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Pushing to stay alive

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Hello sparkle people I have been absent from this site for some time now my life really has been a roller coaster ride for some time now first of all am back so saying hello to everyone, I have not be well in almost a year now in August of 2013 I was told I had kidney cancer had part of my right kidney removed in September 2013 only to end up back in the hospital in October had complications from surgery blood clots ON my lungs as I try to recover being filled with steroids I have not only gained back all the weight I had loss butmore in the process of being sick I loss my home my cars and my job had to return home to Toledo Ohio where I have family this past November I miss my beautiful sunny Florida I have since learned that I will have to have another surgery to remove the other half of my kidney sucks well I have been unable to exercise and the medication has made me blow up like crazy leaving me crying some days well I have had medical staff tell me the weight wont come off as long as I take the medication I am out to prove them wrong as I go back taking some nature supplements over man made drugs I have lost 8 lbs in four days well we are going to beat this and come out healthy God bless and have a happy Easter

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CHINADOLL1520 4/21/2014 12:31PM

    Thanks for the encouragement

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DJ4HEALTH 4/20/2014 9:09PM

    You can lose weight with the steroids and I know because I have been on them since 2000 and have lost weight and am still on them. It is harder but it can be done. Just watch the grains since they have a tendency to help put the weight on too.

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Saying Farwell To my old friends

Thursday, April 25, 2013

So this past tuesday my 19 year old son looked at me and said ",hay mom what is up with your clothing you look a mess" ? Funny thing is I was thinking the same thing when I had gotten dress early that day putting on a skirt and blouse that is way to big now and trying to make it work because I didn't wont to go out and buy new clothing till i had lost some more weight . Guess you can say am cheep LOL anyway after taking a long look at my clothing I had to say it , It was time for some clothing that fit and its time to pack up clothing that has gotten to big and give them away emoticon ,You don't get it last year this time I packed up my size 28, 26, 3x clothing and gave them away 3 huge trash bags of expensive clothing and I was ok with it was happy to see them go , now am packing up my 24 and 22 because am in a 20 and a 2x but this year i keep taking stuff back out the bags saying I can make it work all my cute clothing gone emoticon emoticon am almost crying am not going to have anything to put on , yesterday I went shopping bought 6 new outfits and I was walking around the store and felt my underwear falling of OMG I need new underwear to going to have to go down a size emoticon my kids were in the store cracking up as I tried to pull then up without anyone looking no more matching panti emoticon es and bra sets because all my panties are to big , I guess I should be happy but I got a lot of clothing that I loved and now I have to say farewell , Today is a sad happy day for me


Step Out The Box and Go Play

Friday, April 19, 2013

I found out my cousin that I grew up with has bone cancer and she is not doing well we dont live close to each other so I sent flowers yesterday , last year I lost a good friend as well did not know he was as sick as he was till it was to late . Last night I woke up and said" Kelly you have to start to find a way to enjoy your life before its over"Always spending all my time working, paying bills and pulling out my hair over something , I spent so much time on it that's all life has become You know its worthless in the end , I cant bring back my loved ones that have passed away but I can let the ones who are still hear know I love them , pick up the phone people say hello , send a card , take the time to let someone know your thinking of them . I remember the last day I spent with my good friend he looked over at me and said he loved me , it made me smile we spent that day together on the beach it was as beautiful as our friendship was. I should have spend more days like that one and less days like today going to make it a point to have some fun and steep out of the box . People dont get caught up in the life trap I am in, it will lead you down a dark street, sometimes living by the book isn't the best plan, love people why they are still walking around dont Waite to send flowers till someone is sick or has passed away, send them just to say you care Hell send some to yourself , Forget about life's everyday woes trust me it will be their when you get their take some time out for yourself and your love ones, you have to learn to play or you will find yourself dead long before you take your last breath . PS . My cousin in all her pain still facebooked me a pic of the flowers and said it made her day , all am saying is make someone day today or make it your day .

