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Catching up on the past few months...

Friday, February 14, 2014

Ok, its been awhile since I posted. I'm not a very good blogger (even my personal blog site is lacking in content).

So my last blog was in June of 2013. A lot has happened, what can I say?

Last January, I started my doctorate (an Ed.D. program). I took one course in Spring 2013, two in Summer 2013 (which nearly killed me), and one in Fall 2013. I somehow managed to receive in all 4 classes. Currently I'm taking two courses, one that I selected is to get me into the mindset of research, since I'm really dreading the doctoral level research courses. The other course is on Leadership and is pretty good actually. The only issue with that class is ... classes started Jan. 13th. and the class didn't receive our Syllabus until Feb 12th! One of our assignments is a big research we basically lost a whole month's worth of time to work on said paper!!

Oh well, I survived this summer, which was worse. I think I can manage this semester.

I rode Ed & Skyla in July. The barn Ed is at had a Master instructor come and give lessons. So I took two lessons with him, one on each horse. Ed is now a working horse, he works for the barn owner, she gives lessons on him. Occasionally I get a check. Skyla hasn't done much since then... other than sending me to the ER on Dec 27th. Wasn't her fault, she heard someone cutting down a tree and that tree falling. She wasn't sticking around. Of course, you can tell that her daddy was a World Champion reining horse. She did the spin entirely on her hindquarters, and WAY to fast for me to even comprehend what was occurring. Fortunately another girl (younger than me, but college age) is going to start riding her and working out some of the "spunk". I just don't have time to ride while working on this doctorate.

Still taking Viola lessons. My left wrist has problems. Went to an orthopedist about it in the fall, saw a physical therapist. Have a bad habit of forgetting to do my stretches & strengthening exercises that he gave me to help it... But reducing and dealing properly with my stress levels has helped. Also, it's helped that I've learned better posture for when I'm actually playing... apparently I'd been holding the instrument just slightly wrong for over a year!

I'm also taking a yoga class this semester with a coworker. It's twice a week. Its not as intense as say a Yoga class you'd get at a studio... this is college "PE" course. So it's much more laid back. The advantage is there isn't much stress. Didn't have to pay for it, if I can't go, its OK... our teacher understand work comes first. Everyone in the class is learning, so since I've had some Yoga, I get to feel like one of the more experienced people in the room (which is an esteem boost).

I received a daily devotional book (for women) from someone for Christmas. I've been trying to read it every day, as one of the first things I do in the morning. I've got myself a nice little routine set up. I get up around 6-ish, feed Callie her breakfast, take my pills that must be taken prior to eating (30-60 minutes prior actually). Then I go upstairs and get ready for work (gets me a flight of stairs in first thing in the morn). Afterwards, since I still have some time before I can eat, I sit down and read my devotional. After that I'll read something else, this has varied from Runner's World magazines, to school books, to most recently a book by Dr. David Jeremiah on happiness. Once my hour is up, I eat breakfast, while Callie bugs me, hoping for seconds on her breakfast (by the way, this morning she tried getting me up at 5:20 am to feed her!!! rotten cat). Typically after breakfast, I have time to do things around the house, open the blinds for Callie, pack my bag for work (lunch, reading material, tea, etc). Sometimes I even have time for chores, such as laundry or cleaning the litter box, etc. It's just really nice to have a routine in place, one that is relatively easy for me to follow. I'm even able to stick to it (mostly) on the weekends.

Ah well, I've rambled enough. I need to get back to work... and doing some reading. Perhaps I can squeeze blogging into my morning routine as well... we'll have to see!

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CMKARLS 2/15/2014 7:43AM

  Your life has been full and it sounds like things are falling into place. Best of luck with your classes this semester.

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CHIBITROWA 2/14/2014 10:29PM

    TXGRANDMA - I'm not exactly sure when I'll be finished. The program is 45 hours in "classes" (total of 15 classes) then 9 hours of dissertation. I've completed 12 hours (4 classes) so far, and at the end of this semester I'll have 18 hours (6 classes) completed. So that is still another 27 hours (9 classes) to complete before I can even start on my dissertation. If I can manage to hang in with 1 class in the next two summers, and 2 classes in the Fall & Spring semesters, I should be able to start my dissertation in 2016. From there its a matter of how quickly I can get that dissertation written. I'm just hoping to be graduated before I'm 40 (I'll be 35 this year)!

