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When is it an excuse - and when is it reality?

Saturday, August 16, 2014

This last week, my hip bursitis has been flaring up. Last night was so difficult to sleep. I bought a pillow top feather bed - which helps some, but last night, I ended up sleeping on a pillow as well. Which messes up my back and neck.

So, I'm wondering - when is it an excuse - and when is it reality? The hip bursitis is not in my mind. It is a condition that does prevent my all out effort. I keep saying I'm going to start jogging again. BUT I don't know that I can. I see my dad each day fading away as he does dialysis. It is a situation I do not want for myself or anyone. I must get a grip on my exercise and eating. I must drop 20-40 pounds. But how can I accomplish that when walking/jogging causes this intense hip discomfort?

So - eating must become my main focus right now. And, in reality, the majority of my eating habits are good. The past year and a half did so much damage to my metabolism that I feel I am fighting an uphill battle. Anti-inflamm foods and a planned eating routine - no excuses - must be followed. And I must find some form of exercise that allow my hips to heal - and ice and stretching need to be a nightly event. Time to start doing instead of talking about needing to and wanting to. It is my life - it is up to me. Start living - or start dying.


The Rest of 2014

Monday, June 30, 2014

It is July 1, 2014. Looking at the 'rest' of 2014. I tend to view life with a realistic (might I be perceived as pessimistic??) attitude - I was raised to always consider 'what's the worst that can happen?' so I could always be pleasantly surprised when the worst didn't happen. A friend and I were discussing this just last week - how we were both always taught to expect the worst and plan accordingly. I'm beginning to think that's a bad attitude...LOL.

However, in a realistic manner, I know looking to the 2nd half of 2014,there's a ton of stuff ahead that has the potential to totally derail my efforts - if I let them. Last year was such a roller coaster ride at work and home. I cannot let myself mentally or physically return to that place.

I have a plan in place (loosely) for the next 12 weeks - participating in a challenge on another forum. I need to complete my planning (eating and working out) for that - so it's all written out. I just need to follow the plan. Simple. Easy. I got it. Really. emoticon

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ALICE_TENNIS 6/30/2014 11:08AM

    When life is a roller coaster, sometimes I scream, sometimes I just hang on and laugh.

Sounds like you have a GREAT attitude and are willing to take ACTION for the things you need. The rest of the year is going to be awesome because you're going to make it that way.


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The Little I Might Be

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Got a jog in again yesterday morning. Just over 1.6 miles. Husband and I started out - he 'encouraged' me to extend the run 'just a bit'. He and I are very different. He can set his mind to something and 'just do it'. I'm not saying he doesn't struggle or work hard - he works very hard, both mentally and physically. I tend to be more 'mind ploughing' (to stay in theme) - before I start moving: I've committed to a certain run, prepared my mind to tell my body what it has to do, visualized the run and where I know I'm going to have problems, imagined the end point...ALOT of mind ploughing. If I change after I've started...well, it's not something I handle well. And I know that doesn't speak well of me...I'm just trying to stay honest.

So - I looked at him, smiled and said "Love me for who I am...not for who you want me to be." He smiled...but I know he was disappointed in me. But- I like to start slow and short - get good at that run - and then when I feel confident - can breathe easier and can make my legs move at quicker than a snail's pace, I'll expand the run or increase the speed. I'm just glad I'm out there doing it.

But as I ran, I kept mulling over what I had said - and I thought back to a book 'Sons and Lovers' by DH Lawrence. There's a line in there that has always stuck with me - “She could not be content with the little he might be; she would have him the much that he ought to be. So, in seeking to make him nobler than he could be, she destroyed him.”

I've thought those lines over MANY times - funny how I've always applied my thinking to my sons and husband, but never me. Am I content with the little I might be - my short 1.5 mile jogs? No, I'm not. But - (and I think this is one point Lawrence was getting at) - I have to be the one to decide to change, expand and grow. I must do it for me - because I want it. My husband is trying to support and encourage me. I don't want to give the impression that he is anything other than supportive. But, my personality is not one that thrives from that encouragement. I get disappointed in myself, mad at myself for not having the drive I used to have, and then I get annoyed at him for wanting me to be more than I am (at that moment) - what I think he thinks I 'ought' to be.

And what 'ought' I to be? I will never be a driven runner - my race is with myself, not with anyone else out there. I will be content to do my 5K's at 10 minute miles. But it's going to take me some time to work myself up both physically and mentally to do that. And that's ok. "The much that (I) ought to be" is going to be something that evolves.

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KWWILSON 7/31/2012 8:30PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon

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PETITFLOUR 7/31/2012 10:05AM

    It's good that you've got such an encouraging husband. He surely loves you the way you are. We all have different means to our ends. Some people just have difficulties understanding that others just approach the same thing differently. His encouragement and interest he takes in you proves how much he loves you. Maybe he was not disappointed at all and you just read into his what isn't there. Anyways, keep up your pace it will lead you to success.

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Turning it Over in my Mind

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

'You cannot plough a field by turning it over in your mind.'

Not sure who came up with that bit of wisdom, but it fits my life right now. I have been thinking, and musing, and preparing, and 'fixin to' for way too long. It's time to put some action behind the words and thoughts. Summer's about over here - school starts in 2 weeks for my youngest son. Funny, as I did my first blog when there were just over 2 weeks before summer started.

Did I accomplish anything this summer? Honestly, yes.

Did I accomplish ALL I wanted to this summer? Absolutely, no.

Can I still do something to feel better about this summer in the next 2 weeks? YES!

Will I? YES, YES, YES!

No matter how much I wheeze, hurt, argue with myself, cringe, or cry - I WILL jog tomorrow am = first thing. It's not going to be the most graceful run I've ever done - but it's going to mean something. I hope I feel the breeze on my face as I run tomorrow.

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ATLTRAINR 7/25/2012 4:43AM


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KGWINDER 7/24/2012 8:02PM

    One thing I know for sure....when you read this you can stand up and do twenty jumping jacks.

It's about doing what we can and keeping on the journey.

Have a great run tomorrow!
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