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CHINADOLL1520 4/20/2014 12:27PM

    Up date my cousin who I sent the flowers to has gone through treatment for the past year recently loosing all her hair good news is she is now in remission and doing well GOD is good emoticon

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TUDAFD 4/19/2013 10:35PM

    You are so right. I'm keeping your cousin in my prayers.

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AKATHLEEN54 4/19/2013 9:07PM

    You made a wonderful point that we should live in the moment and we should live in the here and now. I think we should live each day as if it was out last because you just never know when your days on this Earth will be over. So important also to tell people how much we love and appreciate them and not wait to express those sentiments once our loved ones and friends are gone. Life is too short and like you said the woes will wait... live for now, live in the moment and enjoy every blessing that you have been given. Wonderful sentiments. Thanks for sharing emoticon

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GERARLAUR 4/19/2013 10:02AM

    very nice move on your part.

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TKLBRIDGET 4/19/2013 10:00AM

    wonderful blog. I really liked the part about just sending flowers, even to yourself, without a reason. I hope your cousin recovers soon or at the least gets some relief. My best wishes to you and your family.
emoticon emoticon

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What DO I DO

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Well , I think I need a life change , I really hate my job am sitting in a chair taking calls all day long and its sucked the fun right out of me , and crazy thing is when I get off work lately*I feel like I need a nap, Really just smack me , how can I be sleepy after sitting at a desk job all day ? Yea I been asking myself that to I use to work as a full time nanny had plenty of energy and ran after kids ,played outside and was very active and i was 40lbs lighter as well , now hear I am stuck on a job I hate and yes getting fat even though I eat less , problem is you dont burn a hole lot of calories setting in a chair ,but I have to work and pay bills so hear I am feeling very stuck , I would love to go back to being a nanny but my car has been down for almost 9mos no car no job and the money I make now is just not cutting it , its become a check by check lifestyle not working for me at all . So I had to take a good look at myself and ask what is really going on in this head of mine answer full blown depression , next step what do you do about it ? Lets see first of all I moved to Florida 9 years ago to live near the beach do I stay near the beach aaaaaa NO so its time to move yesssss beachside or back home to Toledo , Ohio where I have family and friends because hear its me and my boys and the sun dont even know if its worth it anymore but I love the sun , and speaking of my boys I really think its time for me to cut the strings , I have a 6 bedroom 4 bath home and big bills to go with it , I dont wont the big house I only have 2 son's who are under the age of 18 and I really would love to get a small town house beach side , but my mother side kicks in my older sons work but they only gave part time jobs and they dont make the money it takes to stay on their own , but ever part of me wants to walk away and say to them guess what MOM'S OUT , and this crazy stress is working overtime on me and I cant do this anymore I feel like my over all health is going down hill and if I keep this up am not going to be mom at all because am going to be the dead mom , however I have no idea how to get out of this mess am in really looking for some help I guess am I wrong ? Or do I just go for it , should I just DO IT I dont know . I know I need to change somethings fast because it ant helping the hips .

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NEWFREEDOM4ME 4/16/2013 2:10PM

    No advice to give, BUT how 'bout a emoticon !!!

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SANDY1969 4/16/2013 11:51AM

    6 bedrooms and 4 baths? I say explore your options and find out what it would take (money?)to have a 3-4 bedroom and 2 bath. You sound house poor. Not ready to kick the kids out, then just downsize...then use the extra $ to get a car and then the job back that you love.

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NEPTUNE1939 4/16/2013 10:24AM

    I'm for family & friends. God Bless, Earl

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i fit into my pants

Friday, March 29, 2013

emoticon so its been over a year maybe two since i was able to get into my pants

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TUDAFD 4/19/2013 10:32PM

    Wow! You have a beautiful voice.

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AKATHLEEN54 3/29/2013 10:56PM

    Beautiful!! Happy Blessed Easter to you

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LADYSMITHC 3/29/2013 7:55PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
emoticon I needed that!
and I loved your BIG SMILE at the end too!

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MARTY728 3/29/2013 12:14PM


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