THETURTLEBEAR - I've done some free weights in the past, but the Physical Therapist actually determined that most of my wrist problem is due to tightness in my neck & shoulder (that and incorrect posture). Getting the posture corrected has helped some, and when I can get the knots out of my shoulder, that helps as well. My PT actually gave me several exercises using elastic bands which are probably similar to the free weights. It's just an issue of making myself do it!

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THETURTLEBEAR 2/14/2014 9:52PM

    Wow - you sure get a lot accomplished! Do you ever do any exercises with small free weights (like 5 lb.)? I used to get a lot of wrist tendinitis type pain because I keyboard a lot at work, etc. When I started SP, I started doing the Coach Nicole 28 day boot camp that involved some free weight exercises for upper body. Once I started doing that regularly, all my wrist pain disappeared.

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TXGRANDMA 2/14/2014 5:46PM

    Wow! You have been busy! Congratulations on pursuing your Doctorate. When will you be finished? Good that one of your horses is being used as a schooling horse......Different to get a check once in a while rather than always spending money on the horses! Keep in touch! emoticon emoticon emoticon

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Spun around, which way was I going now?

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Ok, long time since a blog, so its definitely overdue.

Summer semester, 2013 ... I'm into my second semester of my doctorate and I'm stupidly taking TWO classes.

As of May, I'd lost 13 pounds this year. Pretty good towards my 2 lbs/month goal for the year. But doctorate classes started at the beginning of this month and I'm back up around 4 lbs, pushing 200 once again.

This particular weekend has been bad. I've spent almost the whole weekend sitting spread out on the kitchen table working. Books and papers piled high ... one good thing is the tea is close by, but so are all the snacks.

On top of the doctoral stress, is the stress with Eddie. A young woman at his barn has been riding him for the past 8-9 months. Now mind you, I started paying her to EXERCISE him. They have gotten so pushy, as if they have all these rights to him. They aren't leasing him, they aren't paying any of his bills. They've already caused him to have colic once. And she wanted to take him down to Tallahassee to jump in JULY!

Ugh, fortunately the agreement was up end of June and I've already arranged for him to go into a lesson program at the barn. The barn owner already has several students lined up to take lessons on him (which also helps the cost of his board, woo hoo!) Here's to hoping July isn't so expensive for me.

Also, I found a Dressage saddle on sale! Originally $850, had a Memorial Day sale and I got it for $170!!! Granted there are no stirrups, leathers or girth to go with it, I think it was still a great deal. Only problem ... It's a size 17" ... and my butt is still a bit big for it (that's why I NEED to get back to loosing weight).

Right now I'm waiting on my doctoral team mates from one of my classes to contact me. We're supposed to be meeting online, we have a 6-10 page paper to write (I hate team projects that are papers... too difficult!) Paper is due Wednesday. Wish they'd hurry up. Gonna be upset if they don't show up, but it's early and they both tend to run a bit behind.

Other updates...have to look and see... the last time I posted was around Thanksgiving. A LOT has transpired since then, a lot of bad stuff honestly.

Biggest thing was Dolly. In late February her back started hurting her, we took her to the vet, he did an X-Ray and ordered "bed" rest (how do you make a dog stay in bed??). Pain meds and rest ... didn't do the trick. The x-ray had show some herniated disks in her spine. He recommended spinal surgery, so not knowing what else to do, we agreed. A five year old dog that you love and think of as your child, what else can you do? So March 18th, Dolly had back surgery. He went in expecting to find 3 herniated disks and found five. He wouldn't let us start coming to see her till the week before Easter and she'd nearly given up by then. You have to understand, she'd never spend more than one night away from us, so we're sure she felt abandoned. The day after Easter, she got to come home. Home being, to my parents house so they could nurse her wounds and take care of her. That Wednesday she got her wheel chair and was able to start moving around a little (she had 32 staples in her back by the way).

