most importantly, I learned that nightshades were causing the awful eczema I had last year. I am now avoiding tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, and all pepper derived spices.

However, without SparkPeople or access to a kitchen, I slid back hard when returning to school. I ate poorly and didn't exercise - I gained back all the weight I lost over the summer, plus a few more pounds. I felt awful about myself, but I didn't have the motivation to do anything about it.

Then the new year started and I went abroad for a month. I walked a lot, but I ate in restaurants every night and just felt crummy about myself. I needed support to control myself if I was going to lose the weight I had gained. I needed motivation from streaks to get me to the gym. I also decided to cut out gluten, since wheat products tend to be a problem food for me and eating nothing but pasta in Italy for two weeks made me feel awful.

So I got home, returned to school, and got back on SparkPeople. I've been tracking my food again for about a week, taking shots of Slim & Sassy from doTERRA ( ) to help with my cravings, and I'm feeling much better about myself and my body.

The biggest leap forward for me was signing up for a running/jogging class and not dropping it. I read through my old blog posts about how great running made me feel, and I want to feel that again. On our first day, we had a timed mile and a half and it took me 17:58. I had a horrible side cramp and was having trouble breathing. I had to walk too much of it. Then we did intervals and I could barely jog the running part. It's been 8 months since I've run regularly and that is not okay.

I want to be back where I was, so I'm going to keep up with this class. I'm going to eat well. I'm going to be proud of myself again.

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JUSGETTENBY42 2/15/2014 12:54PM


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ELRIDDICK 2/15/2014 12:49PM

  Thanks for sharing

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End of May Update

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I didn't realize how long it had been since I posted! Things have been really busy. I had final papers and exams, then I had to move back home from college. I have gone on an elimination diet to cure my eczema and teach myself to eat more clean food. I'm learning a lot about real hunger and what makes me feel good. It is nice to have a strict diet for me, where if I mess up I have to start all over from the beginning. It keeps me from eating things I shouldn't be eating ever, let alone on this diet.

Because I've been so busy and so focused on nutrition, I have been neglecting exercise. I at least go for a walk every day, but I'm losing a lot of my progress from no longer doing yoga, strength training, or running regularly. Tonight I am going to karate, though, and I am very excited!


New Goals

Friday, May 10, 2013

Like so many other people, I bought the Spark Solution. It inspired me to re-evaluate my goals. Most of the goals on my page have become habits. I just check, check, check at the end of the day. Hooray! That's great! Unfortunately, by not updating this, I'm neglecting the things that I actually do need to work on. So it's update time:

Staying On - These are goals that I have long streaks for and I enjoy the reminder (sometimes I need the reminder). These goals still keep me motivated if I'm feeling like not doing it.
Drink 8 glasses of water a day
Exercise for 10 minutes everyday
Read the Bible everyday
Eat 5 fruits and vegetables everyday
My Community Team duties

Coming Off - These goals are either habit, or having to track the goal does not affect my behavior
Sleep 7 hours a night
Eat 2 fruits and vegetables a day
Stretch everyday
Floss every night
Eat within calorie range everyday

New Goals - This is the exciting part!
No untracked snacking (I'm horrible about grabbing a handful of peanuts and not tracking it)
Write down a "WooHoo!" from each day
Don't eat in front of the TV or computer

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TDICOIO 5/23/2013 10:38AM

    Cool. I haven't gotten the book, not sure what all is in it that isn't on the website for free.

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Sunday, May 05, 2013

Today I ran my second 5k. It was hard, I was tired, sore for some unknown reason, and I may have not waited long enough after lunch. I really wanted to go at 8 this morning, but the gym doesn't open until noon on Sundays. But I pushed through and I did it in...


That is 2:05 faster than my time back in March when I ran my first 5k. I only walked one minute and I picked up the pace after that. I was really hoping to get below 34 minutes, and I did. I'm very proud of myself!

Where to from here? I'm not sure. The school year is almost out, so I'm going to keep running for that. But until I know where I'm going to be and what my running options are for the summer, I can't really draw up a training plan. But I have a few ideas floating around waiting to be put on paper. I'm thinking training for a 10k as a means of helping increase my endurance.

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MIRAGE727 5/6/2013 12:49PM

    Remember to do a proper warm up then actually do a light stretch of your legs. This will get you loose for a better run and quite possibly faster times if that's where you want to go.
In any case, you've achieved goals! You should embrace that, feeling good that you've found something new within!

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4EVERNESS 5/5/2013 6:17PM

    You should be really pleased! Sounds phenomenal..But remember, all run and no play, makes CHLOEAGH ..... :)

Keep up the great work!

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