I spent the night that Friday and Saturday to spend the time with her (my cat Callie came with me, couldn't leave her home alone). Saturday I got footage of Dolly pulling herself around in her wheel chair, it tired her out quickly but I think she enjoyed getting to move around on her own. Sunday morning, we got up and started getting ready for church. When my parents went to give her her morning medicine, they found she had passed away during the night. We don't know what happened, we thought she'd been improving. It could have been any number of things.

Its been really hard recovering, its hard to talk about without crying, its still a healing process. But I can say that it caused all of April to be a blur from that point on. I don't remember much of anything that month. My Nana's birthday was that month and I don't even remember how we celebrated it (it was her 89th one).

Needless to say, from Mid-Feb through April and some of May ... we were in no mental condition to do much exercising. We just recently got back to it. Only reason I didn't gain weight during this time period (and actually lost weight) was because just prior to the events, my doctor had put me on some medication. I'm sure the medication would have worked better had I been able to exercise, but it did keep me from eating to quell the pain. Now I'm off the medication though, and the stresses of school and work ARE getting to me. Exercise certainly helps, but on days when I'm not at work, where I can't go to the gym, I haven't been able to exercise ... due to the fact that when I decide I want to go walking ... it starts RAINING! (Not that I'm complaining about the rain per say, we really do need it ... )

OK, I'm sure I have more to write, but my wrist is starting to hurt and I'm still waiting on my team mates... and this post is getting horribly long. So for now, I think this is enough.

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CMKARLS 6/24/2013 7:12AM

  Good luck with school and sorry about Dolly.

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CHIBITROWA 6/23/2013 9:54PM

    It's more of an issue the fact it's a summer semester, which means the work load essentially doubles (sometimes triples) due to the shorter amount of time. So two doctoral classes with six weeks to complete them is not the wisest decision I ever made!


Comment edited on: 6/23/2013 9:54:42 PM

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WEARINGTHIN 6/23/2013 9:34PM

    First of all, I want to say working on the second year of your doctorate and using the word studpidly shouldn't be in the same paragraph. If you are that far along in your education, I am certain you are NOT stupid.

Second, I'm sorry about your dog. That must have been awful fro you going through all of that surgery with her and then not being able to see her recover. Best wishes to you, Glenn

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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The holiday season is always hard for most of us trying to loose weight. I had plans to be ever so good during the Thanksgiving Break.

But the best laid plans ...

Wednesday before Thanksgiving I was out with my family. I'd already put in my run for the day, I was doing good. We went to Moe's for lunch, I was starving from the run, but I didn't do too bad with my meal.

But after lunch was when everything hit the skids.

We were outside Office Depot and my mother slipped and fell. Did a perfect split on the pavement. At 65 years old, it was the first time she'd ever done a perfect split, but it was perfectly painful for her. First thing she said was that she'd thought she'd broken her hip! This of course freaked my grandmother out who immediately wanted her rushed to the hospital.

My mother, having the medical background she has, wasn't about to go to the hospital. She took time to breath and slowly shift. When she realized she could move her foot, she knew the hip wasn't broken. But it took my father and I to lift her up to standing and hold her upright. With me being the primary support (and grandmother somewhat helping) my father went and got the car and drove up so we could get her into the car.

We got her home and dad and I had to basically pick her up the stairs to get her in the house.

Somewhere in the process of me running and helping my mom, I injured my left leg. The tendons on the front of my left leg got pulled. I tried running yesterday and I was unable to do so. Had to walk instead.

All of this happening right before the 5k Jingle Bell Jog on Dec 1!

To top it off, hormones fluxing over the holiday, colder weather setting in, stress of my mother's injury.... my diet fell off the wagon and got left in the dust.

Hoping this week will get better. Rainy weather is depressing, so I have to be aware of that so I can combat it. Fortunately today I won't get home till late, so I won't have a lot of time to sit around and get the munchies.

I always want time off to rest, but that rest time always seems to have stressful events too... not to mention too much time to create the munchies...

I was so hoping to do so much better this past week...

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CMKARLS 11/28/2012 7:26AM

  emoticon emoticon

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HOLLYM48 11/27/2012 6:46PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon I hope this week is a better week for you!

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What just happened?

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I did manage to complete the Couch to 5K program. That's a huge accomplishment for me. But since I completed it, I think I have had 3 chances to continue to run since. I have another 5k I plan on doing on Dec 1 but I think my finish time is going to go down just because I don't have time to train anymore.

I'd like to blame the time change on this lack of time (I notice a theme of "time" here). Because it all seems to have gone down hill since the time changed. No day light! (It also hasn't helped that there has been candy all over the office since 10/31).

Of course, this week I have Jury Duty (which I'm off it at the moment, but I'm at work instead). Along with a National Soccer Tournament being held on campus. Not to mention the class I'm teaching in the evening on Tuesday/Thursday. Tonight is Wed and I would go running, but I have choir rehearsal at 6!

This weekend is blown out of the water for running because the Autumn Classic is being held Saturday. While I'm not actually riding in it (I haven't ridden in a show since the accident in Oct 2010), I am going to see someone else ride my horse ... and I'm taking someone else with me. So there isn't much option at this point.

Hoping next week, with it being a mostly holiday week, I can crank out some miles.

Honestly, despite all the "busy-ness" of the season, I know I can't blame any one thing. They are just excuses. The buck must stop with me, I can't pass it.

Therefore I must set myself a new motto "No Excuses". I am going to make up a sign and attach it to my door at work. I may do it at home too. I cannot make the excuses:

It's too cold
It's too dark
I'm too tired
I'm too busy

If I can't stand the weather outside, it shouldn't matter! I have an elliptical, I have DVDs. I may end up with a cranky dog but she can get over it. My health is too important! This weight must come off! NO MORE EXCUSES!

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CMKARLS 11/15/2012 7:32AM

  emoticon emoticon

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CHIBITROWA 11/14/2012 4:13PM

    My time actually slowed down as the weather got colder. This is not an excuse, its because I have an old hip injury from being thrown from my horse a lot in my teens, and again in Oct of 2010 when he fell on me. The cold weather is not gracious to past injuries with joints. I guess I ended with an average of close to 17 min/mi. whereas I started at around 20 or 21 min/mi.

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REVIVED 11/14/2012 12:00PM

    Sounds just like me! I finished the program last week and haven't been running since! Stuff just keeps getting in the way. And my motivation has totally gone down hill since the time change and the weather. I wonder if I will adjust or if I will be fighting against this all weather. I hope not! All I wanna do is lay on my couch with my fire going and eat cookies! Last year I gained during the winter. I don't want to do that again!! Now that you're done, what's your time?

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Monday, August 27, 2012

Friday I started a couch to 5k program.
Saturday I did 20 minutes on the elliptical.
Sunday I did good to make 4 laps around my subdivision to get an extra mile in.
Today I walked to work, about a half mile distance, with a rather heavy backpack on.

Now my knees are throbbing, the back of my left thigh hurts like it was hit with something. This morning I woke up with stomach cramps just around the diaphragm area. And of course my back is aching from carrying the pack. But I'm also swollen, I think from eating too much salt perhaps yesterday. I feel bloated.

My feet are also tingling ... either nerves in my hips/back ... or a sign of diabetes trying to set in.

I'm trying ... today is the second scheduled day of 5k practice ... but my body is trying to rebel. I want to push forward, but I ache and don't like parts of my body throbbing in pain.

I'm sure part of it is the weather, with Isaac on it's way and all... my body always reacts when there is weather change.

Guess I'll take some pain relievers and try to think about my few minutes with Eddie yesterday. First time I've gotten to have hands on him in months. He's such a good boy. He came to me and rested his big ol' head on me, let me pet on him and snuggle some. Guess I need to get out there more just to spend time with him. Seems to help relax me.

And shoot... just realized I forgot something at home. Darn it!

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CMKARLS 8/28/2012 7:04AM

  emoticon emoticon

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TXGRANDMA 8/27/2012 7:03PM

    Good Luck! emoticon

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OLIVIANIGHT 8/27/2012 9:27AM

    Er maybe your body is just too worn out, C25K does say to take a rest day in between each running day. When I first started it I was so sore I could hardly move, so I took two days off to recover instead of just one.

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